Vegan Travel Czech Republic

Vegan Travel Czech Republic

Vegan Travel Czech Republic

While I had always considered of Czech Republic a meat-and-potatoes-heavy country, the quantity of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries in Prague pleasantly surprised and delighted us.

We had a fantastic time in Prague, and the city's abundance of vegan eateries added to the enjoyment of our stay.

We went there for the first time, and the selections did not disappoint us. We spent our days eating, site seeing, eating some more, strolling, completing supper, and finally carrying cake home. Of course, for the purposes of blogging.

Travel To Prague, Czech Republic


Puro is a vegan café in Prague that offers delectable soups, sandwiches, salads, desserts, fresh juices, and coffee. Cody and I stopped here a few times in the morning for a quick bite to eat before heading off for the day.

We also bought a couple of sandwiches, tiramisu, and chia seed pudding to take with us on the bus to Prague.

Their toasted pesto sandwich with violife cheese, greens, and tomatoes, as well as their cheese and bologna bagel, a wonderful warm parsnip soup, espresso, and raw snickers bars, were all delicious.

Puro is a great location to stop and refuel before venturing out into the hustle and bustle of Prague.


Plevel is a vegan and raw restaurant in Prague with two locations. Veganized versions of Czech cuisine are served at this warm, pleasant, and unique restaurant. We went twice, and both times the meal was delicious.

If customers return more than once, the menu changes often, allowing them to sample a variety of foods. The burger was delicious, as were the Czech dumplings.

You may also get teas, coffees, beer, and wine here.

Vegan’s Prague

Vegan’s Prague

Vegan's Prague is housed in a lovely area on the second and third floors of a historic structure. A spiral staircase leads to the topmost level, where you may relax at a table outside and enjoy a wonderful romantic view of the ancient city if you're lucky.

This restaurant serves a vegan version of classic Czech cuisine, and the meal was delicious despite the limited servings.

If you're searching for a casual western lunch, they also provide burgers.



We visited Moment every day before venturing into the city after discovering it was across the street from where we were staying.

Breakfast items include vegan omelettes, tofu scramble, waffles, and a large piece of pancakes topped with whipped cream and fruit at this chic all-vegan eatery.

Their supper menu is updated on a regular basis, and they offer a wonderful assortment of cakes. There are also coffees, teas, and alcoholic beverages available.

The seitan and cheese bagel is a must-try. Pick up an anti-fur sticker at the counter as well!


Incruenti is a newcomer to the vegan scene, but we're confident they'll stick around.

This eatery has a hipster feel to it without being pretentious. The rear patio, which is surrounded by residential apartment buildings, is made entirely of reclaimed wood pallets, including the tables, the herb garden adds a wonderful green touch, and the grumpy-looking Persian cat watching you eat from his/her window really completes the experience.

Try the cashew cream-packed figs with pistachios and a balsamic reduction, as well as the handmade ravioli.

Sweet Secret Of Raw

Sweet Secret Of Raw

With the exception of one cake that contains honey, Sweet Secret of Raw is a raw vegan dessert café.

You may select from a variety of cheesecakes or get a sample plate with five smaller slices. They also have exquisite sundaes on the menu.

Country Life

Country Life is a specialty bio food store that sells a variety of vegan products, including soy and coconut yogurts, vegan vegetable pates, vegan sausages, baked bread, and vegan power bars.

They also own a restaurant around the block that serves vegan meals in a buffet format (by weight). In addition, the café sells raw vegan ice cream bars.



Pastva is a chic vegan restaurant that serves bistro-style cuisine. Some of the items to try here are lentil loaf with potato salad and king mushroom on a bed of mashed cauliflower and potato.

Pastva offers 3-5 new meals every day in addition to a regular menu. The environment is relaxed and inviting.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut

In Prague, there are three Loving Hut locations. The cuisine is served buffet-style and is sold by the pound, but you may also order from the menu.

Veggie Tours Are One Of My Favourites

We highly recommend doing a vegan tour with I Like Veggie Tours if you only have a short amount of time in Prague. This is a culinary walking tour, and it's a lot of fun.



Our first destination on the vegetable tour was Rawcha. We began with a light raw cream of mushroom soup, which was wonderfully presented.

Pizza, mushroom burgers, zucchini noodles, teas, and fresh juices are also available at this raw vegan eatery.


Maitrea is a vegan-friendly vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant has two floors, and both times we came, we ate on the bottom level.

The upper level feels like you're underground in a peaceful cave, while the lower level feels like you're at an ordinary café. The light shades over the tables and on the walls gave off an unearthly vibe.

The menu includes meals ranging from Asian to Czech cuisine. Desserts, coffee teas, alcoholic drinks, and kombucha are also available.



Because this small eatery is so popular, bookings are highly suggested. The cuisine is mostly vegetarian, although there are some vegan and raw alternatives as well.

The staff is nice and attentive.

The vegan pho is a must-try.

Café Myraw

Café Myraw

A raw vegan café that serves sweets as well as savoury items including sushi, wraps, and quiche.

The cake display, which features all of their cashew-based cheesecakes, is stunning.

The personnel are kind, and the Cafe's décor is charming.

The raspberry chocolate cheesecake is a must-try.

Prague was the second stop of my celebrating post-college graduation Europe 2018 trip! I hope you enjoy my vegan travel guide to Prague!

It was a short rail trip from Vienna to Prague, and the accommodation was within walking distance. Because it was close to all of the attractions I wanted to see, I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in the center of Old Town Prague.

I walked everywhere and just toured the Old Town part of Prague because the public transit was not nearly as good as it was in Vienna. I've never walked more than 2 miles from the hotel, so you won't need to take public transit to get about.

Also, I usually enjoy finding great breakfast spots and cafes, but I didn't find many, and I gradually realized that Prague is a much more nightlife-oriented city than I had anticipated.


Loving Hut

Loving Hut

I discovered this location since it is well-known and has several locations, however despite the fact that it is a franchise, I was blown away by the quality of the meals.

The Loving Hut offers a vegan buffet with Asian influences. Fried cauliflower, spring rolls, kung pao soya, and, best of all, their mango cheesecake for dessert were all excellent choices.

You simply take a plate and pile as much food on it as you like, then pay per weight. These were some of the greatest Asian vegan cuisines I've ever had.

Life In The Country

This restaurant was located in the center of Old Town Prague and served great vegan comfort cuisine. Soups, stews, Asian-inspired curries, desserts, and more were on the menu. Simply take a plate or container, load it up, and pay by weight at the end.

The café itself gave me the impression that I was in the countryside. We were in a hurry and couldn't stay for dinner, but I would highly recommend making a reservation to enjoy the ambiance.



Vegan Restaurant In Prague

I had heard awful things about this cafe, and that their vegan Czech food wasn't very excellent, but I couldn't pass up the view from their rooftop seats. I called to arrange a reservation, and I timed it to coincide with sunset.

I recommend making a reservation for 1-2 hours before sunset so that the sun does not shine directly on you. The rooftop view is breathtaking, with a fantastic view of the Prague Castle perched atop the hill.

I sampled their Beet Carpaccio appetizer, Potato Goulash main course, Svickova with dumplings and smoked tempeh main course, and Raw Chocolate Cake dessert.

I didn't like their entrees and thought they were uninteresting, but I enjoyed their Beet Carpaccio, a nutty and salty salad served with pumpkin oil, and their Raw Chocolate Cake, a creamy and light chocolate mousse.

I recommend stopping over for a bite to eat or a drink around happy hour.


If you're seeking vegan Czech food, this is the place to go, but be aware that it has an Asian influence. Maitrea is located in the heart of Prague's Old Town and has the greatest interior design.

We were led downstairs, where I felt as if I had been transported into a serene meditation center. I had the opportunity to sample their Goulash and Udon Peanut Sauce Noodles, both of which were delicious.

The flavour was rich and complex, with a wide range of spices. This was most likely my favorite meal in Prague.

2nd Edition Of Indian By Nature

2nd Edition Of Indian By Nature

I was trying to find vegan Czech food because, while in Prague, why not sample the local cuisine? However, this Indian restaurant kept popping up in my searches.

After reading the reviews and seeing the positive comments, I decided to order some great Indian food. It was a bit of a trek from the hotel because I had to walk through a park, but the effort was well worth it.

This is still the greatest Indian cuisine I've ever had in my whole life. Spicy Chickpea Curry, Chili Garlic Yuka Curry, and Chili Garlic Naan bread were among the dishes I sampled. Everything was eaten by me.

The dinner was appropriately hot, and I enjoyed how the spices in the curry and naan bread were so prominent. If you're looking for some fantastic Indian food, this is the place to go.




I couldn't be happier since the two top gelato establishments that came up in my searches were both conveniently located in Old Town Prague. Angelato was the number one gelato shop, and there was a queue out the door as soon as I rounded the corner.

Given that the weather in Prague was beginning to heat up, I can see why this location was rated number one. The gelato was silky smooth, light, and creamy. Pistachio and Coconut were the vegan alternatives I got to test. Both were fantastic, and I could have eaten buckets of them!

Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème

Crème de la Crème was the second-best gelato shop, and despite being voted second, it had a decent queue outside the door. The gelato here was just as wonderful as Angelato, in my opinion. If I were to be picky, I'd say I could understand why Angelato scored higher.

Crème de la Crème, on the other hand, has more vegan alternatives! I had the opportunity to sample their Passion Fruit, Mojito, Orange Campari, Strawberry Basil, Pistachio, and Chocolate cocktails. All of them were great and quite helpful in combating the heat.

Things To Do And Areas To Explore

As I indicated in my last piece on Vienna, I discovered that I am not a huge lover of paying to visit museums or view art, so I spent most of my time wandering the streets and stumbling into different businesses. However, these are the well-known tourist attractions that I was able to see.

Farmers' Market In Naplavka

I enjoy Farmer's Markets, and since I was in Prague over the weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to find one. Because it was less than a 2-mile walk from the hotel, I happened to this Farmer's Market. It was directly on the water's edge.

I opted to create a breakfast/brunch out of the market because it was very huge and full of great items. Delicious Basil Pesto Bread, Pastries, Freshly Baked Breads, Refreshing Drinks, and so much more were available to me. I liked wandering through the Farmer's Market, and everyone was very pleasant.

The Wall Of John Lennon

The Wall Of John Lennon

Although this renowned image of John Lennon was a huge tourist draw, I was able to squeeze my way in and capture a photo. I would absolutely recommend stopping by to take a quick photo, but don't go out of your way to view this mural.

Prague Castle

I enjoy admiring architectural construction, thus I was looking forward to walking around Prague Castle. From the outside, I didn't know how vast the courtyard was, but it was enormous inside.

There are also excellent photo chances on top, and I strongly advise you to take advantage of them since you should be pleased with yourself for climbing the hard and lengthy slope to the castle.

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge

This was another extremely filled tourist site, but you'll have to pass by it anyhow to go over the river, so take a quick photo. I still think it's really lovely, despite how touristy it is.

The Square In The Old Town

For me, this was my home base, and I found myself wandering in many directions from this central area. The main area is surrounded by a plethora of restaurants and stores, and I had a lovely time simply people watching and taking a break from roaming about. You may visit a variety of entertaining stores by walking down any of the streets that go out from the square.

I had a fantastic time visiting Prague, and if I return, I'd like to spend more time in the New Prague region now that I've seen everything there is to see in Old Prague.

I'd also like to get more involved in the nightlife since I didn't go to any of the clubs because I wanted to make the most of my day visiting the city. Overall, I had a terrific time in Prague, and it's yet another amazing destination that I can cross off my bucket list!

What Should You Do In Prague

What Should You Do In Prague?

#1 Visit Staromestské Námest (Old Town)

This is a famous tourist destination in Prague and with good reason! It’s a great spot to take in the city’s gorgeous architecture, enjoy live music, or just kick back at an open-air café. The Prague Astronomical Clock, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Church of Our Lady before Tn, and the Kinsk Palace are just a few of the ancient sites in the Old Town. The square is turned into a Christmas market throughout the holiday season.

Take In The Sights Of Petrin Park

#2 Take In The Sights Of Petrin Park

It's one of the city's largest parks, and it's a terrific area to get stunning views of the city while taking a break from touring. A lovely rose garden (Rosarium), Nebozzek Garden, a wooden mirror maze (Zrcadlové bludit), Seminary Garden, and a modest café are just a few of the attractions in the park.

The Petrin Observation Tower, which mimics the Eiffel Tower, is also nearby. The 299 steps are well worth hiking for a spectacular perspective of the city. Take the Petrin funicular from Ujezd street in Mala Strana if you need a break from walking.

Take A Tour Of Prague Castle

#3 Take A Tour Of Prague Castle

The enormous stronghold looms overhead throughout the city, making it difficult to ignore. The Prague Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the world's biggest castle complex, with St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and St. George's Basilica. The Golden Lane is a short roadway that runs behind the castle.

It was previously the residence of Franz Kafka, who penned several stories during his time there, including “The Castle.” The castle grounds are lovely and free to see; however, all additional attractions charge a fee. Because it is Prague's most visited attraction, I recommend reserving a tour, or at the very least your tickets, in advance.

Attend A Performance Or Simply Relax And Enjoy The Atmosphere In Wallenstein Garden (Valdtejnská Zahrada)

#4 Attend A Performance Or Simply Relax And Enjoy The Atmosphere In Wallenstein Garden (Valdtejnská Zahrada)

Beautiful fountains, koi ponds, and walking peacocks may be found outside the Wallenstein Palace (which houses the Czech Republic Senate). It's also an excellent place to see a concert throughout the summer. The creepy dripstone wall, which contrasts sharply with the luxuriant vegetation, is one of the garden's most striking features.

Visit The Terezin Memorial For A Day

#5 Visit The Terezin Memorial For A Day

I believe that a visit to the Terezin concentration camp should be planned while you are in Prague. A tiny peaceful community 43 miles north of the metropolis is where over 33,000 individuals lost their lives. Terezin was utilized as a “transition camp” for captives being transferred to other extermination camps, as well as a location for seniors to “retire.”

Much older, wealthier Jews were duped into believing that this was a safe sanctuary where they might hide from the Nazis. The camp also produced propaganda videos to demonstrate to the outside world that no one was treated unjustly and that the living circumstances were compassionate.

I trust you enjoyed this article about Vegan Travel Czech Republic. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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