7 Best Vegan Candy Bars To Try

Best Vegan Candy Bars To Try

7 Best Vegan Candy Bars To Try

If you follow a vegan diet, you’re likely aware of how difficult it can be to find vegan-friendly candy options. Many candies include animal-derived ingredients like gelatin or milk. Plus, vegan ones are often high in artificial additives like preservatives, colours, and flavourings. The sweets on this list are 100% vegan and chosen based on the quality of their ingredients, nutritional profile, and taste.

What Are Vegan Candy Bars?

These vegan candies have no animal ingredients, are made with all-natural ingredients, and are free of many common allergens like milk, egg, or peanut. Some of them are even gluten-free and low in sugar. A vegan candy bar is just that: a candy bar made of only plant-based ingredients. These candy bars don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients and are delicious to eat as a fun, sweet, and salty treat.

According to the Vegan Society, there are different kinds of vegan candy bars available, such as Chocolate (some Milky Way bars), Nut, and Fruit. There are also vegan “peanut butter” candies, chocolate-covered cashews, and even caramel-coated cashews. And when you’re vegan, the good news is you don’t need to miss out on the fun, sweet, and salty tastes, no matter where they come from.

Over the years, I’ve found that vegan candy bars provide a fun way to satisfy my sweet tooth without using dairy or eggs. They’re also easy to find and can be found in most grocery stores. A vegan candy bar is a milk-less candy based on either natural fruit or vegan food, like rice cereal.

These candy bars tend to have more natural flavours and are gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and generally just healthier to eat than their non-vegan counterparts. Some vegan candy bars are meant to be eaten individually, while others are intended to be wrapped. Many are also made without animal-based ingredients or animal derivatives, like artificial colouring, preservatives, gums, or lumps.

Vegan candy bars are easy to find, especially if you head to your local food store or grocery store. There are many brands out there, so take some time to browse the shelves at your local grocers. One of the best vegan candy bars to try is Amoretti candy bars. They’re Italian and deliciously sweet and can be purchased in various flavours, including classic chocolate, salted caramel, and raspberry.

Easter season is a popular time for candy, and it’s no surprise that most candy manufacturers begin releasing vegan options in time for the holidays. Vegan Cadbury Mini Eggs are a popular option, and you can also find Snickers, Twix, and Kit Kats. If you’re really in the mood to splurge, Rainbow Candy Kitchen offers a vast selection of vegan products. Vegan candy bars are simply candies that contain no animal-derived ingredients.

They can be a bit pricey, so it’s essential to choose wisely.“The vegan candy bars I found were mostly store-bought as opposed to homemade, which is always good to support,” says Monica Keefe, plant-based food blogger at That Dairy, That Dairy. “I’m not always keen on buying homemade desserts or candies, but these were pretty good, as well as all the vegan ones I found on Etsy. The local ones in my area also had great quality, including gummy bears and suckers.”

Benefits Of Vegan Candy Bars

Benefits Of Vegan Candy Bars

As stated above, you can get vegan candy bars at various places, including grocery stores and specialty stores. These bars are often made with natural ingredients and sometimes even organic. It’s often easier to find vegan-friendly candy at various stores that you usually shop at instead of being stuck with only one or two places to buy candies. When you buy vegan candy bars from your local grocery store, you can find plenty of choices to satisfy any sweet tooth.

You can find vegan-friendly candy bars online or at several specialty food stores by doing a little searching online. Regardless of where you buy your vegan candy bars, you’ll usually pay around the same price as non-vegan candy bars. They’re sweet, healthy, and satisfying.

They have no animal-derived ingredients. They’re nutritious and made with natural ingredients. They’re delicious and soft with a great texture. They taste delicious. Perfect for Halloween, birthdays, and anytime you want to treat yourself. Candy bars are a great source of energy and extra vitamins and minerals. However, candy bars can be very addictive.

Candy bars are perfect for use as a healthy snack because you’re getting a natural source of energy. Since they’re usually no more than 140 calories each, they’re pretty filling, too. Plus, they’re often made with plant-based ingredients like dark chocolate, nuts, and fruit and thus contain lots of good-for-you vitamins and nutrients. With so many options to choose from, there is a wide range of different flavours and types of candy bars to try.

Candy bars like to be eaten (just like you do). After you eat, most of them are discarded, usually ending up in the garbage. If you eat vegan candy bars, you’re not only helping animals. You’re keeping candy bars out of landfills.

Plus, vegan candy bars make it easier to enjoy candies from your childhood for people with food intolerance or food allergy. These candy bars are also healthy since they’re packed with nutrient-rich whole foods and simple, natural ingredients like honey and dates.

Because vegan candy bars are made from natural ingredients, you’re getting much more bang for your buck. With the ingredients used, you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients and no animal cruelty. Most vegan candy bars are high in calories, low in sugar, and low in fat.

Plus, most have a great balance of minerals and vitamins to promote a healthy immune system. The same high-quality vegan candy bars that make our list of best vegan candy bars are also available at your local supermarket or health food store. Whether you’re looking for a candy bar for an after-dinner treat or just something to eat on the go, there are plenty of vegan candy bars to choose from.

Gummy Bears: Wholesome Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears

1) Gummy Bears: Wholesome Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears

If you’re looking for a fun way to use up the extra apple pectin in your pantry, these fruit-flavoured gummy bears will surely get you addicted. They’re sweet, fruity, and non-GMO, making them easy to incorporate into any meal or snack. If you’re looking for a candy that’s easy to find on the shelves of your local convenience store, you should try these cute bears. These bears are completely vegan and contain no gelatin, milk, milk alternatives, soy, or soy derivatives.

Be sure to check for them in the freezer aisle of your local store. These bears are shaped like lollipops, gummy bears, or teddy bears. Gummy bears are a famous Valentine’s Day treat, and these organic vegan gummies from Whole Surf Sweets are a great alternative. They’re made with rice cereal, gelatin, and kale powder. If you want to give the most delicious vegan gummy bear candy bar a try, look no further than Wholesome Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears.

All the ingredients for the organic treats are USDA-certified organic, including organic cane sugar, corn syrup, sodium benzoate (a preservative), calcium carbonate, and the organic coconut oil that the gummies are made from. The gummies are gigantic and pleasantly chocolaty with their organic coconut milk center. Plus, the organic ingredients give these gummies a solid foundation for a delicious vegan candy bar.

I’m a huge fan of fruit gummies, and this vegan option from the makers of Sweets is perfect. The fruity flavour is delicate and complex. There are no artificial colours or flavours, and the firm organic gummies are made without gelatin. You can’t have a great vegan candy bar without an iconic candy to pair with it, so we selected these adorable “yogurt”-inspired gummy bears as an ideal companion to an easy-to-munch vegan candy bar.

These organic gummy bears are the perfect way to add a burst of protein and calcium into your diet. There are other brands of gummy bears that are made without any animal-derived ingredients and have no colours added. Some of them are made with orange juice, apple juice, and red food colouring. As a bonus, all of the ingredients are non-GMO. These are available in several flavours, including cherry limeade, watermelon jellies, and watermelon jalapeno for $7.85 for 12.0 oz at Whole Foods.


Hard Candy: Lovely Organic Hard Candies


2) Hard Candy: Lovely Organic Hard Candies

Okay, okay, yes, this is a total steal at only $1.99, but if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, you probably don’t know how easily the major candy brands will sneak these chemicals and fillers into their products. This hard candy is one of the healthiest vegan candies on the market. The 100% pure cane sugar and food-grade gums used to manufacture it are made from plant sources and contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

You can buy these in bulk soon from Amazon. You can also check out the exquisite flavours available in the company’s fabulous online shop. When we say delicious, we mean E-V-E-N-T-Y! If you ever wanted to indulge in a gluten-free dark chocolate mocha drizzled with an espresso powder chocolate shell, this is it! Lovely Organic Hard Candies are a unique line of vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free gummy candies.

Some of the best vegan candies are usually the hard candies you eat, like M&Ms; or Lifesavers. Lovely Organic Hard Candies are a unique line of vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free candies. Lovely Organic Hard Candies use all-natural ingredients and are made in the USA. Their vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free gummy candies are made with organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, and salt.

Lovely Organic Hard Candies come in a wide variety of flavours, including Mango, Mandarin Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, and Watermelon Mint. These candies are gluten-free and certified vegan.

Lovely Organic Hard Candies have no animal-derived ingredients in their candies. They’re also gluten-free and come in various flavours like chocolate, strawberry, licorice, and more. They’re the perfect treat for hard candy fans. Sometimes, the best vegan candies aren’t so much about the taste as the packaging and fun holiday treat idea.

They are looking for a simple but effective sweet treat that’s guaranteed to be vegan and dairy-free? Try Lovely Organic’s line of organic hard candies. Not only are they all-vegan, but they’re also made in a plant-based process to reduce the use of animal products. Lovely’s bright colours and fruity flavours make for a delightful, fun-tasting treat.

It’s not a candy store, but I think this has to be one of the best gluten-free candy bars out there. These candies from Lovely Organic are vegan and contain no additives. Their sweets have a light and tangy orange flavour with a slight hint of cherry. They are completely gluten-free and are handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Lollipops: YumEarth Organic Pops


3) Lollipops: YumEarth Organic Pops

For a vegan-friendly product that doesn’t taste like soy, try this healthy and crunchy, vegan popsicle. Just two ingredients are used to make these: water and freeze-dried fruit powder. There are no refined sugars and they’re free of any artificial sweeteners, colouring, or preservatives. Best of all, they’re safe for all ages to enjoy! They’re vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free. The only downside is that they’re a little pricier than other vegan candy.

Popsicle mixes can be tempting to kids, but when they’re mass-produced, the ingredients often include artificial sweeteners and flavourings, as well as animal-derived products like gelatin. These Lollipop mixes are made with organic, unprocessed, and vegan ingredients to create yummy popsicles that are also totally safe for kids.

Lollipops are available in several different flavours, including grape, lemon, watermelon, and strawberry. There’s also a drinkable version available, and since it’s not really candy, it’s perfect for kids who don’t like hard candies. With only three ingredients in their lollipops, YumEarth lollipops are the only vegan pop on the market that’s still edible and fun to eat. We are especially fond of the Cool Mint flavour. YumEarth Lollipops are also vegan-friendly for all ages.


Caramels: Original Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels


4) Caramels: Original Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

Original Cocomels are dairy-free. To be vegan, the candies would have to be fortified with animal products or animal-derived milk alternatives such as cashew or soy. Thankfully, these caramels are completely plant-based and contain no dairy, no eggs, and no animal-derived products whatsoever. Cocomels are a delectable, creamy, dairy-free caramel delight produced using coconut milk rather than dairy milk.

Because of the many health advantages of coconut oil, they're healthier than ordinary caramels, and they're created with only the finest organic and non-GMO sustainably sourced ingredients. Not only are these the chewiest vegan caramels we've ever tasted, but they also come in a wide variety of flavours, including the Original Cocomels, which started it all!

The Cocomel is unlike any other caramel because it is made with smooth, creamy coconut milk. A delectable, smooth, and decadent artisanal delight with a savoury and distinctive flavour. Cocomels are not only dairy-free, but also gluten-free, corn-free, and soy-free! The $4.99 large resealable 3.5 oz. (100g) the bag has 15 caramels.


Jelly Beans: YumEarth Organic Sour Beans


5) Jelly Beans: YumEarth Organic Sour Beans

The candy world has seemingly been avoiding jelly beans, but there’s plenty to choose from in the world of gummy candies. The YumEarth Sour Beans take the lead by incorporating plenty of spices, herbs, and vegetables. The slim, white gummies are fun to eat, but they’re also packed with powerful vitamins A, C, B6, and B12, plus essential minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium.

These are the only sour chews on the list, and they are my top pick for the most fantastic vegan sour chews available on the market. When I first saw these chews, I thought they looked a bit weird. But as I tried them, they became a go-to when I needed a sweet, sour snack. For the most part, jelly beans are a pretty safe bet when it comes to vegan candies. These are all vegetarian and easy to find at your local supermarket or bulk store.

YumEarth Organic Sour Beans have a pucker-inducing flavour profile. These tasty beans come in various flavours, including Pomegranate Pucker, Perfectly Peach, Awesome Apple, and Mango Tango. This delectable sour candy is USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Vegan, so don't be fooled. They come in convenient, portion-controlled snack packets that are ideal for a mid-day pick-me-up.



6) Peanut Butter Cups: Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These peanut butter cups are an incredible treat, and they’re super easy to make. Dark chocolate is a natural source of iron, and the peanut butter filling is made with 100% pure peanut butter without any dairy milk derivatives. Available in a variety of flavours. For a genuinely exquisite delicacy, they blend creamy peanut butter and melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate.

However, you can feel good about indulging in these delights because they're vegan, non-GMO, and gluten, soy, and dairy-free. Dark chocolate with peanut butter. It’s the classic flavour that every chocolate lover loves. Unreal uses pure, vegan, dairy-free dark chocolate to make these chocolates. In addition to being free of animal-derived ingredients, they’re free of hydrogenated oils and colours.

The chocolates have a perfect texture with no uncoated chunks and no tricky bits. Unsurprisingly, they taste delicious too. These peanut butter cups are crunchy, rich, and chocolaty—everything a chocolate lover could hope for. They come in small, medium, and large sizes, so it’s easy to stock up on a couple for yourself and a few friends. Get a Large size here for $4.00. Not only are these vegan-friendly, but they’re also incredibly delicious too!

This brand of vegan chocolate is sweetened with date sugar, giving it a rich, natural taste. You can tell how healthy they are by the fact that they’re also gluten-free. They are made with dark chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and white chocolate chunks. With no fillers and no dairy, these peanut butter cups are a snack-worthy alternative to candy that still gives you that sweet and salty treat.


Gummies: SmartSweets Sweet Fish


7) Gummies: SmartSweets Sweet Fish

Sweetfish uses faux fish-derived gelatin. Candy doesn't have to be the same as all that sugar. SmartSweets Sweet Fish is a far better choice than the other fish since they contain 92 percent less sugar. SmartSweets Sweet Fish are sensibly sweetened with high-quality, natural sweeteners: monk fruit and allulose, and are devoid of sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, and added sugar.

SmartSweets Sweet Fish are high in soluble plant-based prebiotic fiber that is non-GMO. Each bag provides 46 percent of your daily fiber requirement (one bag = one serving!) SmartSweets Sweet Fish are vegan-certified and jam-packed with berry flavour! “You have earned the right to be happy about candy! As a result, we only use the most sophisticated, natural, and high-quality ingredients. It's no surprise that SmartSweets Sweet Fish is the most popular fish in the water!” said Tara, the founder of SmartSweets.

This Gummies SmartSweets brand is loaded with omega-3 fats from farmed wild-caught skipjack tuna. Fish oil not only gives these gummies a good dose of omega-3s but also helps to repair damaged blood vessels, fight inflammation, and even lower your risk of heart disease. You’ll find six unique flavours here: orange, grape, cherry, raspberry, lemon, and lemon-lime.

This colourful fish treat contains two types of hearts (solid and pate) and five kinds of fins (all-natural, non-GMO, and biodegradable). They come in packs of 10, individually wrapped and individually sealed. Artificial sweeteners, alcohols, lactose, soy, and peanuts are absent from SmartSweets plant-based sweet fish candy gummies, which are low in sugar, vegan, and naturally flavoured. Reach for these SmartSweets Sweet Fish Gummy Candies whenever you're looking for a tasty snack to keep you going between meals.


The best vegan candy bars aren’t necessarily completely vegan. They’re just bars that feel and taste as though they are vegan. These are the best vegan candy bars ideal for kids, adults, and anyone who isn’t a vegan or for those who want to try something new.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the 7 Best Vegan Candy Bars To Try.  Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.



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