Best Vegan Restaurants In Belgium

Best Vegan Restaurants In Belgium

Best Vegan Restaurants In Belgium

You might not think of Belgium when it comes to vegan or vegetarian cuisine. After all, moules-frites are the national meal, and other delicacies include meatballs and shrimp croquettes. Do you have to eat waffles if you don't want to eat meat in Belgium?

Not in the least. In Belgium, vegetarian friendly cuisine is available—and it's rather good vegetarian friendly food at that. Several vegan and vegetarian restaurants are gaining popularity for their unique dishes that are devoid of animal ingredients and packed with flavour.

Consider a tasting meal that takes you on a sensory and seasonal trip through a vegetable farm. Plates piled high with raw, nutrient-dense veggies harvested that day. Colorful recipes that could persuade even the most adamant meat eater to change his mind. Veganism is fast gaining popularity in Belgium.

These restaurants are also leading the way in terms of sustainability by shifting to a plant-focused food paradigm. Many people prioritize organic and locally farmed foods, emphasizing healthy eating while also decreasing food waste and CO2 emissions.

So, whether you're seeking affordable vegetarian food, ideally with a buffet, or you won't accept anything less than a Michelin star, our list of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Belgium will satisfy your palate. We've included some vegetarian establishments outside of Brussels, demonstrating that the country is on its way to becoming a truly meat-free culinary destination.

Bon Bon, Bruxelles

If you've never thought of cooking as an art form, two Michelin-starred Bon Bon is about to alter your mind. The restaurant's concept includes a focus on origins, paying respectful attention to culinary traditions, and providing an experience that engages all of the senses.

The restaurant's classic design with dark wood and comfy seating is complemented by its modern approach to dining, which is owned by couple Christophe and Stéphanie Hardiquest.

At Bon Bon, there are two menus to pick from: the Seasons Garden tasting menu, which puts the vegetable kingdom front and center, but in a way you've never seen it before, and the Bon Bon menu. There's also the Belgian Journey Menu, which showcases the finest of Belgian food with a modern twist.

While Bon Bon isn't fully vegan or vegetarian, the company's focus remains on high-quality ingredients, and the number of meat-free alternatives is growing. There is such a thing as healthy fine dining, and it looks just like Bon Bon.

Humus & Hortense, Bruxelles

Humus & Hortense, Bruxelles

Humus & Hortense has been dubbed the “world's greatest vegan restaurant” at the We're Smart Taste Summit in Amsterdam in 2019 and is unquestionably one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Brussels. The restaurant is also totally devoted to sustainability, having been created through a cooperation between an expert mixologist and a chef with a love for making veggies perform at their best.

In the kitchen, for example, they utilize a roots-to-leave method to prevent food waste, which includes zero-waste cocktails produced from discarded herbs, infusions, and fermentations. All of the food is organic, seasonal, and, to the extent feasible, local. In fact, a large portion of it is grown in the restaurant's own garden.

The restaurant itself is a small space with a friendly atmosphere, and the interior architecture is a blend of Art Nouveau and majestic Baroque, with a stucco ceiling.

What about the food? Texture, look, and scent are just as essential as flavor at Humus & Hortense, which makes many of the meals quite attractive. Vegetables, as one might think, take center stage, even appearing in sweets such as candied beetroot.

Le Botaniste, Ghent & Brussels

Le Botaniste, Ghent & Brussels

The inventive notion of offering guests botanical remedies in the shape of plant-based ‘bowls' arose in a 19th-century drugstore. Today, the restaurant continues to provide meals that are as nutritious as they are tasty, displaying the greatest seasonal organic plant products in a fresh and appealing way.

Le Botaniste offers a relaxed and uncomplicated eating experience in an open, light-filled atmosphere. It offers 99 percent organic and 100 percent plant-based options, re-imagining fast food by making daily plant consumption easy, simple, and surprisingly tasty.

As one of the best plant-based restaurants in the country, and a top contender for the best vegetarian restaurant in Brussels, it offers 99 percent organic and 100 percent plant-based options, re-imagining fast food by making daily plant consumption easy, simple, and surprisingly tasty.

Indeed, rather than being a last-minute side order, plants have been restored to pride of position in the kitchen, and the restaurant's tagline is #bringtheplantback.

Le Botaniste, a strong candidate for Belgium's finest vegan restaurant, also aims to produce as little trash as possible, reduce energy use, and offset greenhouse gas emissions by supporting a Ghana-based climate initiative that distributes energy-efficient cooking stoves. As part of the restaurant's tree-planting campaign, customers may even ‘add a tree' to their meals.

CHYL Café, Bruxelles

CHYL Café, Bruxelles

CHerish Your Life (CHYL) stands for Change Your Lifestyle, then Cherish Your Life, and spending a few hours there is undoubtedly uplifting and transforming.

CHYL is a relatively recent and extremely welcome addition to the capital's gourmet scene, serving as a sustainable beauty corner, organic food shop, stylish café, and all-around veggie retreat.

The fishbone parquet and high ceilings of this refurbished ancient townhouse off the capital's upscale Avenue Louise scream elegance, fireplaces, and moldings, as well as pot plants and thrift-store furniture for a genuine and laid-back atmosphere.

The first-floor café, which serves mezze and other unique vegetarian cuisine, invites office workers to take their time and have a nutritious breakfast or lunch.

CHYL, an extremely fashionable place in Ixelles, is both, a restaurant and a store where customers can bring their own containers to fill up with organic and eco goods (try the truffle mayonnaise), reducing packaging and saving money.

Meanwhile, CHYL's kitchen features a variety of prepared and raw meals made using sustainably sourced and seasonal ingredients. CHYL is one of the best vegan breakfast spots in the city, with hefty burgers, flavor-packed juices, delectable pastries, and five different brunch choices on Sundays, firmly dispelling any concept of healthy cuisine being dull.

Liu Lin

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Casual dining Asian restaurant serving Taiwanese, Chinese, and other Southeast Asian dishes. Choices include different fried foods like mock shrimp/calamari and wontons, plus curry and rice, soup noodles, dry rice noodles, and dumplings. Est. 2019.

Be Nuts, Bruxelles

The Be Nuts vegan café opened their doors in 2019. You can enjoy coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Their nut-based cookies and cakes are delicious. Be nuts also serves a soup of the day plus hummus sandwich and salads.

Buddy Buddy Vegan Café, Bruxelles

Buddy Buddy Vegan Café, Bruxelles

Buddy Buddy is a vegan cafe and coffee bar that offers cakes, pastries, chai and coffee. Their menu features hot vegan empanadas that change flavours regularly. They may include vegan meat, nut butter and vegetables. Buddy Buddy is known for their nut butters.

Komkommertijd, Ghent

Komkommertijd, Ghent

In carnivorous Belgium, all-you-can-eat vegan buffets are as rare as the Holy Grail, so when one as consistently good as Komkommertijd arises, news gets around.

Veggie-loving Gentenaars recognize a gem when they see one, and the Komkommertijd (a clever play on the words cucumber and silly season in Dutch) has been hailed as a warm vegan Valhalla.

For Ghent's many health-conscious eaters, their takeout option has been a lifesaver.

It is a budget-friendly plant-powered meat-free cuisine in this bustling cultural hub, Komkommertijd, located in the heart of the ancient port city of Ghent, should be your first stop.

Vegan favorites like pumpkin and bean casserole, vegan scrambled eggs, hearty vegan carbonara, and deep-fried lentils are on the menu.

But what is the restaurant's finest feature? The all-you-can-eat buffet, with a strong focus on veggies. What do you think of aubergine pakoras, potato gratin, and coconut cake for dessert?

The restaurant aims to utilize as much organic and fair-trade products as possible, and because the menu changes frequently, it's well worth returning back.

Arabelle Meirlaen, Liège

Arabelle Meirlaen, Liège

Veggie-focused restaurants are still underrepresented in today's Michelin and Gault-Millau recommendations, but Arabelle Meirlaen is driving the way in Marchin.

The Michelin-starred chef is inspired by her own Garden of Eden, reaching into her vegetable and herb patch to turn its bounty into meals brimming with flavour and edible blossoms. It doesn't get much fresher than this when it comes to haute cuisine.

Arabelle Meirlaen is a Michelin-starred chef whose eponymous restaurant is one of the most popular vegan, vegetarian, and sustainable eating venues in Brussels.

The We're Smart Green Guide voted Meirlaen the greatest vegetable chef of 2019, indicating that she is capable of creating flavorful plant-based cuisine.

Her contemporary Liège restaurant features a stunning vegetable garden, chicken coop, and beehives. From the freshness and brilliant colors of spring through the mushrooms, root vegetables, and spicy flavors of fall, the emphasis in the kitchen is on seasonal food.

Arabelle describes her culinary method as “intuitive,” concentrating on what feels good to our bodies as the weather and seasons change. Her food also incorporates everything she's learnt about herbalism, naturopathy, and Ayurveda cookery.

Menus are altered on a regular basis depending on the garden harvest, but it remains one of Belgium's top vegan restaurants. Arabelle also has gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free options available. Fermentation and pickling reduce waste in the kitchen, while a large wine cellar rounds off the experience.

Why not treat yourself to a post-pampering treat after a stay at one of Belgium's greatest spa retreats? The restaurant is little over an hour from the City of Spa.

Copper Branch, Bruxelles

Copper Branch, Bruxelles

Looking for a vegan restaurant in Brussels that isn't too expensive? Although Copper Branch is a chain, we would be remiss if we did not include it on our list because it is great for anyone searching for a quick plant-based pick-me-up.

The Canadian company's objective is to deliver simple, wholesome, and high-quality food at a fair price. Copper Branch is here to make sure that health-conscious wholefoods that are healthy for the Earth don't have to cost the earth.

Well-rounded meals made with carefully selected ingredients will leave you energized and ready to take on the day. We really like the power bowls, which feature a foundation (brown rice, quinoa, or konjac noodles), a protein (tempeh, tofu, teriyaki, or carrot keftedes), and a variety of toppings (spiced chickpeas, edamame salad, and so on).

After that, drink a powerful smoothie made with spinach, strawberry, banana, chocolate, cinnamon, and hemp seeds, which is packed with plant-based nourishment.

Dolma's Restaurant, Bruxelles

Dolma has been offering highly regarded vegetarian cuisine in Brussels since 1973, making it one of the city's first plant-based eating establishments. It specialized on macrobiotic food when it initially started, but now it just serves vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Vincent Philippot, the proprietor, was raised as a vegetarian in a hippy commune with his parents. The restaurant, however, is more current eco chic than 70s bohemian, with natural hardwoods and plants. Meanwhile, the dishes are unique and innovative, including all seasonal ingredients and changing on a regular basis.

While some items (such as avocados) are off-limits due to the restaurant's concentration on local food, you won't feel like you're missing out until you're presented with a platter of the restaurant's fresh, delicious-smelling, vegetable-led concoctions. The fact that a large number of the diners are meat eaters tells you all you need to know.

Les 4 Jeudis, Bruxelles

Les 4 Jeudis, Bruxelles

One of the major advantages of vegetarian and vegan cuisine is that it is extremely healthful. This is especially true at Les 4 Jeudis, where the chef employs complicated lacto-fermentation techniques to preserve the veggies' outstanding nutritional profile.

Consider a citrus-marinated vegetable carpaccio with goji berry sauce. Tabbouleh with butternut squash and curry. Fennel and Chinese cabbage with a sweet vinaigrette Turnip, mushroom cream, and buckwheat lentil burgers For dessert, how about a creamy apple and date mousse with chocolate crumble?

The portions are large, the environment is cheerful and welcoming, everything is prepared to perfection, service is prompt, and there is a range of ethical and sustainable drinks.

The main drawback is that it is only open at lunch.

Is There Vegetarian Food In Belgium?

Is There Vegetarian Food In Belgium?

While traditional Belgian cuisine is not vegetarian-friendly, there is delicious vegetarian food available in Belgium, with a growing number of new eateries offering meat-free alternatives to the classic Belgian moules-frites.

Is Belgium Suitable For Vegans?

While Belgium has not always been particularly vegan-friendly, more and more eateries are opening these days that cater to both vegetarians and vegans. For ideas, see our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Belgium.

Is Brussels Suitable For Vegans?

Brussels, as Belgium's capital, is one of the greatest destinations in the country to discover vegan-friendly cuisine. Vegan-friendly restaurants for all budgets, as well as vegan cafés for lunch or brunch, may be found across the city.

Is There A Vegan And Vegetarian Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Belgium?

Is There A Vegan And Vegetarian Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Belgium?

Bon Bon, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Belgium, is expanding its vegan and vegetarian menu. Then there's Arabelle Meirlaen, a Michelin-starred chef who runs Arabelle Meirlaen, a plant-based restaurant in Marchin.

Following Ghent's lead in waving the Belgian vegetable flag and designating every Thursday “veggie day,” other large towns have begun to follow suit. In the last decade, the little country has grown vegetarian eateries like mushrooms. Here is a list of the healthiest choices, ranging from opulent vegan banquets to fashionable raw food establishments.

Lukemieke, Leuven

Lukemieke in Leuven has two locations where you may enjoy their fresh biological plates every day. Inside, the vibe is laid-back and inviting, with fresh tiramisu and desserts calling to you from the counter. The city garden compliments the seasonal vegetables on your plate well in the spring and summer.

Avalon, Ghent

Avalon, Ghent

Avalon, another of Ghent's vegetarian temples of devotion, has a legendary ring to it. The lunch restaurant near to the city's 12th-century Castle of the Counts has gratefully stayed true to its medieval roots by naming itself after a fictional island from King Arthur stories. Fortunately, the costs for their vibrant daily plates aren't as famous, and for around 15 euros, you'll leave with a tummy full of fresh vegetables.

Tasty World, Ghent

Large Belgian cities have recently been known for their high-quality burger establishments, but as a vegetarian choice, the same old Portobello mushroom alternative, as wonderful as it is, may get monotonous. Tasty World is a Ghentian burger establishment that offers 15 different veggie burgers for €6.50 each. For an added health boost, pair your original chilli burger or hazelnut burger with one of their to-go smoothies.

Mun Food Café, Bruxelles

Belgium has finally joined the raw food bandwagon, after a long wait. Moonfood Café, a beautiful wood and concrete location in Brussels where Thierry Aerts serves up live vegan food under the leadership of Annie Jubb, a bio-based nutrition pioneer, is one of the pioneers leading the charge. Nothing at Moonfood is cooked over 46 degrees Celsius to preserve the nutritious content of all of the ingredients (114.8 degrees Fahrenheit). To remove contaminants, the water is filtered nine times using a reverse osmosis system.

Lombardia, Antwerp

Lombardia, Antwerp

The photos on Lombardia's walls attest to the vegetarian eatery's celebrity reputation throughout the years. Alain Indria, the owner and ex-pro surfer, is a colourful character who has welcomed many national and international A-listers to his splashy café. They arrived for the GingerLove, a handcrafted cocktail made famous by Sting and The Wall Street Journal, but lingered for the delectable vegetarian fare. If ginger isn't your cup of tea, try India's vegan cappuccino or GreenLove, two more delicious originals.

De Broers Of Julienne, Antwerp

De Broers of Julienne (“The Brothers of Julienne”) have lived by the motto “Love people, prepare them delicious cuisine” since 1993, and boy, do they deliver. The Antwerp institution's exquisite bread and butter are quiches and sweet pastries, but the brothers also produce a good seafood stew. Juliette, their younger sister, is already six years old and is an excellent place for take-out and a fast lunch in the area of Het Zuid.

Aahaar, Antwerp

Aahaar, Indian cuisine in the heart of Antwerp's diamond area, gets top marks on the price-quality scale. The restaurant is known for its 10-euro buffet (you can also order off the menu), which draws on historic vegetarian traditions and spices to make you forget about meat.

Conclusion To The Best Vegan Restaurants In Belgium


As you can see in this article, Belgium offers vegetarian and even vegan cuisines. Many Belgium cities feature vegan restaurants. Especially Brussels and Ghent are among the friendliest cities for vegan food.

There are many vegan restaurants that are gaining popularity for their colourful and healthy meals. So if you are travelling in Europe as a vegan make sure you stop in Belgium.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Vegan Restaurants In Belgium. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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