Herbalife An Honest Review

An Honest Herbalife Review

An Honest Herbalife Review

Have you heard of Herbalife? It is one of the most reputable companies worldwide to buy various supplements and receive a diet for your health care. One of the most important services that this company offers is the Herbalife weight loss program, via which you can make your body slim. Our article will explore the Herbalife weight loss program and give our honest review of this company, products, and diet programs.

We will also review the advantages and disadvantages of using this diet program and conclude the article by telling you our decision regarding this popular program.


Herbalife The Honest Review

How Do You Get A Diet Program From Herbalife?

To receive any herbal life products and services, you must follow a few simple steps as follows.


Purchasing The Products

It is important to note that Herbalife is active at a multinational level, and you can only find the products from independent distributors of Herbalife (Jonathan Zilliox). You will have two options: you can either get the product from the distributor specified on the website or a certified retailer.


Choose The Program You Want

Based on what is specified on their website, there are 3 programs that customers can order for themselves. These programs are as follows:

  1. The QuickStart program,
  2. The advanced program, and
  3. The ultimate program.

All 3 programs constitute several supplements and shake you can order from the Herbalife distributor and start your diet. The products that you may require from the retailers for each program are as follows:


Program type Products Program type Products Program type Products
The QuickStart Program
  • Meal-replacement shakes
  • Powdered tea drink
  • Multivitamin/mine
  • Metabolism-boosting supplement
The Advanced Program You will require all the products from the QuickStart program plus supplements to increase energy and reduce fluid retention. The Ultimate Program You will require all the products from The Advanced program plus supplements that will help with blood sugar management and digestion.
* It is important to note that you will be required to pay an amount of USD121 to USD234 each month.

How To Follow The Diet Program?

Now that we know what and where we should order the diet program and the products, how does the diet program work?

Based on what the customers have stated, first, you must replace the 2 meals that you eat during the day with the shakes that you ordered from the company. In this program, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the day and reduce the number of snacks you consume unless you include fruits and vegetables.


Herbalife Diet Plan


How Long Does The Diet Program Take?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. However, based on reviews of Herbalife customers, customers can use these diets until their goal is realized, which is to be in great shape.

Now that the basics are covered, the real question is, can you really lose weight using these programs?

Do Herbalife Programs Help With Weight Loss?

We all know that the more calories we consume through different foods, the better we gain weight. Using the Herbalife diet programs, you can actually reduce the amount of calorie intake and instead, you can improve your body metabolism by consuming Herbalife supplements.

It is important to know that there is no official research done about the Herbalife weight loss programs. However, people who replaced the meals with Herbalife supplements and shakes have been successful in weight loss.

What is Herbalife, and how can you use these products and diet programs to lose weight? Let’s review the Herbalife advantages and disadvantages.


Herbalife - What Foods Can You Eat


What Foods Can You Eat During Your Diet Program?

I have good news for you. As I will be showing you later in this article, the Herbalife diet doesn’t give you enough calories and energy to go through your daily life. Hence, you will need to consume one regular meal and two small snacks to make up for the lack of calories per day.

It is imperative to note that all the food items in the next paragraphs are completely optional, and you are required to consult your health coach or doctor to help you make the right decision on what to eat and not to eat. The reason for choosing your own coach is that the Herbalife website doesn’t recommend any generic meals a person should eat during their weight loss diet. This can only be done by a Herbalife consultant who is trained to customize your diet process.

Following is a list of food items, which Herbalife recommends that you can consume during your diet.

What Can The Consumer Eat On The Herbalife Diet?

It is recommended to choose the food items rich in protein, fibre, and low fat for your favourite meals. I believe that the items that Herbalife suggests as follows will be good options for your breakfast, lunch, dinner since you will only be allowed to eat one regular meal during the day.

Note that the following items are only applicable for the Herbalife ultimate weight loss program, and you must consult your coach or herbal life consultant to make your list based on your conditions:


  • Herbalife Shake (chocolate flavour) plus fat-free milk (240 ml)
  • ½ banana
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin
  • Formula 3 Cell Activator
  • Aminogen supplements
  • Herbalife shake (vanilla flavour) plus skim milk (240 ml)
  • ½ banana
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin
  • Formula 3 Cell Activator
  • Aminogen supplements
  • You can eat a grilled chicken together with vegetables and brown rice.
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin
  • Aminogen supplements

It is important to note that you can eat the following food items after breakfast and lunch:

  • After breakfast: Small tuna salad
  • After lunch: One fruit of your choice and herbal tea

As you can see in the above table and meals, all of these meals are simple items. However, the number of supplements seems a little overwhelming during the day.

In summary, you can use the following items as a snack, vegetables and fruits in your shopping list:

  1. 1. Items rich in protein such as fish, turkey, and chicken (note: these have to be replaced with soybeans if you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet)
  2. 2. You can use fresh or dried fruits and vegetables as your snack
  3. 3. It is required for you only personally to purchase low-fat milk or non-dairy milk for your shakes.
  4. 4. Oils you can use in your diet include olive oil and avocado oil. Any oil extracted from nuts and seeds will also be beneficial.
  5. 5. If you are eager to include nuts and seeds in your shopping list, it is better that they are roasted or grounded into nut butter,

What Food Items Should You Avoid During Your Diet Program?

It is interesting to note that you don't have to avoid any food items. However, if you want to stick to your diet program, you must always remember that low-calorie meals, protein, fruits, and vegetables are priorities and try to avoid any high-calory meals.

It is required to note that you never over-consume these items if you wish to eat food items with high calories. They can disrupt your diet program, and you will back to where you started.


Herbalife Does It Work


Does Using Herbalife Products And Diet Programs Benefit You?

After reviewing the Herbalife products and reading the clients reviews on different websites, we came to the following benefits of this company:

These Products Are Attractive To Most Customers

Most clients are complaining about lack of time and necessary ingredients to prepare the meals. This can be due to having kids, busy hours at their office, etc. Therefore, they are looking for diet programs that are actually easy and convenient to spend too much energy and time preparing the meals for their diet.

Based on what the customers have stated, the products are straightforward to use, and the diet programs are pretty attractive because customers will need less time to prepare their meals, and they will have more time to do their daily activities.

You will not need to prepare a dish full of ingredients that you may not even have at your house. As mentioned above in “How to follow the diet program,” you will be required to replace your meals with Herbalife shakes. They replace breakfast and lunch. You only add some snacks as per the recommendations by your Herbalife consultant. This way, you will decrease the time for cooking and spend your time on more pressing things.

I mean, how long can it take for you to mix the Herbalife shake powder with milk? Give or take 7 to 10 minutes. You can also add fruit or ice to make the shakes very tasty, unlike most diets where you have to eat strange things for several days (of course, not every diet program is the same).

You Can Replace Soy-Based Products With Soy-Free Formulas

Based on what we have learned from the customers, not all of them can digest soy-based meals and even milkshakes due to their allergy to the main ingredients.

For the about reasons, Herbalife provides different formulas which customers will enjoy their shake and have healthy meals that won’t bother their health.

For example, Herbalife is offering 3 main formulas where:

  • 1- Soy protein is the main ingredient of the shake. If you don’t know about the benefits of soy proteins, please note that soy protein is a great help in reducing cholesterol. Also, it is a great help in improving the condition of your heart.


Herbalife And Soy Products


Based on what the scientist says, you need 50 grams of soy protein to improve your heart condition, and hence, if you are going to use the Herbalife diet program, you must add meals to your diet that contains soy protein.

  • 2- Good news for those who are allergic to soy or milk (lactose intolerance). Herbalife offers a different shake product in which no soy or milk is used. Instead, they consist of the following main ingredients: rice, sesame proteins, and peas.
  • 3- More good news for those who are not fans of eating genetically engineered foods (GMOs) and have a good reason for not eating them. Based on what the researcher concluded, GMOs can actually harm the body and result in diseases that even antibiotics cannot help you.

For this reason, Herbalife is offering products that are made of genetically engineered ingredients so that you won’t have anything to worry about.

After reviewing the benefits of using Herbalife products, we can say that these products and diet programs are all manufactured and designed to protect and improve the customers' lives and lose weight by considering all different conditions of the customers.


Does Using Herbalife Products And Diet Programs Have Any Disadvantages?

You may wonder if there are any disadvantages to using Herbalife products and diet programs? Unfortunately, there are. In the following paragraphs, we will review these disadvantages:

High Use Of Processed Ingredients

Please answer my question, what is the main reason for losing weight? It is to reach a healthy life. Well, it seems that Herbalife products contain highly processed ingredients. For example, these ingredients include sugar, fibre, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavours and colours, etc.

You may wonder if processed ingredients can affect the body and even harm it. Processed foods or ingredients are good for health and the body and harm the body in the long term. Please note that although food made of processed ingredients well have a better taste and flavour, they may actually lead to serious health issues, e.g., obesity and heart problems in the long run and if they are consumed in large quantities.

This is also why I would like to say that process foods don’t contain any vitamins and minerals. Therefore, Herbalife adds vitamins and minerals to its products since they don’t have the nutrients required for the body.

One of their most important ingredients that are used in Herbalife products is “sugar.” World Health Organization stated that only 5% of their daily calorie must come from the sugar added to your food. However, it seems that 40% of the calorie in Herbalife products is sugar. As a result, your daily consumption of sugars is too high. It is 35% more than the amount stated by WHO.

Note: If your food lacks the necessary nutrients, it might be wise to other sources, e.g., fruits, vegetables, etc. In other words, you might want to consume non-processed foods.


The Chance Of Falling Asleep During The Diet Program Is High

I know it can be hard because the amount of energy you get from the diet programs will be less than usual, but it should be enough to make you go through your daily life.

It seems that using Herbalife shakes and products in your diet program as the replacement for your daily meals will only give you enough calories and energy. This makes you fall asleep during crucial hours of the day, e.g., work and making you hungrier.

Let’s see how many calories you will get by mixing shake powder with milk. Based on the estimations, you will only get 170 calories, making you feel hungry and tired during the day.

It is important to know that a busy or working person will require at least 2,000 to 3,000 during their busy lives, and those who have a diet program must consume 500 calories to maintain and lower their current weight.

If we look at the above numbers, we will see that the Herbalife shakes don’t contain enough calories and fibre content to make you go through your day. Since you don’t have any additional guidance about what to do in this situation, you might want to talk with your advisor about what you should do.


Herbalife - Do You Get Sleepy


Herbalife Products Are Not For Everyone

Even now, you can guess that is products and diet programs are not manufactured for everyone. The reasons for this statement are as follows:

  • Herbalife meal replacement can be quite expensive, and you will be required to pay an amount of more than $40 for a mix that contains 30 servings. Since you are required to drink their shakes twice a day, you will be required to pay $80 each month, and this money is in addition to all the groceries you must get each month.  That is why not all people are capable of spending that much money.
  • It is important to mention that some people are sensitive or intolerant to the ingredients used in Herbalife shakes and supplements. Hence, it is not recommended for them to include these products in their meals. In other words, they should find other alternatives or diet programs that will best suit their health and body.

Unfortunately, some users have been dissatisfied with the Herbalife supplements and shakes, claiming that using these products has led to damages to body organs, especially the liver. They also claimed that the quality or purity of these products is not tested and regulated by any government institution.

You can take the best course of action to ask your doctor or coach about the supplements under ingredients that might harm your body. It is always recommended that you take any supplement under someone’s supervision to avoid damaging your body.

Customers’ Reviews About Herbalife Products And Diet Programs

It seems that despite all the negative aspects of Herbalife products and diet programs, several customers were satisfied with the results of these products.

For example,

  • A couple of customers stated that the ultimate program is one of the best programs they have used and with which you can actually lose weight and change your life for the better.
  • Other customers have recommended this product to their families and friends because they actually enjoyed the products and their results.


In the current article, we tried our best to give you an honest review of the Herbalife products and diet programs.

We understand from the Herbalife programs that you need to replace regular meals with shakes and metabolism-boosting supplements. This way, Herbalife has promised that every individual will lose weight with ease in the short term. However, no products and services are perfect, and several customers and users have been unsatisfied with the results.

For the above reasons, we presented the benefits of using the products and diet program from Herbalife, but we also discussed the disadvantages of using these products. In general, we concluded that:

  • They are not truly effective in losing weight.

Unfortunately, the science supporting these products and diet programs (the advanced program, the QuickStart program, and the ultimate program) are not supported by any government organization. They are merely considered a meal replacement and nothing more.

  • The products and diet programs are not cost-effective.

Let’s be honest, guys. We will do our best to decrease costs when we are on a diet by reducing meals. However, as mentioned above, you will be required to buy other meals to stay on your diet since the Herbalife products are only replacing part of your meals, and you will need snacks, fruit and vegetables to make up for the lack of calories. Or else you won’t have enough calories and energy to do your daily stuff.

Do you know what the best solution for this is? Consult your doctor or health coach. They will help you decide whether these products are helpful or if Herbalife is a scam (the scores based on customer reviews only result in two out of five stars).

You are advised to read further reviews to increase your knowledge about these products and maybe the real costs of similar products. Consulting and reading other reviews of customers will be helpful.

I trust you found this review article about Herbalife helpful. Would you please be kind enough to stay tuned? There are many more blog posts to come. Take care!




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