40 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome, Italy

40 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most famous and historic cities in the world. It has an eternal beauty that can't be matched by any other place. It's also home to some of the best vegan restaurants you'll ever find!

While many people think veganism is boring, there are tons of exciting dishes you can try. If you're heading to Rome, make sure to stop by these three vegan restaurants for a taste of Italy and a healthy meal!

In Rome, the best vegan restaurants are available. What those restaurants offer, we can find them in any tourist center. The best ones, serve dishes such as avocado toast and deep-fried tofu. If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that’s also a good value, look for one in a shopping mall or city center. The food is simple but the wines are of the top-notch variety.

40 Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome, Italy

The Top Vegan Restaurants in Rome

Before we get to the restaurants, let's talk a little bit about what veganism is. Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that rejects the use of all animal products. This includes things like meat, eggs, dairy, and honey.

Eating a vegan diet has been shown to have several health benefits. For example, it can lower your risk for heart disease and high blood pressure because you're not consuming animal fats or cholesterol that are found in many animal products.

Veganism is slowly breaking into the mainstream and that's a good thing. Many vegans love meat, but there's also an increasing number of people who don't eat it at all. But where do you find vegan restaurants in Rome? Let’s start with the best.

1. Vivo Vegano

This is a family-run restaurant located on Via Della Cisterna, close to Piazza Navona. It’s beautifully decorated and offers a wide selection of dishes that include pasta, salads, and vegan pizza, as well as delicious wine. If you’re not feeling one of their vegetarian dishes but still want to check it out, they have a few tempting options like crispy tempeh or tofu steak, or even chickpea fritters (which are amazing). They proudly serve a range of wines from all over Italy! The food is just as delicious at Vivo Vegano!

2. A Taste of Italy

This restaurant isn’t open for long because right now they’re only serving vegan pizza! But if you want to try something delicious while you wait for your favorite pie to bake up, this place has a few options.


3. Veganissimo

This is one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Rome. They make all their pizzas and pastries from scratch using fresh ingredients. The pizza dough is made with water, almond flour, and yeast. They also offer a variety of vegan desserts like chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu.

4. La Locanda Degli Specchi

This is another favorite among locals in Rome because it has something for everyone: a great location, wonderful service, and delicious food. You can't go wrong with anything that's on the menu–try their pasta or share a pizza!

5. Zazie’s Best Vegan Restaurants

Zazie's is a vegan restaurant in Rome that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes. Zazie's offers a great range of veggie options.

6. Flower Burger

Flower Burger has been around since 2003, and it offers a vegan burger with a huge variety of toppings. One burger alone can have up to 18 different items on it, including fried eggplant, black olives, and artichoke hearts! This is the perfect place to try something new and exciting without breaking your food budget.


7. Pompi

Another popular vegan spot in Rome is Pompi. They offer a great selection of dishes like polenta and beans and roasted vegetables. Their menu changes daily based on seasonal offerings and what products they have on hand. For those following a plant-based diet, this restaurant has you covered!

8. Vivera Vegetariana

The Vivera Vegetariana is another great place for vegans to eat in Rome! You can find plenty of vegan versions of classic Italian dishes here like potato gnocchi with tomato sauce or risotto with mushrooms. There's no shortage of delicious food for meatless travellers in Rome!

9. The Lunaria Vegan Kitchen

The Lunaria Vegan Kitchen is a vegan restaurant in Rome that offers a variety of dishes. For starters, try the mushroom arancini or the mozzarella-filled fried zucchini.

If you're looking for a more substantial meal, order the seitan “pizzaiola.” This dish features grilled seitan with eggplant, garlic, and tomatoes.

If you want something sweet to finish off your meal, try their tiramisu cake. This dessert features a vegan whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce.

The Lunaria Vegan Kitchen is open every day from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

10. Associazione Vegan-Friendly

Associazione Vegan-Friendly is a vegan restaurant located in Rome. This restaurant offers an array of vegan dishes, including salads and different types of pasta. Their menu also includes many vegan desserts and coffee drinks!

If you're looking for a fast and casual meal, this is the place to go. Associazione Vegan-Friendly has outdoor seating and is located close to some popular tourist destinations.

11. Al Covo Della Quercia

This restaurant has a 30-year history in Rome. It's located in the historic city center and it serves vegan versions of Roman classics like pasta and pizza.

Il Convivio

12. Il Convivio

Il Convivio is a charming vegan restaurant located in Rome's old town. It offers the most traditional Roman cuisine with an unmistakable vegan twist.

Start your day off right with Il Convivio's breakfast, which includes vegan croissants, pastries, and crepes. Try their famous rigatoni alla norma or Tortelli di Zucca if you're looking for lunch or dinner!

Il Convivio is not only delicious but also rich in history. The restaurant was founded by three Italian women who wanted to revive traditional Roman dishes using animal-friendly ingredients.

13. The Best Ristorante Vero

This restaurant is one of the most popular vegan places in Rome. It's located near Piazza del Popolo, so it's a perfect spot for travellers who want to explore the city.

The menu is filled with vegetarian and vegan dishes that are all made from fresh ingredients. You can enjoy a variety of drinks or fresh juice after your meal.

The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The waitstaff is also very friendly and attentive to your needs.

If you're looking for a place that has great food, good service, and a relaxing ambiance, this is the restaurant for you!

14. Time Out Cafe

Time Out Cafe is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite. The menu is loaded with vegan options, ranging from soups and salads to portions of pasta.

The cafe has an Italian feel to it, thanks to its brick walls and open floor plan. It's also conveniently located in the center of Rome.

While you're there, try the soy risotto with vegetables or the vegan pizza! You won't be sorry if you do!

15. Klaxon D'Or

Klaxon D'Or is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in vegan Roman cuisine, like pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic; and ricotta cheese pie with an almond crust. It's also great for brunch-time! All of their dishes are gluten-free and many are soy-free as well. They even offer vegan pizzas!

16. Ristorante Vegetariano

This restaurant specializes in what it calls “vegan food with a Roman soul.” It offers a wide range of vegan dishes including risotto with red cabbage and coffee; mushrooms stuffed with cilantro and rice; and pesto pasta dressed with pumpkin cream sauce.

17. La Temporada

This is a small family-owned business that offers tasty dishes like risotto with butternut squash; pumpkin soup; eggplant lasagna; spaghetti with red peppers, zucchini, olives, tomato sauce, and basil; and fettuccine alfredo.

18. Cosa Nostra Pizzeria and Pasta Bar

Cosa Nostra Pizzeria and Pasta Bar are located in Trastevere, a lively neighbourhood in Rome's Old City. Cosa Nostra specializes in vegan pizza and pasta dishes, but its menu also includes a variety of Italian dishes for meat-eaters. If you're looking for a place to grab a quick bite, stop by Cosa Nostra to enjoy some delicious fresh vegan pizza or pasta!

19. Animal Kingdom

The Animale Kingdom is a vegan restaurant in Rome that specializes in Italian dishes. Enjoy fresh portions of pasta, pizzas, and more at Animal Kingdom. The menu caters to special diets like gluten-free and vegan. There’s also a full list of drinks and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

20. Ristorante Milano

This restaurant is a go-to for all things vegan. The menu offers traditional Italian dishes with an innovative twist, from risottos to pizzas. They also have a separate vegan menu, which includes seven courses for the ultimate meal.

Ristorante Milano is not only a great place to eat, but also a must-see tourist destination. Located in the Piazza di San Cosimato, this historical building was originally home to the Church of San Cosimato and dates back to the 12th century. Though renovations have been made over the years, the historic beauty remains untouched and shines through in every corner of this restaurant.

La Bottega Di Giorgio

21. La Bottega Di Giorgio

This small, casual restaurant features a wide variety of dishes, from pasta to risotto to pizza. At La Bottega di Giorgio you can enjoy a delicious meatless dish while experiencing the best of Italian cuisine.

22. Buca Di Beppo

This traditional Italian restaurant serves up vegan dishes like spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes. They also have plenty of vegetarian options.

23. Refettorio Gastromotiva

This restaurant is a non-profit organization that provides free meals to the homeless. It also trains and employs people from the neighbourhood, while it cooks with fresh produce from volunteers.

You can find this restaurant in Via Prenestina, which is just outside of Porta Maggiore. The menu changes daily but always includes vegan options. In addition to bread made from flour ground by these volunteers, there are also dishes like vegan risotto with peas and lentils or pumpkin soup with spinach.

Located inside the Santa Maria Church near the Vatican, the restaurant serves traditional food for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The menu includes pasta dishes like penne all arrabbiata with spicy tomato sauce or “fettuccine al pesto” with basil pesto sauce as well as meatless options, such as zucchini pasta or eggplant ravioli in a vegetable broth.

Fico Mare

24. Fico Mare

One of the most popular vegan restaurants in Rome, Fico Mare offers a menu that is both healthy and delicious. They offer a variety of dishes with options for those looking for gluten-free and dairy-free meals as well. From fresh salads to hearty soups and classic Italian comfort foods like risotto and pasta dishes, Fico Mare offers something for everyone.

25. La Vecchia Scuola della Pizza

Pizza. Not vegan. But it is delicious, so you’ll want to try it before going vegan. La Vecchia Scuola Della Pizza, or “The Old School of Pizza,” offers a variety of pizzas for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. With a casual atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional Italian pizzeria, this restaurant offers an authentic experience that will have you forgetting that you're in Rome.

This restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine with a twist: You can find vegan dishes like the pizza Margherita (vegan cheese), the Quattro formaggi (vegan cheese), and pesto pasta.

26. La Bella Barca

La Bella Barca is a vegan-friendly restaurant in Rome that features traditional vegan Italian food with a focus on freshness and quality. The menu is full of dishes that are perfect for a vegan diet, including pasta, pizza, and vegetable dishes.

The restaurant is located near the Vatican in a residential neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a more tranquil meal outside of the bustling tourist area, this might be the place for you!

Buddy Veggy Restaurant Cafè

27. Buddy Veggy Restaurant Cafè

Buddy is a restaurant in Rome's historic center, just steps from Piazza Navona and Campo Dei Fiori. Breakfast, light and quick lunch, an aperitif, or dinner are all available at this modern but pleasant establishment.

28. La Contadina

La Contadina is located near Piazza Navona, and it is one of the most popular restaurants in town. The restaurant serves up delicious pasta dishes with an array of different sauces and toppings to choose from. They also have a fantastic lunch menu, so you can grab something quick to eat on the go! This place is vegan-friendly, so make sure to check out their menu before you head there.

29. Trattoria Stella

Trattoria Stella is known for its traditional Italian cuisine, and they offer a wide selection of dishes that are all vegan-friendly. You'll find plenty of amazing Italian food on their menu, including pizza and pasta dishes that will not disappoint! This place has been around since 1904, so you know they've been doing this for a while now!

Il Margutta

30. Il Margutta

The cuisine is refined, traditional, inventive, and, most importantly, nutritious and delicious. They combine high-quality products with environmental sensitivity in their kitchens owing to their beautiful zero-kilometre vegetable garden in the Veio Park reserve, where the product is delivered daily to the table.

31. Mandarino D'Oro Restaurant & Wine Bar

Located in the heart of Rome, Mandarino D'Oro Restaurant and Wine Bar is a great place to enjoy some vegan Italian dishes. Their menu features a variety of courses, from antipasti and primi piatti to secondi piatti. Some of their most popular dishes include roasted red pepper soup with white beans and orecchiette with tomato sauce.

32. Bottega Napoletana

This restaurant is known for its amazing pizza and tasty pasta, but they also have an impressive selection of vegan dishes. Everything on their menu is vegan, so if you’re craving Italian cuisine and want to avoid meat and dairy products, this is the place for you!

33. Il Salotto di Sorzano

This cozy restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine like pasta with pesto sauce or risotto. The restaurant also has a beautiful courtyard with a terrace that you can enjoy when it cools down at night. You might find yourself coming back here again and again because of their extensive vegetarian options, tasty desserts, and great location near the Spanish Steps.

34. Osteria Terrazza Campagnola

If you're looking for an intimate dining experience with an affordable price tag, look no further than Osteria Terrazza Campagnola. This bustling eatery offers traditional Roman cuisine made

35. Col Cavolo – Vegan Bistrot

Col Cavolo is a small bistro with an eclectic mix of dishes. They offer a vegan-friendly menu, and it’s the perfect spot for those looking to eat on the cheap without sacrificing taste! Dine on their housemade pizzas, salads, and more.

36. L'enoteca della Via Panisperna

This little gem is one of the most popular restaurants in Rome. It offers an extensive wine list as well as an Italian food that's made from scratch daily. Quinoa risotto, penne alla vodka, and tagliatelle al ragù are some of the best dishes to try here.

37. Écru

Écru is a vegan Italian restaurant in Rome that offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a vast array of vegan options for diners. Écru offers many vegan options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To start your meal, choose from the raw salads or the bruschetta before moving on to one of Écru's signature dishes, such as the gazpacho with crostini, or the risotto al Vernaccia (risotto with basil pesto). If you're more in the mood to eat meat-free after dinner time, order some pasta with lemon cream sauce. It's also worth noting that Écru has its wine list that features some great wine deals during happy hours!

38. Aromaticus

Aromaticus is a vegan restaurant disguised as a normal food store. This is the only place in Rome where you can get vegan pizza, pasta, and more.

The restaurant is small, so this will be a quick visit. Enjoy!

39. Romeow Cat Bistrot

Romeow Cat Bistrot is a vegan restaurant in Rome that has plenty of delicious options. The menu has a fusion of French and Italian dishes that are sure to satisfy your tastebuds!

Porchetta, the signature dish at this restaurant, is made with mixed vegetables, tofu, and polenta. There are also several different pasta dishes like the penne alla vodka rosa e spinaci which contains fresh spinach and vodka sauce. Porchetta can be paired with a side of roasted potatoes for an additional 20 euros.

If you're looking for something sweet, try out the crepe florentine with berry compote or the almond cake with lemon mascarpone frosting. These desserts will quickly become your favorite go-to choices!

40. Nativa Ristorante

Nativa Ristorante is a vegan restaurant with a Mediterranean-Italian menu, featuring the likes of lasagna, pizza, and spaghetti. This restaurant is great for those who want to get away from meat-based food without going too far out of their way. It's also a great option for vegetarians as well as vegans!

A Guide To The Top Vegan Restaurants In Rome

Get inspired and discover the best vegan restaurants in Rome that offer delicious, fresh, healthy and well-priced meals.

If you are looking for a good vegan restaurant in Rome, try out some of these top places to eat vegan:

  • Pasta al Pomodoro – Vegan food is always an easy choice when you want to enjoy the taste of pasta with different sauces. Pasta al Pomodoro is one of the coolest restaurants in Roma. Located in Viale Dei Fori Imperiali, this place offers excellent pasta dishes with creamy sauces as well as other creamy dishes such as fettuccine carbonara and tiramisu-style desserts. The menu also offers many vegan options such as lasagna, spaghetti vegan, or gnocchi made from mashed potatoes or whole squash. 8/10 1380 Via del Padiglione (Romagna).
  • Veal Scaloppini – Located at Via de’ Ginetti near Appia Antica metro station, this Italian restaurant serves up a nice selection of Italian specialties such as veal scaloppini grilled over charcoal on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.


Rome is a wonderful city with a robust and diverse food scene. For those of you who are vegans and want to explore Rome, we’ve put together a list of the best vegan restaurants in Rome.

If you’re not vegan, then you needn’t be deterred from the list. All of these restaurants have vegan options that will be sure to please any palate.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the 40 Best Vegan Restaurants In Rome, Italy. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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