Best Vegan Restaurants In Atlanta, Georgia


Best Vegan Restaurants In Atlanta

Best Vegan Restaurants In Atlanta, Georgia

Suppose you're plant-based or looking for meatless Monday perfection. Atlanta's got you covered.

No matter the reason, all of us should be cutting down on our meat consumption! That transition can be super tricky with all the delicious foods of the South on offer across Georgia. Luckily, Atlanta's plant-based scene has seen a dramatic change in scenery over recent years, and it's never been a perfect time to be vegan in the ATL. From unbelievable burgers to tasty health food hotspots. Atlanta's got it all, and we're going to break down some of our favourite plant-based restaurants in the city.

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan is a vegan restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, that is owned and operated by black women. Plant-based burgers made from Impossible patties, plant-based chicken, and even plant-based New Orleans-style shrimp are among the dishes we serve. The Slutty Slushies are alcoholic slushies that are delicious and refreshing.

Vegan catering is provided at any event with the Slutty Vegan food truck. Visit Slutty Vegan now to sample one of Atlanta's must-try restaurants. In August of 2018, Slutty Vegan debuted as a food truck. Vegan fast food is the company's specialty. They specialize in vegan fast-food burgers and sandwiches in particular.

In January 2019, they launched its first physical site (this one) on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd in the Westview district of southwest Atlanta. Since then, they've launched two more metro Atlanta sites in Jonesboro (July 2020) and Old Fourth Ward's Edgewood Ave (October 2020).

Slutty Vegan is a well-known brand. Long lines form outside the restaurants and the food trucks. Because the inside of the restaurant at this original location on Ralph David Abernathy is so tiny, most customers must wait outdoors. This gives the impression that the line out the door is long. Slutty Vegan's menu items change daily, so keep an eye on their Instagram feed for the most up-to-date menus:

There were six burgers on the menu when I went, each costing between $13 and $15. I noted that several of the products on the internet menu, which listed their entire menu (11 burgers, sandwiches, and a plant-based bratwurst), were significantly more pricey. When we went there in person, the Sloppy Toppy and Fussy Hussy were both $13, although the online menu had them listed at $15 apiece.

The cuisine was overall delicious. The burgers and chicken sandwiches tasted just like fast food, with the beef being more flavorful than the chicken. While the vegan bacon in the One Night Stand didn't have the same crispy texture as real bacon, it had a lot of the same smokey flavour. I was taken aback.

The burgers/sandwiches, as is usual of fast-food chains, didn't look as good in person as they did online, but that was well because they tasted fantastic. Though salty like the rest, the Skinny Dippers were among the most fantastic fried pickles I've ever had. The restaurant has a pleasant ambiance. Over the loudspeaker, the cheerful cashier stated each customer's name and where they came from. The music was blasting like it was In Da Club.

There is only enough room inside to stand in line. While you wait, you can watch the crew create burgers in the open kitchen. Other people wrote a review, and it goes like these: Food: A plant-based patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, and unique sauce form the BASE of every burger. The BASE builds up the burgers. Vegan bacon, vegan shrimp, guacamole, jalapenos, and other ingredients can be added.

The burgers are excellent. A Slutty Vegan burger makes life better! Service: The ambience of the restaurant is Black and rap culture. There's music playing. Over the speakers, there's a Hist. Each visitor who enters the building and passes the threshold is greeted with a particular greeting. It doesn't matter if you're a first-time offender or a serial offender!

THE EXPECTATION: – The wait can be excruciating. However, I will point out that they now have many locations. Make the necessary preparations. Arrive at least 10 minutes before they open. Also, bring a book. You may have to wait 30-45 minutes, but it will be well worth the wait.

Local Green Atlanta

Local Green Atlanta

Local Green Atlanta is more than just a healthy fast-casual restaurant— They're a public health effort in the United States that aims to decrease food deserts. Their goal is to eliminate health disparities in underserved regions by giving healthier food options to those who need it most. The food they prepare is geared toward an urban audience. They assure you that flavour is not sacrificed in the name of health.

Local Green Atlanta is a fast-casual restaurant with the purpose of redefining healthy, affordable food for everybody by establishing trust and an accountability-based ecosystem. They give you a wholesome culinary experience that tastes good and makes you feel good, as well as a cultural experience that brings us together as a community. Local Green Atlanta was founded out of a desire to serve residents on Atlanta's Westside with healthy food options.

They aspire to inspire change, advance palates, enhance health habits, and end food deserts in Atlanta's Westside and beyond with their inexpensive and healthy menu selections. Lack of access to fresh and nutritious foods is linked to an increased risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Their goal is to eliminate health disparities in underserved regions by giving healthier food options to those who need it most.

Local Green Atlanta's goal is to highlight nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Thus their menu is predominantly plant-based. They attempt to cater to the flavours of the urban palate while providing food rich in fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and other nutrients with their vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian menu options.

Local Greens is more than a restaurant; it's a social enterprise. Not only is their cuisine delicious, but it's also relatively healthy. And owner Zak Wallace opened this Westside eatery focusing on health and a mission to deliver inexpensive taste to the Westside's food desert. The menu is mainly vegetarian, although there are a few healthy fish options as well. Their rosemary and cajun air-fried fries, vegan cauliflower tacos, and classic beyond cheeseburger are all must-tries!

Green Sprout

Green Sprout

This inconspicuous eatery in a Strip Mall is a hidden gem. Green Sprout is noted for serving some of the best Chinese food in the city. The Wonton Soup with Sesame Soy Chicken will astound you and make you question whether it's chicken.

There are plenty of other dishes to choose from, like a Soy Seafood Casserole, Spicy Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, and House Lo Mein, to mention a few. Do you have a craving for some vegan Chinese food right now? Try their Veggie Fried Rice and their Chinese Cabbage Noodles.

Green Sprout can be found at 1529 Piedmont Avenue, Suite D, in Atlanta, Georgia 30324. Vegan restaurant in Atlanta with an extensive menu. Lunch specials are available. This restaurant sells tofu-based Asian comfort cuisine, including soy-based chicken, beef, pig, shrimp, and salmon.

Sweet and sour soy chicken (or any soy chicken) is fantastic, as are soups and any appetizers. I'm ecstatic to be able to contribute to such a wonderful cause. Curry rice noodles and udon noodles are also excellent choices. Green Sprout specializes in vegetarian Chinese food with a variety of meat alternatives. Their excellent cuisine is served in a basic strip mall diner setting. They promise to do dishes made with the freshest ingredients possible. It's also made with handmade ingredients. It is also a crowd favourite due to its warm and welcoming vibe.

Deep-fried veggies, Kung Pao tofu, sesame soy chicken, and sautéed vegetables are among the restaurant's signature dishes. They also have General Tso's tofu, Mongolian soy beef, and twice-cooked soy pork on the menu. In addition, gluten-free choices such as curry tofu and steaming mixed veggies are available.

Look no further if you're looking for delectable Asian comfort cuisine. Green Sprout is a tasty plant-based alternative to Asian favourites in the Atlanta area, and it's a great pick for Meatless Monday! You must sample their vegetable dumplings before leaving. They're the highlight of the extensive menu.

True Food Kitchen

 True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen has some of Atlanta's healthiest and purest vegan selections. Their anti-inflammatory, seasonal fare will keep you full while providing you with endless energy. Shiitake Lettuce Cups, Herb Hummus, and Edamame Dumplings are just a few of the light appetizers available. Try the famous Ancient Grain Bowl or the popular Butternut Squash Pizza for dinner. What do you think?

They also have a recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash! Take a look! True Food Kitchen has several locations, including 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 3058B in Atlanta, Georgia 30326. The cuisine at True Food Kitchen is meticulously prepared to deliver enormous flavour, an abundance of fresh ingredients, and a taste of the unexpected with every bite and refreshing sip. Their artisan chefs provide crave-worthy classics alongside a rotating menu of seasonal specialties that take advantage of naturally ripe fruits and vegetables to maximize flavour and nutrition.

Brunch, lunch, supper, and, of course, dessert are all enhanced by creative, hand-crafted beverages based on seasonality, quality ingredients, and simple preparations. Dessert is always available. True Food Kitchen is the only restaurant founded on science, ensuring that all of its delectable foods and drinks contribute to our people's and planet's lifespan. True Food Kitchen's seasonal meals include lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

True Food Kitchen, which Dr. Andrew Weil developed, emphasizes health by following the anti-inflammatory pyramid and recommendations of Dr. Andrew Weil. Dairy and beef are among the menu options. However, the majority of the alternatives are vegetarian or vegan due to True Food Kitchen's devotion to health. Vegan options include Teriyaki Quinoa Bowls, TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce, & Tomato) Sandwiches, and Tomato & Arugula Pizza.

The menu changes seasonally, but vegan options include Teriyaki Quinoa Bowls, TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce, & Tomato) Sandwiches, and Tomato & Arugula Pizza. True Food Kitchen does sell vegan pizza, demonstrating that vegans don't have to give up pizza simply because they don't consume cheese. There is no artificial cheese used on the Tomato & Arugula Pizza.

An expertly crafted dough, organic tomatoes, olive oil, and lemon give the pizza its flavour. It's worth a shot! True Food provides gluten-free and vegan customers with nutritious and delicious dining options. Don't worry if you're not vegan or vegetarian. Their hamburgers, as well as their sea bass, are to die for. Try their dragon fruit margaritas if you haven't already. They're fantastic!

Bar Vegan

Bar Vegan

At night, this vegan bar and nightclub serves cocktails as a DJ spins records. Philly cheesesteaks, tater tots, and cheesesteak egg rolls are among their limited food menu items. If there is a line at the bar, you can order takeout or sit at a table at the Ponce City Market. Open Monday through Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

They are located at 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Suite N215, Atlanta, Georgia 30308. They sell alcoholic beverages with nutritional supplements. Take a sip; it's indescribably tasty. They aren't your typical bar. They serve potions that have been organically boosted. Take care of yourself and fall in love with it. Bar Vegan is a black-owned bar and restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia's Ponce City Market. At Bar Vegan, we provide delicious vegan appetizers like our popular vegan cheesesteaks, as well as fun and nutritious homemade cocktails.

In Atlanta's nightlife scene, our bar's vibes have grown in popularity. This outfit is perfect for a date night or a night out with friends. Come for the beverages, but stay for the vibes at Bar Vegan. There are a lot of positive reviews for Bar Vegan. Some of the reviews include: “It's such a pleasant ambiance. The staff was quite kind. The Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and tater tots were absolutely delicious. The bread was soft, and the meat (or vegan thing) was delicious. I'm not vegan, but I'm sure I'll return.

Excellent Experience.” “The happy hour was lacklustre, with only a $2 discount on a specialty cocktail. The drink was well presented and tasted good. The alcohol was also detectable. The meal arrived in a charming lunchbox. The cheesesteak has a lot of taste. Crispy and seasoned tater tots. My buddies both had the Cheesesteak Eggrollz Combo and said it was delicious. The environment was really relaxing and the decor was lovely. There was also a live band that began playing around 6:30 p.m.

Overall, the event was enjoyable, but it was a bit overhyped and overpriced; still, I would recommend going.” “All of the food is junk food/bar food, and it's all vegan and wonderful. With a strong squeeze of lime, the beef tacos were well seasoned, fat, and delicious. The cheesesteak from Philadelphia… It tasted exactly like a real Philly cheesesteak, despite the fact that the meat, cheese, and sauce were all vegan. The sweets (ice cream cookie and peach cobbler with ice cream) were enormous and well worth the money.

This establishment has a hip vibe! Music such as hype rap and R&B was playing, but not so loudly that you couldn't hear it. The servers all seemed incredibly nice, and our waiter (Simone) was super friendly, helpful with food suggestions, and checked in on us at just the right intervals both times.

It was a little pricy ($100 for two after two cocktails, two dinners, and two desserts), but it was all high-quality food served in a fantastic club/bar/restaurant setting, so it was well worth it. If you live in Atlanta, you must visit this restaurant at the Ponce City Market. Now is the time. You'll fall in love with Bar Vegan and want to bring your pals here for lunch on a regular basis.”

Good As Burgers

Good As Burgers

In the year 2020, the company was founded. GABS is known for changing people's eating habits and modifying how they appreciate food. They take pleasure in their ability to discover and offer the most distinctive flavours of vegan delicacies to the Atlanta community. “GABS was born out of a personal lifestyle adjustment. I realized it was time to make a change in my life, starting with my nutrition because my family had medical difficulties.

My transformation would inspire those that I admire to make similar changes. I elected to follow a plant-based diet and shed over 30 pounds while feeling incredible. In the midst of my new lifestyle shift, I wanted healthier alternatives to the meat cravings I was experiencing. The GABS ‘OG' Burger was conceived as a result of the search for an alternative. Then I came up with a catchy name that I knew everyone would enjoy.

I held a few little events to see if people liked the burger as much as I did, and it was a success. Now all I want to do is tell my story and make a change.” said Cornoy, the Business owner of Good As Burgers. These restaurants also gained a lot of positive reviews which include: “I discovered this business after Googling Yelp for late-night vegan options, and thank God GAB appeared! I had the original burger with fries, and it was fantastic!!!

Even the cheese was fantastic; vegan cheese isn't usually that good, but theirs is! Will definitely be a regular because of the delicious cuisine and convenient hours!” “This place is putting Slutty Vegan to a competition!!! The burger was greasy and seasoned like a real burger… the fries were nicely seasoned, and the sweet potato tater tots were sweet and spicy.”

Café Sunflower

Café Sunflower

Café Sunflower is a fantastic brunch spot for plant-based eaters. There are two sites that serve a diverse range of cuisines, including vegan versions of Southwestern American classics. The Vegan Chicken & Waffles or the Loaded Breakfast Burrito are always a toss-up! Café Sunflower has been chosen as Atlanta's top vegan restaurant for over 25 years. In Buckhead, they provide delectable meat-free cuisine. Get your vegetables on!

There's a Café Sunflower favourite for everyone, whether they're gluten-free, nut-free, or soy-free. They also take food sensitivities and allergies very seriously, so make sure to tell your server about any dietary requirements before placing an order. Café Sunflower, which serves clients throughout metro Atlanta, is known for its 100 percent vegan plant-based menu, as well as juice cocktails and a hand-picked variety of craft beer and fine wine.

There are so many more vegan alternatives at Cafe Sunflower than a vegetable burger or lettuce with vinaigrette. The ambiance is also satisfactory. When you're in the mood for wine and dessert, this is a terrific spot to go.

Soul Vegetarian

Soul Vegetarian

This famed vegetarian paradise, which has two locations around Atlanta, is one of the city's original veggie hotspots. In one sitting, their Divine Vegan Feasts will give you a sample of everything on the menu! Mac & cheese, collard greens, biscuits, cornbread, and wraps are among the vegan options on the menu. Check the buffet schedule for dates and times. It is also a Black-owned business.

Soul Vegetarian was one of Atlanta's earliest vegan eateries, opening in 1979. Since 1979, the city's best vegan comfort food! Vegan To The Maximum Extent. They were vegan long before it was fashionable! Soul Vegetarian Restaurants specializes in 100% vegan cuisine prepared using the finest ingredients available on a regular basis. Non-dairy ingredients are used in all of our delectable sweet desserts.

Fresh juices and drinks are also available. In Atlanta, Georgia, they are happy to have two handy locations. 879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW is the location of our Soul Veg #1. 652 N Highland Ave NE is the address for our Soul Veg #2. Their food preparation process is known as Regenerative Cuisine.

It is beneficial to our health, the environment, and the planet. Their food nurtures both our bodies and our spirits. They take pride in using locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is entirely vegan. Your health is your most valuable asset! All of their delectable vegan soul cuisines is made entirely of plant-based ingredients such as fresh fruits, veggies, tubers, nuts, and healthy grains.

Herban Fix

Herban Fix

Herban Fix is a great place to go for more Asian fusion cuisine. The spicy tofu soup is a must-try! Only the freshest ingredients are used in this hot dish, which is scented with mushrooms and spices. It's more than a Vegan Restaurant; it's a healthy eating movement.

Every dish and ingredient on the menu is one of our favourites. Healthy tasty food is not an oxymoron in our opinion. Herban Fix is dedicated to healthiness and the eco-lifestyle by delivering fresh, delectable vegan meals to the community, with the passion of sharing a green life. Chef Wendy Chang started working in restaurants at the age of 17 after moving to Atlanta from Taiwan.

She owned and maintained several popular restaurants during her 38-year career, including Tamarind Thai in Midtown Atlanta, Northlake Thai in Tucker, and Eurasia Bistro in downtown Decatur. Chef Wendy Chang specializes in pan-Asian fusion cuisine, particularly from Southeast Asia, and serves the most delectable delicacies. Chef Wendy Chang believes that by following a few principles, she can provide each diner with a unique eating experience: well-plated, exquisite food in a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Chef Wendy's expertise has always been wonderful pan-Asian cuisine, but Herban Fix has a deeper meaning for her. Herban Fix, she believes, is part of a green and healthy revolution. She wants to give high-quality, healthy vegan food to the public while also helping to improve the environment for her family, friends, and everyone else.



Except when it's like a cool kale salad, veganism is hot and raw right now. Although the West End has long had successful vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Atlanta is now embracing meatless cuisine, which is great news for you. What's even better? The majority of them are available for takeaway or delivery, so you may go green at home without risk.

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