Best Vegan Clothing Companies

Best Vegan Clothing Companies

Best Vegan Clothing Companies

Vegan fashion isn’t just about wearing clothes free from animal products. Sometimes, it also means displaying your ethical stance and using your style to communicate your message! To make shopping easy, we’ve compiled a list of ten companies that sell vegan wear that is not only free of animal products and unethical fast-fashion practices but also encourages veganism in a fun and fashionable way.

So you’re vegan, and you want to know which clothing brands are best to invest in? Vegan fashion has come a long, long way in recent years. There really is nothing that can’t be done.

The next generation of vegan clothing brands is design-focused and independent, with ethical values at their core. These brands are making stylish cruelty-free fashion, not just accessible but coveted. But there are still a few issues to overcome.

Top Vegan Clothing Companies

What Is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan fashion is produced without animal products (animal fur, leather, wool, feathers, etc.). Not only do vegan fashion brands make it more affordable for ethical shoppers, but they make the product appealing to fashion-conscious people who don’t usually wear animal products.

In addition to making good fashion, ethical clothing helps promote veganism. For example, companies that sell vegan clothing, such as Vegan Outfitters and Little Black Ethical, promote veganism, animal welfare, and non-violent living. Some companies focus on style, such as Modern Vegan in Vancouver, and others focus on transparency, such as Vegan Chic.

It’s clothing, accessories and anything else that’s not cruelty-free and not from animals, which is 100% vegan. As you can see, we’re not saying that you have to wear only vegan brands – the key is to be ethically minded and wear what you like without hurting the animals or the environment. Vegan, ethical fashion – what’s the difference?

We’ve mentioned ethical fast-fashion practices in previous articles, and they’re what we’re most familiar with. Companies such as H&M use rabbit skins to make their fur-lined, zip-front jumpers. And PETA ran a campaign to get McDonald’s to stop using leather on their Happy Meal boxes in 2012. The list goes on, and the problem doesn’t stop there.

Is being vegan the same thing as buying or wearing? It can be. However, we define a vegan as someone who consumes no animal products, like milk, cheese, and butter. Instead, a vegan chooses to avoid eating, using, and wearing animal products.

Websites like Good on Paper, Vegan Style, and Vegan Society make it easy to find ethical vegan fashion. However, we find that it’s also beneficial to keep an eye on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to keep up with new companies and products. You might see the word “vegan” trending, and that could be your chance to find an ethical vegan-friendly retailer for the perfect pair of boots for your winter.

Vegan clothing is made from cruelty-free materials. They can be made from recycled materials like used t-shirts. The key to vegan fashion is choosing a company that will not only create clothes you love but also supports your values and lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Vegan?

Why buy vegan fashion? The fashion industry is cruel to animals – it’s largely responsible for environmental destruction and climate change. It is a major contributor to the massive amount of waste produced in the production of clothing. Although the vegan clothing industry is small relative to the mass-production of other clothing items, it offers consumers a chance to make a serious statement without sacrificing fashion for moral principles.

Not only does vegan fashion support animal rights, but it also helps to combat other negative environmental effects of the fashion industry by lowering the carbon footprint of food production, reducing waste production, and encouraging organic growth and the use of renewable resources.

One of the main reasons to buy from a vegan-friendly clothing line is because you want to know the clothes you’re buying aren’t being made on the back of mistreated and abused animals. In contrast, you can see many vegan clothes that are made ethically, not just in the distant past but today. Companies like Chubbies Clothing are constantly updating their products to include animal-free materials. They even donate $1 for every piece of clothing sold to an animal sanctuary. Chubbies also make sure their workers are being paid fairly.

Another reason to buy from a vegan-friendly clothing line is that they encourage the values of a vegan lifestyle. Because veganism is usually a pretty slow and subtle process, vegan clothing companies might help spur interest in the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan clothing is not only good for your body but also our planet. Many animal agriculture businesses use harsh chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, which contaminate air, soil, and water and create problems in the human body and the environment. Furthermore, many animals are housed in small, unsanitary cages that make them anxious, frustrated, and lethargic.

So, you might be asking, how can a vegan afford a vegan wardrobe? We spoke with a vegan entrepreneur about this question, and she shared with us what she has learned from creating her brand, Purely Violet. “When I started my business in 2014, there was a big shift in the vegan community,” she tells us. “People were seeking out clothing without animal product parts.

So what’s the benefit of choosing vegan fashion? Vegan fashion contributes to a sustainable future.  Besides ethical reasons, there are other benefits. For example, buying vegan clothing can also help save the planet! Research shows that creating apparel from conventional textiles has a bigger impact on our environment than driving an automobile!

Difference Of Vegan Clothing

Difference Of Vegan Clothing From Other Clothing

Since vegan fashion is often associated with what you wear, there are several differences between vegan clothing and the clothing of traditional clothing companies. The first obvious difference is veganism: there are no animals involved. From manufacturing to the dressing, the products are free from the suffering of animals or their by-products.

However, if you follow vegan fashion, you may be interested in the smaller differences between vegan clothing and fast fashion. Even if no animals are involved, fast fashion still uses harsh working conditions, unsustainable practices, and unnecessary waste. By cutting down on the unnecessary production of fast fashion, vegan clothing is cruelty-free and more sustainable.

With so many clothing brands, it’s easy to find one that doesn’t offend your conscience and can be a great option for anyone who wants to support the ethical, vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. But are all vegan clothing companies ethical? And do they humanely make their clothes, meaning that the animals aren’t exploited and treated well?

What about the environmental impact of the production of animal products and how the products are disposed of after they’re used? In general, it depends on the level of cruelty and environmental damage you find in a company, so our criteria aren’t necessarily cut and dry.

This is how a big-name American brand explained the ethical credentials of their items in an article on their official site: “We believe in positive change, and that clothes can be a gateway for those seeking it. We sell everyday basics to those seeking more ethical alternatives in fashion.

Our clothes are made in a fair, safe, sustainable way. This means that workers are treated with dignity and respect and that the products are of the highest quality. We also use recycled material wherever we can”

Additionally, they say, “Our main goal is to create a world that is kind to both animals and people, one that supports sustainable living. Therefore, our garments are made using the most ethical methods, without animals, without unfair wages, and hazardous chemicals”.

The Best Vegan Clothing Brands

The Best Vegan Clothing Brands

  • Organics Run Amok clothing is a staple on the vegan scene. Organic Run Amok is known for its unique patterns and unique styles that still make them top-notch, quality vegan fashion.
  • The second is Skin Vegan Clothing. This popular brand sells vegan clothing that uses recycled materials in their clothing. This sustainable approach helps to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce the use of harsh chemicals and harmful materials that are often used in fast fashion.
  • Jane Iredale Loved by celebrities like Daisy Ridley and Cara Delevingne, Jane Iredale’s clothing is made of 92% organic cotton and features upcycled graphics with graphics that are still fresh and relevant to today’s modern designs.

From labels to totes and hoodies, vegan fashion is also free from corporate influence and harmful eco-unfriendly techniques. This list of ten vegan clothing companies features brands people know, brands that offer comfortable, affordable and fashionable vegan fashion, and brands making a big difference in the vegan world.

Here are some of the Vegan Brands:

  • BLONDE METAL RUNWAY, for clothing & accessories, alpaca products, baby and kids clothing, accessories & footwear, vegan, cruelty-free, organically grown, and vintage.
  • Botanical Chic for fashion-forward apparel and accessories.
  • Conceiving Earth (COE)  for clothing, home and gift items.
  • Eufloria Vintage (Eufloria), for vintage clothing.
  • Firebrand Clothing Co., for garments and accessories.
  • Grace Demont, for sustainable clothing and accessories.
  • Another one is Go Vegan or Go Home. “Since opening our doors a little over two years ago, Go Vegan or Go Home has always been committed to reducing the amount of waste produced by customers and passing along savings to our shoppers,” says Lucy Wyatt, Co-Founder. “We are more than happy to offer a wide selection of vegan and eco-friendly accessories, including vegan sneakers, graphic tees, scarves and statement belts.” is committed to the free movement of goods, information and people, and their sales are pretty much entirely ethical and vegan-friendly. Most of their clothes are made from organic.

  • Protein Fashion is a prevalent trend right now, but it’s kind of hard to find vegan clothing.
  • Daisy Chain’s gear is perfect for those who want to stick with the trend without having to compromise their animal rights stance. They have a ton of different styles, from jumpsuits to rompers, from bandanas to bolos.

Handmade vegan leather bags made by hand! Apartment’s vegan leather bags are leather shoes with a twist! These bags are vegan and 100% leather-free, handmade and of the finest quality.

Enjoy the comfort of leather in the comfort of cotton! Barnaby’s vegan booties and shoes have a beautiful contrasting finish in a perfect soft faux fur fabric. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your winter boots all year round.

Chic Vegan offers free online ordering and ships worldwide to the USA and Canada! This company donates a portion of their proceeds to animal charities.




Reformation sells unique and wearable clothing in sizes ranging from 12 to 32. There are classic dresses, flowing skirts, and biker jackets with an undeniable coolness factor reminiscent of some of your favourite non-vegan high street brands. Beyond Skin specializes in versatile pieces that are stylish enough to wear every day and stylish enough to be worn out at night. The vibrant, feminine designs are printed with earthy, organic, and animal-free materials free of fur, wool, and leather. Kimora Lee Simmons and Dream It Be It is internationally recognized fashion bloggers and tastemakers.

Reformation’s mission is to “find an alternative to animal exploitation,” but that mission extends beyond using only plant-based fabrics to make clothing. This Los Angeles-based company also uses recycled fabrics in its collections and doesn’t even use plastic to make zippered shoestrings or plastic waste packaging.

Alabama Chanin

Seattle-based fashion brand, Alabama Chanin, is famous for designing stylish vegan fashions and embracing life with an open mind, thus their tagline, “we don't fight it, we see it.” Chanin uses natural fabrics and hand embroidery to create statement clothing for women.

Alabama Chanin has been selling its items for the vegan fashion and lifestyle scene since 2009. Its signature pieces include brightly coloured dresses made with organic cotton and a lightweight cotton jersey material you can wear on the beach or out at dinner. Other items that the company sells include hats, bags, belts, and even kid’s clothing. Their products are also built sustainably, using recycled and fair-trade materials.

“Why is there cruelty in fashion?” This is one of the questions that Amy Corbett Storch, the head of Alabama Chanin, set out to answer with her company. Made in the US from recycled materials, Alabama Chanin has been in the business for 10 years, with their clothing now being available in over 60 countries. Their sale items have their tagline, “Crush your boredom and show the world how to do it vegan.” The company is committed to keeping a higher percentage of their staff employed women, including those identified as female-identified, femme-presenting or trans.



How cool is this company? Their ‘gloves with sleeves’ are absolutely adorable and make a perfect gift for friends and family who are attempting to transition from vegetarian to vegan! Dare is one of the few clothing brands that sell vegan fashion, and make sure to include messages of veganism in their clothing!

They’ve got matching vegan skateboards and guitars and also launched a brand that has since split up! What a great idea! It’s no wonder why the Ethical Fashion Exchange-listed Zenoteca as one of the world’s top fashion startups! With their designs, you’re going to feel chic and comfortable while still feeling good about the animal products you’re wearing!

If you’re looking for vegan fashion for any occasion, Loomstate is a company to check out. They have so many fashion-forward pieces to offer, including jumpsuits and perfect prom dresses. With a wide range of colours and patterns, you’re bound to find something you love. For more information on Loomstate, please visit their website!



Aquazzura is a well-known luxury Italian shoe manufacturer with its own clothing line. Their signature shoe, the diagonal, is by far their most popular item and, according to their website, one of the most popular selling shoes ever. A bold black and red heel are accented with a rainbow of coloured straps – a visually inspiring shoe.

Head over to their online store and treat yourself to a pair or two of their fabulous shoes! Assos is a very well-known Greek activewear company with high-quality athletic apparel in its patented dry-fit fabric. While the design may be purely functional, the fabrics used are very soft and breathable – ideal for wearing in summer. Unlike their sportswear competitors, who use polyester for their fabric, Assos uses 100% organic cotton.

Almost all of their shoes, even though one of their original designs incorporates leather uppers. “I love their work,” writes Lauren Cooley, a vegan fashion designer and blogger. “From their animal-free snakeskin and crocodile to “Puppy Love,” ”I especially love their “Sindbad” suede sneaker that uses their signature stainless steel “herringbone” sole.

The luxury footwear brand is committed to using only vegan leathers and animal-free fast-fashion pieces in its collections.  All of their shoes (and some handbags) are vegan, although crocodile and lizard products are used in limited edition colorways. Get your animal-free shoes from Aquazzura, whose vegan and cruelty-free leather shoes are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You can choose from pumps, sneakers, flats, wedges and more.

Where Can I Buy Vegan Clothing

Where Can I Buy Vegan Clothing?

If you’re new to vegan fashion, you might be wondering where to start. Luckily, some major online stores sell vegan clothing, including Top Vegan Clothing Brands. If you want to support the brands that sell vegan clothing, you might want to consider buying some of their popular items from fast-fashion companies like Forever 21 and H&M. If you’re looking for affordable styles that are still fashionable, you can buy a T-shirt or pair of leggings from these retailers for around $10 to $25 per piece.

100% Pure has been an online shop that sells vegan apparel and accessories for over a decade. Even though this boutique is now based in Portland, Oregon, they were founded in Chico, California, in 1999, when Marko and Breeva Fraser wanted to create a company that supported sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing.

Many high street fashion brands such as Burberry, Topshop, H&M and Forever 21 sell vegan clothes, but they are often expensive and uninspiring. On the other hand, vegan brands are not only stylish and fashionable, but they also are committed to animal welfare and the environment, which is why many have become wildly successful on the global market in recent years.

Vegan brands listed here include BeDK, Twig + Fig, Ethical Products (Vegan) Ltd, Ethical Supermarket Ltd, Earth Purpose Ltd, Karma Nirvana, Moon & Star, Muffia, HollyHawk Clothing Company and The Welovesome Company.

The clothing we’ve featured is for both men and women. It’s about creating a lifestyle that promotes empathy towards animals, compassion for your environment, and caring for all beings oppressed by the food, clothing, entertainment, and pharmaceutical industries. Vegan fashion doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to clothing, but it does have to be creative and thoughtful. At the end of the day, you can wear vegan fashion with pride.


Today, many fashionable people are becoming more conscious about animal issues and want to positively impact them, either through their work or personal lives. Vegan fashion is becoming very fashionable and, with the right research and education, it can become mainstream.

Until then, we can be excited to see that many people worldwide have already made the transition to being vegan, often for ethical reasons, and that veganism is becoming an important part of their everyday life and fashion choices.

It’s time to ask ourselves, though, where will we develop these kinds of ethical fashion options in the future? Will we continue to focus on ethical purchasing on an individual level, or is it time to focus on making ethical purchasing more common and mainstream?

Hopefully, you now know how easy it is to find vegan fashion that’s stylish and not too pricey. These companies offer great quality at a great price, and you can afford to make some stylish additions to your wardrobe!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the Best Vegan Clothing Companies. Would you please stay tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.


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