33 Best Vegan Restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

33 Best Vegan Restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

Meat-eating culture has been the norm for centuries. However, many people have started to turn away from meat and dairy products in the past few decades. Some of these people are vegan, a lifestyle consisting of a plant-based diet and no use or consumption of animal products.

Veganism is also known as veganism or vegetarianism because it excludes all forms of animal cruelty, including the use and consumption of animal products such as milk, eggs, honey, and leather. There are many vegan restaurants in Switzerland that serve local dishes while remaining close to nature.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Geneva

Some Of The Best Vegan Restaurants In Geneva

Geneva is a beautiful city in Switzerland, and veganism is becoming more and more popular. With such a large population of vegans, it's easy to find a great restaurant where you can get the best vegan food in Geneva.

1. Le Grainetto

Le Grainetto is a cafe-restaurant located in Geneva, and it is one of the most delicious places to eat vegan in Geneva. It is an excellent place for lunch, dinner, or a coffee break. In addition to great food, the staff is really friendly, and they serve fresh juices from organic fruits and vegetables that you can find at their market next door. They also have an impressive wine list with many vegan wines.

Egg Harbor Cafe

2. Egg Harbor Cafe

Egg Harbour Cafe is an excellent choice if looking for a vegan restaurant in Geneva. The restaurant is known for its excellent vegan options, from burgers to hearty salads. The cafe also offers gluten-free options and takes special requests for dietary restrictions.

3. Craft Urban Vegan

This is a Michelin-starred vegan fine-dining restaurant that also happens to be the oldest vegan restaurant in Geneva. The food here is exquisite, and the chef uses locally sourced ingredients. Craft Urban Vegan is great for special occasions, as you'll want to save up your appetite for the mouthwatering dishes ahead.

Another Michelin-starred vegan restaurant with an incredible menu, Dans le Noir offers several options for those with a more limited budget. With a focus on comforting home cooking with rich flavours, Dans Le Noir gives you the option of choosing from entrees like tomato almond tart, roasted cauliflower mash, and mushroom soup or sauces like tart green apple cream sauce and thyme honey butter. It's difficult to choose just one dish at this place, but we recommend trying the brownie chocolate cake or the potato gnocchi with mustard cream sauce if you're feeling indecisive!.

4. Buddha Belly

Buddha Belly is one of Geneva's most popular vegan options, and it deserves to be at the top. This restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious fusion dishes that satisfy any palate. They also offer a wide range of drinks to choose from so you'll never leave hungry.

5. Burmese Tandoori Cafe

Burmese Tandoori Cafe has one goal: to provide delicious and affordable vegan options for everyone in Geneva. They've got something for everyone with tasty curries, rice dishes, vegetarian mains, and more!

6. The Patten House Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is located in the colourful and historic Old Town of Geneva. It's an excellent choice for those looking for vegan fare, as well as anyone with a craving for great food. The owner, David Patten, offers an excellent selection of salads, sandwiches, and entrees. This restaurant offers a relaxed vibe to go along with its outstanding service.

If you're looking to find the best vegan option around Geneva, this is the place to go!

The Patten House Restaurant & Bar has been voted one of Geneva's top 10 vegan restaurants on Urbanspoon.

Bien Trucha

7. Bien Trucha

At Bien Trucha, a vegan restaurant in Geneva, you can find the best veggie burgers in Geneva. Not only does their menu offer a variety of vegan entrees, but they also have a full menu of drinks to choose from.

The food at Bien Trucha is all made from scratch in-house and is always fresh. They're open every day, so it's easy to grab a bite after work or even on your lunch break.

With delicious dishes that are healthy and vegan-friendly, Bien Trucha has something for everyone. The staff is friendly and is always happy to help you find the perfect meal for your family or friends!

8. Morandi L'Auberge

Morandi-L'Auberge is a trendy restaurant that serves delicious Italian food. The restaurant itself is located in the heart of Geneva, and you can find it on rue de la République.

The restaurant has an extensive wine list, but don't expect to see many bottles from Europe since they are excluded from the United States. They have some of the best pasta and pizza in town, so if you're looking for a quick bite to eat, this is a great spot to go.

9. La Cigale

The perfect vegan restaurant.

Located in the city's heart, La Cigale is a brilliant spot to eat. It's got a nice outdoor seating area and a cozy interior with wooden tables and chairs. The food here is fantastic! So you might be tempted to try one of their many vegan dishes, but don't forget to order the famous potato cake, as it's best known for its taste.

La Cigale is also known for its excellent service. They're accommodating with every aspect of your meal, from ordering to dessert, ensuring that everything goes perfectly well. If you don't find something you like on the menu, they'll help you choose something else or bring out something different altogether in one go.

If you love both meat and vegetables, not only will this restaurant make the perfect match, but their tasty appetizers will sure come in handy when you're trying to decide whether or not to order them for your meal!

10. La Terrasse

This restaurant is just a few minutes walk from the train station. Offering a wide variety of vegan options, they have lunch and dinner menus with over 20 dishes. They have an outdoor terrace perfect for summertime dining and an all-you-can-eat brunch on Sundays.

11. L'Orientale

This restaurant has noodle and curry dishes and is open for lunch and dinner for the whole week. They serve traditional French cuisine and are worth checking out if you're in the mood for some delicious food!

Livia Italian Eatery

12. Livia Italian Eatery

Livia is the perfect place to go for a vegan meal. Its menu features a large variety of Italian dishes that are entirely vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The food is fresh and flavorful without sacrificing any authenticity.

The ingredients are always sourced from local suppliers, which means that your meal will be healthy and delicious. Livia also has an excellent wine list for those wanting to enjoy a drink with their meal.

The restaurant also has an onsite bakery so that you can get dessert too!

One great thing about this restaurant is that it offers vegan children's meals and lunch options for those who don't eat meat or dairy products during the day.

13. Cravings

This vegan restaurant is an up-and-coming gem. The food is light, fresh, and delicious. They have a long list of plant-based dishes perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. This spot has the best falafel in Geneva, which can be found in wraps or as a salad.


14. Buttermilk

The Buttermilk is a vegan restaurant in Geneva that serves breakfast, lunch, and baked goods. The menu includes many delicious vegan options, including the best granola you've ever tasted, sweet potato hash browns, and French toast. In addition to being vegan-friendly, the Buttermilk has many vegetarian dishes. Its menu even includes gluten-free items.

The Buttermilk has a friendly and casual atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating. It's also one of Geneva's only places that serve cold-pressed juices. They make their vegan butter from scratch and offer fresh-pressed juice every day.

15. Pizzeria Colibrì

Pizzeria Colibrì is a pizza restaurant in Geneva. They have some of the best vegan pizzas around. The signature dish at this restaurant is their Veganz with spinach and almonds (veganz = veganz con arance). What makes this pizza even better is that it's served with garlicky bread, which you can also order separately from the regular pizzas.

The staff at Pizzeria Colibrì are friendly and welcoming to guests.

The restaurant offers two vegetarian tables for four people, so if you want to bring your partner or children, you can easily do just that!

They offer a wide selection of bread to choose from and other desserts like tiramisu or cheesecake. There are also several dishes on the menu marked vegans, such as the Veganz with spinach and almonds.

16. Chez Lili et Manu

Lili, who is the owner of this restaurant, is a vegan. She's also a nutritionist, so she knows how to prepare great food for her customers. Chez Lili specializes in vegan meals and is located in Geneva's Bâtiment D'Anvers. This restaurant has been featured on CNN International, Huffington Post and The Huffington Post Travel Guide and provides a great place to eat vegan food with friends or family members.

17. Café Des Arts Et Le Bistrot Du Végétarien

Located in the center of Geneva, Café des Arts and Bistrot du Végétarien is an excellent spot for vegetarians and vegans alike. Here you can enjoy delicacies like organic salads, vegan pasta, regional dishes and desserts with no animal products. An excellent place to meet new people or relax with your loved ones, this café is one of the best places to experience the cuisine of Switzerland.


18. Riganato

At Riganato, you'll find all of your vegan needs fulfilled. This restaurant has everything from a quick and tasty lunch to a full-on dinner. The ambiance is warm, the food is fresh and flavorful, and the service is friendly. Stop by today for some awesome plant-based eats!

19. L'Entreprise Générale

A trendy and often used site for the French-speaking population.

L'Entreprise Générale is an old-fashioned, family-run restaurant in Geneva. It's a great place to have a meal with family or friends.

They offer several types of dishes and some desserts as well. The food here is delicious, healthy, and affordable since it's all organic. You can't go wrong at this restaurant!

20. La Taverne De La Vieille Poste

 La Taverne de la Vieille Poste is a restaurant located in Préfecture, the oldest part of Geneva.

La Taverne de la Vieille Poste is a small restaurant serving traditional French cuisine. The menu offers a variety of seasonal dishes and vegetarian options. Located near the La Croix-Rousse hill on the corner of Rue des Coteaux and Rue des Coteaux, you can enjoy coffee or wine while enjoying some time with your family.

21. Le Comptoir De Thé Odyssée (Vegan Food Market)

This market is a must-visit for people looking to get their vegan food fix. The market covers two floors, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from. You can also find many other vegan products, including raw plant-based milk and cheese.

Whether you're looking for raw milk and cheese or veggie dishes, this market has everything you need!

22. Taste Of Himalayas

If you are looking for a place to try a vegan Indian dish, then Taste of Himalayas is the perfect restaurant. They offer a wide variety of food that you can find in any typical Indian restaurant. This restaurant has what you need, from a quick meal to an extravagant dinner.

The first person to create and introduce vegan Indian cuisine was T. S. Sati in 1966. This restaurant pays homage to the man who started the trend by serving authentic dishes from his home country India. The owner claims they serve the best curry in Geneva, and he's not wrong!

This is an excellent place if you want to enjoy some delicious food and don't mind spending a bit more on an equally delicious meal experience.

23. Stockholm's Restaurant & Brewery

Stockholm's is a vegan restaurant for those of you who don't know. It's been around for a while, and it's one of the best vegan restaurants in Geneva.

Swedish cuisine is wholesome, hearty, and full of flavour. If you're looking for a place to get an affordable meal that also has excellent vegan food, this is your place to go. It would be best if you went for lunch or dinner; there are no set hours at this restaurant.

This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and some delicious dishes that will leave your taste buds satisfied. They range from hearty soups like lentil soup to salads with exotic grains like quinoa, all made fresh daily by Swedish chefs.

The prices are very reasonable, so it's great if you want to try out some vegan food without spending too much money on dinner or an expensive lunch that doesn't have many options.

24. The Burger Shop

The Burger Shop is a vegan restaurant that has been around for over 30 years. It's still going strong even after all these years and offers various vegan burgers, fries, and salads. The place can get pretty crowded during the lunchtime rush, but it's worth the wait.


25. Doughocracy

Doughocracy is the perfect place to go for a vegan pizza. This restaurant offers a wide range of pizzas, all vegan.

The best part? You can choose your toppings! You can make one with just vegetables or pile on the vegetarian sausage, artichokes, and mushrooms to create something unique.

This restaurant offers vegan soup, bread, and some desserts as well. Vegan food is not just about what's on your plate; you'll find many choices on this menu to keep your palate satisfied.

26. Les Quatre Saisons

It's a French brasserie with a beautiful atmosphere. But don't let the location deceive you: the food is delicious, and they do offer gluten-free options! Les Quatre Saisons is located at 2, rue du Marché, in downtown Geneva.

27. Au Bon Accueil Vegan

One of the best restaurants in Geneva.

Thanks to a vegetarian chef and vegan products, Au Bon Accueil is one of Geneva's most well-known vegan restaurants. The menu is hugely varied, with some dishes being very high in protein content due to their higher levels of plant-based fat and fiber content. The restaurant does have a well-known “Diplo” sauce, but you can't taste it as it's made from pure tamari (soy sauce). The food is delicious, and the service is friendly and quick!

28. Bistro Végétarien

If you're looking for some quick, easy vegan food, here's your place! With about 20 dishes to choose from, this bistro offers a wide selection of perfect meals for those on the go or who don't want to spend too much time cooking at home.

29. California Pizza Kitchen At Geneva Commons

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal, or a gourmet experience, California Pizza Kitchen is the best vegan restaurant in Geneva. The menu includes healthy versions of pizza and pasta made with quality ingredients.

The atmosphere is also perfect for when you want to relax after a long day. The restaurant has a bar area with comfortable seating where you can catch up on the latest gossip with friends. This restaurant is the best choice for when you're looking to eat vegan in Geneva!

30. McAlister's Deli

McAlister's Deli is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious breakfast dishes. This family-owned restaurant has been around since 1987, providing healthy and tasty food for vegans across the globe.

The waiters at McAlister's serve your meal up with smiles, so you can have a wonderful time while in Geneva. The cool thing about this place is that they offer vegan options on their menu and excellent service. You won't find anywhere else where you can get such a fantastic meal in such a relaxed atmosphere with no cruelty involved.

This restaurant is perfect for anyone who loves breakfast. While you're there, you can also enjoy their signature sandwiches and delicious salads, which are both vegan-friendly!

31. Altiro Latin Fusion

Altiro is a vegan restaurant in Geneva. They offer dishes made with local, seasonal produce, and everything is hand-made. They also serve coffee and tea. Not only is it a fantastic restaurant, but they also have a unique outdoor area where you can enjoy your meal while overlooking the beautifully decorated courtyard.

The food at Altiro is fantastic as well. It's all locally sourced, fresh, and delicious! They offer tacos, burgers, salads, crepes, and more. The atmosphere at Altiro is inviting and cool. They have many vegan options for any dietary needs or restrictions you might have. If you're looking for a great place to eat that doesn't involve killing animals for food in Geneva, then this place is perfect for you.

32. Lulu Café

Lulu Café is the perfect place to find vegan pizza, doughnuts, and espresso. This restaurant offers a wide variety of pastries and breakfast options and fresh juices and smoothies. Lulu Café is also home to an organic market where you can get everything from fresh vegetables and fruit to cheese, tofu, vegan meat, and more. Just because this restaurant doesn't serve any animal products doesn't mean that it isn't delicious!



GIA MIA is an Italian vegan restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland. This eatery has an extensive menu that includes dishes like pizza and pasta. The restaurant also offers a range of drinks from coffee to wine. GIA MIA has three locations throughout Geneva, so you don't have to worry about the restaurants being too far away from one another.


With so many delicious vegan options in Geneva, it's easy to find a place to eat.

If you're visiting Geneva, the city is perfect for vegan travellers looking for a healthy and delicious meal. You'll find everything from vegan burgers to chocolate cake. Although there are many vegan restaurants in the city, these are some of the best.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the 33 Best Vegan Restaurants In Geneva, Switzerland. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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