9 Best Vegan Restaurants In Athens, Greece

9 Best Vegan Restaurants In Athens, Greece

Heading to the city of Athens, Greece and searching for some delicious vegan eats? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an array of mouthwatering animal-free meals in this historical city! Check out my favourite places to grab some tasty vegan eats in Athens below.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Athens

1. Vegan Beat

Vegan sandwiches, soups and salads at Vegan Beat! Vegan Beat is a fantastic place to grab some vegan food in the center of the city. They are open until late in the evening and on weekends, and their menu features typical Mediterranean flavours. I love their veggie sandwiches, particularly the minty potatoes with a spicy mustard spread, and the spicy falafel and spicy hummus sandwich.

My favourite thing at Vegan Beat is the oxtail with tomato sauce, which is served with a spicy sauce and eggplant fries. If you need a good vegetarian breakfast in Athens, look no further than Vegan Beatz. Located just in front of the Acropolis, Vegan Beat serves up decadent, not-too-sweet breakfast treats that include staples like a vegan “butter” cake, soba, and a veggie poached egg. There’s also a menu of decadent desserts with gluten-free options too.

Although Vegan Beat was founded by a gay couple, I was surprised to discover that they were also vegan. The cozy restaurant/cafe offers up all the Greek classics (like delicious pastitsio, greek salads, and yummy desserts) and vegan favourites like crepes and granola.

Try the vegan-friendly cheesecake that I’m pretty sure will change your life! We all know that the vegetarian/vegan life isn’t all fun and games, so don’t miss out on Vegan Beat’s daily-offered vegan deals. For example, have a vegan pita, hummus, and tzatziki for only 3 euros!

Vegan Beat is my favourite restaurant in Athens. And to be honest, there are hardly any options that I don’t love. In addition, if you find yourself at Vegan Beat, make sure to try their delightful vegan cakes! Also, be sure to check out Vegan Beat’s website for other Greek vegan options to indulge in, such as their Burger and fries!

Vegan Beat is not only a great spot to grab a fresh smoothie or some delicious smoothies, but their vegetarian and vegan options are mouthwatering too! Their drink menu is extensive, and a unique feature is that you can create your own smoothie, juices and acai bowls!

Vegan Beat is a great place to grab a bite to eat, and explore downtown Athens at the same time! Vegan beat is known for its delicious Mediterranean vegan foods, healthy juices, desserts and for hosting great vegan and non-vegan musicians such as B.Patata, Cris Neis, Broke, and Silex.

Vegan Beat is the only vegetarian, vegan and organic restaurant in the center of Athens. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a lunch or dinner in Athens! My favourite option is definitely the Vegan Beat — it has an incredible range of plant-based meals, a convenient and comfortable atmosphere and is extremely relaxing to be in. A vegan version of the classic Gino’s by Subway, this is your go-to spot to satisfy your hunger.

Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio

2. Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio

Trivoli is a vegan restaurant located on Vassilissis Sofias Street, and has the best vegan food in Athens! Every day they have a fresh salad or pasta that will blow you away. They have vegan pizza, falafel, and grilled tofu, so you’re sure to find a delicious dish. This restaurant is known for its extremely delicious vegan lemon dessert, which is a favourite amongst the vegan community!

A local restaurant recommended by locals is the Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio. The owner makes vegan ‘pastitsio’, or potatoes, drenched in a delicious tomato sauce. To top it off, there’s a delicious vegan meatball dish on the menu!

They have a traditional loukoumades (pancake of nuts and raisins) dish, which is a great choice for dessert. If you’re a meat lover, then they have a special that features various grilled meats with various sides for you to choose from!

This gorgeous restaurant is absolutely charming with pretty pink wallpaper and earthy colours. Vegan eats here are pretty to look at, as well as delicious! I recommend their vegetarian pizza, which you can also eat vegan or with meat on top! This family-owned establishment is well known for its family-owned atmosphere and delicious food. They also offer vegan ice cream, so be sure to stop in here to try some!

This is a full-service vegan restaurant in the heart of central Athens. As you walk up the stairs of the marble-clad building you’ll be greeted by a bright turquoise wall, soft jazz and many tuk-tuks arriving to deliver your meal. Trivoli has a variety of delicious vegan offerings including pitas, rotisserie vegetables and cheese-filled sandwiches, fresh and savoury salads, and even a vegetarian options menu.

There is also a selection of vegan wines and drinks! A big plus is that their menu is exclusively vegan. So when you go to try something, it’s simply a question of where to begin. It’s also the most spacious and comfortable vegan restaurant in Athens (no wonder so many tourists frequent it)! To sum it up, Trivoli is an amazing vegan option in the city of Athens.

Bamboo Vegan Mini Market And Café

3. Bamboo Vegan Mini Market And Café

I’ve always found some of the best vegan food in Athens at this tiny, ultra-cute, vegan market and cafe called Bamboo Vegan Mini Market & Café. Their vegan food options range from a simple sandwich to a very complex Nutella coconut crepe. Not only does the food taste fantastic, but it’s also so economical! When you enter, you’ll probably be greeted with a big smile and a “hello, friend!”

They really go out of their way to make you feel at home. Their charming owner, Fran, often pours a glass of wine and takes the time to chat with you as you wait for your food. The whole experience is kind of like walking into a dream. This little market serves up some pretty amazing vegan goodness! I especially love to grab a nut-free coconut milk latte here! They’ve also got a nice selection of bread, cookies, cakes, and more that are all vegan! I’ve also had my eye on their delicious wraps, which are yummy and do not contain milk or meat!

Bamboo Vegan Mini Market and Cafe is hands down my favourite vegan cafe in Athens. I’ve been going to the cafe for many years, and it’s always had amazing vegan options for me! I especially love their traditional pastries that come in a variety of flavours like carrot cake, almond cake, and more. However, they’re famous for their vegan ice cream and shakes, too. This tiny grocery store is filled with a little bit of everything – one of the busiest in town!

Since there is no kitchen, everything is made to order and is packed into the store’s deli cases. Try some amazing dishes including the

  • Piccadilly Pastry,
  • Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese,
  • Scrambled Eggplant and more.

Definitely worth a stop! The owner of this small cozy cafe has a menu that will have you drooling over the amazing vegan options he’s made up! This menu takes you from pastries to breakfasts, to delicious lunches, and even a selection of impressive desserts! He also has a wonderful setup with many vegan alternatives including soy milk, coconut oil, almond milk, buckwheat groats, and many more. I love this little spot for its friendly staff and for the wide selection of vegan meals to choose from.

Cookoomela Grill

4. Cookoomela Grill

The menu has a lot of diversity, but the restaurant's mission is to offer healthy food and enjoyable social experiences for everyone. There are at least six vegan foods on the menu, including jerk tofu salad, sweet and sour lentil-beef-pork fritters, pickled vegetables and braised lentil bread. You can choose from an array of vegan and gluten-free side dishes, too!

Looking for a vegan café in Athens? I recommend starting with Cookoomela Grill, the city’s best vegan café! With a menu that features vegan versions of classic Greek cuisine like falafel and tzatziki, Cookoomela Grill serves a hearty and vegan-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So you know if you’re in Athens, grab your friends, your sunnies, and head over to Cookoomela Grill, a cute café located in the city center with beautiful views of the Greek Acropolis! Located just a few blocks from Omonia Square, Cookoomela Grill’s traditional Greek menu is a great place for those who are not adventurous with their cuisine. They have vegan options on most of their entrees and also a few vegan appetizers. If you’re a fan of Portobello steaks, Cookoomela is a must-visit for you.

Co-owner Steve Fishman makes this mini-steak with the sweetest potato and rosemary potato gratin (sweet potatoes, onions, rosemary, garlic and olive oil) and you can top it off with a salad, sauce or dip. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! Walking distance from downtown. Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9 am-3 pm; Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 am-8 pm; Sunday 12 pm-8 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Cats & Monsters

5. Cats & Monsters

Cats & Monsters has quickly become my favourite place to grab a vegan meal in Athens. With a bold menu full of vegan & vegetarian specialties, this veggie mecca offers you a taste of the “other” world of vegan food. Order the healthy Mexican street tacos or the vegan paella and you’ll leave feeling totally full and satiated. It’s worth a trip for sure. One of Athens’ coolest new cafes is Cats & Monsters in Faliro.

The venue is the brainchild of Chef Katerina Odysseas who is known for her innovative, healthy, and delicious vegan dishes. Inspired by Katerina’s love of animals, the eatery has a great selection of delicious vegan dishes including Moshi-Moshi soup with baked squash and veggies, eggplant lasagna, and a traditional Greek-style mixed grill. This bar and restaurant is the perfect place to grab some plant-based food in Athens.

Cats & Monsters boasts some delicious vegan breakfast options and happy hour offerings for all of your vegan pups (AKA the vegan dog…!). I often get lunch here and it never disappoints. If you’re into some epic live music, this is a great spot for you! You can find Cats & Monsters on the corner of Spetses Street and Burgas Street (between Vanalikos and Kallimarmaro) in the center of Athens. If you ever visit Athens and want to eat some vegan snacks in the city, head over to Cats & Monsters, the only food van dedicated to serving only vegan food.

Cats & Monsters is a vibrant van (it’s blue, btw) that hosts all sorts of vegan food stalls, with amazing savoury offerings including chipotle katsu curry, tzatziki, crepes, waffles, salads, and desserts like peanut butter and chocolate cookies and vegan peanut butter cupcakes. Bring a few dollars for ice cream treats and hot drinks from the van. Its owner/chef Angela describes her food van as a “family-like environment.” You should absolutely visit this van before you leave Greece!


6. Peas

For the vegans out there, Peas is a must! Inside you will find this unique vegan restaurant with a mixture of international cuisine, super fresh food, and amazing drinks! Peas’ menu is vast and diverse so you’re sure to find something delicious and delicious! You can visit Peas at 1 Vasiliou & Panepistimio, Thessaloniki, Greece Kafeneio Vego’e With a modern European vibe and an assortment of vegan options, you’re sure to find a spot that suits your vegan needs.

Their stand serving crepes is always a go-to, especially for people who are allergic to eggs. Cozy up to one of Athens’ hip eateries, Peas on the Avenue, for some seriously hearty vegan fare! This eclectic eatery is owned by Chris Leonidis who also owns Attica Provisions and has earned an impressive seven-star rating from vegans!

The cozy cafe has plenty of vegan-friendly options like seasonal soups and tasty-as-hell versions of pizzas and burgers! Make sure to head there on the days that the outdoor courtyard is open! Stroll over to Peas, one of Athens’ most famous restaurants and discover a variety of vegan dishes, that are both healthy and tasty! The combination of various Middle Eastern dishes and aromas of cumin and pomegranate from the starters makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

They also have a variety of ‘light’ options, such as chickpea-cabbage tacos and yummy tofu kebabs, ideal for those who want something lighter. Their vast selection of salads also seems to please all preferences, with options like pumpkin avocado salad, chickpea, tahini and sun-dried tomato salad, and tomato, walnut and portobello mushroom salad.

Peas Café is a vegan café located on Peikou Mavromatis Street in Likatiou and offers a variety of freshly made vegan smoothies, fruit juices, almond-based lattes, healthy milkshakes, muffins, cookies, salads, and more! Choose from the wide selection of organic coffee and tea. Be sure to make a pit stop at the Peas Cafe herb garden and gift shop before leaving!

Winners Vegan Restaurant

7. Winners Vegan Restaurant

The recent restoration of the “Niki Athens Hotel” coincided with the opening of “Winners,” a fresh new plant-based restaurant with a vegan twist in the center of downtown Athens. Emphasis on biological raw resources and lovingly prepared handcrafted recipes. The Niki Athens Hotel has a vegan restaurant. Serves plant-based bio food and beverages such as toast with guacamole or carrot-lox, curry bowls, mac n cheese, curry, and vegan poke.

This 100% plant-based vegan restaurant in Athens, Greece, is located within the Niki Athens Hotel. Everything is made from scratch with organic raw materials. And the menu is updated on a regular basis to reflect and emphasize what's in season.

Winners Vegan has an edgy ambiance with plants, marble tables, and neon purple signage that make you want to dress up and drink cocktails. This restaurant also gained a lot of positive feedback from their customers. The feedback includes: “The dishes are a well-balanced mix of tastes, and I felt at ease.

On the first bite, you can taste the dish's main ingredient; after a time, you can taste another layer of flavour; and finally, you can taste the flavours on your lips.” “It's difficult to express how fantastic the cuisine was. Let me simply add that you can expect dishes cooked with passion, inventiveness, and, most importantly, only fresh, nutritious ingredients in this establishment.

If you prefer vegan food, go for it; if you've never tasted it before, this is the place to do it. Last but not least, if you believe that all desserts are sins, try the chocolate Brownie to change your mind. Simply request Alkis, the “architect” of this masterpiece.”


8. Veganaki

Healthy vegan Mediterranean cuisine that is gluten-free. Vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are both healthy and delicious. Falafel wraps, moussaka, pastitsio, vegan omelette, rovitsa (mung beans) or vegetable burgers, traditional pies, and salads are among the most popular foods. Everything is created from scratch and free of gluten, using only the finest ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. Fairtrade, organic coffee with a variety of plant-based milk alternatives.

Wine, drinks, and gluten-free beers are all available! This welcoming eatery, which overlooks a busy road, is a welcome addition to Athens' vegan eating options. Customers may have falafel wraps and plates, sandwiches, and traditional Greek pies, some of which are gluten-free. A fantastic cup of fair trade organic coffee is also available here.

Veganaki was previously known as ‘Zachari & Alati' (sugar & salt), but I believe this name sent the wrong message, despite the fact that they were already vegetarian. The proprietors chose a few years ago to make all of their meals without using any animal products. Veganaki is all about healthy eating in addition to being vegan. Their falafel isn't like the oily balls you'd see elsewhere.

These men, on the other hand, bake their treats. They used to be more of a street food/fast food joint, but they recently rebuilt and greatly enlarged their menu – as well as their physical space. They've evolved into a true vegan restaurant and one of the best in Athens! I'm ecstatic that they've been so successful. They've earned it! Vegan meals are available all day, as well as Fairtrade coffee with a variety of plant-based milk options.

Daily specials, falafel wraps, moussaka, pasta, vegan omelette, rovitsa (mung beans), vegetable burgers, soups, wraps, sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, cakes, and desserts are among the menu items. Gluten-free choices are available. There is a calm mood here.

Mama Tierra

9. Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra is a brand new vegan restaurant serving delicious Mexican dishes! Mama Tierra features vegan “chicken” and “bacon” and offers fruit smoothies, smoothie bowls, wraps and more! I love this restaurant for its vegan food options and willingness to cater to any allergies. If you’re vegan and not quite sure what to get, the chicken taco is my personal favourite!

Mama Tierra (mother Earth in Spanish) is a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Athens that appeals to anybody looking for a nutritious meal at any time of the day. Mama Tierra's priority is to deliver delicious, wholesome, and high-quality meals that are affordable to all. In the production of our dishes, they employ fresh ingredients and high-quality spices. Some are organic and come from local farmers in order to emphasize the quality and diversity of Greek earth products.

One of the main reasons for the creation of Mama Tierra was to demonstrate to the public the vast array of high-quality, nutrient-dense meals that can be derived from a vegetarian or vegan diet. Polash Alam, who draws inspiration from all corners of the globe, mixes tastes from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America to create delectable healthy options. The new vegetarian hangout in Athens is called Mama Tierra. The cuisine uses largely organic ingredients and serves delicious dishes from around the world at affordable pricing.


In this article, we covered the best vegan-friendly spots in Athens, Greece. The cuisine scene in Athens will not disappoint anyone visiting or living there. You can get everything in Athens, from a modest salad and handmade soup to a huge, cheese-drenched vegetarian burger.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the 9 Best Vegan Restaurants In Athens. Would you mind staying tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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