Valentus Review

Valentus Review – 15 Important Things You Must Know!

Introduction To The Valentus Review – 15 Things You Must Know!

During the last couple of years, the website “Valentus” has gained quite a reputation in the supplement market. In the following article, we will give you 15 things you must know about this company.

This review is of great importance because you must know what products and supplements you are putting into your body since they may have side effects, and you must know if what you are buying and consuming won’t do any harm to your body.

To review this company, we shall discuss the company itself, the products, how effective these supplements can be, and other elements of this company that made it famous during these years.

Please note that this company claimed to be involved in a scandal, and some of the company products were being illegal. We will review these aspects in the following paragraphs.


Valentus Review

1. An Introduction To The “Valentus” Itself And Products

The company was founded in 2014, aiming to provide an extensive range of products, including skincare, weight loss products, immune system health, etc. I am sure you have seen some of these products in the market or online stores. Some of the company products are as per the below list:

  • The Prevail SlimRoast. This product will help you control your appetite and regulate the amount of fat and sugar absorption. It is interesting to note that this product can improve brain health and focusing power.
  • The Prevail Breakthrough. This product is designed for you to take for 12 days. This product is designed to remove any waste from the colon in your body. Then, your body will be able to produce good bacteria necessary to improve the digestive tract.
  • The Prevail Energy. As one of the most important products of  “Valentus,” this product is a great help in improving energy levels and, ultimately, your overall performance.

2. Who Is The CEO And Manager Of “Valentus”?

This company was founded in 2014 with the help of one of the successful network marketers “Dave Jordan.” During his career in this company, he was a successful CEO who helped this company make millions of dollars every year.

Due to a lack of Dave Jordan’s experience with health products, he contacted doctor Joe Ahrends to help the company research and produce quality health products.

Valentus Founder Dave Jordan

For this reason, I believe that the company products are safe and manufactured under the supervision of the most experienced experts.

3. Is Valentus A Pyramid Scam Or Legit?

It seems that “Valentus” didn’t want to stay behind other multilevel marketing businesses and designed its plan. Like other multilevel companies, it allows other people to make extra money by promoting the products that Valentus manufactures. Although this amount of money can be unlimited, you will only get as much as the effort you put into this business and the number of customers you find.

Unfortunately, this company is believed to be a pyramid scam meaning that you will get a commission by getting other people to enrol in this company. These companies are entirely illegal worldwide, yet they operate and use people’s trust to fill their pockets.

But the thing is, the chance of this company being a pyramid scam is almost zero, and we already know it is not a pyramid scam since the company is producing and manufacturing its products. In contrast, no products or services are offered inside the pyramid companies.

In other words, you will have the opportunity to make money by selling the company's products and enjoying the opportunity Valentus offers.

 4. You Can Either Become A Member Or Distributors Of Valentus

This company's website allows you to become a website member, either as a regular member or sales representative. In both cases above, you must add your email address and password to log in as a member or company representative. In addition to the above membership types, you can also register for a “Free Tour,” In this case, you will be required to add the referring member username.

It is also cool to say that you can use the mobile version of this website on your smartphone, and it doesn’t matter whether it is an Android or iOS phone. Both of them will be available.

5. Valentus Distributor

You can become a part of this company and, in other words, become a distributor for the company's products. And all you will require is to sign up to their website and log in.

Based on their company rules, you must pay 20 U.S. dollars to activate your account. Once you sign up on the website, you can purchase product packages ranging from one box to sixteen boxes. Next, you will receive 25% of the sale you have made. Plus, you will get $100 in addition to your commission.

It is important to mention that the above compensation plan is not the only plan that Valentus offers, and therefore, we have added a couple of other plans in the following table:

Commission Plan Commission
Retail commissions 25%
Fast start bonus Up to USD100
Legacy coded bonus USD100
Dual Team Matching Bonus A commission of 20% after 7th level
Vehicle bonus USD400 to USD300 per month

You must know that the above commission plans are just among the five most-used plans. Due to article limitations, other information regarding the above and other plans are excluded from this article.

6. Do The Valentus Products Work?

It is important to mention the ingredients used inside the company's products. The health products are rich in antioxidants and stimulants capable of improving weight, boosting energy levels, and keeping the digestive system healthy.

Please note that you should not consume these products without consulting a health specialist, especially your health coach. Have you done it? Now, all you need to do is to mix the packages, depending on how much you require per day, with hot or cold water, and then consume it. Always read the instructions and talk with your health coach before doing anything you might regret later.

It must be noted that there are no instructions available on how long it will take to get results from using these products. Therefore, you must be a little patient in getting results for your weight loss, immune system, and digestive health improvement.


Can I Trust Valentus

7. Can I Trust Valentus’s Products With Their Safety?

One of the most important things you must consider before making any purchase or consuming these products, especially those designed for weight loss, is to look up the ingredients used in their production process. You must see whether these ingredients may affect your body or not. For example, you may be allergic to several ingredients stated in the product package.

Unfortunately, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with some of the products, not because of expired time but because of high dosages of stimulants utilized during the production process.

In this regard, I must tell you there is a low chance of finding the exact amount of ingredients and manufacturing standards for each of Valentus products on the website. This is one of the downsides of purchasing from the company.

I must also remind you if you are sensing the company product you bought for losing weight has an ingredient that may put your life in danger or have a health condition that may get worse with these products, never attempt to buy anonymous products until you have enough information. Think of your life first.

8. Are There Any Side Effects To Using These Products?

After reviewing the users of this company’s products and asking them about the side effects and main ingredients, we have reached the following results:

  • There is a chance that you might experience abdominal cramps, sleeping problems, and indigestion. Some of the previous users experience these problems after consuming Valentus’s products.
  • Not all previous users experience such discomfort, and it happens only in some cases and not all of them. Therefore, we can claim that the company products are safe to consume, and if you have doubts, you must consider talking with your health coach.
  • The company manufactures SlimRoast Coffee, which will help you gain more energy and lose weight because it contains stimulants and caffeine. However, there is a rumour that these products contain Phenylethylamine, which is truly addictive. In other words, the chance of drinking too much of this product is high.

9. What Other Accusations And Controversies Exist About Valentus?

Did you know that this company is banned all around the UK? The reason for such an event is that the weight loss products manufactured by this company are not proven effective in weight loss, and UK law strictly uses forces to prohibit the sale of this company's products. Their UK scientists believe that no study or research shows that these products are doing what they are meant to do, e.g., helping you lose weight.

In addition to the United Kingdom, this company's food supplements were banned in New Zealand. As mentioned in the previous section, the products are rumoured to contain Phenylethylamine, and you have to know that this ingredient is widely accepted as a banned substance.

The most recent event occurred in 2020 when the FDA accused the company of selling products that claimed to be a cure to the disease, and this issue was clearly stated on the company website. Under the order of the FDA, the company was forced to take necessary actions to correct the FDA claim. If you visit the company website, you will see several changes have been applied.

10. Is There A Way To Find Out The Ingredients Used In Their Production Of Valentus Products?

Well, you are in luck because I have included some of these ingredients on my list. The following list of natural ingredients can give you insight into these ingredients. Please review them carefully.  However, this list is incomplete and consists of more than 10 ingredients that were excluded from our list.

  • Guarana seeds. If you want to boost your energy level, this ingredient can help you with this problem since it contains caffeine.


Dandelion Root


  • Dandelion root. It is interesting to note that this ingredient will greatly help in urine production and decrease unwanted bloating.
  • Maca root. This ingredient is proven to help your brain's health. It will also help your cognitive function. For those suffering from sexual dysfunction, this ingredient can help you enjoy your sexual activities.

 11. Where Can I Access The Price Of Valentus Products?

I have bad news for those who are looking for the prices on the Valentus website. I must tell you about this website because you won’t find any information about the prices; only the information about the products is given on the website.

However, I can tell you where you can find the prices. If you have already found the product you are looking for, head to the Valentus store on the Amazon website, where you can see the price ranges. As you will see on the page, the prices vary from USD54 to USD125. Hit the link here, and you can see the Valentus store on Amazon.

 12. List Of Product Prices

Unfortunately, no price is mentioned on the company website, and as I told you, you can look up the prices on Amazon. For more convenience, I inserted a price list and the links of some of the products you can find on Amazon that were updated on May 26, 2021:

Row Product Name Price
1 Slim Roast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee 69.95 U.S. Dollar
2 Valentus ThermoRoast Coffee 1 Pack: 69.65 U.S. Dollar

2 Packs: 129.95 U.S. Dollar

3 Prevail Trim Pack of 7: 19.95 U.S. Dollar
4 Prevail Breakthrough Pack of 24 Sachets: 79.95 U.S. Dollar

It is important to mention that you may get different prices based on your buying place.

If you have another dealer in mind that is trustworthy, you can buy your product from that place. However, until you find a better choice, Amazon can be your first option.

13. How Do The Customers Review This Company?

Unfortunately, we cannot exactly say that the users are delighted with the company and products since there are many mixed reviews.

Some users got good results after using the Valentus products for weight loss and felt that their energy is increased after the first week.

After a quick review of customers’ experience with this company on the products, we believe that most customers have given positive reviews on this company claiming to be satisfied with the final results.

They felt quite an increase in their energy levels and overall performance. However, in some cases, the customers said that they experienced no change or benefit from consuming those products.

As we can see, there is a contradiction here. We cannot either say it is completely beneficial or completely useless. However, we can tell you that whatever result you get depends on the product you have chosen to buy and the health goals you set for yourself.

14. Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Slim Roast Coffee? Are The Other Benefits True?

One of the most important products of this company is “Slim Roast Coffee.” Valentus claims that the user will be able to control his or her appetite, which will, in turn, lead to weight loss. In addition, the company says that the person's overall mood will improve. But is it true? Can we trust the product?

Valentus Review

What the company claims can be actually a true statement but not for everyone. However, based on the research results conducted about this coffee, men will be the only individuals to benefit from their slime roast coffee properties in most cases and not the women.

The other claims, such as improved mood and overall health, can only be true to some extent, and we cannot deny them because this product contains caffeine capable of making the above happen. In other words, all the benefits that were stated for the Slim Roast coffee can be true.

15. Does Valentus Prevail Trim Also Help Lose Weight? Will It Be Effective?

In addition to Slim Roast Coffee, the company also offers another good product for weight loss. It is interesting to note that this product which is a powder formula, can be a great help in weight loss. For this formula to work, the formula must be consumed with plenty of water daily.

If you look at the ingredients, you will see that this product consists of crucial ingredients for weight loss and other benefits. These ingredients are as follows:

  • Maqui berry
  • Caffeine
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Raspberry ketones

If you look at the above ingredients, the claim that these products will benefit you by helping you in losing weight, lowering the level of cholesterol, and even improving intestinal problems may actually be true.

My Opinion On Valentus

  • Based on the review I have done on this company, I can say that it is doing a great job in manufacturing products that are helping people gain their health and lose weight to reach a better shape.

But what is scaring me is the several users’ experience with side effects of using these products. I may indeed admire this company. Still, the previous records show me that a new product, whether a coffer for losing weight or a formula for improving body and mind, must not be taken without consulting anyone if you are unsure that these products may harm you. So, don’t forget your health coach. He or she is the best person you can rely on.

  • About the legitimacy of this company, I completely believe that the company is not a pyramid scam. Still, it is a legal MLM company through which you can promote the company's own products and then receive a commission based on how much you sold in that month. Just because a company follows the commission plan doesn’t mean it will be a pyramid scam, and instead, you can rely on that company to make extra money for yourself and your family.
  • Based on my reviews of Valentus, I can see that the company is not eager to disclose any vital information on the products to its customers. However, the company claims that an expert team is charged with designing and creating the company's product list. Like all the other customers and users, I would love to hear about the manufacturing and quality standards.

Valentus Review


In the current article, I tried my best to give you a good review of the MLM company, Valentus. Some countries and organizations may consider this company and its products scam and non-effective. For this reason and to fulfil the article’s purposes, I gave you 15 things that you must know about this company before purchasing any product and start working as a marketer.

First, I reviewed the company itself, when it was established and by who. Then, I looked at some of the company’s products, ingredients included in the production process and their benefits. In addition, I mentioned some of the contradictions and rumours about this company that may trouble the users and potential customers. To finish my article, I also included my own opinion on this company in the above paragraphs after doing this comprehensive review. May this article give some answers to you.

I trust you enjoyed this Valentus review. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!




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