42 Best Vegan Restaurants in Venice, Italy

42 Best Vegan Restaurants In Venice, Italy

Vegan is the word you use to describe food made without animal products. But what does that mean for restaurants? A vegan restaurant specializes in vegan cuisine. This means that the restaurant doesn't contain any animals, except for the ingredients used in the food.

Nowadays, there are more and more vegan restaurants popping up all over Venice. Here we've picked 10 of the best ones to help you find your new favorite vegan spot.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Venice, Italy


Venice has seen a considerable rise in veganism over the past few years. As the movement continues to grow, more and more vegan restaurants are popping up all around the city.

Venetian Vegan Restaurants

The vegan industry is becoming more and more popular. It's estimated that there are around 10,000 vegan restaurants in the United States alone! Here are some of Venice's best vegan restaurants to help you find your new favorite spot:

Freshii (Venice)

1. Freshii (Venice)

Freshii is the perfect place to go for a healthy, quick meal. You can order one of their salads or bowls, which come with fresh greens, vegetables, and herbs. The restaurant has a wide variety of tasty options for any dietary restriction, whether it's gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. There is even an option for those who don't eat meat but want to still enjoy their meal. The restaurant also offers a grab-and-go section with pre-made salads and bowls if you don't have time to make your food before heading out the door.

Pure Kitchen (Venice)

2. Pure Kitchen (Venice)

Pure Kitchen is known for its organic ingredients and delicious Mediterranean dishes. If you're looking for something on the healthier side, try one of their delicious raw desserts, such as chocolate cake or little bites of heaven. Don't forget about the salads either–they're made with fresh ingredients like zucchini noodles instead.

Italian Vegan Restaurants

The first thing you will notice about a vegan restaurant is how different it is. A vegan restaurant has an entirely different set of options than a regular restaurant, so it can seem challenging to choose where to go. But fear not! We've got some suggestions for your next visit to Venice.

3. La Bottega Del Gusto

Check out La Bottega del Gusto in the Piazza San Marco for lunch or dinner with family or friends. The menu includes all sorts of portions of pasta and meatless dishes, and traditional Italian desserts.

4. La Casalinga Verde

If you're looking for something quick and cheap, just across the canal from the Palazzo Ducale is La Casalinga Verde. It's all-vegan, so you don't have to worry about anything going wrong at this establishment!

5. Gioia D'Oro Gelato

After dinner, head over to Gioia D'oro Gelato for their homemade vegan gelato for dessert. You can even get a scoop from the window and enjoy it on one of their tables outside.

6. Ethos Vegan Kitchen

There are also a few dining options if you're looking for something that won't break the bank but still offers good quality food, such as Ethos Vegan Kitchen near San Marco Plaza.

American Vegan Restaurants

7. The Burger Joint

The first of the best vegan restaurants in Venice is The Burger Joint. This restaurant has been serving up 100% plant-based burgers for over 10 years, with options like the California burger, made with black beans and avocado, and the Santa Fe burger, made with sun-dried tomatoes cilantro pesto, and guacamole. They also have a wide selection of vegan milkshakes, from chocolate to peanut butter.

8. The Dime

Another great place to eat vegan food is at The Dime. This old-school spot serves up some of the best pizza in Venice. They make all their doughs from scratch using almond flour and have three types of pizza on their menu:

  • the Margherita pizza that has fresh basil leaves and tomato sauce;
  • the Roman pizza with red sauce and olives; and finally their signature
  • the Diavola pizza has artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, garlic oil, chilli flakes, olives, and oregano.

If you want something a little more upscale, then try out Herbivore Botanico. This is one of the chicest vegan restaurants in Venice—a must-visit if you're looking for a great date spot! Here they serve up delicious dishes like seitan

Spanish Vegan Restaurants

9. Vega

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Venice. The atmosphere is so chill, and the food is fresh and delicious. They have various vegan options, including tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and salad bowls for when you need to get in some fuel before heading out for the night!

10. Zaziki

If you're looking for a casual place to grab vegan Mediterranean food or a bottle of wine, then this place would be perfect for you. They have delicious falafel wrap sandwiches that are sure to please your taste buds!

11. Rizka Gastrobar

If you're looking for a spot with great drinks and fantastic tapas, this would be your perfect choice! They have an extensive list of tapas, including crispy fried cauliflower with peanut sauce to seitan sliders with pickled red cabbage on top!

12. Vegano Madrid

This restaurant is known for its vegan paella-style dishes and its amazing desserts! If you're looking for something sweet after dinner, then this dish is worth trying out!

13. El Molino Viejo

This hidden gem is located just outside Venice.

Chinese Vegan Restaurants

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Venice. The food is beautiful, and the dishes are creative but affordable. Be prepared to wait a little bit for your food because it always takes a while to make, but once it's ready, you'll be satisfied.

14. The Mandarin House

If you're looking for something close by, this restaurant is about as close as you can get. It has excellent service and a fun atmosphere that makes eating there an enjoyable experience. The menu changes pretty often, so you'll never get bored with what they serve up.

15. Wok Of Life

This place has a lot going on in terms of atmosphere and decor, which is cool because some people might not know what to expect when they walk into a vegan restaurant. They have lots of options on their menu, and they're inventive with how they present them on the plate–the dishes are worth trying!

Japanese Vegan Restaurants

There are many vegan restaurants in Venice that range from Italian, to sushi, to Asian cuisine. Here are five of the best vegan restaurants in Venice:

16. Aiya-Ya

This restaurant is the perfect place for a vegan lunch. They offer a variety of dishes, such as gyoza dumplings and tofu buns. Their main dishes include seitan hash browns, soy chicken with vegetables, and soy beef or fish with vegetables.Gracias Madre

17. Gracias Madre

This Mexican vegan restaurant serves burritos and other traditional Mexican food that's entirely plant-based friendly. If you're feeling like something sweet, they also have vegan churros and a coconut milk ice cream blended with strawberries!

18. Mooshu Pizzeria

If you're looking for pizza but don't want animal products on your plate, this restaurant is for you! Not only do they offer plant-based cheese options for their pizzas, but they also serve their delicious pizza in a gluten-free crust made from chickpea flour.

19. No Bones About It

This restaurant provides a 100% plant-based menu that includes salad bowls, wraps, sandwiches

Indian Vegan Restaurants

India has been famous for its vegetarian food for centuries. But what about meat-free options? It's recently grown in popularity to become a significant part of Indian cuisine. Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Venice, Italy, that will make you feel like you're back home in India.

20. By Chaiwale

This vegan restaurant is perfect for those who don't eat dairy products but still want their favorite Indian dishes. They offer lunch and dinner menus with different kinds of delicious and filling dishes—from vegetable-based curries to lentils, dal, rice, and slices of bread.

Cafe Nirvana

21. Cafe Nirvana

If you're looking for something more substantial than just a meal out, then head over to Cafe Nirvana near San Marco Square. With a range of healthy vegan options, including salads, soups, juices, smoothies, and desserts, as well as snacks like falafels and hummus wraps, this is one of Venice's best vegan restaurants!

22. Bondi Beach Food Company

For those who love having their breakfast or brunch on the go, Bondi Beach Food Company is an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions or just looking to have fun

Portuguese Vegan Restaurants

The best vegan restaurant in Venice is Mono Vegan, which features vegan cuisine with a Mediterranean influence. This means that you'll get some delicious dishes like their gluten-free pizzas and risottos.

23. Abadia

If your favorite dish is the vegan paella, try the one at Abadia. They also offer side dishes like avocado toasts and mashed chickpeas.

24. Lucca's

For something sweet, you should head over to Lucca's. The pastry chef has come up with a vegan croissant that will blow your mind.

If you're looking for something else but still want a taste of Portugal, then you should try out Quattro Porte. Their Portuguese wine selection is extensive and delicious!

No matter what type of food you are craving most, there are plenty of options in Venice for a well-rounded vegan meal!

Scandinavian Vegan Restaurants

There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Venice, but these three offer a Scandinavian twist:

25. Zenkitchen

Zen kitchen is a vegan restaurant located around the corner from Campo Santa Margherita. It's known for its Swedish and Norwegian dishes that are prepared with vegetables and tofu (all vegan).

26. Vegoterestaurant

Vegoterestaurant is located on Arsenale, close to the railroad station and near Navigli. It offers a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts made with fresh vegetables.

Graziella Vegan

27. Graziella Vegan

Graziella Vegan is located on Giudecca Island and offers organic food made with fresh vegetables. They also have a gluten-free menu for those who've got dietary restrictions or other needs.

In short, these three restaurants offer unique Scandinavian flavours perfect for vegans!

German Vegan Restaurants

German vegan restaurants are one of the best around. They have great vegan comfort food that has been influenced by German cuisine. Most dishes are made with traditional German ingredients, such as potatoes, cabbage, and sauerkraut.

The most popular dish on the menu is probably the vegan schnitzel, a deep-fried flat piece of veggie meat made from textured soy protein and seitan or wheat gluten. For those who want something slightly different, you can try out their vegan goulash, a hearty stew of potatoes and onions in a spicy tomato sauce with an optional addition of seitan or tempeh sausage. The vegan goulash goes perfectly with a side of homemade German fries.

Vegecafé Schallerstraße (Neustadt) – This restaurant offers delicious vegetarian and vegan options such as stuffed zucchini flowers, currywurst (a veggie sausage), and their signature Currywurst served with grilled sweet potato wedges and creamy mashed potatoes.

Vegan Thai Restaurants

If you're looking for a vegan Thai restaurant in Venice, there are a few options. For quick and easy meals, we recommend:

28. Nene's Natural Thai Kitchen

Nene's Natural Thai Kitchen offers vegan dishes to order. It is located on Rose Avenue.

29. Thai Vegan Cuisine

The Thai Vegan Cuisine offers more traditional and authentic cuisine. This restaurant offers vegan and non-vegan dishes and has a wide variety of healthy vegan options, including curry, pad thai, raw curry, and much more!

Vegan Swiss Restaurants

With so many vegan restaurants in Venice, it can be hard to choose where to eat. If you're looking for more of a Swiss-inspired meal, then these vegan Swiss restaurants are a perfect choice. From classic dishes like macarons and fondues to more unique takes on more traditional meals, these eateries offer a diverse menu that is sure to please.

Whether you're looking for a quick meal or something with a little more substance, these 10 vegan Swiss restaurants will have your taste buds singing “vegan!”.

Vegan Greek Restaurants

Virtually every country in the world has some type of vegan dish. In Venice, Italy, there is a great variety of vegan restaurants that will excite your taste buds.

Some of these restaurants are fast-food alternatives, and you can go as long as you want before returning to your home country. These restaurants also offer an abundance of salad options so that you can have a healthy meal without having to leave.

30. Mykonos Cafe

For those who want to enjoy an afternoon of dining with friends or family, we recommend the Mykonos Cafe at 366 N Venice Blvd. They have classic Greek food that is also vegan-friendly!

If you're looking for something on the more traditional side, then check out these traditional Greek vegan dishes:

Greek Salad – This salad is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives rather than feta cheese or chicken. It's an excellent option for those who want to avoid meat but still enjoy Greek food.

Tzatziki – This dip is a popular appetizer at most Mediterranean restaurants and combines cucumber yogurt with garlic, dill, and mint. It's perfect for dipping bread (like pita) into this tangy and flavourful dip!

Falafel – These chickpea fritters are crispy outside and soft in the middle. They are easily spiced up with any flavour of seasoning you desire. They're perfect for dipping into hummus, too!

Vegan Danish Restaurants

31. Bøfhuset

This restaurant is perfect for a quick and tasty meal in the city. They offer vegan sandwiches, burgers, and fried potatoes that will satisfy any vegan appetite.

32. Vegan Kebab

If you're looking for an authentic Turkish or Greek-inspired meal, this spot is the perfect place for you. The dishes are made of plant-based proteins and vegetables, so get ready to enjoy some delicious Mediterranean cuisine!

The Burger Joint

33. The Burger Joint

If you're craving a classic American burger experience outside of the home, this place is waiting to satisfy your cravings. They offer vegan versions of every burger on the menu, including a black bean patty!

34. Cafe Vita

Looking for something a little bit more unique? Check out this cute cafe. They offer dishes made with fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown locally in Italy. Vegan options include salads, portions of pasta, omelets, sandwiches, and desserts!

35. Le Zenith

This restaurant offers something unique that other establishments don't: French cuisine without meat or dairy products! So whether you're looking for a taste of France or just want to try something new, this establishment has what you're looking for!

Vegan Argentinian Restaurants

Veganism has been on the rise in Venice, and this trend is most likely here to stay. Vegan restaurants are popping up left and right, but it can be challenging to decide where to try with so many options. Consider these 10 vegan restaurants that offer some of the best vegan food you'll find in Venice.

36. Bemelmans

This all-vegan restaurant offers a wide array of dishes perfect for lunch or dinner, including sandwiches, tacos, and salads. Stop by for a hearty meal or just a snack in between classes!

37. Good Karma Kitchen

If you like Asian cuisine with a vegan twist, then this is the place for you! This menu features traditional Asian dishes like tofu curry and pad Thai with an assortment of vegan meats like tempeh bacon and seitan fried rice. It also offers vegetable rolls, which are light and fluffy with veggies inside them!

38. La Bella Espresso Bar & Cafe

This cozy café near the beach offers breakfast and lunch with its delicious pastries and fresh sandwiches. Try any combination of their smoothies or hot drinks with your favorite meal to complete your day!

Vegan Belgian Restaurants

A vegan restaurant is perfect for any meal of the day. You can get a hearty breakfast, enjoy a lighter lunch, or a low-calorie dinner.

Be sure to visit some of these 10 vegan restaurants in Venice, and you will leave with your stomach full and happy!

39. Café Des Amis 

A vegan French restaurant, this café offers an array of dishes that are also gluten-free. The menu includes salads, soups, savoury crepes, gourmet sandwiches, and more.

40. Acme Bakery + Café

This all-vegan bakery makes everything from scratch. They offer sandwiches and salads and delicious desserts like cake balls and cupcakes. There is also a personal pizza option for those who don't want to stray too far from their favorite flavours.

41. The Plant Cafe

This small cafe offers healthy food at reasonable prices in a cozy setting that feels like home. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or something to enjoy over an afternoon, this is the place for you.

42. La Carota Pizzeria

This Italian eatery has been loved by locals and tourists alike since it opened in 2010.

The Benefits Of Veganism In Venice

One of the benefits of veganism is the sense of community it offers. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal or something to enjoy over an afternoon, veganism provides a sense of community and bonding that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Lately, there has been an increase in vegan restaurants in Venice. These restaurants provide a welcoming atmosphere for vegans and non-vegans alike: no judgment, just good food and beverages. There are also many options for shopping at local food co-ops for those who are vegan.

Venice offers plenty of vegan opportunities for those looking to eat healthier or reduce their carbon footprint. With these benefits comes the usual disputes: should people eat animal products? Or is it better not to consume any animal products? The answer is up to you!


Venice is known as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. There is something for everyone, from vegan Thai restaurants to vegan Swiss restaurants. Are you looking to learn more about veganism? Check out these 10 vegan restaurants in Venice, California!

A vegan restaurant is a place that serves food that does not use animal products. These establishments are often referred to as “vegan” and offer a wide variety of options for anyone who chooses to adopt a vegan diet. In 2016, the number of vegans worldwide was estimated at 1.3% of the total population.

The number of vegans has increased over time due to increased public awareness and information about veganism. Veganism has spread with the increase in the popularity of meat alternatives and vegetarian products, which are becoming more widely available.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the 42 Best Vegan Restaurants In Venice, Italy. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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