14 Best Vegan Restaurants in Canada

14 Best Vegan Restaurants In Canada

Canada is the ultimate tourist destination for its stunning lakes, snowy mountains, and diverse wildlife. Luckily for plant-based travellers, the country has also seen an influx of vegan spots as of late, fuelled by consumers of all dietary preferences. The Canadian Press even recently dubbed plant-based eating as the “dining of the future.”

Plant-based diets are en vogue, whether it’s to benefit the planet, your bank account, or your waistline. In fact, some of the world’s top chefs are going vegetarian or vegan. Canadian chefs are onboard, too. You can expect global veggie-centric head-turners on menus at every top eatery.

These are the best vegan restaurants to visit when you're looking for a meal that's light on the body and the planet. We’ve got vegan restaurants devoted entirely to pizza, Mexican food, comfort food, and the largest vegan food festival.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Canada

Why Are Vegan Restaurants In Canada The Best?

Canada has three coasts, many cultures, and a large vegan population. Canadians eat vegan food often, and not because they have to. I am on a vegan diet myself, and I really appreciate the choice of vegan restaurants I have here.

We did some research on the best vegan restaurants in Canada. I sorted them by the city to make it easier for travellers to find the vegan restaurant they visit.


Vancouver is bustling with vegan restaurants.

For example, at Casa Dragones in Vancouver, the lunch and dinner menu are available vegan. That's because the people who eat there love it. Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver are around every corner.

From Beyond West End, located right across the street, to Little Saigon's Bano Restaurant, you’ll find delicious vegan options right at your fingertips. Plus, Vancouver is known for its fresh produce, so it’s no surprise that Vancouver has some of the most awesome vegan restaurants in Canada.

Blue Heron Creamery, Vancouver
Blue Heron Creamery, Vancouver – An all dairy-free cheese shop.

1. Blue Heron Creamery, Vancouver

Canada also has the Blue Heron Creamery. Vancouver’s first all-vegan cheese shop, the Blue Heron Main St. Cheese Store, needs to be added to the bucket list of any cheese lover – whether you consume dairy or not.

Open since February, this unique store has a “passion for dairy-free” products and sells cheeses, butter, yogurts, and preserves. The brand was co-founded by chef Karen McAthy and Colin Medhurst, who use cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and coconut milk to make their dairy-free creations.

Chau VeggieExpress, Vancouver

2. Chau Veggiexpress

If you want to travel within the city and enjoy organic and vegan food, this is your spot. The restaurant has a rotating selection of fresh fruit and vegetable wraps and bowls (you can also choose to get them as a meal), plus salads and sides. You’ll be met with a clean and bright dining room (check out the plant pots on the counter), and the menu offers ample amounts of protein, fresh and healthy greens, healthy fats, and delicious sauces.

Aside from being a vegan hotspot, Chau is also a social enterprise with about 3 million Canadian dollars in annual revenues donated to charities. That said, there’s no mistaking that Chau is the hottest vegetarian/vegan spot in town. The Pointe Celebrity chef Cara Stadnyk focuses on freshness and fresh, local ingredients in her Pointe menu.

The interiors at Chau Veg were designed by Ginger & Smart Design. Chau Veggiexpress is the first vegan street cart that moved to an 8-foot shipping container, renamed Chau Veggiexpress, in 2014, and it’s been parked on King St. W in the Junction since. Just steps away from Chinatown and one of the city’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants — Maga Street Food — Chau Veggiexpress has become a notable destination for locals. Still, foodies from around the world have noticed too.

Even Boston’s Weekend Life highlighted the cart in a segment on the most outrageous foods in the city. Chau Veggiexpress now has a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor, and it has been frequented by the likes of DJ Holiday and OneRepublic bassist Matt Johnson.

While you may have first passed this eatery without realizing it, Chau Veggiexpress is really one of the best vegan restaurants in the entire country. For a single meal, you can opt for a three-course lunch and three-course dinner and receive a whole fridge's worth of plant-based delights.

The price ranges from $15 – $35. Must-try dishes include the House-made popcorn veggie burger.

Tip: This casual eatery offers salads, pizzas, stir-fries and more, so you can create your own meal.

Bottom line: We're partial to the fried rice bowls and the spicy chow mein, but every dish is scrumptious.

Fresh and aromatic, the myriad of dishes offered at this vibrant Vietnamese joint is just as much of a treat for your eyes as they are for your mouth. Try their spin on pho (“candlelit lantern”), and since no Vietnamese dinner is complete without spring rolls, order the “non la rolls” filled with kale, shallots and tofu with a lemon vegan ‘fish sauce.’


The Coup, Calgary

3. The Coup

Looking for a vegetarian meal on the go? Stop by The Coup for some green eats. The menu features all your favourites like burgers, nachos, and crispy tofu. This sunny neighbourhood restaurant with a space-age interior and minimal decor is a top spot for party guests looking to eat vegan fancy food. Prices range from $5–$35 per plate.

Vegan options include

  • Beets in miso dressing are made with brown rice vinegar, bonito flakes, miso, and sesame oil.
  • Seaweed salad, with miso dressing, scallions, carrot, fennel and ginger.
  • Yam (yams and yam) salad, with miso dressing, carrots, scallions, sesame oil and cornichons.

The food they serve is vegetarian and vegan, with dishes such as

  • Jasmine black rice with a vegan mango sorbet.
  • Warm tofu black rice, peas, carrot and shiitake mushrooms, and
  • Turmeric chicken bao that has a vegan fried egg on top.

The Coup is the place for vegans and non-vegans in the Calgary area. Founded by Daniel Patterson and Jack Gray, it's the epitome of what a vegan restaurant should be: Flavorful and very vegan-friendly. It serves delicious, non-GMO plant-based dishes with ingredients that reflect what you can find.

The popular menu includes ceviche, lobster rolls, artichoke stuffed ravioli, and seared organic tofu with brussels sprouts. Even the desserts look as delicious as they taste, like the banana cream pie or salted chocolate cookies. The Coup aims to become the first restaurant in North America with an entirely vegan menu.

It’s worth the hour-long drive. Aside from an exquisite interior, the restaurant offers creative food (the menu is about 75 percent vegan) and drinks, including refreshing cocktails made from house-made juices and dishes like tandoori cauliflower wings with chimichurri.


enVie A Vegan Kitchen, Halifax

4. Envie A Vegan Kitchen, Halifax

Owned and operated by a trained chef and registered nutritionist Envy Blackstock, enVieA is your go-to source for delicious and nutritious vegan food. It is located in Halifax. Blackstock's sophisticated and healthy dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. Guests rave about the organic, freshly made juices, soup of the day, and veggie dishes.

The menu is a veritable smorgasbord of comfort food with a modern twist. We love the chocolate crepes, the plant-based cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheese, and the Chicken and Waffles with maple bechamel sauce. It is perfect for when you want a filling meal but wants to give up the guilt.

When they first established enVieA, it was meant to be an alternative for people who were unwilling to compromise on ethics and to encourage a change in the way people looked at vegan food. No meat, no dairy, no animal products, just plant-based food. Everything is fresh, local, and organic. We're certain you'll find something you like.

On Canada's east coast, this popular vegan eatery offers a little bit of everything, from lunch and dinner to weekend brunch. They also have a full-service grab-and-go area where you can buy various cold-pressed juices, salads and more. Their poutine with house-made ‘cheese curds’ will make anyone’s tummy happy, whether you’re a carnivore, herbivore or somewhere in between.

Wild Leek Vegan Restaurant

5. Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar, Halifax

Another Vegan restaurant on the list is the Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar, Halifax. This cozy neighbourhood eatery and bakery “strives to create delicious food that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy” and uses local, seasonal ingredients to create nostalgic plant-based comfort food.

Its extensive brunch menu includes banana pancakes, apple cinnamon french toast, and “omelets.” In contrast, its all-day food menu offers BBQ jackfruit tacos, donair wraps (made with homemade seitan) and a fried veggie burger.

To wash this down, visitors can enjoy a selection of fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. Flavours include the Flu Booster juice, which features orange, celery, lemon, ginger, and the Green Monster smoothie, a blend of spinach, banana, dates, parsley, and orange.

6. Seaforth’s Cocktails & Co.

They also have Seaforth’s Cocktails & Co., which is the only vegan cocktail bar in the country. Owner Tara Gilmore says they used to have a vegetarian selection, but she noticed many non-vegetarians turned to the meatless option as it wasn’t offered anywhere else. The best part? Every drink is vegan (even the turmeric tonic and margarita!), and it comes with free-range raw peanuts.


Canada is a big place, and the capital of the nation’s food scene is in Montreal. Sure, the culinary scene here is bustling, but that’s not why we’ve picked this spot for one of the best vegan restaurants in the world.

Here, you can eat incredibly delicious food made from ingredients you can find in your own backyard. It’s a buzzing, happening city, and we love the atmosphere at our Montreal eateries. They put so much love into each meal.

Chu Chai, Montreal

7. ChuChai, Montreal

ChuChai is located in Montreal, Quebec. This vegan cafe uses fresh produce for all its menu items. This chic Thai eatery is a favourite for meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters alike. They've got three vegan and vegetarian specials on their regular menu, along with an extensive appetizer menu, like their ever-popular galette de frise.

ChuChai is a vegan diner that serves the straight-up Mediterranean. They make their own tofu, beans, moussaka, lentils, pizza, and sandwiches. Their menu is seasonal, and daily specials include a vegan “Cheezburger.” ChuChai makes its own, sustainably sourced sourdough daily. To get to this spot, you have to walk up a flight of stairs to an old-timey courtyard. There are picnic tables, a fire pit, and lots of comfy banquettes. Since ChuChai is a restaurant that only seats about twenty people, it’s not an excuse for people to monopolize the intimate space.

Head to Parkdale if you’re looking for the best vegan food. There’s a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. Expect to find a beet tempeh curry, a cauliflower fenugreek pao, and a laksa with tofu, vegetable samosas, and coconut milk. At ChuChai, you can eat without guilt or lactose sensitivity. The restaurant has a dedicated hotline for new and prospective vegan diners.

Using products like seitan (a glutenous meat substitute that can be seasoned, shaped and formed in various ways), this Thai restaurant can create plates of food similar to many classics. From Panang beef to salt and pepper squid, these vegan takes have all of the robust flavours of the original dishes but none of the meat. Fooling your taste buds has never been so rewarding.

8. Veggie Grill, Montreal

Another restaurant is Veggie Grill. This vegan foodie mecca, known for its animal-friendly, no-or-low-protein menu, has won over critics and seen long lines.

The restaurant offers 20 varieties of grain and veggie bowls, each packed with protein and veggies, from Maple Harvest Vegetarian Bowls and Veggie Power Bowls to the variety of burritos, salad, and taco options.

Dishes like the Un-Grain Bowl, which combines two types of quinoa, brown rice, black beans, and vegetables, are suitable for any omnivore. There are also plenty of plant-based protein-packed sides like Creamy Kale-Peanut Butter Rice and Watermelon Salad or Zucchini Noodles with Kale {esto and Sunflower Seed-Studded Edamame.


Ottawa isn't exactly known for its vegan food scene. It is located between the larger cities of Montreal and Toronto, both of which have excellent vegan restaurants. There are a few vegetarian/vegan restaurants here. Most of them are located in the centre of town. Having said that, here is one place worth mentioning.

Little Jo's Bakery & Eatery

9. Little Jo Berry’s Bakery and Eatery, Ottawa

Still included in the list of best Vegan restaurants in Canada is the Little Jo Berry’s Bakery and Eatery, Ottawa. Replacing eggs and dairy with vegan alternatives and feel-good vibes, Little Jo Berry’s is a fully vegan bakery. It has a “strict no food or body shaming policy” and “everyone is welcomed to feel good about what they eat.“

A must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Little Jo Berry’s offers everything from Twinkies to cookie sandwiches, cakes, cinnamon rolls, pies, ice cream, shakes, cookies, cream bites, and many other mouth-watering creations. For lovers of more savoury foods, sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers are also on the menu.


When we think of Toronto, chefs Andrew Wong and Shawn Lewis-Palmer come to mind. The team behind Union and Indigo and Yongehurst, Compton’s Kitchen is a culinary force to be reckoned with. Not only does the small unit have a beautiful terrasse to enjoy an alfresco meal and one of the most flavourful vegetarian soups in Toronto, but it also offers a not-to-be-missed vegan dessert menu.

Boom Burger, Toronto

10. Boom Burger, Toronto

Elevated fast food might be a surprise to some, but that's exactly what you'll find at Boom Burger. Based in Toronto, this plant-based burger spot—which offers classic and gluten-free options—was founded by Robin Haworth, who co-founded Le Pizza Neer. This downtown restaurant is all about filling hungry bellies quickly with an ever-changing menu of delicious vegan and gluten-free burgers and plates. Or pick up a vegan banh mi—a Hong Kong-style sandwich with veggie pate and pickled carrots and daikon (a white radish).

If you can’t stand the sight of meat, Boom Burger is your vegan (and cow’s) friend. The meat-free, ever-changing menu offers something for everyone. Plus, two separate locations are an easy trip from the QEW and 404. Go for the whole meal or pair a main course with Boom fries (fries made from a base of oats, chickpea flour, cornstarch, and flaxseed oil). Or, get a side of baked treats.

The Garden Mix (found in the middle of the menu) is full of greens, fresh herbs, coconut milk or cashew milk. If you’re one to munch, skip the fries and add on veggies and dip like guacamole, dairy-free yogurt sauce, or honey mustard. Get everything to go, and leave room for the Ultimate Drink Wrap—baked cheddar and jack cheese and crispy pickles. The pulse-pounding, taste-blasting good fast-food spot, offering a menu of plant-based burgers and sides, is a must-try. Prices of Veggie burgers start at $6.99, and Field Roast starts at $9.99.

Kupfert & Kim, Toronto

11. Kupfert & Kim, Toronto

Kupfert & Kim is a plant-based, quick-service restaurant. With many locations across Toronto. They focus on whole foods and make almost everything in-house, including their curries, sauces, and patties. Kupfert & Kim specializes in salads, bowls, burgers, curries, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and an all-day brunch. They make delicious, minimally-processed food that is awesome for humans, animals and our planet.

This people's favourite is the first vegan restaurant in Canada that “blends veganism and urban culture.” Vegetarian options include superfood bowls, quinoa bowls, baba ganoush, miso soup, lots of vegan cheese and black beans. Vegan options include tofu scramble, cashew parm, butternut squash lasagna, black bean tacos, BBQ wings, vegan nachos, quinoa and kale burritos. Dietary specialties include Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, and egg-free. You can visit every Thursday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This small chain of fast-casual vegan restaurants is not only meat and dairy-free but wheat-free too. Don’t worry, that certainly doesn’t mean the food is flavourless. Swing by for a quick lunch and try one of the rice or quinoa bowls, or the congee made with brown rice, organic bok choy, house-made kimchi and loads of other veggies. There’s kombucha on tap here too!

12. Metro Cafe, Toronto

Metro Café is a massive vegan restaurant in Toronto’s west end, filled with indie art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Plus, this 24-hour restaurant is known for its late-night breakfast, starting at 3 a.m.

13. The Green Door

The Green Door is located on Toronto’s High Park strip, and it boasts the largest vegetarian (and vegan) selection of baked goods in the city.

The Hogtown Vegan, Toronto

14. The Hogtown Vegan, Toronto

While the name and branding (a gigantic pig as the logo) can be a little puzzling, everything you eat at this Toronto hotspot is completely meat-free. That being said, Hogtown is all about taking those classic, greasy-good pub dishes like nachos, wings and mac ‘n’ cheese and making them deliciously vegan. The Hogtown Vegan opened in June 2017, and it's already been proclaimed the best vegan restaurant in Toronto.

Chef Mark McEwan and his wife Mary Shoneyuk offer all the health benefits of a plant-based diet with all the fixings. “The Hogtown Vegan” is just a stage name for the couple’s two eateries — The Hogtown Vegan and Red Apron Butcher — both located in Toronto. Their mission is to sell delicious food that tastes as good as it's supposed to, without the use of any animal products. One of the brand’s main attractions is a variety of vegan sandwiches and wraps. Aside from sandwiches and wraps, there are several entrees available.

The Hogtown Vegan offers the ultimate vegan comfort food. The menu features comforting soul cuisine found in the American south, and it’s all plant-based. Based on the reviews, many people have gone to Hogtown a couple of times, and it’s always a great choice. Most of them tried the “fries supremacy” (fries topped with nacho cheese, fakin’ bits, sunflower sour cream, and scallions), the “un-chicken burger” (pictured with a side of mac & cheese), the “Philly cheesesteak,” and the chocolate mousse parfait. Most of them said they could barely move after eating all of that food, but it was totally worth it.

Hogtown is one of the most popular “down-to-earth” vegan restaurants in Toronto, offering simple, no-frills vegan comfort food at a reasonable price and is open seven days a week for brunch, lunch, and dinner. You would be hard-pressed to find a time when it isn’t packed with customers, but that’s no reason to stay away from this gem.

Just make sure to get there with plenty of time to spare, as they don’t take reservations. Hogtown is one of the best places to take someone who has qualms about going vegan, as this place makes plant-based alternatives of well-known dishes like Philly Cheesesteaks, Roast beef sandwiches, and fish and chips.


The fact remains: There's a strong demand for plant-based food all over the world. Increasing demand means growth in plant-based companies and increased restaurants serving plant-based cuisine. Even in Canada, where meat, dairy and eggs are a bit more niche, such restaurants and eateries are rising.

We know that you'll likely never stray far from a top-notch steakhouse, but why settle for the easy option when you can have an equally delicious meal made from plants? This guide can help you choose the restaurant or establishment that’s right for you, and it gives you the rest of the information you need to make an informed decision. Happy eating!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the 14 Best Vegan Restaurants in Canada. Would you mind staying tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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