Best Vegan Restaurants In Denmark

Best Vegan Restaurants In Denmark

Best Vegan Restaurants In Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark's ancient capital, has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, notably vegetarian food, with numerous renowned raw bars. The Culture Trip has compiled a list of the city's best vegetarian restaurants.

Bio Mio

This restaurant, located in the meatpacking neighbourhood of Vesterbro, is housed in an ancient motor shop with the name Bosch inscribed on the ceiling. The restaurant features an open kitchen with high wooden tables and chairs, and the menu is made entirely of organic products and is vegan and vegetarian friendly, with a few meat items available for those who like them.


This raw bar serves cuisine in its purest form, with practically everything on the menu served totally raw and the remainder cooked in a dehydration vacuum to a maximum temperature of 42 degrees. Muesli, Thai noodles, and risotto are among the menu offerings, as are a selection of juices.



Botaniq is a 100% vegan restaurant that serves brunches, snacks, and regular meals to vegetarians. All of the food is organic, and you may order it raw if you want to retain the nutrients. Even after the kitchen has closed, this restaurant provides a range of organic cocktails and wine that may be ordered. Botaniq is completely eco-friendly, thus all meals are ordered on a tablet, which eliminates the use of paper.



This café, housed in a little white home, is basic and unassuming, and upon entering, it provides a comfortable, intimate setting in which to enjoy a good lunch. The meal is entirely vegetarian and created using organic ingredients. Hearty dishes such as tofu mushroom fry and bean pottage, as well as hummus and a wide range of herbal teas, are on the menu.


SimpleRAW strives to give a well-balanced meal to all of its clients by using raw products without preservatives or additions. This restaurant also works with clients to avoid allergic reactions, so that everyone may enjoy their yogurt, dips, salads, and wraps.



These plant-based enterprises have put Copenhagen at the top of our trip list, from zero-waste gourmet restaurants to real vegan bakery shops.

No matter where we go around the globe, vegans can always find something to eat these days. There is a difference between finding something to eat and genuinely enjoying an excellent vegan dinner, according to the self-proclaimed “foodie.” Although Copenhagen isn't known for its vegan restaurants (yet), these five vegan-friendly eateries will have you packing your bags in no time.

1. Souls

Souls is the place to go for an award-winning dining experience. The Danish Takeaway Awards honoured this plant-based bistro as Best Up-and-Coming Restaurant and Most Sustainable Restaurant, while the Berlingske's City's Best Awards named it the Best Vegan Restaurant in Copenhagen.

Expect comfort cuisine like burgers, a chilli bowl, and wonderfully cooked roasted veggies instead of typical Danish fare (the restaurant is owned and run by two Australians). The all-day cuisine is moderately priced, and the ambience is easygoing yet sophisticated. There's no excuse not to visit this establishment, especially since it has two handy locations inside Copenhagen.

2. Morgenstedet

Morgenstedet is a vegetarian restaurant that offers a variety of vegan alternatives. Despite the fact that the restaurant's name means “morning spot,” this volunteer-run café is open all day. The menu fluctuates depending on what the kitchen has on hand, but delicious salads crafted with colourful produce, relaxing scratch-made soups, and vibrant veggie sides can always be counted on.

Expect a creamy carrot soup with a herby chickpea salad, pickled red cabbage, and a hefty loaf of freshly baked bread on any given weekday. The café is within a short walk from Christiania, a free community where marijuana is sold and used lawfully. Morgenstedet is a terrific spot to cure a case of healthy munchies if that's your thing.

Cafe Kaf

3. Cafe Kaf

As a visitor (or even a native), one must follow the unwritten norm of eating danish while in Denmark. Going without would be the equivalent of denying a croissant in France or skipping pizza in Italy. Fortunately, Denmark's first and only vegan pastry shop has perfected this buttery, flaky delight, as well as a variety of other delectable treats.

Stock up on vegan croissants, cheesecakes, cakes, and, of course, danishes in a variety of flavours. Can't make up your mind? The Turtle Cheesecake, cream-filled spandauers (a Danish pastry), and simple plain croissants are among local favourites. The bakery also offers a gluten-free menu with the same selection of pastries, ensuring that no one is left out.

4. Urten

Urten is a vegan restaurant to visit if you want to dine by candlelight. Seasonally driven and organic food produced with locally sourced ingredients is the hallmarks of this fully plant-based, high-end restaurant.

A Thai soup appetizer, a veggie paella entrée, and a vanilla pannacotta for dessert are among the current choices on the ever-changing menu, which is inspired by world cuisine. Make your reservations as soon as possible after purchasing your aircraft ticket, since tables fill up quickly.

5. Plant Power Food

Don't be shocked if you see an influencer or two at this vegetable-focused, gourmet restaurant—it's a magnet for both vegan and non-vegan Instagram celebs. Vegan, oil-free, and developed with the premise that everyone eats with their eyes, the impeccably prepared dishes are always vegan.

The menu contains every component of a vegetable, from the truffle-dusted velvety pumpkin spaghetti to the sweet potato-and-cress-filled rice paper dumplings, as Plant Power Food is a zero-waste institution. You've assured a one-of-a-kind eating experience no matter what you order.

With Michelin-starred restaurants, a diverse range of foreign cuisines, fantastic food markets, and vibrant coffee culture, Copenhagen is a foodie's dream.

Vegans and vegetarians are very well cared for in the city, which has a plethora of chic, offbeat cafés and restaurants where you can indulge in plant-based delicacies.

Here's a brief rundown of the top vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Copenhagen.

Best For Local Vegan And Veggie Food

Best For Local Vegan And Veggie Food

Simple Raw's vegan variation on smorrebrod, the iconic Danish open sandwich, is an excellent pick for lunch — their whole menu is vegan and gluten-free, with no preservatives, chemicals, colouring, or sugar.

Morganstedet in Freetown Christiania, the city's famed semi-autonomous alternative enclave, is also worth a visit for a really unique Copenhagen experience.

This organic vegetarian café, run by volunteer cooks and waiters, is a local and visitor favorite for its wonderful home-cooked food and welcoming ambiance.

Best For Everyday Eats

Do you want to eat a lot of substantial food? Then go to Souls, a restaurant established by a couple of Australians that specializes in organic, vegan, and gluten-free cuisine that even the most adamant carnivores will like.

Savour juicy burgers with seitan ‘bacon' and vegan cheese, as well as meatless chilli sin carne. Come for the deluxe brunch, sinful desserts, and classic drinks, or come for the deluxe brunch, sinful desserts, and classic cocktails.

Of course, there are occasions when just pizza will suffice. Madenitaly, Denmark's first vegan Italian restaurant, is located near the historic Nyhavn harbour and provides delicious handcrafted pizzas, pasta, pastries, and plant-based cheeses.

The Best Food Courts

The Best Food Courts

Copenhagen has a plethora of dining halls with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Surf Shack (an extension of Souls, as described above) delivers delicious plant-based burgers and mushroom calamari at the Torvehallerne glass market hall.

Alternatively, visit The Organic Boho for vibrant açai bowls and smoothies served in recyclable cups and straws.

Two Monkeys serves delicious plant-based burgers and a vegan cheese plate at Boltens Grd, while Hope Salat & Juice serves hefty salad bowls, sweet potato fries, and organic juices.

Best For Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a Copenhagen institution, and Polsevogn carts can be seen all over the city.

In the city, award-winning DOP has a pair of organic hot dog carts where you can enjoy a modern Nordic touch on the classic, including a tofu-based vegetarian dog.

For true vegan fast food, head to Plantepølsen (The Plant Sausage) on one of Copenhagen’s hippest streets, Jægersborggade in the Nørrebro district.

It only provides vegan hot dogs prepared from fresh, unprocessed veggies and vegetable pulp derived from organic, cold-pressed juice by-products.

There are a number of flavours to select from, such as smoked beetroot and chilli or carrot and oregano, and toppings include anything from traditional ketchup and mustard to Asian-inspired daikon, peanuts, and cilantro.

Best For Street Food

Best For Street Food

The Bridge Street Kitchen and Reffen, the city's two street food markets, both have ideal waterfront locations on Copenhagen's harbour and provide a fair selection of cuisine for vegetarians and vegans.

Grod, a local veggie favorite, has a stand at Bridge Street Kitchen, where you can sample its famed porridge (also vegan), as well as savoury meals like risotto and dhal.

California Kitchen also has a stand here, dishing customers healthful bowls of Japanese and Mexican-inspired cuisine that are all vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

The stalls at Reffen are made out of shipping containers, creating an intriguing environment for great street food. Organic Balance delivers vegan Asian cuisine — the noodle-stuffed spring rolls are a must-try.

Best For Danish Pastries

Indulging in Danish pastries is a must-do in Copenhagen, and vegans are not excluded from this flaky pleasure.

Vegan cinnamon buns, croissants, and delectable tebirkes are available at Det Rene Brod bakery. These scrumptious pastries are topped with poppy seeds and loaded with melted margarine and sugar, much like their butter-filled siblings.

Landbageriet is a specialty bakery that also makes delicious vegan brownies, cakes, pastries, muffins, and bars. This guide has even more recommendations for where to get delicious pastries!

Best For Vegan Ice Cream

When the weather is shining and you need a cold treat, stop by Nicecream for vegan ice cream.

This small chain's three Copenhagen locations provide coconut milk-based scoops, cookie sandwiches, sundaes, and popsicles in flavours ranging from standard chocolate to more unusual beetroot and tahini.

Banana, a creamy plant-based delight with a variety of great toppings, is another tasty ice cream option. Banana employs about-to-be-discarded bananas to make a creamy plant-based treat with a variety of delicious toppings.

Best For Fine-Dining

Best For Fine-Dining

Copenhagen's restaurants have a total of 22 Michelin stars, with several of them catering to vegetarians and vegans.

VeVe, a gourmet vegetarian restaurant, offers a vegan-friendly seasonal tasting menu, while Relæ, a Michelin-starred New Nordic restaurant, and Formel B, a French-influenced restaurant, also have vegetarian tasting menus.

Kokkeriet, which has one Michelin star, offers a vegan version of their tasting menu, which includes delectable flavour combinations like beetroot, cherry, and tarragon.

In the summer, the world-famous Noma serves an all vegetable-based tasting menu (also available in a vegan version) with inventive concoctions like celeriac shawarma, if your money allows it.

Copenhagen offers a surprising number of totally vegetarian (and vegan) restaurants to choose from, which is a pleasant departure from settling for whatever vegetarian item is crammed onto the usual menu.

Whether you have high expectations or are only visiting Copenhagen for a short time, you'll want to know which restaurants are the best to avoid missing out. Here are our top five vegetarian cuisine choices in Denmark's capital.

Do You Want To Know If Vegan And Vegetarian Are The Same Things?

If you're wondering whether veganism and vegetarianism are the same things, we've got you covered! Vegans, in general, do not eat any animal products, which include not just meat but also dairy and eggs. Some people even refuse to consume honey.

Vegetarians typically eat dairy and eggs while avoiding meat. On rare occasions, some people consume fish. As a result, although a vegetarian would normally be content dining at a vegan restaurant, a vegan may find it difficult to dine in a vegetarian restaurant in Copenhagen if the meals are prepared using butter, for example.

Copenhagen's Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Copenhagen's Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Let's have a look at some of Copenhagen's greatest vegetarian eateries!


This Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen's sterbro neighbourhood has a fantastic setting in an old converted warehouse! A wine-matching menu is available to go with the greatest vegetarian cuisine. This vegetarian restaurant in Copenhagen has a sophisticated Danish menu with a vegetarian touch that may be altered for vegans with previous notice.

Wasabi mushrooms and beetroot tarts are among the appetizers, as are fresh danish potatoes and asparagus flans. Here's where you can find the menu and wine matching selections. A nice pre-theatre / early bird meal is also available, as well as a takeout option.

California Kitchen

This renowned vegetarian hotspot is located on the Norrebrogade and is a Danish vegetarian restaurant with a Californian flair. Salad bowls with California designs as well as Mexican ones are available. The restaurant's concept is delicious cuisine that is both healthy and affordable.

Of course, in typical California flair, you can have anything from the juice bar. The quantity of the food servings and the healthy selections are the key selling features, according to Trip Advisor. This Copenhagen vegetarian restaurant is a terrific location to stop for lunch.


What better location to look for a different cuisine than Christiania? In this chic semi-autonomous neighborhood in the center of Copenhagen, Morgenstedet serves vegetarian cuisine. All of the ingredients are not only vegetarian, but also organically grown. Here, you'll run across a mix of residents and visitors. The website is presently only available in Danish; you may visit it here.

This local favorite has been providing organic, meat-free meals for over 20 years, and no list of vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen is complete without it. It's headquartered in Christiania, a self-governing neighborhood with its own set of laws, such as allowing only locals to drive. This has led to Morgenstedet's uniqueness as a model of effective collectivism and volunteerism.

Customers assist with the setup by bringing their own cutlery and drinks, as well as removing their tables when they are finished, which helps to keep pricing low. You can receive a cooked dinner, salad, and change for a very reasonable 100 Krone. The menu is tiny and varied, changing daily depending on whose chef is in the kitchen. Even the furniture is a weird hodgepodge, yet it's distinctive in all the best ways.


Although raw food is popular, it isn't the only thing on the menu at this vegetarian restaurant in Copenhagen, which began as the city's first raw food bar. 42Raw, which is two years shy of its tenth birthday, now has a comprehensive vegetarian menu that is supposed to appeal to both vegetarians and omnivores. It's no surprise, given the vibrant variety on offer — no boring salads here (although there are salads).

Comfort food, such as pizza and lasagne, coexists with delectable breakfasts and mainstays like sandwiches. The expression “something for everyone” has never been more accurate! There are no reservations made, but the three stores are open virtually all year: Waterfront and Pilestrde are only closed on December 24th, 25th, and 26th, while Fredericksberg is closed for the holidays.

Formel B

Although not strictly a vegetarian destination, A vegetarian variation of the tasting menu is provided at Formel B, a French-inspired Danish restaurant. This vegetarian restaurant in Copenhagen, located on the Vesterbrogade, has stunning décor and exceptional high-end service. Vegetarians don't have to lose out on the experience thanks to a Michelin-starred meal coupled with wines.


Never fear if your budget won't allow you to visit a Michelin-starred restaurant. You can still find delicious vegetarian meals in other places. Groed is an example of this, having sites all throughout the city. It specializes in healthy vegetarian cuisine, and you can purchase their famed porridges for breakfast or one of their dhaal curries for lunch in some of the local markets.

Copenhagen's Best Vegan Restaurants

If you're afraid about a vegetarian restaurant contaminating your food with dairy or eggs, try one of these places with a 100% vegan menu.


Ark is one of the best choices for vegetarian meals in Copenhagen on TripAdvisor, thanks to a fantastic menu and excellent service. Not only that but it was named one of the top 12 new restaurants in 2021 by Condé Nast Traveler! That is an excellent suggestion. Here you will find a great dining plant-based meal combined with beautiful beverages. It's the ideal spot for plant-based foodies looking for a romantic vegan lunch!

Plant Power Food

Plant Power Food is a healthy pit stop that serves a broad variety of plant-based cuisine, as the name implies. The restaurant, which is located on Faelledvej 15, can provide creamy pasta dishes, desserts, and “meaty” meals without the use of dairy or meat.

Allow the restaurant to make the decision for you and choose from one of the four or six dish vegan dinners! In order to produce a substantial and hearty plant-based alternative to meat, mushrooms, artichokes, and aubergines are widely featured on the menus here.

The Organic Boho

Do you want something a little more laid-back? Then visit the Organic Boho, which has a café atmosphere. It's a great location to stop for lunch because of its smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches. The updated location for this area may be found on the Broens Gadekkken. With a juice bar and a salad bar, you can be sure that anything you choose is vegan-friendly. The menu is entirely made up of plant-based foods that are also organic. The falafel is a must-try!


Urten, a vegan restaurant in the Tivoli Gardens, serves vegan cuisine in a secret spot. You won't expect to find what you're looking for here, and you won't be disappointed once you do! The menu is a three-course meal that has previously been matched with matching wines. If you're in Indre By at night, this is an excellent one to try. For the time being, the website is only available in Danish; use an internet translator to discover what you can eat before you arrive.

Conclusion To The Best Vegan Restaurants In Denmark


As you could see in this article, Copenhagen, Denmark's capital has a lot of options for vegan and vegetarian food.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Vegan Restaurants In Denmark. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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