My Daily Choice Review

My Daily Choice Review – Legit or Another MLM Scam?

Introduction To My Daily Choice Review – Legit or Another MLM Scam?

I know how hard it can be to find another source of income, and we have all struggled to find one due to being skeptical, and we have good reasons to be. But, unfortunately, not every company or business is the terrific business they claim to be. This article will review the company “My Daily Choice” and see if this company is legit or another MLM scam.

One of the most promising plans that are today's companies offer for their customers and marketers is multilevel marketing (MLM), and we all heard of people’s success in this plan. But, unfortunately, throughout the last two decades, we have seen abuse of this promising plan by various companies to attract customers and marketers to fill their pockets and do the opposite to the customers and marketers.

To review whether My Daily Choice is a scam or not, we will try to answer some of the most search questions and answer them by reviewing customer experience with this company. At the end of this article, you can decide whether you want to work with this company or not.

Before reviewing “My Daily Choice,” I want to ask you one question

“What is a pyramid scam?”


My Daily Choice Review

A Legit MLM Company Or Another Pyramid Scam?

In this part, I will tell you what the difference is between a legit MLM company and a Pyramid scam.

I have a big question for you. What makes a company legit? You guessed right. Products, services, and customers. I must tell you that the following sentences are completely mine and not from other customers. I have been into the Pyramid scam myself, and I know how they make you believe in them.

What makes that company legit is the customers and products you can actually see, not those promised to exist but never seen. You will be required to recruit other people to raise your paycheck. You won’t see products, and you will be asked to bring other people into your team to make money.

In other words, you cannot trust this company because you’re gambling with other people’s money and then there are no people left, not only you will lose your money but also the ones who trusted you and came along with you. So unless you like to gamble with others' money, you better stay away from these organizations.

In most countries such as Iran, Korea, India, and European countries, these companies and organizations are giving lots of hope to young people above 18, and they are actually getting lots of attention. But, still, in the end, most of them are thrown into jail, and no one can help them.


A Review On The My Daily Choice And Its Products And Services

Like all the MLM companies, My Daily Choice is also in the business of distributing various products and services related to human health and wellness. Since 2014, when Josh Zwagil and Jenna Zwagil founded it, it has grown and expanded its activities to work with different brands instead of being locked into just one brand. These brands are as follows:

  • Hempworx is one of the most popular brands in the CBD industry and is marketing Hemp oil, hair and skincare, and lifestyle products.
  • “Mantra” essential oils which is promoting products to improve customers’ health and wellness
  • “High Life” travel makes you capable of booking travel destinations with higher discounts than major booking websites. You can actually rent hotels, flights, cars, and homes in the world’s most desirable locations.
  • Oral Sprays the pocket-size sprays designed and manufactured to nourish the body with a concentrated dose of nutrients.


My Daily Choice Boost Spray


It is important to mention that these products have anti-ageing properties. In other words, they will help you improve your health. The above products are all promoted in several advertisement clips, but we all know that these clips are only for advertisement and they don’t really give the answers we are looking for.

If we want to answer the question based on the products, we won’t have a legit answer. The reason is that all the above products are legit, and we can’t really deny the truth. In addition, customers who have worked with these products have earned extra money during their careers.


How Does This Website Work, And How Can You Make Money?

As you can see, My Daily Choice Is offering two types of services:

  • First, to sell the products mentioned above from various brands, e.g., “High Life” travel, “Mantra” essential oils, etc., and the above list is just a fraction of products that My Daily Choice offers.
  • To enable customers to work from their house. If you haven’t worked with My Daily Choice, You will be glad to hear that you will get a commission for every product you sell.

After thinking about it, we conclude that there is nothing wrong with this company and offers a win-win plan.

If you want to work with My Daily Choice, you will be required to promote the products and advertise them to attract customers. In other words, you will make extra income and your own job and help the company save money and improve their products and services.

Now the question: “Do these features help in recognition of My Daily Choice as a scam or legit company?”

To answer the above question, we must see if you can make money from My Daily Choice and also review the advantages and disadvantages of working with this company, which not many people are aware of.


Is Making Money From My Daily Choice Possible?

This is the question we have asked several customers, and they have given us the same answer: making money from My Daily Choice is possible, but it will require your time, patience, and energy. It is considered a hard job.

It is interesting to note that a few members actually make good money from this company. However, they stated that they had to work for more than 8 hours a day, every day, to reach their goals.

Imagine if you are also working at another company as your regular job, what will happen? That is right. You will get bored of your part-time job (which is clearly not a first) because it makes you work more than before. What will happen? Due to repetitive things you do in that part-time job, you will try to leave without reaching what is in store.

However, you must remember that these kinds of jobs aren’t like your regular 9-5 job in the office where you will be paid for every hour you work. In addition, the MLM plan is different from every job you have been working at, and you will require to gain enough knowledge to make your first sale.


My Daily Choice Review


The above statement is also true about every job from car mechanic to medicine and management. If you want to work at either of the above jobs, you must gain the proper knowledge and certificate to start them. Without the knowledge, not only are you not qualified, but also you will waste your time, money, and energy. So, if you are thinking of joining this company, you might want to make sure that you have done all your research.


Plans Offered By My Daily Choice For Potential Marketers

I know that you have done your research about My Daily Choice, and that is why you are reading this My Daily Choice review, seeing if you can make money from the plans offered by this company and truly trust this company or not.

This company offers two types of plans via which you can gain extra money. These plans are as follows. You can either

  • sell the My Daily Choice products, or
  • recruit more members

When we are talking about recruiting more people, people will instantly think about the pyramid scam, which is normal since at least one of their friends or families has been the victim of the pyramid scam. However, let’s get back to the pyramid scam one more time.

In the pyramid scam, you will be required to introduce as many people as you can to earn a commission, and there are no products or services that the company offers to its customers. In other words, dreams and a good future are sold in the pyramid scam, which is clearly an illegal action.

I have good news for you. My Daily Choice is not a pyramid scam, and you won’t get a commission from recruiting more individuals to your team. Instead, you will receive a portion of sales that your downline recruited members do.


Will You Be Charged To Become A Member Of My Daily Choice?

Please note that you will require at least 69 U.S. dollars to become a member of My Daily Choice. This amount of money is the minimum package you can choose, called “Builder Pack.”  Other packages you can choose from differing based on their features and how much they will cost. For example, the

  • “Director Pack,” which will cost 149 U.S. dollars, will enable 12% Binary pay
  • and “Executive Pack,” which will cost 299 U.S. dollars, will enable 15% Binary Pay.

Please remember that the features these packages offer to the customer and clients must be completely researched before doing any work with the company.

There might be other questions about the membership and its fee. For example, you can look at the following questions that the customers repeatedly ask.

Can The Money Spent On The Membership Be Refunded?

I have good news for you. If you don’t like the program or plan that the company offers, you will have a grace period of 30 days to get your money back. After that, all you need to do is to cancel their recruiting payment.


My Daily Choice CBD Oils Review

Is There Any Hidden Fee That I Should Know About?

For those who are wondering about the hidden fees that My Daily Choice may impose on them, you will be required to sell a product that’s worth 70 U.S. dollars to remain in the company. Also, if you could not sell a product, you will require to buy that item or items yourself to make up the difference.

Can Anyone Become A Member Of “My Daily Choice”?

It is interesting to know that “My Daily Choice” doesn’t care about your language, colour, ethnicity, and other factors that can differentiate you from other people. In other words, you can join this company from wherever you are unless the country you are from is exclusively banned.

When Will I Be Able To See Those In My Team (Referrals)?

This is the feature every MLM company must have. Although some companies may lack this feature, you will be able to see how many members you have on your team, their names and emails. Also, you will be given the ability to contact them via e-mail or phone number.


Compensation Plans Of “My Daily Choice”

Each MLM company has its own compensation plans to pay clients’ and marketers’ compensations. These plans and their rules will be different for each company, and they are not similar to each other except in some aspects.

The following 4 main methods are used by “My Daily Choice” to pay the marketers’ commission.


  • Retail Commissions. In this method, you will be given 25% of the sale you have made on the product.


My Daily Choice Jump Start Bonus


  • Jump Start Bonus. Once you recruited your member and bought some products from the company, you will receive 25% to 50% wholesale. However, this number can change based on your level.
  • 3. Binary Commissions. Based on your level, you will receive 10% to 20% from the total sale of the recruited members or your team.
  • 4. Leadership Check Matching. You will receive 5% to 30% of the total sale of the members recruited by you or your team during one month.

Now that you know all about the company, commissions, difference between this company and pyramid organizations. It’s time to tell you about the good things and benefits of working with this MLM company.


Benefits Of Working With “My Daily Choice”

Positive Reviews Will Shock Your Mind

The first thing you do when you want to be recruited by and not just MLM company is that you start researching the company and those you will work with. This is a totally normal course of action because you want to make sure you have chosen the right and legit company.

If it were old times, you would have to ask around and find people working in that company. However, this process has become simple, thanks to the online world, and all you need to do is visit the company website, review websites, and the company’s social media platforms. These are the legit places where you can actually find the information you are looking for.

The good thing about “My Daily Choice” is that you won’t find any negative reviews about this company and instead there are many positive reviews you can find on the internet. The best thing you can do right now visits the company's Facebook page and see that the number of likes and followers is increasing every day.

This means that “My Daily Choice” is completely trustworthy. However, you must remember that just because the company is trustworthy doesn’t mean you will earn money efficiently. Working with an MLM company requires lots of time and energy until you reach your goal.


The Company Will Stay Operational For Years

It is important to mention that most MLM companies don’t last more than five years, and this can happen for many reasons, one of which is that most clients and marketers don’t trust the company, products, and services. In addition, not every MLM company is capable of realizing the needs of customers and marketers.

In the “My Daily Choice” case, this company was founded six years ago and is still functioning without any problems. This shows that the company has a good chance of remaining functional for many years to come. So, don’t worry about the shutting down of this company when you become one of its members.


Disadvantages Of Working With “My Daily Choice”

It seems that even the best MLM companies may have some disadvantages that you should know of. Therefore, after reviewing the comments posted in 2021 about “My Daily Choice,” I extracted the following disadvantages.


Overpriced Products in Comparison To Other Similar Brands

In comparison to other companies selling health and Wellness products, theirs are overpriced. For example, look at the following table where we have given certain products from other companies and compare them with products offered by “My Daily Choice.” When you see the difference, you will understand what we are talking about.

Raw Name Price (USD)
1 Hemp Oil Drops 2401 000 mg 9.99
2 Nutiva Organic Cold-pressed Unrefined Hemp Oil 16.50
3 Hemp Oil Extract with MSM – Arnica – 4 oz Total 22.95


The Market Is Filled With The Same Products

Unfortunately, we must mention that the products and services that are offered by My Daily Choice can be found in an extensive amount in any market. In other words, you are entering a competitive market by starting your business with this company. You may wonder what happens in this competitive market?

The answer is easy. Since you just started your business, you will have a hard time finding your first customer and selling your products because several different brands have more features and competitive prices. So, when you decide to work with My Daily Choice or any company, make sure that you have done all your research.


The “My Daily Choice” Rating

If you know a little about SEO, you will know several ways to bring your website to the first page of searches on Google or search engines in general. In addition, this shows that the company is active on various social media platforms, creating engaging content for the customers and marketers and other items through which a company can improve its reputation and website.

Unfortunately, based on our research on My Daily Choice, we found that the number of searches on Google for this company had decreased significantly. In other words, people have become less interested in My Daily Choice, resulting in a decreased reputation for this company.

Be aware that lack of interest and decreased reputation can result in the loss of sales. So, make sure that you have done your research on the company and potential customers that the company products may have.


In this article, we aim to find out if the company My Daily Choice is a pyramid company or not. However, if you look at our article, you can find clearly that this company is a legit one that dedicates itself to sell legal health and wellness products.

To determine My Daily Choice company, first, we differentiated between two MLM and pyramid companies and reviewed what MLM and private companies are and how they operate. Then, we find the similarities and differences between these companies and My Daily Choice.

As discussed in this article, the My Daily Choice company is legit, and you can actually trust it and its products and services. However, this company has fewer marketers due to a couple of reasons: overpriced products compared to similar products from other brands.

As you probably know, not every company is perfect, and My Daily Choice has some advantages and disadvantages that all of you must know about. For example, look at the above paragraphs.

Please note that the writer of this review is neither working with the company nor a marketer, and all the information was gathered by reviewing the past customers and marketers’ experience.

I trust you enjoyed this review article on My Daily Choice. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!




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