Vegan Rotel Dip

Vegan Rotel Dip

Vegan Rotel Dip

This Insanely Easy Vegan Rotel Dip Comes Together Quickly, And Its Flavors Make Your Taste Buds Do A Happy Dance! So Creamy, So Rich, Allergy Friendly! This Rotel Dip is made with vegan cream cheese and cheddar, making it extra creamy, a difference you can taste and tell.

It is easy, satisfying, warming, filling, and of course, it tastes so much better than any Velveeta cheese dip. The whole family will enjoy a keeper because it has just the right flavours and creaminess that everyone will love and devour. Serve it with your favourite chips, veggies, pretzels and know even pickiest eaters will agree it is a winner anytime when served.

Vegan Rotel Dip

What is Vegan Rotel Dip?

Vegan Rotel Dip is an easy-to-make and incredibly creamy vegan and dairy-free “cheese dip.” It is easy to make, so easy. This cream cheese and cheddar alternative are made with vegan cream cheese, vegan cream cheese spread, vegan cheddar and vegan ranch. This dish is especially great for a quick side for any meal.

Enjoy anything you can! Rotel and other flavoured dips are always great when you are trying to cut back on sodium. But when you make this super healthy vegan Rotel dip, you still get all the good stuff you expect from your creamy dairy or egg-based dips! Vegan Rotel Dip was initially made with tofu, which is a soy-based product. It is a quick and easy cheese dip for your favourite snacks that only requires a few minutes of prep time in the fridge before serving. Other products I use in this recipe:

Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips – I use (2) batches of crushed tortilla chips to achieve a thickened consistency. Condensed Cheddar Cheese Sauce – I use the A&D brand, and it is pretty good. I don't think I have ever eaten this much cheese in one sitting! This Vegan Rotel Dip recipe is so creamy, Velveeta creamy, cheesy and flavorful. You won't believe how rich it is.

This cream cheese-based vegan Rotel Dip is made with vegan cream cheese and cheddar, adding a Velveeta flavour. And it has a secret ingredient… it's entirely plant-based, with no dairy milk, whey, casein, or any dairy ingredients. This Vegan Rotel Dip is so delicious, rich and creamy; it could be mistaken for cream cheese. It is so rich that you'll not want to eat it too often. It has to be eaten when you have it. You'll want to keep digging into the bowl until all the ingredients have been eaten and there is none left.

Why This Rotel Dip Is A Winner

Why This Rotel Dip Is A Winner

This is a dip that will please any taste buds. It is perfect with chips, celery sticks, veggies, dip & crackers, and in a crockpot… because you'll be making it so often, you will end up eating it for days. And make sure to use good quality vegan cream cheese and chunky vegan cheese for the best flavour. It is my “go-to” dip for a large gathering because everyone will love it!

You can dress it up any way you like, as it is always fun to make changes or add variations. Make the recipe into a bowl by mixing all the ingredients, then toss the bowl or individual serving bowls in your favourite cheese. See below for a picture of how I made my dip in a bowl with extra vegan cheese. The name Rotel makes me think of pickles, and I always end up taking a few pickles to eat with it.

My first experience making this dip was a very successful one, and we all loved it! It is incredible how you can take familiar ingredients and make a full flavour and colour dish. The main ingredients are onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, green chilli peppers and tofu.

These vegetables add so much flavour, colour and texture to this vegan Rotel Dip, making it almost an authentic Mexican meal! It is also straightforward to make because all you need is a blender. The mixture takes seconds to make so that the blender will do all the work. Other reasons why Vegan Rotel Dip is a winner include:

  • Fast, Chewy & Rich – super healthy vegan version of traditional Mexican cheddar and cheese dip.
  • Soy & Nut Free – no dairy, eggs or nuts.
  • No Gluten – if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, this will make life that much easier.
  • No preservatives – this makes this dip only when you're ready to eat it, so there is no danger of it going bad.
  • Easy To Bake – not nearly as time-consuming as a traditional baked recipe.
  • Fashionably Vegan – looks perfect on the side, in your hand, you name it!

What To Serve With Vegan Rotel Dip

What To Serve With Rotel Dip

Vegan Rotel Dip is perfect with as is, but you can also take a shortcut and store it in the fridge for a few hours and add it to your taco salad. Or you can do it the natural way and have a dip and tortilla pizza night with this recipe. You can also mix it into your taco meat or mix it into guacamole and serve it as an appetizer. It will also be great added to baked potato bowls or a vegan burger with vegan cheese or for breakfast with almond milk. The possibilities are endless!

Although this Vegan Rotel Dip makes the perfect appetizer, with a side of crackers, tortilla chips or toasted pita, it is a great meal too. It will leave you feeling full and happy, and you may even have room for dessert if you like chocolate or whipped cream. Go out and buy a whole bunch of random chips or a box of whatever your favourite chips are. Slice them up, sprinkle them with taco seasoning, and chow down.

There are endless possibilities of dipping with this delicious spread. You can use cheddar or cream cheese. Whichever you have on hand, please take out a few and throw them into the crockpot before you leave. Throw the rest of the chips on the bottom and top with some freshly sliced onion, celery and whatever else you can fit, and whip the whole dish up in minutes. The Rotel dip will be gone in a flash.

However, just a minute is all it needs because this dish is so good, you'll be scooping it up from the pot faster than lightning! Rotel Dip is effortless to serve with veggies of all kinds. Make chips with whatever crunchy veggies you have on hand. You can make a crockpot of homemade guacamole. Or serve Rotel Dip over veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, corn, peas, asparagus, or spinach.

Serve over your favourite green salad, or if you are feeling indulgent, serve it over sliced ripe tomatoes, sliced avocado, or avocado slices. I enjoy the Rotel Dip served over a bed of baby spinach leaves, but if you'd rather have it over a green salad, make a salad with assorted greens topped with a bunch of different vegetables that you love and top with Rotel Dip. Top the salad with vegan ranch dressing.

What You Need For This Rotel Dip Recipe

What You Need For This Rotel Dip Recipe

  • 4 cups 1/2% Crumbled Vegan Cream Cheese (you can use any dairy-free vegan cream cheese),
  • 1 can of Rotel or other canned red or green enchilada sauce,
  • 1 can of black beans (drained),
  • 1 cup frozen corn,
  • 2 tbsp garlic powder,
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin,
  • 1/2 tsp smoked paprika,
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric (optional),
  • 1/2 tsp chilli powder,
  • 1/2 tsp salt, and
  • Tortilla chips (or chips of choice).

For the Vegan Rotel Dip:

  • Stir in vegan cream cheese and stir until combined.
  • Put all other ingredients in a bowl and stir until blended.
  • Melt chips in a microwave or over low heat until liquid has completely dried.
  • Stir in Rotel and mix until all the chips are coated and lightly coated in Rotel.
  • Pour into a greased casserole dish.
  • Garnish with cheese.

To make Vegan Rotel Dip, you'll need:

  • Vegan cream cheese,
  • Creamy vegan sour cream,
  • Cheddar cheese,
  • Tomato sauce,
  • Tortilla chips, and
  • French bread.

I was in search of something easy to make that our family could eat and love. I found this recipe on Make it dairy-free. It is effortless to make, and it comes together quickly with a few ingredients. We all loved this one. The mixture tastes and tastes so yummy, creamy and then there are so many different flavours you can go with.

You can do green salsa, black bean, or even add jalapeno pepper for a spicy kick. It is all up to you! The secret to making this vegan ranch dip was using vegan cream cheese. I think I have it figured out now. When I make this one again, I will use vegan sour cream. I will give this recipe to friends and family this holiday season.

How To Make Rotel Dip

How To Make Rotel Dip

First, prepare your veggies. You can use any veggies you love, but I suggest carrots, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, corn and zucchini. I made a yellow zucchini version, but it just wasn't as flavorful, so I suggest choosing yellow if you aren't using yellow. So, you want to start by cooking the veggies in a separate pan, then move them to the bowl of vegetables and add your spices and Rotel in the same bowl. Don't forget your seasonings!

Once they are done cooking, stir your vegetables into the bowl with your seasonings. Don't forget to taste. If it needs more salt or other spices, add some. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. And there you have it. Healthy, healthy, healthy Vegan Rotel Dip is sure to impress and please everyone.

Beat together 1/2 cup onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapenos, basil, cumin, chipotle chilli powder, kosher salt, and fresh pepper in a food processor until smooth. Stir in Rotel & vegan cream cheese until well combined. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. If you have a Vitamix or Blendtec, you can blend the bowl ingredients in about three minutes. If not, you can combine all the ingredients with a spoon and puree in the blender.

Vegan Rotel Dip will get many compliments, so serve it warm and make it a Mexican-style dip party. So what are you waiting for? To make Vegan Rotel Dip with cream cheese and cheddar, you will need:

  • 3-4 tablespoons Vegan Cream Cheese (like Daiya or Good Karma),
  • 3 cups of shredded pepper jack cheese,
  • ½ to 1 can of refried beans,
  • 2 cups of vegetable broth (I prefer my own because I like my flavours!), and
  • 1 cup of drained canned black beans (can be cooked if you are on the go or prefer a less mild bean or want a deeper flavour.

Can I Freeze This?

Can I Freeze This?

Yes! Get out your trusty freezer bags and start stuffing! I will make one more batch at a time so you can freeze extra Rotel Dip in small portions to take out on any given day or time. If you freeze just one portion, reheating on a Sunday or Tuesday will make sure your kitchen stays at an amazing 70 degrees. As long as you want to keep these in your fridge, you can freeze the Rotel Dip!

Can I freeze this? You bet you can. Just be sure to store the dip in the refrigerator and microwave on HIGH ONLY until soft. The last time I made this, I forgot about it in the refrigerator overnight, and it was still lovely and soft in the morning! But if you make it ahead of time, then when you want to enjoy it, pop it in the microwave on high for 30-40 seconds and let it melt. This will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Many people say that they never want to waste time making dip from scratch, but once you taste this creamy, delicious Rotel dip, you'll be thankful you did, and it will be one of the best things you've made so far. I used to be a freezer pack-freezer kind of person. I would eat it the same day and freeze it.

Even now, I do this, but not all my dips freeze well, and I know some don't freeze at all, and those are the things I tend to keep in the freezer. I usually make a new batch and then keep it in the fridge to save time and easier serve. So this makes it safe to eat before it has been in the fridge. I would say if you aren't sure you won't freeze the dip, it's okay. Just use a silicone cake pan and freeze the dip completely.

What Are Ways I Can Use This Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

What Are Ways I Can Use This Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe

Here are some of the most popular ways I have used my easy Vegan Cheese Sauce recipe: Easy Cheese Sauce – This cheesy sauce is fantastic for simple dipping, a dip with a healthy twist, or even in pizza toppings for a pizza with a twist!

  • Vegan Alfredo Sauce – I have used this delicious sauce for dishes such as lasagna, creamy soup, and many of my Alfredo pasta dishes. It is so good!
  • Homemade Vegetable Lasagna – My husband doesn't like lasagna, but this is a superb alternative with not much effort!
  • Easy Vegan Creamy Mac and Cheese – This is a fun twist on a classic dish for kids and adults. It also works as a vegan or dairy-free option for a restaurant (which often serves dairy options for a few choice dishes).
  • I use it in this Chocolate Chip and Almond Parmesan Pudding.
  • Top off your chocolate chip cookies with this easy vegan cheese sauce recipe.
  • Top off a quick Apple Pie with this sauce.
  • Whip up a quick supper salad with this sauce.
  • Serve it with your favourite veggie and veggie chips.
  • One easy way to use this vegan cheese sauce recipe is to spoon it over or pour it over ice cream or any vegetable dish that needs a creamy flavour kick and a lot of crunchy deliciousness that goes together so well.

Just check out some of my other ice cream recipes or my favourite Mac and Cheeze, and you'll see how delicious this tastes! Place a dollop of the vegan cheese sauce on top of your ice cream or custard or any dish that needs a creamy boost!

What Are The Best Brands To Make This Vegan Cheese Dip

What Are The Best Brands To Make This Vegan Cheese Dip?

The first thing we'll do is to decide which cheese we want to use. The first choice for a tasty vegan cheese dip is some vegan “cheese” product. Luckily, some products are made with “cheese” but are labelled vegan or “non-dairy cheese,” so you can mix it in without the allergic parentage.

Others are vegan and will add that extra creamy taste to your vegan Rotel Dip, Spinach Artichoke Dip, or any other recipe calling for cream cheese. I will say that if you're not sure if a product is vegan, read the ingredients. It may list “casein” in the ingredients. Casein is one of the main proteins found in milk. Some products may be labelled “vegan “dip, “cream cheese,” or “cream cheese and “cheese,” but you won't find casein anywhere in the ingredients.

Now, if you are willing to make this vegan cheese dip at home, you can find all of the ingredients to make this Vegan Cheese Dip here. You will get vegan cream cheese. You can also find a store that sells vegan cream cheese, but the cost may be a bit more, but you will save money by using store brands.

Also, you can get Rotel sauce, the real McCoy, if you prefer that brand. We know there are so many cheese alternatives available to choose from. Many are made of cream, and some use soy milk, all of which have their benefits. You have all the best brands and choices of cream cheese available to you. The trick is to get the texture you want and decide what kind of cheese to add.

Cream cheese can be made with or without lactose. If it's just milk and cream, you want you can get it in 2% or 1% (it depends on how you want to use it). The natural flavourings are so yummy and different. You can add just about any fruit you want, any spices, any veggies and any herbs or spices.

There are so many ways to make this dip and choose the ones you love the most. The next thing to think about is the type of cheese you want to use. All the best brands on the market like Veestro, Joya, Munchkin, Sargento, Whole Foods Market and many more!

What Can I Sub for Butter Beans?

Choose the beans that are within your “OPEN-PERMITTED” list: Black Beans, Great Northern Beans, Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Kidney Beans & Corn, Yellow Bliss Beans, Pinto Beans and White Bliss Beans. Most brands will make soy and/or gluten-free substitutions. Here's a quick & easy sub idea for you:

  • Diced green chillies are also a great substitute.
  • Ranch/Blue cheese either is good too, or try it with tofu instead. If you are allergic to dairy, replace the dairy in your recipe with a vegan cheese alternative.

Why do we Use a Butter Bean for Vegan Rotel Dip? There is a simple reason for it: the butter bean, also called Picante, Picante Rojo or taco sauce, gives the flavour. Butter beans are one of the few beans that belong to the same family as chickpeas.

Chickpeas are a very close relative of butter beans. Both bean groups belong to the legume family. It's rather funny because both beans have a shape similar to peas, are yellow, have thick skin, and can be used like peas.


There are so many amazing recipes out there. I do try to find creative ways to mix up my recipes. While some can be eaten as a main meal, I tend to call it a “snack.” I'm not sure if I add a “Snack” category because they are just so dang deliciously, you may want to eat them more than once. I love all of these items because they are healthy, have unique flavours, and I can throw them together in just a few minutes. Enjoy!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Vegan Rotel Dip. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.


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