Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles


Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles

Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles

Have you ever thought about veganism? Have you seen those people who are very restricted about their food choice? Perhaps, you are wondering why they are so obsessed with only eating plant-based food, right? Well, I am here to tell you why. In fact, being a vegan is not something you can explain very easily. You might have different reasons to join the campaign.

You might decide to become a vegan because you have heard that it is much healthier to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Or, maybe, you feel so guilty about the fact that millions of animals are getting killed a day in and day out so that you could go to a restaurant and enjoy your meal. You think that people should respect animals' rights and stop eating them. Also, there is another motive around and perhaps the most important one.

You are vegan because you think that it will save not only animals but also the planet earth. The reality is that the current food industry is just sucking all the resources on the earth. If we keep consuming our resources just for the sake of the food industry, sooner or later, the planet earth will be a dead body! Water, energy, soil, and many other things are getting consumed is a terrible way to support the sick food industry.

I could convince you that becoming a vegan is a good chance. It might save us from hunger which will be inevitable if we keep living like this. So, in this article, first, I will define the word veganism and explain who is considered to be a vegan person. Also, I will talk about all those good and bad things about this new lifestyle.

The other half of the article will be for vegans who live in Los Angeles. If you live in this great city, but you don’t know where to find delicious, safe, and affordable vegan food, you don’t need to be worried at all. I will introduce the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles to you. Then, you will know what to do and where to go. Let's get started with a simple definition of veganism and different types of it.

What Is Veganism?


What Is Veganism?

Veganism starts with a simple decision. Here, you will decide to stop eating meat and other animal-related products such as eggs, milk, dairy products, etc. I should mention the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. In veganism, you must not eat meat or anything from animals. However, vegetarianism is a bit easier because you have to avoid eating meat, but you can eat animal-related products. Some people believe that vegetarianism is not enough and they should adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Well, there are many benefits associated with veganism. We want to know different reasons why people become veganism. There are ethical vegans, environmental vegans, health vegans, and religious vegans.


Ethical Vegans

Some people have decided to become vegan because they care about animals' rights. They know how cruel the current food industry is, and animals are all tortured and killed horrifyingly. If you think about it carefully, you will understand that animals feel pain and happiness. They should be separated from their children just because of our eagerness to eat them and use their products. For example, animals are kept in tiny areas so they cannot move too much.

This is against their nature because most livestock needs to move around and explore their environment. Or as soon as female animals give birth to a new baby. Farmers separate the new baby because they don’t want that poor child to drink from their mother's milk. Why? Because humans need milk too.

Also, when farmers want to kill animals for their meat, they don’t care at all about those poor animals' feelings! They can feel this is their last moment and try to escape, but farmers often beat them and force them to go to their last moments. That's terrible. When you are vegan, no animal needs to be killed or tortured.


Environmental Vegans

The environment is another reason why people become vegan. Let me explain why. What do animals need to grow? They need water and food, right? So, farmers must provide them with millions of tons of water and food every day. Water shortage is one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever been faced with. So, we are using our valuable water resources just to raise millions of animals.

Also, animals need food! Lots of it! What does it mean? It means that more trees must be cut to create more agricultural lands. Did you know that nearly half of the crops produced from the agriculture industry will be used for feeding livestock? We are killing jungles and forests to feed hungry cows, pigs, and sheep. This is very bad for our planet and should be stoped. Not convinced yet to join veganism? Let's move to the next reason.


Healthy Vegans

This is very important for us! When you are a healthy vegan, it basically means that you adopt such a lifestyle because you want to be healthier. When you eat vegan foods, you are mentally healthier because you know that other animals are not suffering. Also, you are going to be protected physically as well.

First of all, you are less likely to get serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases when you are a regular vegan. Also, the food that you eat doesn’t contain too much sugar, saturated fat, carbs, and other unhealthy compounds. Also, your body will be in shape, and you don’t need to be worried about gaining weight every time you eat something.


Religious Vegans

This one is not as popular for other reasons, but some people, especially in eastern Asia, believe that being a vegan is a way to keep our spirit clean, and God will bless us because we are protecting his creatures.

Types of Vegan Diets

Types of Vegan Diets

Now, I am going to tell how many types of vegan diets we have in the market. There are eight types of vegan diets, including a raw vegan diet, gluten-free, vegan diet, fruitarian vegan diet, whole-food vegan diet, junk food vegan diet, raw till 4 vegan diets, paleo vegan diet (vegan diet), and freegan diet.

In a raw vegan diet, people eat only uncooked food. This is because they think that if they cook the food, it will lose all its vitamins. What about the gluten-free, vegan diet? First, you should know that gluten is a protein found in durum, spelled wheat and einkorn. It is not a very healthy compound, and that's why people don’t eat it. People only eat three things in a fruitarian vegan diet, including fruits, nuts, and seeds.

People on a whole-food vegan diet will eat plant-based food rich in whole foods, including fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and deeds. If you eat processed vegan food, it means that you are following a vegan junk food diet. Even after becoming a vegan, you might want to try a nice hot dog or pizza. There are vegan alternatives for all these foods to stop you from getting back to your delicious but unhealthy lifestyle. In the raw till 4 vegan diets, you have to take care of the time a lot because, in this diet, you should not eat cooked vegan food before 4 pm.

It is OK to eat after that. In the Paleo vegan diet, you eat pure and unprocessed food such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. Finally, the freegan diet is difficult because it is based on the leftover food thrown away by supermarkets and restaurants. In fact, in this lifestyle, you don’t pay for food at all.

The Best Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles


The Best Vegan Restaurant In Los Angeles

Well, if you live in LA, you know how big the city is! This is the city that never sleeps, right! I am sure you can find a lot of restaurants near where you live. However, you don’t know which one is serving vegan food. And if so, you don’t know which one is the best and is worth trying. Well, I am here to help you out. From now on, I will introduce vegan restaurants in LA, and then you can check them one by one to choose the best.

Honeybee Burger

Honeybee Burger

If you are a tourist and like to taste vegan food while sightseeing in LA, Honeybee burger is the right place for you. The first thing I did when I hear about Honeybee burger is to check out their website. I could get all the information I wanted. It is well-designed and beneficial. Let's review it together.

First of all, the address is 345 North La Brea, Los Angeles, California 90036 United States. And, if you have any questions regarding customer service or general information, you can call 3236732659 and 3234526024, respectively.

This restaurant has three main elements. The first one is obvious, all foods on their menu are plant-based. Also, their foods are very diverse, from a classic cheeseburger to soft-serve cones. And, the restaurant is constantly searching for new, more sustainable alternatives. This is how we can stop killing animals.

Additionally, the restaurant cares about the planet earth too and is trying to popularize plant-based dishes. The logo of the restaurant is a bee! Why is it? It actually represents the important role of every one of us, including people in the food business, to create a sustainable condition as bees are doing so.


What does Honeybee Burger Have On Its Menu?

Let's get to the delicious part. What types of foods can you find on the menu? In fact, they have a wide variety of burgers. And occasional chicken and nuggets. All of them are plant-based and animal cruelty-free. For example, the honeybee, the queen bee, and all-new chick-a-bee! Are three of the most popular products in this restaurant.

They serve side dishes such as Mac and Cheese, sweet potato FROTS, and Add avocado. Also, they serve amazing shakes with exciting beverages such as Harney organic Ice tea, Harney organic lemonade, and diet coke.


What Do People Say About Honeybee Burger On Yelp?

Let's check out whether people have enjoyed eating in Honeybee burger. Comments are generally very supportive of the business. However, some people have rated Honeybee burger as a low-quality restaurant.


Professional Behaviour From The Staff

Starting with Johnny L. from California. He enjoyed the fact that the staff in the restaurant were caring and careful about your needs. He has tried Nashville chick a bee sandwich and loved it.


Easy To Find, No Waiting In Line

Another customer named Chi is happy because she hasn’t waited for long in the line. Also, she has been able to find the location very easily. She is also giving compliments about the behaviour of the staff. And, regarding the food itself, she has experienced one of the most delicious meals in her whole life.


Not Very Polite Staff

He is a bit disappointed because of two things. The receptionist hasn’t been polite to him, and his food has been prepared late.

Besides a few negative comments, many people have said Honeybee burger is one of their must-go-to vegan spots. So, I guess it is worth trying once.

Just What I Kneaded

Just What I Kneaded

In contrast to the previous restaurant, you can buy café and bread here. I mean, it is an all-vegan café & bakery. Their website is straightforward, and it has only two options, including order now, our story. The address is 2029 Blake ave #104 Los Angeles, CA 90039 (323) 522-3340. To be honest, the website was not a professional one. Products were introduced and nothing more.


What Do People Say About Just What I Kneaded?

91 people commented about the food they had eaten in the restaurants. I couldn’t find a negative one. Many positive points have been mentioned concerning the Just What I kneaded. Let's review some of these nice comments. The restaurant is placed in a residential area so it might be difficult to find a parking space for your car. The restaurant has an outdoor seating area which is great, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as you shouldn’t stay in covered places.

Regarding the foods, most people who have commented on Yelp are happy with all parameters of delicious food. Another reviewer named Angelica H. says that this is the best bakery in her town. She is confident that everything they serve is 100% vegan. Two of the most delicious foods reported by the customers are calamansi tart and passionfruit tart because they are full of flavour.

Mickey T. recommends buying online from this restaurant because it is hard to find a parking space. According to him, foods like Strawberry Scone (Gluten-Free), Mushroom Potato Quiche, and Tomato Basil Galette are other highly recommended foods. However, some people have reported that the pricing has been the only problem with this restaurant. Other than that, it Is OK.

Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen


Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen

For people who like to taste strange and exotic Asian foods, the Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen is the best choice. Where is the address? It is at 4114 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029. When you go to its website, you will realize how diverse its foods are. In fact, on the website, there is a nice categorization. The foods are categorized into several classes, including appetizers, salad, soup, entrees, curries, specials, vegetable dishes, rice dishes, side, drinks, and deserts.

How about the prices? They usually cost around 10 dollars per meal. For example, in the appetizers category, spring rolls which are one of the cheapest, cost 8 dollars and include deep-fried rolls stuffed with assorted vegetables and glass noodles, served with sweet & sour sauce. What about the most expensive one? It is not much more expensive than previous food. Seaweed rolls, hot wings, meek rob, and miang Kham are the most expensive ones. Each of them costs 11 dollars.

Their menu has another interesting feature too. All the foods in all categories have been marked as vegan, vegan optional, gluten-free optional, and spicy. This is how you can make sure of the food you are ordering. The salads are also in the same range with concerning the price. The most expensive one is Khao Yum Salad which is 14.5 dollars. When you look at its ingredients, you will understand why it is so nutritious. For example, in Khao Yum salad, there are coconut, Japanese bean, red cabbage, pumpkin, and many more ingredients.

Soups are also very diverse and cheap. There are several types of soups, including mushroom, vegetable, wonton, and bamboo soups. And, there all cost 6.5 dollars.


What Do People Say About Bulan Thai Vegetarian Kitchen?

There are lots of compliments on! One of the customers said that they visit this restaurant twice a week. According to them, the garlic noodles and eggplants are great! Another customer is delighted because of too many options, the best faux chicken, and outdoor seating.

Or, miacat says that the restaurant always delivers the food very fast. Another customer is happy with vegan dishes, nice decoration, and lovely staff. Another customer who is very picky when it comes to Thai food (as she says this about herself) was impressed by the food served by this restaurant.

I also checked for more reviews. The same trend is true here—lots of positive comments.

The V Tree, Hollywood


The V Tree, Hollywood

this luxurious restaurant is located in Silverlake, 3515 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90026. The location of the restaurant, as they promise, has cultural taste as well. The menu they offer is not just a delicious meal. It takes your mind, body, and soul into account to come up with something magical.


What Do People Say About The V Tree, Hollywood On Yelp?

The general impression of Yelp is that the restaurant is great from many different aspects. Terrence says that the service has been amazing for him because of the friendly and social guy at the front. He says that the atmosphere in the restaurant was also very relaxed.

He has ordered a large soul plate with ribs, chicken drums, mac & cheese, greens, black-eyed peas, which have tasted amazing. Another customer named Monique T enjoyed the music, art, and décor of the restaurant. According to her, the fires of the restaurant have been wonderful.

Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads Kitchen

As it is obvious from its website, it is one of the biggest restaurants in Los Angeles. You can find this vegan restaurant at 8284 MELROSE AVE. LOS ANGELES, CA 90046. Did you know that it is the first plant-based restaurant in town with a full bar with an inspired cocktail program? The foods are so delicious that customers don’t even know that the menu is plant-based. It is appropriate for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and meat-eaters.

Foods are categorized into three classes, including weekday lunch, brunch, and dinner menus. When you go to the restaurant's website, you get nice pdf files explaining what can be ordered.


What Do People Say About The V Tree, Hollywood On Yelp?

The restaurant offers excellent drinks, fantastic service, and even parking space! According to people on Yelp, impossible nuggets is one of the most delicious food. Interestingly, one of the customers named Zara K. said that her meat-eating boyfriend couldn’t tell the difference between the food he has been eating in the restaurant and other non-vegan foods.



Do you want to do sightseeing in Los Angeles? Do you want to check out some nice vegan restaurants in this metropolitan city? Here, we introduced some of the most famous vegan restaurants in Los Angeles and reviewed some of the people's comments about them on Yelp and other websites. What are you waiting for? Start visiting them and tell us how you like them.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles. Would you mind staying tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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