Best Less-Known Places To Visit In Munich, Germany

Best Less-Known Places To Visit In Munich, Germany

Best Less-Known Places To Visit In Munich, Germany

Visiting Munich as a vegan for the first time was full of fabulous experiences. Experiences like indulging in a vegan fine dining feast, tasting the “better life” in a glorious five-star hotel, tucking into traditional Bavarian cuisine in a restaurant named after a German scientist, and even trying on dirndl in a cheesy tourist shop.

Munich has transformed into a vegan-friendly city in the last few years. So, if you haven’t been recently or have never been then it’s time to plan a trip. Additionally, to the fact that there is a lot of incredible vegan food in Munich, the city is also beautiful and vibrant.

Munich is not a city known for its plant-based fare; a decade ago, vegan eateries were few and far between, and the only vegetarian option on the menu in a restaurant was usually a salad. Thankfully, over the last few years, Munich has seen a bounty of both vegetarian and vegan restaurants open in the city. If you head to a traditional pub in Munich, you still might find it tricky to find something vegan on the meat-based Bavarian menu.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Munich, Germany

However, there are now a great many restaurants serving solely vegetarian or vegan fare, ranging from traditional dishes to healthier options. Culture Trip spoke to artist Miriam Frank, and food writer Kate Mann, who founded city food guide Munich Bites, to discover some of their favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city of sausage.

You will fall in love with the orange and red-tiled roofs, the intricate cathedrals and neo-gothic architecture, and the expansive green spaces. Munich is also home to iconic Christmas markets, the stunning Residenz museum, and Oktoberfest. The city is just a short day trip from cultural sights and experiences like Neuschwanstein Castle and the Dachau concentration camp museum.

Whether you’re in Munich for the beer or the culture, you’re bound to have an amazing time, and your vegan diet shouldn’t affect your experience at all. There are plenty of fully vegan and vegetarian restaurants across Munich – from the central downtown area to the quirky neighbourhoods.

If you’re about to visit Munich, be prepared to be totally charmed. This city is a lovely place to be. Apart from being the capital of Bavaria and the third-largest city in Germany, Munich is easily walkable, clean and filled with beautiful parks to visit. Although Munich is the place for a booming high-tech industry, it goes hand in hand with the museums of the old city, street cafes, beer halls and, yes, good vegan food.

Remember the days when going vegan meant struggling to find recipes and restaurants to accommodate this passing “fad”? So much has changed since then. Today, veganism has hit the mainstream and as a result, restaurants have since reimagined their menus. Vegans in Munich are spoilt for choice with the city laying claim to a plethora of vegan restaurants serving everything from vegan schnitzels to eggs.

Reasons To Visit Munich

Okay, back to the reason why you should visit Munich. If you have ever heard of the slogan “The Best Days of your Life are The Days you are on Your Way to Munich” then you may be planning your way there right now. There is just so much to see and experience in Munich. One of the reasons why you need to visit Munich is that it’s a sustainable city.

Have you ever looked closely at the beautiful pieces of architecture? No matter where you look in Munich, there are impressive buildings. Now, why is this? Well, it’s because the city was a beautiful place and they knew that they had to look nice and attract more people. When they did, they introduced vertical gardens to help protect and save the surrounding buildings.

By 2020, a city like Munich will have over 400 hotels and 84,000 new hotel rooms. Munich will be hosting the world’s fair Expo 2020 and it’s expected that 70% of all world leaders will visit the city during the event. The city is more relaxed than other large German cities with less congestion, a better transport system, and a more relaxed pace of life. Munich is particularly worth a visit if you are planning to visit the world’s fair and planning to use public transport.

The Vegan Munich Food Scene

The Vegan Munich Food Scene

Just like any other major city, Munich has its share of vegan and vegetarian food options. However, the city has really improved on its vegan and vegetarian food scene in the last few years, and so many restaurants now feature meat alternatives or interesting vegan menus. There are also a lot of wonderful vegan foods and desserts that are even readily available in high-end restaurants. But this is just a start. The best way to discover the best vegan places to eat in Munich is to ask locals!

In Germany, vegan restaurants are not like the deluxe dining establishments in the states. Most of the vegan options in German restaurants don’t have menus. The waiters in these establishments do not usually speak English and most of the people who are in the restaurants are busy looking at their smartphones instead of the people around them. So, if you are vegan and you’re hungry then you might as well go to the local Schnitzel House and order off the menu with the ingredients and dishes you like.

Vegan Menus Don’t Suck

There is an abundance of vegetarian options on Munich vegan menus. It’s really cool to find many Asian-inspired food options like Japanese miso soup, tofu dishes, and Indian biryani.

Where To Eat In Munich As A Vegan

While you could eat in some of the traditional German restaurants in the city, it is much easier to find vegan and vegetarian food if you go to a restaurant that’s not traditionally styled like a restaurant.

Hamburger Hotel

The Hamburger Hotel is one of the most popular vegan-friendly restaurants in Munich.

Located in the middle of the city, the Hamburger Hotel is an exclusive restaurant with a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Some of the dishes included tofu with figs, vanilla, and ginger sorbet, and a fresh, herby walnut salad with sweet raisins. The waitress recommended trying the chocolate pancakes, which were completely heavenly.

Lazy vegan patrons have a special treat with the city of Munich: variety! Not only is the city lined with fantastic restaurants, but, for the meatless crowd, the city has vegan options that are a little different. It’s like walking into a bazaar filled with many vegan stands that have awesome menus. It has an amazing atmosphere, with the cool and creamy atmosphere of cafes and bars. So, if you find yourself in Munich and looking for a great vegan eating experience, the best spot to head is Biergarten.

The Biergarten

Go for the Bavarian Cheese Board! The sausages, the mac n’ cheese, the meatballs, the fondue and cake are to die for. The Biergarten is a long-time favourite in the vegan community and has been for years.

With such an amazing selection of eateries to choose from in Munich, how can you pick out a few “must visit” restaurants? The most popular restaurants in Munich these days are in the “English corner”. There you will find lots of restaurants with English menus.

Although most menus can be translated into English, it will help if you choose restaurants that have both an English menu and a German menu. This will ensure you are not gagging on your German muesli. In addition, these places should be very well-known amongst their vegan followers.

What To Do In Munich As A Vegan

What To Do In Munich As A Vegan

Take a tour of the Bahnhof Zoo to see the hippos swimming, have lunch at a Bavarian trinket kiosk, visit the Munich Philharmonic, walk along the Elbe river, and enjoy Oktoberfest – all without the meat. To enhance your vegan experience, Munich offers a great choice of vegan-friendly restaurants.

Go to De Alpe Caffe for breakfast or chocolate cake with fresh apple and almond crumble, purchase seasonal vegetables and locally produced food at a farmers market, or indulge in a dairy-free brunch at Mozart’s Café – more of a café than a restaurant! – at the end of the Kirchbergerplatz.  Other reasons to visit Munich as a vegan include its magnificent Cathedral and its beautiful city square, and walking through the Botanical Gardens.

Taking the family, friends, partner, or even meeting new vegan friends, Munich can be a rather challenging trip, though. At first, it may not be easy to find places you can dine in on special occasions. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of places that offer a wide range of special vegan menus that will help to cover most of your needs and demands. After deciding to go to Munich, it is important to remember that German restaurants are much more focused on meat and dairy. Most of the world’s vegans eat at international restaurants for this reason.

If you’re a travel blogger or a writer with ideas for a new travel blog or book then head to Munich. Spend at least a week in Munich and explore the city’s attractions. Munich Dachstuhl Dom – This is a world heritage-listed castle. This stunning medieval building was once the seat of a Bavarian duke.

It was built around the 13th century and consists of two towers connected by an extensive gallery. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this castle served as a stable for an aristocratic family. Today it is the seat of the Catholic Diocese of Munich and Freising and is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.

What To See In Munich As A Vegan

Munich is not just a city for beer lovers. It is also worth visiting and experiencing one of the world’s largest cities as a vegan. There are countless places to explore and the best thing about visiting Munich is that you get to enjoy a variety of vegan food options everywhere you go. For a start, German is one of the few European languages that includes the word vegan.

From eating in a vegan café in the middle of the city, enjoying fine dining to enjoying a sandwich in a non-vegan café, Munich is a vegan delight. It’s a huge city with numerous museums, places of interest, cafes, bars, shops, and many more vegan-friendly places you could get to. Of course, some of the sights to see are seasonal, but you can’t help but fall in love with this city. It has so much to offer.

Munich is a great place for outdoor activities, in the city, you can enjoy wine walks, historic architecture, bike rides and strolls in the mountains. Among the most noteworthy landmarks are the Münchner Stern designed by Antonio Gaudi, the Deutsches Museum with its neoclassical architecture, and Neuschwanstein Castle, an inspiration for Disney’s fairy tale castle.

If you enjoy history, culture and wonder, then Munich is definitely the place for you. Also, Munich is a great place to visit if you like beer. After visiting the Münchner Stern in the heart of Munich, you can enjoy an authentic gourmet experience at the city’s oldest beer hall, the Hofbräuhaus. This historic venue also hosts the renowned Munich Oktoberfest.

Visit the home of Oktoberfest in the famous Oktoberfest grounds – it’s one of the most renowned and most popular beer festivals in the world, with over six million visitors. The festival dates back to 1810 when beer brewers held a celebration in honour of Crown Prince Ludwig’s first marriage anniversary. You can also visit the city’s churches, restaurants and pubs, which have been transformed into quirky open-air eateries for the most renowned beer festivals in the world.

What To Do In Munich As A Vegan

Munich has an unusual and vibrant history that dates back to 900 AD. Throughout this time the city has gone through many radical changes in culture, society and politics. Today, Munich is a city full of diversity and charm, with many restaurants, shops and breweries.

What Vegans Have To Say About Munich

Stephanie Sprung, dietitian and lifestyle blogger, lives in Munich and says:  “Munich is a really great city with an interesting history. The air is fresh and clean and you can tell Munich has a good food culture. There are vegan restaurants everywhere and so many great places to eat. I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re vegan, it’s a wonderful city. In August 2015, the restaurant Seven Falls Vegan Lounge was the first of its kind in Munich, Germany.

The city of Munich is a very close-knit community and is full of vegan-friendly businesses. There are vegan bakeries, restaurants, and more all over Munich. Those with wanderlust will love discovering these restaurants. It is important to note that a vegan meal is probably going to cost the same or possibly even more than a normal meal.

Food is expensive in Munich and will depend on your budget. It is important to get around by bus and tram and not taxi or Uber. Public transportation is amazing and is cheap and you can get from A to B within 30-60 minutes.

Vegan Favorites

The Vegan Pig

Munich is currently the home of vegan favourites The Vegan Pig, Herr Ziesakl, and vegan bakery Heiner’s.  The Vegan Pig is a pop-up at the Museum Ludwig with local ingredients. At The Vegan Pig, you will not only find vegan dishes but dishes made from unconventional ingredients. Just what you’d expect from a vegan café. The site for Herr Ziesakl is somewhat vague, however, it sounds as if you’ll be fine.

The menu boasts a large number of vegetarian options which is something to be admired. However, those expecting a traditional, Bavarian-style experience won’t be disappointed.  Hispanics aren’t welcome here, so I didn’t stay for lunch, but I definitely plan to return when I’m not living out of a backpacker’s bag.

Zen's Food Truck

If you like nibbling on healthful foods in delectable restaurants then Munich is the place for you. For your first visit, Munich should be an introduction to vegan food as the city hosts many vegan-friendly restaurants. Make sure you book ahead for a spot at Zen’s food truck where you will be served a delectable buffet meal. Zen serves vegan food in the popular Gerd Hoyer market. Zen is located in front of the market at the meat-filled, beer-swigging Munich market hall.

Other Options for Outdoorsy Veggies

If you have a nature-minded friend, then this could be the place to indulge in their likes. For example, why not take them to the Dom, Munich’s top-rated observatory? Attractions such as a small museum and excellent viewing points make it a popular sightseeing location.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Munich

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Munich

To ensure that we don’t get any of you to think that it’s impossible to dine out and be vegan in Munich, we asked our very own co-founder, Caroline, for her help. Caroline gave us five absolutely amazing vegan restaurants in Munich. We had a good look and all of them made the list! So, if you are vegan or vegetarian, or both, then make sure to check them out.

Vegan Cafe

Cafe Greifswalder Strasse 17th is the local hub of vegan gastronomy in Munich. They offer a selection of pizzas, salads, wraps and other delicious vegan food. They also have a wonderful selection of vegan wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

Münchner Gästezimmer 

Münchner Gästezimmer (Munich Guestroom) is a hotel offering a different theme each night with a vegan meal. Your vegan meal is included in the price of your room. With three options for vegan and two options for meat lovers, the different theme nights offer something for everyone. The Munich Guestroom has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options so guests can be completely happy without meat.


Fukumama is a charming and refined little restaurant serving delicious vegetarian cuisine, delicious desserts, and award-winning wines. And if it’s not tasty, it’s tasty and delightful. Chef Sakae Takizawa only serves seasonal organic vegetables, cheeses, bread, and meats from sustainable sources.


Situated in a former flour mill, Werkstatt has become the most famous restaurant for vegan food in Munich. They have one of the most sophisticated menus, a varied selection of vegan dishes, and excellent service. As one of the first vegan restaurants in Munich, Werkstatt is in a position to brag about its five-star hotel and its refined cuisine. However, their fine dining restaurant is accessible to vegans and non-vegans alike. Go for a meal to take in Munich’s breathtaking atmosphere and admire the refined taste of the meat-free cuisine.

Vegan Travel Tips

With a thriving vegan scene, Munich has been getting rave reviews on travel sites like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet for the last few years. The entire city of Munich is covered in stone, and while walking it is always great to look out for the “Neues Rathaus”, or new town hall. The buildings on all the squares are historical, especially Stachus, the “old town” square where the Rathaus is located.

Also, Munich is now home to the first (but hopefully not the last) vegan cocktail bar in Europe. It is called Scherekle & Stammtisch and is located in the fashionable Schwabing area.  The food scene has really taken off over the last few years, with several exciting restaurants opening up. One of the most exciting new vegan restaurants in the city is Omnivore.

The thing with vegan travel is that there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to planning. It’s one thing to be vegan and interested in doing vegan things, but it’s another thing to actually do it. It’s one thing to say you’re vegan when you check into a hotel. It’s a completely different thing to live your life and eat vegan. The trick is to learn how to plan vegan travel without worrying about judgement or risking offending.


When planning your next trip, the opportunity to visit Munich and explore all that the city has to offer is one that can’t be missed. As an added bonus, travelling as a vegan allows you to live this part of your life without restrictions – just follow these tips for a great time in Bavaria.

More than 9 million people visit Munich every year, making it one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Germany. In addition to all of the entertainment and historical attractions that Munich has to offer, you will also have a fantastic chance to visit Munich as a vegan.

If you live in Munich, get out and explore the vegan scene. Get to know the restaurants, the vegan expo, and the shops and festivals. After all, Munich is the perfect city for a vegan journey!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Best Less-Known Places To Visit In Munich, Germany. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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