Best Vegan Magazines


Best Vegan Magazines

Best Vegan Magazines

Have you been wondering, “is there a vegan magazine?” The answer is yes — there are many! Books and the Internet aren’t the only way to learn about plant-based recipes and tips or cruelty-free products. Magazines can be great resources as well. Whether you’re a newbie vegan, just dipping your toe into the plant-based food scene or a long-term vegan, and wherever you’re based, these are the best vegan magazines! Let’s take a look at some of the best vegetarian and vegan magazines available.


What Are Magazines?

First things first, magazines are not all about the plant-based lifestyle. Magazines are a big business. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “magazines account for almost all the ads in the industry and have a huge influence on consumers' buying habits.” A magazine is a monthly publication containing articles of general interest, articles on particular topics, and editorials.

Unlike books, magazines aren’t generally produced yearly, and some companies produce numerous magazines. Most include “magazine” in their name, but a few are called “yearbook.” The advantage of magazines over books is that you can read them anytime, not just at Christmas or on your birthday. They’re also a great way to get new recipes without making them or going out shopping.

Magazines are print magazines, mostly published for print and online audiences, typically sold in newsstands or bookstores that come with free magazines and other materials. They are different from websites in that magazines usually are sold by the magazine and do not usually have much of an online presence. They are also usually independent or self-published and not affiliated with a traditional publishing house or company.

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, magazines are a fantastic way to stay up-to-date with the latest lifestyle and health news. Most newspapers and magazines tend to concentrate on just one type of subject, like fashion or pop culture or health and wellness. By contrast, magazines tend to have a wider variety of topics often dedicated to a particular type of magazine, like health or travel.


What Kinds Of Magazines Are Godd For Me

What Kinds Of Magazines Are Best For Me?

Some vegan magazines can focus on certain types of foods, such as celiac- or lactose-free. Some are designed for a specific audience — for example, many vegetarian and vegan magazines are targeted at vegetarians and vegans. Some also can be both vegetarian and vegan. Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegan and so forth…

There are an overwhelming number of options, so if you have a specific genre in mind, you might want to narrow your search by checking out these helpful magazine titles. Vegetarian Times, Vegetarian Living Books, Vegan Cookbooks, Cooking Vegan, Vegan International, Cookbooks Vegan for Beginners, Vegan for You!

Websites, blogs and social media are great resources to find information about all things vegan, but sometimes you want a printed magazine to take you through your weekly shopping, meal planning, or take you out for lunch. Magazines can offer you the best, most comprehensive, and most in-depth vegan information available, and they can keep you up to date on exciting vegan products and events.

If you’re just starting on your vegan journey or if you are a seasoned vegan looking for great recipes or magazine resources to add to your library, here are some great magazines you should check out. First is Veggie Pages. Veggie Page is a bi-monthly magazine with gorgeous illustrations and artwork, a great mix of plant-based recipes and news, and excellent advice on following a vegan diet.

You may also want to try Indy Vegans. Indy Vegans has been in the magazine world for over 25 years. It’s a vegan publication based in Indy, Indiana. An editor will read through its magazine archives and select a topic or vegan recipe that interests them.

Another Vegan magazine that may fit your taste is the Vegetarian Times Magazine. If you’re not familiar with this magazine, they have been publishing veggie, vegan, and vegetarian cuisine stories since 1970!

They’ve been at the forefront of the plant-based movement since they started their vegetarian column and even have a vegetable section! The magazine is an award-winning, popular food magazine with a long history, so if you’re new to vegan or vegetarian food, this is the magazine to read.


Which Magazines Should I Buy

Which Magazines Should I Buy?

Now that you know the differences between the magazines, you might be wondering which ones you should buy. In addition to the obvious ones like VegNews and Vegan Mama, here are some lesser-known vegan magazines that we think you should check out!

There are many good vegetarian and vegan magazines available to you online and in print. At first glance, the first magazine you should consider buying is Gourmet Vegan — it has such a huge focus on vegan recipes that you won’t find elsewhere. However, if the food and restaurant reviews aren’t really your thing, you could buy Gourmet Vegans sister publication Savory, a beautiful magazine that focuses on delicious recipes from around the world.

If you really like food and cooking, you’ll be interested in magazines like The Gentle Vegan and the Daily Vegan. The gentle vegan magazine includes no less than 18 recipes in each issue. They are also part of a monthly subscription service that delivers vegan recipes right to your mailbox.

You may also like Vegan Maven Magazine. What better way to learn about the vegan lifestyle than from vegan experts and followers themselves? Vegan Maven is a long-running vegan magazine covering the basics of vegan living. The magazine has received numerous awards for its content and the information it offers.

Another one is Rawstyle Magazine. Rawstyle Magazine is all about food and creativity. It has a lot of recipe tutorials, and the blog has also published some great articles. This magazine serves as a journal for those who are cooking for themselves for the first time.

Another magazine on the list is Real Food Everyday. Real Food every day is a great magazine for both newcomers and seasoned vegans. It’s packed with recipes, tips, and helpful hints, including healthy eating ideas for new vegans and longtime vegans looking for new recipes. Well, Fed Magazine is also included in the list.

Well, Fed is the “new” vegan magazine — but it’s one of the most successful magazines in the world! In its 23 years in print, this magazine has spread veganism and healthy eating around the world. They aim to help everyone lead healthy lifestyles and incorporate plant-based living in their everyday lives. They offer great vegan recipes, fashion articles and lifestyle advice.

You may also want to try Vegan Spirituality and Holistic Living. Vegan Spirituality and Holistic Living provide readers with holistic information to help them live a healthful lifestyle. This monthly magazine features fantastic articles, interviews, free vegan recipes, and many freebies, including a great vegan starter kit for new vegans.

You can choose from a great selection of inspirational ideas, tips and techniques. Add Vegan International to your list as well. Vegan International is a magazine based in South Africa and is aimed at plant-based consumers. It was started in 1998, the same year as the first issue of PETA magazine. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest vegan magazines in the world.


Vegan Life Magazines

Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Life is a popular resource for those who want to stay inspired and informed about vegan living. It is loaded with cool vegan stories, trends, tips, recipes and more, so you can discover more about veganism and the plant-based lifestyle. It’s a large magazine in both physical and digital format so that you can browse the content from any computer, tablet, phone or other device with an Internet connection. Its content covers a wide range of topics and is as inspiring as it is informative.

Inspiring, informative, and endlessly well-written — Vegan Life Magazine has been around since 2005! The magazine features simple, plant-based recipes and even articles about movies and travel. It also has an absolutely stunning photography section and is part of the publication ecosystem: it publishes its own website, is also available as an app, and is included with magazine subscriptions. The Price of a Monthly subscription is $9.99 for print or $7.99 for digital.

Vegan Life magazine was launched in 2014. Vegan Life provides a place for vegans to enjoy delicious recipes, learn how to take care of their bodies, provide an eye-opening view into the animal exploitation industries, have discussions with other passionate vegans and vegetarians, and have fun! With the options of a monthly subscription, a one-year subscription or a monthly magazine, each Vegan Life edition is a bestseller.


Plant Based Magazines

Plant-Based Magazine

If you’re a vegetarian looking for a resource for recipes, culture, and lifestyle articles — you’ve found it! As the magazine’s slogan reads, Plant-Based is about plant-based life! It was founded in 2008 and served as a publication for the vegan community as a whole. The site features guest editorials, articles, recipes, vegan products and more. From small-town vegan converts to globe-trotting vegans, it’s a great online resource for any vegan!

Plant-Based Magazine is a vegan, and vegetarian lifestyle magazine published eight times a year and available in print and digital formats. In fact, it recently released an updated app that will take you anywhere you want to go and make the job of following a plant-based diet a breeze. This is a great online magazine to use as a way to follow news and trends or to discover new foods and recipes. It features unique, eco-friendly articles, reviews, how-to’s, and how-tos of vegan eating.

Plant-Based Magazine is a great resource for vegans and vegetarians of all levels. The magazine features recipes, vegan recipe variations, and even options to make breakfast, lunch or dinner plant-based every day! If you’re an aspiring vegan cook or foodie, you’ll want to check out Plant Based Magazine for delicious plant-based meals!


VegNews Magazine

VegNews Magazine

First up, we have VegNews magazine. VegNews is a popular vegan magazine for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores that promote plant-based living and diversity in the world of veganism. VegNews publishes both free and paid versions in print and on the web and covers everything from interviews with well-known vegan celebrities, tips on making your own vegan snacks, and the best vegan restaurants in the United States. The vegan magazine is one of my favourite ways to educate myself. Reading through the magazine is a great way to do a deeper dive into certain topics. Not only that, but many of the articles contain images that really bring some great imagery to veganism.

Known as “the best global health and wellness magazine for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and everyone in between,” VegNews is definitely a publication that vegans love. It’s available in print, online and on the iPad and iPod. The magazine includes editorial content, recipes, food and wine, and a section with parenting information. VegNews also covers environmental issues and offers vegetarian gift ideas. You’ll find a section of curated lists of vegan products as well as titles of books, movies and music. In addition to a section dedicated to women and women’s issues, you’ll also find stories about celebrity chefs and lifestyle writers and tips from other vegans.

Veg News is arguably the best-known and best-loved vegan magazine. It’s one of the oldest vegan magazines in the world! While it is American-based, its content is written by vegans from around the world. Famous for its long-form interview style, this magazine highlights the stories of the world’s most accomplished vegans, their journeys, and what it takes to live the best life you can. VegNews Magazine, a publication of the American Vegan Society, offers in-depth articles on all aspects of veganism. The magazine also includes amazing vegan cooking and beauty tips, alongside reviews and interviews with vegan celebrities. Each issue also includes a vegan recipe to make.

TOFFU agaome

T.O.F.U. Magazine

When it comes to print, T.O.F.U. magazine wins. This all-vegan magazine was started in 2006 and is still going strong. It’s filled with recipes and includes articles on vegan nutrition, self-improvement, social justice, sexuality, and much more. If you’re looking for some new ideas and inspiration, this is definitely a great magazine to subscribe to.

The oldest and one of the longest-running vegan magazines around is T.O.F.U. (Tongues Off Fur), the official organ of the Vegan Action Society. Originally named T.O.F.O. (which stands for Truffle Oil for Pigs), this publication is more than 50 years old. It has a good track record of delivering original content that continues to be topical and stimulating.

At T.O.F.U., the staff offers intelligent and informative articles on everything vegan. The magazine offers lifestyle, health and wellness, food, plants, animals, pets, fashion, education, film, travel and more. There are local branches of the magazine in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, London, Montreal, and elsewhere, all to spread the message of compassion and saving animals.

T.O.F.U. Stands for Two Oceans United Nationally Distributed. The magazine promotes sustainable living, local business, sustainable living and ethical buying. Each issue focuses on a new theme. This month’s issue, “Vegan Parties,” contains articles on throwing a vegan party, vegan gifts, and vegan recipes.“She Veggies” is a UK-based vegetarian and vegan magazine.

Each issue features articles on a variety of topics, including recipes, health, beauty, and nutrition, as well as fresh vegan news and shopping guides. I love this vegan, vegetarian magazine for its variety and focus on quality. It features recipes and ideas for a healthy lifestyle.


Vegan Food And Life Maagazine

Vegan Food & Living Magazine

Another great way to find vegan recipes, plant-based product recommendations, vegan news and nutrition tips is through the Vegan Food & Living magazine! This monthly magazine is published in the UK and features a wealth of vegan recipes and healthy eating tips, and various articles about different ways to save the planet and enjoy food in a cruelty-free way. It’s a great magazine for anyone looking to become even more mindful of what they eat and how it affects their health.

Vegan Food & Living Magazine has a comprehensive range of content for vegan novices and seasoned vegans. Each issue is packed with recipes, food ideas, fun facts, products, vegan shopping guides and news about what’s going on in the vegan world. Topics include personal essays, tutorials, vegan product reviews, interesting columns, interviews, cooking competitions, info on the newest trends and more. Published six times per year, the magazine is always a welcome read, no matter how vegan-obsessed you are.

The Vegan Food & Living Magazine is a nonprofit and free publication. Founded in 2003 by Richard Barnes, VF&L is the largest source of vegan news and online and print information. Their magazine was named one of the 50 Best vegan magazines by the readers’ choice awards. VF&L has a wide variety of content, including guides to recipes, natural products, vegan health, vegan travel, and essays.

Vegan Food & Living magazine has been the go-to source for the vegan recipe and food articles. Their content includes insightful cooking and prep tips, food stories, recipes, interviews, features and much more. They have published countless vegan cookbooks and have an active online community, so if you’re new to vegan cooking, this is the magazine to read!


Simply Vegan Magazine

Simply Vegan

Simply Vegan is a magazine that focuses on all things vegan. With over 25 years of experience and more than 1000 articles online, there’s a lot of great reading to be had in Simply Vegan. You’ll find a magazine filled with short, easy-to-read articles about cooking, recipes, health and well-being, and plenty of great ideas for meal plans and grocery lists for starters.

Simply Vegan is an online magazine for vegans with entertaining vegan recipes and photos, and informative features, all while showcasing what you can do with delicious vegan food. The content is varied and broad but is easy to navigate — the editors have chosen the best articles, recipes, and more.

Simply Vegan is the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Vegan Magazine in the category of “Special Interest” for 2015 by The Good Vegist and is published bi-monthly in the United States. It covers various health topics such as soy intake, how to choose the right soy, vegetarian options at restaurants, women in vegan advocacy, holiday celebrations, and much more. The magazine's goal is to make you as comfortable and confident as possible as a vegan and as a healthy vegetarian while also sharing useful information about plant-based nutrition.

Simply Vegan is considered a staple in the vegan community. Whether you’re looking for an incredibly in-depth guide to veganism or just want to learn more about the lifestyle, Simply Vegan is a treasure trove of advice. Unlike other vegan websites and publications, the user-friendly nature of this publication means it’s great for newbies.

There are also extensive archives full of articles going back years. What’s great about Simply Vegan is that you’re not limited to one topic. Its comprehensive food lists are perfect for someone who’s looking for an easy read while looking for recipes or tips. It has a great mix of vegan and vegetarian articles, all of which are easily digestible.

The mission statement on Simply Vegan is, “We love eating delicious vegan food and spreading the word that you don’t have to compromise!” That’s quite a powerful statement and very impressive since the publication is four years old! The magazine is very inspiring with the simple, uncluttered design and beautiful photography that allows you to focus on the wonderful food inside!


There are many good resources out there for those of us who are interested in learning about plant-based eating and even more for those who are vegan. Of course, not all of them will appeal to all of us, and what you choose to eat can be a personal choice, so it’s always a good idea to take your time and choose carefully! A good place to start is to look through the list of some of the best vegan magazines, both old and new, and choose what you enjoy!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the Best Vegan Magazines. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.


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