39 Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

39 Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city with a lot to offer tourists. From its ancient cathedrals and narrow streets to its vibrant nightlife, the city has something for everyone. They're some of the most well-known vegan spots in the city, with one of them being a Michelin-starred restaurant! Veganism is on the rise, and more people are choosing to leave meat and dairy out of their diets for ethical reasons. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on great food just because you're plant-based. Here are some vegan restaurants in Barcelona that will make your trip worth remembering.

39 Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona By Cuisine

The best vegan restaurants in Barcelona can be found by looking at the different cuisines they specialize in. Of course, all-vegan restaurants in Barcelona serve plant-based dishes, but some focus on a specific type of cuisine.

There are many different Mediterranean cuisines to choose from if you’re looking for vegan food that’s convenient and affordable. Some popular Mediterranean dishes include lentil soup, falafel salad, and vegetable stew.

If you’re more into international cuisines, the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona can offer Indian, Thai, or Chinese options as well.

No matter what your dietary preference is, these five vegan favourites will leave you full and satisfied.

The Top Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona

There are a few vegan restaurants in Barcelona, but most are small and don't offer much in the way of flavoured dishes. If you're looking for a quick and easy vegan meal or something more luxurious, we recommend checking out some of the top vegan restaurants in Barcelona.

La Fabrica dels Ensenyaments

1. La Fabrica dels Ensenyaments

La Fabrica dels Ensenyaments is not your average vegan restaurant. It's one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Barcelona. The plant-based menu of this Michelin-starred restaurant is amazing, and the food speaks for itself. This classic eatery is loved for its stunning design and delicious dishes.

On top of that, La Fabrica dels Ensenyaments has a history that entwines science and art. If you're travelling to Barcelona, be sure to stop by La Fabrica dels Ensenyaments to see what veganism has to offer!

2. Pinchos

Pinchos are the go-to vegan food in Barcelona. They're small breaded, deep-fried pieces of meat that you can find at most restaurants in the city. They often come with a spicy tomato sauce or aioli on top and can be served as an appetizer or as part of a meal.

The best vegan ponchos are found at places like La Vinya de Montsant where they serve them with grilled vegetables and mayonnaise.

3. La Boqueria Dining Hall

This is a great option for those who want to try traditional Catalan dishes like cassava croquettes and beets with anchovy mayonnaise.

4. El Mestizo

If you like Indian food, this is the place for you, as it has dishes inspired by Indian cuisine from Goa, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

5. La Falange

This secret spot is hidden on Carrer Riera de Sant Pere, 72, and is worth finding! Their menu offers more than just sandwiches– there's also salads, homemade lemonades, and delicious desserts like the tres leches cake. The atmosphere here is nothing short of inviting– it has a cool vibe with great music that makes it hard to leave!

6. Veginista Bakery

Veginista Bakery is located on Carrer de la Princesa, 59. This bakery offers savoury and sweet treats that are perfect for anyone looking for amazing baked goods and meals

La Vinya Del Senyor Perelló I Els Seus Sospirs

7. La Vinya Del Senyor Perelló I Els Seus Sospirs

La Vinya del Senyor Perelló I els seus Sospirs is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona that offers some of the most delicious vegan dishes. If you're looking for some of the best vegan food in the city, this is a must-try.

The restaurant's website states: “The number of customers at La Vinya del Senyor Perelló I els seus Sospirs has undoubtedly grown year after year and so has the fame of our cuisine.”

This is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Barcelona, with hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. It's no wonder it's considered one of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona!

8. Mari Mar Menús Vegetarianos

You won't find meat on the menu here, but you will find incredible seafood dishes as mussels and clams served in a tomato sauce.

9. Panxo Restaurant

This is an excellent option if you love Mediterranean cuisine with many different options available.

10. Delicatessen Club

This vegan restaurant has been in business since 1992 and is known for its gourmet vegan snacks and dishes. They have a wide selection of vegan cheeses, pieces of bread, desserts, and hot entrees. They offer a “dual” menu with some dishes on the lunch menu and some on the dinner menu. The staff speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, and French.

11. La Chocolatería de Barcelona

For chocolate lovers, there's no better place than this bakery; it's even recently been named one of the best chocolatiers worldwide by Condé Nast Traveler! This sweet shop offers vegan chocolates as well as other delicious treats like brioche bread and croissants–all made with organic ingredients and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, nuts, and eggs!

El Somni d'En Jordi

12. El Somni d'En Jordi

The Somni d'En Jordi is a Michelin-starred restaurant that specializes in fresh, seasonal vegan fare. The restaurant is the perfect spot for a special occasion or just a night out with friends.

El Somni d'En Jordi has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, and Travel & Leisure Magazine for its top-notch food and service. If you're looking for an upscale vegan experience, this is the place to go! Check out El Somni d'En Jordi's website here.

13. Ateneu VEGAN Barcelona.

Located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Ateneu VEGAN is one of the city's most well-known vegan restaurants. Chef Ester Ardevol started the restaurant in 2006 and has since become a Michelin-starred chef! The restaurant is known for its creative dishes that are healthy, flavorful, and mouthwatering.

If you're looking for a plant-based meal that will make your taste buds sing, be sure to give this vegetarian spot a try. It's been featured on many foodie TV shows such as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and The Great British Baking Show.

Don't forget to check out their menu online so you can plan your perfect meal! La Terraza

14. De El Xicotet

This restaurant is located on Carrer Nou de la Rambla, and it's one of the most popular vegan spots in Barcelona. It has all your favorite plant-based meals like tacos, hot dogs, wraps, nachos, and salads. Plus, they have a great selection of desserts to choose from including ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes.


15. Olivia

If you're looking for something healthy with a twist, L'Olivia should be your first stop! They offer everything from raw food options to typical burgers to exotic dishes like risotto with quinoa and grilled lobster salad. Plus their dessert menu is full of raw sugar balls and chocolate mousse cake made from vegetables!

16. Can Roser

Can Roser doesn't serve anything fried or animal-based on its menu! There are plenty of options for vegans here.

17. La Boqueria

La Boqueria is an iconic market located in Barcelona’s Old City. It was originally constructed during the reign of Philip V as a covered food market and has since been recognized as one of the world’s most important markets. Today La Boqueria is still used as a food market, but it also offers an extensive line-up of dining options, including three vegan eateries. We recommend trying La Cova d'en Xativa for its fresh, plant-based dishes that are perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike.

18. Vegan Plates

A vegan can eat all the food of their dreams in Barcelona! This city is a hotspot for vegan restaurants, and with so many options, it's hard to decide where to go. The best part about veganism in Barcelona is that you can find almost anything you want on a vegan menu. From Asian fare to Latin American cuisine and everything in between, there are so many flavours and dishes to try!.

19. Vegan Burgers

Some of the best vegan burgers in Barcelona are at these restaurants. They're all different and offer something special, so you're sure not to get bored if you come back over and over again.


20. Candelaria

Candelaria is located on Plaza de la Reina Catalina within Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. This restaurant serves up vegetarian tapas alongside traditional Spanish fares like paella and sangria.

Toni Tacó: This burger has a lot of variety, with a wide range of options for toppings. It's also gluten-free and vegan.

21. La Granja de Rocas

Known as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona for vegan food, this place offers an abundance of dishes to fit any type of taste—and they’re all vegan! From their portions of pasta to their gazpacho to their paella and tapas platters to their desserts (yes!), there are plenty of delicious dishes.

22. La Cristalina

This restaurant is located on the famous Ribera Street, which means it's perfect for people who want to experience some of the city's best food without getting too touristy. The decor is especially fun and funky—you'll love it!

23. Carma

One of the most popular spots in Barcelona, this is where people go to enjoy tapas and local produce. The chef even uses fresh fruit juices in their dishes!

24. Mercat De La Boquería

This place is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner before hitting the market to pick up some groceries. Enjoy delicious Spanish tapas like patatas bravas and tortilla de patatas with a cold glass of beer or churros con chocolate. To wash it all down, try one of their yummy cocktails like sangria or mojitos.

25. La Cova Dels Pescadors

This restaurant offers world-class cuisine that’s both healthy and light, perfect for anyone looking for something different from Barcelona’s traditional fare of paella and croquetas de jamón serrano. The menu features salads, soups, sandwiches, and other dishes that can be made gluten-free (which is something the restaurant takes pride in).

El Molino De La Cerveza

26. El Molino De La Cerveza

This place is fun for vegans because it has a great selection of beers and cocktails! We recommend trying the Sangria de Tauromaquia (a sangria made with tomatoes, oranges, grapes, apples, and alcohol). If you’re feeling hungry later in the evening (or day), they offer some great snacks like burgers or sandwiches from their lunch menu.

El Colmado Del Vegano

27. El Colmado Del Vegano

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including vegan paella, lasagna, and pizza. They also have a dessert menu that features vegan cakes, brownies, and tarts. This restaurant is perfect for a big group dinner or party.

28. Tocana Vegan

Tocana Vegan is located on La Rambla and features an array of vegan dishes like rice and beans, salads, and sandwiches.

– There are a lot of vegan breakfast options available at Tocana, including the eggs benedict.

– This restaurant also has vegan desserts such as chocolate cake or chocolate mousse.

– If you're looking for a quick lunch option, the falafel sandwich is perfect.

29. Papiria II

Papiria II serves classic Spanish fare in a veganized version. Dishes to try to include the fresh patatas bravas with chimichurri sauce (try sticking to this side of the menu), patatas bravas salad, seitan paella, and croquetas de jamón (which have been “veganized” by substituting vegetable oil for breadcrumbs).

Papiria II has an extensive wine list which gives you plenty of options when it comes to pairing your meal with an adult beverage.

30. Veggie Garden

The Veggie Garden is an all-vegan restaurant and bar in Barcelona. The menu offers a variety of vegan dishes that are carefully prepared with local, organic produce. From the burgers to the delicious desserts, everything at the Veggie Garden has been thoughtfully crafted by people who understand what it means to be vegan.

At the Veggie Garden, you'll enjoy a friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Whether you're looking for a meal on your way home from work or just want to grab a drink with friends, this restaurant will meet your needs.

Vegetarians and vegans love the food at the Veggie Garden because there's no meat on their menu! If you're looking for something different but still healthy, this is where you should go. For some incredible vegan fare with an amazing atmosphere, look no further than this restaurant in Barcelona!

31. Gatsby Barcelona

This modern and lively restaurant is the perfect place to grab a meal before or after shopping in Plaza Catalunya. They've got a selection of dishes that are all vegan, which includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It's also a great spot for grabbing a drink.

32. Tierra Burrito Bar

Tierra Burrito Bar is Barcelona's most popular vegan restaurant. Their menu features a wide array of delicious dishes, from traditional Mexican food to burritos. They also have a vegan breakfast menu with avocado toast, quinoa, and soysage.

Tierra Burrito Bar offers a variety of drinks that are perfect for the heat and humidity of summer in Spain. Try their refreshing iced coffee or iced green juice made with mint and cucumber.

If you're craving something sweet, their desserts are perfect for any time of day or night! Tierra Burrito Bar has cookies and slices of cake available at all times.

33. Rasoterra

This restaurant is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Barcelona. It's known for its delicious vegan paella.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of specialty dishes, including vegan tortillas and vegan nachos.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and inviting. There are also outdoor seats if you want to enjoy some fresh air while you're eating.

Rasoterra is the perfect place to enjoy a nice dinner with your friends or loved ones without compromising on flavor or quality.

34. El Gato Negro

This restaurant specializes in vegan tapas and has received rave reviews from eating out customers. If you're looking for a restaurant with a homey feel, this is the place for you.

35. L’Arbi Farci

This café offers vegan Moroccan and French food with a twist of Catalan flavors. They also have gluten-free options so that everyone can join in on the fun!

36. Plaça Dels Àngels

If you're looking to try out some fresh new dishes while enjoying an amazing view, check out Plaça dels Àngels in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. Here you'll find everything from tacos to risotto to vegan empanadas–all with amazing views! What more could you wish for.

Vegan Tulsi Restaurant

37. Vegan Tulsi Restaurant

Tulsi is a vegan restaurant in Barcelona that has been open for just over two years. It’s a tiny space, with seating for just 12 people, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavour. You won’t find any meat or dairy here, just vegetables and grains. The menu includes dishes like tacos, burgers, and burritos.

38. Vegan Junk Food Bar

A must-go-to place for all vegans, this restaurant is located on Carrer de Ferran, 45. This is a cozy little place where you can enjoy tasty vegan dishes and drinks in an environment that's welcoming to everyone. They specialize in comfort food such as quesadillas and burgers that are sure to satisfy your cravings!

39. Bona Vegan Bar

Bona Vegan Bar is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am-2 pm, and they serve lunch Monday-Friday from 12 pm-7 pm. The restaurant has an ambiance that will make you feel like you're out of town during the day and into the city at night. Their menu is full of classic vegan dishes such as quiche, pancakes, sandwiches, and salads. They also serve various types of smoothies, coffee drinks, and desserts throughout the day.

If you go to Bona Vegan Bar for dinner or brunch on Saturday or Sunday they offer many lunch options that can be served with tofu scramble or without it! They also have vegan beer and wine available on Sunday so you can easily indulge in your favorite drink!

Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona By Distance From The City Center

As a vegetarian, you want to make sure that your diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for vegan food in Barcelona, there are a few places you can go to get vegan cuisine.

Below, we list the top 10 vegan restaurants in Barcelona according to their distance from the city center. We've also included some of their most popular dishes so you know what to order!

1. Vegusto

This restaurant is located near Plaça Catalunya, which is right near the city center. They serve up traditional Spanish dishes with modern twists made with organic ingredients.

2. El Rancho Vegano

Located at Carrer de Sant Pau, this eatery offers Mexican-inspired dishes made from scratch with no animal products or gelatinous gelatins used in any of its recipes. They offer both an extensive gluten-free menu and a fruitarian one for those looking for healthier options. This is located about 3 kilometres away from the city center, making it slightly farther than average but still accessible by public transport if needed.

3. Ensalada Vegetariana

This restaurant lives up to its name and offers a variety of salads that help you get your daily dose

Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona By Type Of Diet

Vegan restaurants offer a wide range of options, so chances are there will be something for everyone. If you're looking for a quick and easy meal to fuel your busy day, you may want to check out some of the vegan sandwich spots in Barcelona.

On one hand, these restaurants typically offer sandwiches (and other food) that are made from vegetarian ingredients such as vegetables and tofu. On the other hand, some vegan eateries also offer meatless dishes like risotto or arancini. There's also the option of ordering exclusively vegan dishes or swapping out meat or dairy-based dishes with vegan versions. The options are nearly limitless!

If you enjoy exploring new flavours and places on vacation, then we recommend checking out these 10 vegan restaurants in Barcelona that have particularly unique offerings. These spots won't disappoint—they've got everything from upscale vegan cuisine to dumplings!


Barcelona has a wide variety of vegan restaurants, but these twelve are some of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona. Pinchos, Vegan Gastronomy, Vegan Plates, Vegan Burgers, and Delicatessen Club are all excellent restaurants that will satisfy your vegan cravings.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the 39 Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly.




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