Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

Welcome to the delightful world of vegan cream cheese! You're in for a treat if you're looking for creamy, luscious spreads without dairy.

With the rise of plant-based diets and the growing demand for dairy-free alternatives, many vegan cream cheese brands have emerged, each offering a delectable array of flavours and textures.

Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, have a lactose intolerance, or want to explore new and delicious options, these plant-based cream cheese alternatives will surely delight your taste buds.

From cashew-based creations to tofu-infused spreads, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we'll take you through some of the top vegan cream cheese brands, unveiling their unique ingredients and flavours that make them a delectable choice for any occasion.

So, get ready to dive into the world of cruelty-free indulgence as we explore the best vegan cream cheese brands available today. Your bagels, sandwiches, and recipes will always be different!

Benefits Of Vegan Cream Cheese

Vegan cream cheese offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice among individuals with various dietary preferences and restrictions.

Here are some key points highlighting the advantages of vegan cream cheese:

1. Dairy-Free

As the name suggests, vegan cream cheese is entirely dairy-free, making it an excellent option for those following a vegan or lactose-free diet.

It is made from plant-based ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, tofu, or soy, providing a creamy texture and rich flavour without animal products.

2. Cholesterol-Free

Unlike traditional cream cheese made from dairy, vegan cream cheese contains no cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels are associated with various health risks, and opting for plant-based cream cheese can be a heart-healthy choice.

3. Lower Saturated Fat

Plant-based cream cheese typically has lower saturated fat content than its dairy-based counterpart. Reducing saturated fat intake can help improve heart health and manage weight.

4. Allergen-Friendly

Vegan cream cheese is a safe and delicious alternative for individuals with dairy allergies or intolerances.

It is free from common allergens like milk and eggs, making it suitable for people with various dietary restrictions.

5. Nutrient-Rich

Many vegan cream cheese brands incorporate nutrient-dense ingredients like nuts, which provide essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Depending on the ingredients used, vegan cream cheese can be a good source of protein and beneficial nutrients.

6. Versatility

Vegan cream cheese is incredibly versatile and can be used in various recipes. The possibilities are endless, from spreading it on bagels and crackers to using it as a base for dips, sauces, and desserts.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Producing vegan cream cheese typically has a lower environmental impact than traditional cream cheese made from animal products.

Choosing plant-based alternatives contributes to sustainability and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Ethical Considerations

For individuals concerned about animal welfare, vegan cream cheese aligns with ethical choices that avoid supporting the dairy industry.

With its delectable taste, health benefits, and ethical considerations, vegan cream cheese has become a beloved and versatile staple in many kitchens, appealing to a diverse audience seeking a more conscious and compassionate way of eating.

Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

As the popularity of veganism continues to grow, so does the demand for delicious dairy-free alternatives.

Vegan cream cheese has become a sought-after option for those who enjoy traditional cream cheese's creamy texture and taste without using animal products.

Fortunately, several reputable and tasty vegan cream cheese brands are on the market today. Here are some popular ones:


1. Tofutti

Tofutti is a pioneering brand of dairy-free alternatives, and their vegan cream cheese is no exception.

Tofutti's cream cheese is made with a soy protein base and delivers a smooth and creamy texture that resembles traditional dairy cream cheese.

It is rich, luscious, and perfect for spreading on bagels, crackers, or toast. Tofutti's cream cheese is also a versatile ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes, making it a must-have for plant-based kitchens.

What sets Tofutti apart is its commitment to quality and taste. Their cream cheese is free from cholesterol, lactose, and gluten, making it suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or lactose intolerance.

Additionally, Tofutti's cream cheese is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring consumers receive added nutritional benefits.

With various flavours available, such as plain, garlic herb, and French onion, Tofutti caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

Tofutti's cream cheese has become a staple for vegans and those looking to reduce their dairy consumption.

Its smooth, creamy texture and delectable taste make it an excellent alternative to traditional cream cheese.

Whether following a vegan lifestyle or seeking a healthier option, Tofutti's vegan cream cheese is a delightful addition to any kitchen.

Follow Your Heart

2. Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart is a well-known brand at the forefront of the vegan food movement for decades.

Their commitment to creating high-quality, delicious, and dairy-free alternatives is evident in their vegan cream cheese offerings.

Their original cream cheese alternative is rich and creamy, making it an ideal spread for bagels, crackers, or sandwiches.

It delivers the same tangy and satisfying flavour as traditional cream cheese without dairy ingredients.

One of Follow Your Heart's standout products is its dairy-free whipped cream cheese. This airy, luscious cream cheese alternative adds a delightful touch to breakfast or dessert dishes.

Its light and fluffy texture makes it perfect for spreading, while its slightly sweetened taste complements sweet and savoury recipes.

Whether you're looking to enhance the flavour of a morning bagel or top off a vegan cheesecake, Follow Your Heart's whipped cream cheese alternative is a versatile and delicious choice.

Beyond their delectable taste and texture, Follow Your Heart's vegan cream cheese alternatives are free from cholesterol, soy, and gluten, making them suitable for individuals with various dietary needs.

Their commitment to using high-quality, plant-based ingredients ensures that every bite is enjoyable and aligned with ethical and sustainable practices.

For those seeking a delectable and compassionate cream cheese option, Follow Your Heart's vegan offerings are sure to delight and satisfy.

Miyoko's Creamery

3. Miyoko's Creamery

Miyoko's Creamery has made a name for itself in the world of vegan cheese with its dedication to crafting artisanal, plant-based alternatives that rival traditional dairy products.

Their vegan cream cheese is a standout product that exemplifies their commitment to quality and taste.

Made from cashews, Miyoko's cream cheese boasts a smooth and velvety texture that is incredibly similar to traditional cream cheese.

Its rich and creamy consistency makes it an excellent choice for spreading on bagels, crackers, or toast and incorporating into sweet or savoury recipes.

What sets Miyoko's vegan cream cheese apart is the attention to detail in its production. The cashews used in the recipe are carefully selected and processed to achieve the perfect balance of flavours and textures.

Adding live cultures gives the cream cheese a tangy and authentic taste, reminiscent of traditional dairy-based versions.

Miyoko's commitment to using high-quality, organic, and non-GMO ingredients ensures that each batch of cream cheese is delicious and free from artificial additives or preservatives.

Moreover, Miyoko's Creamery takes pride in its sustainable and eco-friendly practices. By creating a plant-based product, they contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the dairy industry.

Miyoko's cream cheese is a testament to the idea that vegan alternatives can be just as indulgent and flavourful as their dairy counterparts, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a cruelty-free and delectable cream cheese option.


4. Daiya

Daiya is a well-known and trusted brand among the vegan community, and its cream cheese alternatives have become a staple in many households.

Made from a blend of plant-based ingredients, Daiya's cream cheese offers a creamy and smooth texture that is remarkably similar to traditional cream cheese.

One of the standout features of Daiya's cream cheese is its versatility. It comes in various delicious flavours, including original, chive and onion, strawberry, and even a dairy-free alternative to classic lox-style cream cheese.

Daiya's cream cheese alternatives are incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways. Spread it on bagels, toast, or crackers for a delicious and satisfying breakfast or snack.

It also works wonderfully in savoury recipes, such as creamy pasta sauces, stuffed mushrooms, and dairy-free cheesecakes.

The different flavours offered by Daiya allow for endless creativity in the kitchen, catering to various taste preferences and culinary adventures.

Furthermore, Daiya's commitment to using high-quality, plant-based ingredients ensures their cream cheese alternatives are free from common allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten.

This makes it an inclusive option for those with dietary restrictions or food sensitivities. With Daiya's cream cheese alternatives, individuals can enjoy traditional cream cheese's rich and creamy taste without compromising on taste, texture, or ethics.

It's a fantastic option for vegans and anyone looking to explore dairy-free alternatives with a trusted and well-established brand like Daiya.


5. Violife

Violife is a prominent European brand that has gained popularity for its extensive range of high-quality vegan cheeses, and its cream cheese offering is no exception.

Crafted with precision and care, Violife's cream cheese boasts a smooth and luscious texture that rivals traditional dairy-based cream cheese.

What sets Violife apart is its dedication to creating products that cater to vegans and appeal to individuals with various dietary preferences.

Their cream cheese is free from dairy, soy, gluten, and nuts, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

The flavour of Violife's cream cheese is rich and creamy, with a hint of tanginess that perfectly complements bagels, toast, or crackers.

It also serves as a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savoury dishes. Whether it's used as a creamy spread for sandwiches, a base for decadent cheesecakes, or an indulgent dip for vegetables, Violife's cream cheese delivers a satisfying and delightful taste experience.

Violife's commitment to quality and its selection of natural ingredients ensure that its cream cheese is a wholesome and guilt-free choice for those seeking a plant-based alternative.

With a reputation for producing some of the best vegan cheeses on the market, Violife's cream cheese is a must-try for anyone looking to elevate their culinary creations with a delectable and cruelty-free option.

Go Veggie

6. Go Veggie

Go Veggie is a well-known brand that caters to individuals with diverse dietary preferences and needs.

Their lactose-free and vegan cream cheese options are great for those seeking a delicious alternative to traditional dairy-based cream cheese.

Made from soy, Go Veggie's cream cheese offers a creamy and smooth texture that spreads effortlessly on bagels, toast, or crackers.

It is perfect for anyone lactose intolerant or looking to reduce their dairy consumption while still enjoying the taste and texture of cream cheese.

One of the standout features of Go Veggie's cream cheese is its versatility. It works wonderfully as a simple spread for breakfast options or a flavourful ingredient in savoury and sweet dishes.

Whether used to add creaminess to pasta sauces, enhance the richness of soups, or create delectable desserts like cheesecakes and frosting, Go Veggie's cream cheese consistently delivers on taste and performance.

Furthermore, soy-based cream cheese is a great option for nut allergies, as it is free from nuts, gluten, and lactose.

This makes it an inclusive choice for individuals with various dietary restrictions. With Go Veggie's commitment to offering products free from artificial preservatives and additives, their cream cheese is a wholesome and nourishing choice for those embracing a vegan or lactose-free lifestyle.

Kite Hill

7. Kite Hill

Kite Hill is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality, plant-based products, and its vegan cream cheese is no exception.

Made from almond milk, their cream cheese offers a rich and creamy texture that is remarkably close to traditional dairy-based cream cheese.

Almond milk adds a subtle nutty flavour, enhancing the overall taste profile of the cream cheese.

Kite Hill's dedication to creating artisanal, dairy-free alternatives shines through in their cream cheese, making it a delightful addition to any vegan or lactose-intolerant individual's kitchen.

One of the standout features of Kite Hill's vegan cream cheese is its variety of flavours.

From the classic and versatile plain flavour, perfect for everyday spreads and recipes, to the more adventurous options like chive and jalapeno, Kite Hill caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

The chive flavour adds a refreshing and aromatic twist, while the jalapeno offers a zesty kick, perfect for those who enjoy a little heat in their dishes.

Kite Hill's almond milk-based cream cheese also boasts nutritional benefits. Almonds are a good source of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, making their cream cheese a flavour and nourishing choice.

With their commitment to using minimal and clean ingredients, Kite Hill's vegan cream cheese remains a top choice for those seeking a delectable, dairy-free alternative that doesn't compromise taste or quality.


8. Treeline

Treeline is a standout brand known for its innovative approach to vegan cream cheese, crafting its products from creamy cashews.

Their vegan cream cheeses offer a delightful range of flavours catering to diverse culinary preferences.

For those who enjoy a burst of freshness, the scallion cream cheese infuses a delicate onion flavour, adding a light and savoury touch to bagels and sandwiches.

The herb-garlic flavour is a harmonious blend of aromatic herbs and spicy garlic, ideal for spreading on crackers or incorporating into pasta dishes.

For those who relish a bold and zesty twist, the cracked pepper cream cheese delivers a peppery kick that complements sweet and savoury recipes.

Treeline's use of cashews as the base for their cream cheeses provides a creamy and luscious texture that closely mirrors the richness of dairy-based alternatives.

Cashews also offer a nutritional punch, containing essential nutrients such as healthy fats, protein, and vitamins and minerals.

With their commitment to using organic and non-GMO ingredients, Treeline ensures that their vegan cream cheeses are delicious and crafted with utmost quality and integrity.

Treeline's dedication to crafting artisanal, cashew-based vegan cream cheeses makes them a standout choice for those seeking an indulgent and sophisticated alternative to traditional dairy options.

Whether spread on a bagel, mixed into a pasta sauce, or enjoyed with crackers, Treeline's vegan cream cheeses will elevate any dish with unique and delectable flavours.

Earth Balance

9. Earth Balance

Earth Balance, a renowned brand celebrated for its array of vegan butter alternatives, also extends its culinary expertise to include a delectable vegan cream cheese spread.

Crafted to meet the needs of plant-based eaters and lactose-intolerant individuals, Earth Balance's vegan cream cheese is a delightful and versatile addition to any kitchen.

Available in two enticing flavours, original and garlic & herb, it offers a spectrum of savoury options to elevate a wide range of dishes.

The original flavour boasts a creamy and neutral taste, perfect for spreading on bagels, toast, or as a base for creating creamy dips and dressings.

On the other hand, the garlic & herb variation delivers a delightful burst of aromatic herbs and zesty garlic, making it a delectable choice for enhancing the flavours of sandwiches, pasta dishes, and savoury baked goods.

Earth Balance's vegan cream cheese spread is thoughtfully crafted to achieve a smooth and velvety texture, mirroring the consistency of traditional dairy-based cream cheese.

In addition to its palatability, Earth Balance's vegan cream cheese is made with carefully selected plant-based ingredients, ensuring it is free from dairy, lactose, and trans fats.

This commitment to using wholesome and sustainable ingredients aligns with the brand's dedication to promoting a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Whether you want a versatile spread or a flavorful ingredient to incorporate into your culinary creations, Earth Balance's vegan cream cheese spread is a delectable and conscious choice that promises to elevate your plant-based eating experience.


In conclusion, the growing popularity of veganism has paved the way for a diverse selection of vegan cream cheese brands that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences.

These vegan cream cheese brands provide delicious alternatives and contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world by eliminating the need for animal products.

With the increasing focus on environmental consciousness and animal welfare, these vegan cream cheese brands exemplify how plant-based alternatives can be both delicious and ethical.

As more people embrace plant-based eating and seek delicious dairy-free options, the market for vegan cream cheese continues to thrive.

With innovation and creativity driving the development of new and exciting flavours, the vegan cream cheese world will keep expanding, making it an exciting time for those exploring the world of plant-based culinary delights.

I trust you enjoyed reading the Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands article. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.



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