20 Best Vegan Restaurants In Seville, Spain

20 Best Vegan Restaurants In Seville, Spain

Seville, the capital of southern Spain's Andalusia region, stands out for several things. First, the natural attractions, friendly locals, and most importantly beautiful restaurants that offer a great ambience and delicious meals. Seville is no doubt a city to explore its foods, you will find so many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in this awesome city.

It’s true that when you think of options for where to eat in Seville, a vegetarian restaurant is not the first thing that comes to mind. With the city’s obsession with all things ham, being vegetarian is often quite tricky. Take one look at the line of ham legs hanging in the windows of many bars, and it’s clear that meat is a central part of Seville’s diet!

This can make things rather complicated for a vegetarian, especially when most restaurants in Seville even serve their veggies flavoured with ham. That trend is changing, however, and more and more vegetarian options are cropping up throughout the city.

When you think Spanish cuisine, cured meat, queso and seafood paella are probably among the first things that spring to mind. Not ideal for a plant-based traveller. If you’re vegan, you might be stressed that you’ll struggle in Spain. Over the past year, interest in veganism has sky-rocketed. Forbes labelled veganism as the biggest food trend of 2019 and the movement only seems to be gaining momentum.

Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Seville, Spain

While you certainly will encounter a ham leg or two hanging from the wall of many of Seville’s eateries – it’s painless to find plant-based options in the Andalusian capital. In fact, Seville has a thriving vegan scene. With an abundance of restaurants across the city catering to vegans, you’ll be spoilt for choice! It’s even possible to find veggie versions of Spanish favourites, like chorizo and Tortilla de Española.

Seville is one of those beautiful historic cities that you can’t love, but if you’re a vegetarian in Seville then prepare to be assaulted by huge pig legs hanging from the ceiling of just about every restaurant. Sevillians adore their jamón and they won’t let you forget it. Being vegetarian in Seville, you can easily end up relying on the big bread basket and a small ramekin of olives that come with every meal.

While bread and olives are pretty delicious, after the fourth or fifth time of them appearing on the table, you’ll be craving some variety and veggies. Seville isn’t the most vegetarian-friendly of places, but it’s not completely in the dark ages when it comes to meat-free cuisine either. Being a vegetarian in Seville takes a bit more effort and forward planning. Here’s our guide on how to survive as a vegetarian in Seville without just eating bread.

Spanish mealtimes are something of a challenge to us early-eating Brits. While we’re used to sitting down to dinner at around 6 or 7 pm, the Spanish eat as late as possible. Sometimes they eat so late at night that it’s almost like they’re in competition with each other to prove they can hold out the longest. But when in Spain, do as the Spanish do. If you try to stick to your own eating schedule, it will only make being a vegetarian in Seville more challenging. Knowing what time to eat meals in Seville will make finding places to eat vegetarian food all that bit easier.

In recent years, there has been an increase in Europeans switching to a plant-based diet due to higher awareness around the negative effects of animal agriculture, as well as more available information regarding the health benefits of not eating meat. As such more plant-based restaurants have opened up across the continent, including these top vegetarian restaurants in Spain.

Due to this shift in attitudes, it is estimated that around 10% of all Europeans now follow a plant-based diet. Furthermore, the continent leads the way in terms of global meat substitutes and holds 39% of the global market. Spain, a country often praised for its vibrant food scene, is one of Europe’s most foodie-friendly destinations and has been seeking to bring plant diets into the mainstream for over 30 years thanks to its diverse regional cuisines and abundance of natural produce.

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from, or in any way attempting to avoid, the consumption of animal products. The term is widely used in the UK, USA and Spain, where the vegetarian and vegan population is huge. This in turn creates a large demand for the ethical and sustainable production of food.

Veganism does not mean depriving yourself of things. In fact, you can still have the most delicious and satisfying meals on a vegan diet. As long as you use vegan ingredients, you can enjoy all sorts of foods.  The main dietary requirements are protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin A, fiber and Vitamin E. With such a wide range of options, it is easy to find tasty vegan food in Seville.

You can be vegan without avoiding any foods or animal products (like milk, cheese, eggs, honey etc). You can also be vegan and not follow any diet plans and you can eat dairy products and meat (like beef, pork, lamb, etc). In fact, veganism is not really a diet but a lifestyle. Veganism is not just about food, it is also about animal rights and protection. There are two forms of veganism:

  1. Veganism as a diet
  2. Veganism as a lifestyle

Just like a person can be vegetarian, a person can also be vegan (only use vegan products). This type of veganism is also called strict veganism.

Veganism is a completely plant-based diet that is also characterized by eschewing the consumption of animal products. A vegan does not consume animal products, including dairy products, eggs, and honey. The diet also eliminates all animal products, including leather, silk, wool, and cosmetics. If you are a vegan, like me, or a vegetarian, then I'm sure you're dying to discover a great local vegetarian restaurant in Seville!

What Is Vegetarianism?

You might be asking: what is vegetarianism? In short, it is a way of eating that excludes the consumption of all animal products. The most common meat substitutes in the western world are soybeans. You should note that, while these are vegan substitutes, their main ingredient is actually casein.  Do I need a license to be a vegetarian?  Many restaurants will check if you are a vegetarian before serving you food.

They usually have a form on the table with a box that you should put your signature on. Sometimes they check more closely by asking for your ID. The good thing about this method is that you can be considered a vegetarian without a license. In fact, the Spanish are not allowed to make a profit by serving a dish that contains meat.

Vegetarianism is defined by many sources as the practice of avoiding the consumption of meat, fish and dairy products. Vegetarian diets are becoming more and more popular these days especially in countries where animal agriculture is prevalent.

Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Seville

Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Seville

Luze Restaurant is probably the oldest vegan restaurant in Seville and it features a traditional Andalusian menu with delicious vegan options. This is a great restaurant to go to for dinner as it has great food at affordable prices, but also for brunch or lunch. It has a variety of sandwiches, burgers, shakes, and more, and most importantly its menu is huge and there's something for everyone.

El Animal is a great restaurant for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, and it's ideal to go there if you want to explore the cuisine of the famous region of Andalusia. It features typical dishes from the region with an impressive menu, and it has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Seville and Terrasa share the same sister city in Andalucia. This peaceful and quaint city in the interior of Spain is nestled in the rugged mountains and traditional cuisine is known to be robust. The vegan restaurant offers a huge selection of tapas dishes and entrees ranging from fish and vegetables to main courses, featuring a good variety of dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients. Another delicacy of Terrasa is its cheeses. One cannot miss out on a visit to this charming town where you will surely be charmed by the charming flavours and the serene beauty of the place.

  • Enjoy unique dishes with a Latin flavour in a hip atmosphere at El Moro Restaurante
  • Make your dining experience even better, sit at the bar and watch the kitchen at El Moro Restaurante
  • Make your dining experience even better, sit at the bar and watch the kitchen at El Moro Restaurante El Gato Loco is the perfect restaurant for vegans and vegetarians who love seafood
  • There are quite a few vegetarian restaurants to choose from, and we recommend trying them all, especially La Casa del Babaloui, which is vegetarian but serves seafood dishes in order to please vegetarians and carnivores alike. You will get a great meal with friendly and attentive staff at your restaurant too.

Tips For Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurant-Goers

The Andalusia province of Spain is home to all kinds of plants and produce – great for vegan and vegetarian food lovers. However, the main difference between Andalusia and most parts of Spain is the existence of a few fatty and meaty meals, such as main courses, stews, burritos, or other deep-fried foods.

Many vegans choose to eat in a family restaurant, as restaurants in this area aren't very strict about following the vegan/vegetarian diet, and that is exactly the case of the Quique restaurants in Seville.  For a perfect meal, a client should stay in a vegetarian/vegan restaurant – the client will never regret it.

Seville is not as big as many other Spanish cities (around 2.5 million), and it does not have its own vegan and vegetarian food centre. In fact, there is not much support for the promotion of the choice of vegetarian and vegan meals. The best thing is that the most typical dishes are considered culinary traditions.

Thus, they are also available in most of the restaurants, and if you are concerned about what to order, ask your waiter or your fellow diners. You can also ask the chefs to give a recommendation for vegetarian dishes.

We have tried to find a number of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Seville, we have searched for all-you-can-eat restaurants and all you can drink venues in the city, as well as we, have scoured the web to find all you can eat establishments. In total, we have found 57 restaurants to choose from, which is a lot when you think about the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the whole of Spain. You can enjoy a nice meal with the company of a vegetarian/vegan friend, or just enjoy a relaxing meal on your own.

El Rinconcillo

1. El Rinconcillo

You will fall in love with El Rinconcillo. Located on Cordero Street, El Rinconcillo is known as “the closest to perfect”, with its classic Nueva Centro style, which harmonizes the city. Since 1975, El Rinconcillo has been an icon of the city. Besides the famous Carniceria Piscivoro, which offers more than a hundred different products, you will also find a highly-rated bar and a gelateria on site. Located on C-d14 Street, Molly's is a Mediterranean vegan restaurant that is popular for its unique design, and always packed with diners. The interior has a great ambiance, and they offer a very tasty vegan menu, as well as gluten-free options.

La Casa De Las Sirenas

2. La Casa De Las Sirenas

La Casa de las Sirenas is a fantastic restaurant to come to when you are looking for delicious vegetarian and vegan food. They have a huge selection of options including a full bar, breakfast, a snack bar, etc. They use organic, fresh ingredients in all their dishes. This is the place to come if you want to enjoy a fresh, delicious vegetarian meal.

Get your delicious meal here  Bollo y Cocinillo. This is one of the top restaurants in Seville, this beautiful restaurant looks like a wedding cake with big beautiful flames coming out of the outside. They have vegan and vegetarian options as well as different “Cocinillo” options. So, in other words, the “Casita” is probably more like the appetizer menu.

El Enano Verde

3. El Enano Verde

El Enano Verde is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Seville. It has been a part of the food scene of the city for almost 20 years. This year, the El Enano Verde group decided to not have any meat dishes, a decision that many praises. One of the most notable places is at El Enano Verde in Spain. You will find a very famous dining room located in a magnificent old building.

This restaurant has been recently renovated and it is a great place to hang out for a memorable meal. You will find the best plant-based food that you will ever eat there.  The food is healthy and delicious and El Enano Verde is well-known for its organic vegan and vegetarian menu. The menu focuses on fresh, healthy, and locally-sourced dishes.

La Vegana

4. La Vegana

La Vegana is a Mexican restaurant in Seville, Spain. Serving a tasty vegan food, its specialties are “Veggie Asada” (beef Asado), Ceviche with sweet potato, salad and tequila or an “Asado Mexico” with grilled chile. Pueblo Vegano is one of the best veggie restaurants in Seville. It has been serving “good food with a focus on using natural ingredients” since 2017.

Arca is a vegan restaurant in Seville. It's famous for its diverse variety of Mediterranean dishes.  Za Za  Za Za is one of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Seville. This one offers you great salads, fresh juices, and the amazing specialties of Latin America.

5. Vegani

Vegani is a vegan restaurant on Alcazar street in the heart of Seville. If you're in the neighbourhood make sure to check out this cozy little place. The cafe features delicious vegan hot dogs and cheese and an incredible variety of vegan Italian desserts.

6. Por Jai Nua

Por Jai Nua, located in Sevilla, this cozy restaurant serves only fresh food in a creative and unique way. The restaurant offers a vast selection of vegetarian dishes, often combining ingredients that have never been used before in the same dish. Although the menu is completely vegetarian, Por Jai Nua also offers vegan cheeses and options for meat lovers, such as Argentinian steak.

Gaia Bar Ecológico

7. Gaia Bar Ecológico

Gaia is one of the most favourite restaurants of many vegans and vegetarians in Seville. A place with a good atmosphere and delicious food. It is usually difficult to find vegan food in Seville, and the reason why is Gaia. This restaurant is the only one that really serves all kinds of vegan food. Every week there is a different vegetarian and vegan dish. Their last vegetarian dish was called “Falafel with sweet potatoes and spinach” and was delicious. Their vegan desserts are delicious as well! Their basic menu has been known for a while, so there is no need to explore the menu, just go for the most vegan options.

Restaurante Habanita 

8. Restaurante Habanita

When walking through the streets of Seville, you will immediately notice a bright restaurant inside an ordinary shop. You can find all the food you like, in a fresh, organic, and pure menu. Try delicious Yassaba soup, Pijamadas, avocado salad, and puddings with dulce de leche and nuts.

Restaurante San Eugenio

9. Restaurante San Eugenio

This restaurant offers vegetarian dishes. At this restaurant, you can eat vegan paella, hot chocolate, risotto, and mixed dishes. This place is warm and friendly, just the way a neighbourhood restaurant should be.

Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant

10. Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant offers vegetarian dishes with lots of options, including vegan margaritas and chips. It's a place to eat authentic Mexican food, just take care to order vegan food. The restaurant is open all day and night.

Milk Away

11. Milk Away

Chef Rui Pereira is passionate about his food. The Michelin-starred vegan restaurant makes you feel like a VIP when you enter. The pleasant decor and great dishes make it hard to leave this place.

La Floresta

12. La Floresta

Just like its name suggests, this restaurant, located in the center of Seville, is a farm-to-table Italian restaurant. Every dish was satisfying and made with natural products.

13. The Little Shepherd

One of the best vegan restaurants in Seville is small but cozy. The delicious options, wide wine selection, and wonderful service make this place worth trying.

14. Inca

There is a reason why this place has been recognized as one of the best vegan restaurants in Seville: good food, clean design, vegan-friendly, great service and friendly staff.

La Gazpachería Andaluza

15. La Gazpachería Andaluza

Located at Calle de Santa Monica, this restaurant is an oasis from the streets of the city. Its menu is very varied, featuring not only gluten-free dishes but also soups, sandwiches, and various other dishes that can be made gluten-free. The appetizing dishes are typical of Andalusian cuisine.

Mondo Antes

16. Mondo Antes

Located in the center of Seville, in the centre of the Plaza de España, this restaurant is amazing, both inside and outside. The inside features lovely decor and the waiters are polite and welcoming. And the outside terrace, also quite big, looks over the Plaza de España, which is usually a great place for a picnic.


17. Veganitessen

In the heart of Seville's old town, you will find the restaurant Veganitessen. This is a very popular place because it has great prices and excellent vegan food.

18. Veganteria Petit

Besides Veganitessen, another place worth visiting is Veganteria Petit. You can enjoy delicious vegan meals here, like crispy potato and carrot chips with pesto sauce.

19. Mas Tu Pepe

Another great option is the restaurant, Mas Tu Pepe. A family restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere and delicious homemade food. If you love lentil soup, you can have one of its best.

Amore Mio

20. Amore Mio

This is another vegan restaurant that you must visit, especially if you are looking for vegan desserts. It is located in the charming street Marineros, one of Seville's most prestigious places for dinner and nightlife.


Without any doubt, if you have had a chance to travel around Europe, you will discover how varied and delicious food from other countries is. As you may have found out, sometimes travelling is not all about beaches, parties, and nightlife. You will find the same cuisine around Europe but in different regions and sometimes it will be delicious and sometimes you will have to eat really unique and good dishes.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the 20 Best Vegan Restaurants In Seville, Spain. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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