Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain

Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain

Are you reaping the benefits of living a meat-free, dairy-free existence? As well as reducing an individual's environmental impact, eating vegan is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and enhances sleep quality. So it's no wonder that the number of vegans has surged by as much as 700% in the UK and 300% in the US in the last few years.

If you're passionate about introducing more people to the world of veganism, then you might have your sights set on opening a vegan restaurant within your community.  If this is the case, then you're in the right place. From carrying out market research to deciding your concept and writing that all-important business plan, in the guide below, we'll tell you everything, you need to know about how to open a vegan restaurant.

Vegans and vegetarians might find travelling to Barcelona a bit daunting—it is known for jamón and cheese, after all! But there are plenty of veggie-forward dishes out there. When you have dietary restrictions, it's essential to be able to communicate your needs when ordering food. In Barcelona, you can almost always find a vegetarian tapa option close by. There are a lot of veggie-inspired dishes in Catalonia.

Best Vegan Restaurant In Barcelona, Spain

Oh, Barcelona, where the famous Las Ramblas meets up with the Mediterranean sea; where architecture becomes a breathing creature, waiting to unravel its unexpected shapes and stories, filling the city with a unique vibe. But more amazingly, Barcelona is the first “Vegan-Friendly” city in the world.

For veggies, flexitarians and raw food in Barcelona, plant-based dining has never felt so inspiring. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables (often organic) flow into the city from the surrounding farming areas, facilitating the growing wave of conscious, meat-free eating that's causing Barcelona to rethink its meaty identity.

Given Spain's well-known love for jamón, visitors to Barcelona are often surprised to find out just how vegan Barcelona is. The local city government even declared itself to be a “friend of vegan and vegetarian culture,” making Barcelona the first official veggie-friendly city in the world. Most of Spain is more vegan-friendly than you'd think, but Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the top vegan destinations in the country.

With a bit of pre-planning, you'll have no problems finding vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the city, serving up an array of delicious meat-free dishes to suit all budgets and tastes. Whether you're splashing out with some 5-star dining or want a quick and tasty takeaway, you'll be able to dine out on vegetarian tapas, vegetarian Spanish tortilla, vegan pizza, vegan Asian foo. You will even find vegan croissants.

What Is Vegan Food?

Like any other cuisine, vegan food has characteristics that make it unique. Café Montana – located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, offers a delicious selection of vegan sweets (doughnuts, chocolate-covered biscuits, quiches), drinks and other vegan goodies. Cat' N Dog – this classic Barcelona restaurant is well known for its bread, salads and fantastic desserts.

The entire philosophy behind veganism is based on the principle that animals should not be slaughtered or used for any other purpose (such as clothing, toys, etc.) without the conscious consent of the animal. For example, eggs come from the most violent and animalistic animal activity, the egg-laying chicken. Some vegans go so far as to refuse to consume any animal products at all. For example, vegans don't eat meat or use animal products (such as leather or wool).

What To Order At Vegan Restaurants

What To Order At Vegan Restaurants

‘Ana's Falafel' is the go-to spot for a good Vegan Birria.  Birria is a classic dish of a rich, tomato-based stew made with chillies, cumin and garlic. An increasingly popular alternative is vegan-friendly Falafel.  Although Birria and Falafel are vegan, they are also often enjoyed as meatless main courses with plenty of accompaniments such as avocado, harissa, hummus or even a rice bowl.

But those craving a classic Birria-style meal will be well-served with ‘Ana's Falafel,' the renowned Vegan Birria bar. Barcelona is known for its culture and history.  Barcelona is famous as a tourist destination, but it has more to offer than the typical European “beach town” image.

Barcelona is truly a global melting pot of cuisines, with visitors often discovering new culinary discoveries. The tapas and patatas bravas are the ‘hit' dishes, but vegan restaurant options also offer an exciting mix of tapas, sandwiches, salad, and rice meals that you won't find in any other place in the world.

Restaurant Vegana

If you're looking for a spectacular vegan meal in Barcelona, this is the place to go. Based on one of the most famous Spanish restaurant dishes of the 1980s, Comprachicos, Vegana pays homage to this classic dish by featuring six-layer tapas, toasted sandwiches, snacks, and desserts. Of course, one of the most memorable dishes is the patatas bravas.

  • Try fava bean or chickpea fritters at Bija Vigos (alias Vigos), just off Ronda de Sant Pau, in the Gay neighbourhood.
  • Delicious vegan tapas, such as mussels ceviche, at Humongous.
  • Try fried chickpea empanadas at Claro 2.
  • Try black beans with chorizo at Home of Vegetables.
  • Vegan grub at Catalytic is excellent for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Just off the bustling Passeig de Gracia is Divino, a cozy, kitsch and friendly restaurant. Vegan chefs Alberto, Bàrbara and Arzoh, a young, exuberant and artistic vegan chef, have created a variety of authentic Spanish tapas. All their desserts, like the toasted coconut yogurt or the chocolate dessert with coconut rum, are excellent.

Vegan Travel Tips And Advice

Barcelona's population is around 4 million, and its vegan restaurants are up to 60 percent higher than the city average. Of course, this vast population comes with a hefty price tag, so travellers with tight budgets will want to know the different options available.  Another thing to consider is that many vegan restaurants in Barcelona are small, informal, and not necessarily open during the day (nor are they likely to deliver!).

This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it may be challenging to find a restaurant that serves both vegan and vegetarian food.  While it is possible to find vegan and vegetarian food in Barcelona, it's certainly not the case that it's the default option, and plenty of options exist in the city's thriving culinary scene.

Locate and book the most vegan-friendly accommodation in Barcelona, if you're staying for more than one night, because there are many vegan restaurants and cafés in the city centre, so you can eat while you're exploring. Make sure you pay attention to the availability of straws at every establishment to avoid a straw-clogged straw hole when you have to ask for a new one.

Check the menu before you go, so you can order only vegan items, and make sure you ask your waiter to take note of anything that is served or consumed raw. Some shops and restaurants will offer a vegan option that still contains any animal products present in their original state, but if not, and you feel uncomfortable, ask for a vegan meal.

Authentic Vegan Food in Barcelona – Start your vacation off right by trying out a delightful vegan meal at one of Barcelona's many vegetarian restaurants, including Veggie Bar, Raw Planet, and La Boqueria (Madrid). A local organization based in Barcelona, Viva la Viva Vegan! is dedicated to promoting veganism and sustainable vegan living.

Why Is Veganism Increasing In Popularity?

A survey of 1,000 respondents in the UK found that the majority (52%) do not think it is “right” for vegans to insist they consume animal products.

The growing acceptance of veganism in Spain may be one of the reasons.  Many Spaniards who eat meat (or eat chicken from a company whose chickens were not reared in cages) don't feel comfortable being in public with a vegan. They may not be aware that it's completely okay for a vegan to eat meat (or eat chicken from a company whose chickens were not reared in cages).

At Vegan Restaurant Barcelona, they allow visitors to share their knowledge and inspire more people to adopt veganism. However, if you decide to stay in Barcelona, it's good to know many vegan restaurants to choose from.

One of the reasons for the increased interest in veganism is, of course, the ongoing ‘animal rights movement. Plant-based food is proven to have many benefits for the health of humans and is a catalyst for weight loss and a reduction of cardiovascular disease risk.

One of the main ways vegans and vegetarians combat the heart-disease risk is by changing their diets and incorporating more plant-based foods. In addition, today's fast-food culture in developed countries is relatively oblivious to its customers' meat and dairy products.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona

You'll probably eat better vegan food here than you ever imagined. In addition to the restaurants below, Barcelona is home to many vegetarian, vegan, and raw food restaurants.  Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona can be found in many places.

Located within the massive stadium of FC Barcelona, Pinara is the place to go if you want an upscale experience without worrying about the food poisoning that can be associated with this famous stadium. This menu is curated by chefs Carles Castillo and Daniella Robles, whose menu includes inspired classics such as harissa-dusted seitan, Tarte Tatin, and of course, barbecued rabbit.

For a city known for so much delicious animal protein, you'd expect Barcelona to be flush with vegan restaurants, but there are surprisingly few. Of course, they're all conveniently located in the city's historic centre, and most of them offer great vegan tapas.

Many feature the odd vegetable or two on the menu too. And most of the owners are passionate vegans themselves. Vegetarians and vegans do have a few dining options, though. As well as all the vegan-friendly restaurants, you'll also find several trendy vegan restaurants just outside the city centre.

Barcelona is home to some high-end vegan restaurants where adventurous vegans can genuinely experience the food that goes into being an ethical vegetarian, like a caviar sandwich or “fish” (that's tuna, but in Catalan, it's called “fish”). Other veggie-friendly options include fishless sushi and shakshuka made with tofu.

Vegetarian food is a trendy choice amongst the city's nightlife scene, where vegetarian restaurants and bars have sprung up like mushrooms (with “mycelium” being a popular foodie subject). Another incredible vegan selection in Barcelona is the world's first vegan bakery, which opened in 2005. Vegan wedding cakes, pies, cakes, pastries and sweets are all made in-house.

The Vegan Food Scene In Barcelona

New restaurants pop up all the time, unique interest places like vegan ice-cream cafes, vegan tapas bars serving vegan ‘blondies' and such. Whatever the occasion, you can always rely on your vegan friends to help plan your next fiesta. Lemon Grass – family restaurant, lunchtime buffet – at La Boqueria market; French cuisine, farm-fresh ingredients, fantastic range of vegetarian dishes, delicious vegan dishes and so on. It's open from Monday to Saturday, noon-7pm. (Try the curried butternut squash spaghetti, the house-made chocolate mousse and the blueberry and oat dessert with lemon gelée.)

There's a wide range of vegan restaurants in Barcelona. Many of them are located in the city's Gothic neighbourhood, which is right in the middle of all the action on Las Ramblas and around Passeig de Gracia. It's even easier to find vegan restaurants in this area because the restaurants are small, often part of smaller businesses, and there are many of them.

So there is usually more than one to choose from, and they tend to offer reasonably large portions, making the whole experience very affordable. Barcelona is a tourist city, which means there are plenty of delicious foods to try, even if you are vegan or vegetarian. However, with so many great options, you may feel overwhelmed trying to choose one thing.

According to Barcelona Vegans, the leading website for vegans in Barcelona, there are about 11 vegan restaurants in the city. There is also a thriving foodie scene featuring vegan and vegetarian street food, yoga, yoga retreats and countless outdoor vegan food markets.

According to Barcelona Vegans, the city's famous Mercat de Gracia market features a massive vegan food stall, which sells “the best vegan churros in the world,” according to Barcelona Vegans. Additionally, you can check out Barcelona's vegan bakery, Modern Vegan Bakery, awarded “the best vegan bakery in Europe” in 2015. The top vegan restaurant in Barcelona is also arguably the most famous one in the city: Toast! Trattoria.

What Are The Best Vegan Dishes In Barcelona

What Are The Best Vegan Dishes In Barcelona?

Start the meal with delicious rice or bread and a salad of cucumber and tomatoes, marinated in olive oil and topped with fresh herbs and cheese on the side.  Next, head to Altoparíma, a trendy vegan restaurant with an impressive, internationally recognized vegan menu and a great selection of wine.

Try out the oven-baked pumpkin seed pizza and one of the avocados or caramelized onion burgers, along with a glass of fresh, organic apple juice. Vegan chef Anabel Santiago's vegan restaurant Nous Dançons, in the center of Barcelona, is also a fantastic restaurant for vegans. With its terrace and beautifully tiled interior, it has the feel of a traditional Spanish tapas bar.

The Azul Vegan group is quite active on Instagram, and these are some of their top recommendations:

  • Arroz con pollo de la gallega (an authentic Spanish dish)
  • Embajada con gofio de ají (An incredibly popular chicken casserole, with a generous helping of vegan black pudding)

There are many beautiful restaurants to choose from, from high-end restaurants serving international dishes to high-quality local offerings.

Plant-based grub in Barcelona means trying out a good range of delicious and inventive dishes.

Vegan Gringa

For visitors wanting a meat-free yet authentic experience in the city, Vegan Gringa should undoubtedly be at the top of their list. The restaurant's motto is “no use for animals,” and, despite their focus on meat-free food, this restaurant does have plenty of options for vegans, including vegan Spanish ham, mushroom stews and cashew cheese. What's more, the restaurant works with ethical, cruelty-free and local producers, so all their ingredients are entirely organic.

La Casita Del Pop

An elegant yet unpretentious option, the menu at La Casita del Pop is based on fresh, traditional cuisine.

Vegan-Friendly Bars And Coffee Shops

The whole city of Barcelona seems to be filled with vegan and vegetarian food. From restaurants and markets to hotels and public transport, restaurants and bars are packed with delicious options, all of which are based on an animal-free diet. Over 100 restaurants in the city feature vegan menus.

Given how well-developed Barcelona's vegetarian and vegan scene is, it's no wonder that there are so many options on the menu and so many places where you can take in the beautiful view and eat a fresh, vegan meal. At family-friendly discount supermarket Il Bacco, over 50 vegan products are available, from sausage rolls to fruit and vegetables.

Barcelona is home to one of the world's largest vegan networks. More and more Barcelona chefs emphasize eating well for health, sustainability, and ethical reasons rather than sacrificing flavour for profit, and veganism is the latest addition to the city's ever-growing culinary repertoire.

Some of the most exciting restaurants in the city specialize in vegan and vegetarian food. In contrast, others exclusively offer vegan options, and all of them are making a significant impact in the Spanish restaurant scene.

In addition to the city's many wineries, restaurants and shops selling all things jamón, the place to be if you're on the search for your next vegan drink is El Costeños. A staple in Barcelona, the brunch hangout offers organic juices, teas, and cocktails alongside vegan street food. If you want to work off those carbs with something healthy, head to the town's My Mister Café, which also offers smoothies, juices and acai bowls.

While vegan menus are well represented in Barcelona's famous tapas bars, vegans are often relegated to cheap snacks like nuts and olives, which is why we suggest heading to Echoparc's Viva Vermuteria or Útapalari, two Spanish bars and restaurants, for their vegan-friendly selections.

How To Make The Transition To A vegan Diet?

Vegan food is very, very tasty, and no animal has suffered due to its creation. Most vegan foods are straightforward to make and would make great meals for the whole family. But to eat the perfect vegan diet daily, you need to have a varied, low-carb, plant-based diet.

This is the golden rule of an incredible vegan diet.  There are lots of great resources for achieving the perfect diet for your vegan lifestyle. Vegan shoes can help you get started.  Areas for improvement:  The food is more expensive in Barcelona than in the USA. For example, a baguette is around 3 Euros, and a chicken sandwich is around 6 Euros. Of course, this is because it is better and is, therefore, worth paying more for.

Spain's high-quality vegetables, fruit, and many dishes make it easy to eat vegan. And even if you're not able to eat at many restaurants, there are tons of vegetarian and vegan-friendly take-out options throughout the city. It's simple:

Choose a plant-based meal plan. Try La Carnea, a diet combining pulses, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Start with the bean taco bowl, chickpea tagine, acorn squash, courgette, and cauliflower pizza. If you're already eating a vegan diet, then you can continue with the same meals.


Vegans travel in all corners of the world. Just as significantly, the world is a much more socially-accepting place regarding diet and lifestyle changes. Even if your country has a reputation as a country that doesn't embrace such behaviours, your city or city region might be your best bet. A food destination might be high up on your list of vacation spots, but it can't be its only reason for visiting.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Best Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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