Guide To Vegan Boots

Guide To Vegan Boots

We like our cows alive and kicking, so really get a kick out of vegan boots. Vegan boots are great for kicking up a stink, and for kicking ass and taking names because creating positive change means we have to stand our ground sometimes. The positive changes we stand for are compassion, health, and the environment, so there’s never any need to kick someone when they’re down. Best of all, our statement can be made strongly, directly, unmistakably, and even fashionably, and no one has to kick the bucket.

Guide To Vegan Boots

The things that make boots great have nothing to do with what they’re made of. It’s their shape, not their materials, that make us feel strong, confident, sexy, and prepared to take on anything the world wants to dish at us. It’s all about the way they look, the way they make us look, and the way they make other people look at us. We’re not attracted to boots because they’re leather, we’re attracted to the human inside the boots – so like the rest of our wardrobes, our vegan boots are readily available in a wide variety of colours, cuts, and materials.

What Are Vegan Boots?

What Are Vegan Boots?

A vegan boot is made with no animal products, including leather, wool, silk, or feathers. This doesn’t mean you can’t still have strong or attractive boots, but they can be made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, neoprene, and vegan leather. Here’s how vegan boots differ from regular boots: A vegan boot is completely soft and padded. They have a thicker sole and a softer, better quality upper than a traditional boot. There is no hiding or bleaching of the hide.

They come in a wide range of colours and styles. They are therefore much more versatile than regular boots and they are cheaper than regular boots. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel as good as regular boots. Vegan boots are a new kind of vegan footwear, which means that they are made out of materials that were never designed to be used in food or clothing. When boots are made out of vegan materials, they are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and totally cruelty-free. Our vegan boots are made of faux leather, hemp fabric, and rubber.

They look just like regular, non-vegan boots, and they are as comfortable as they are stylish. You might be surprised by just how cool vegan boots are. Check them out and find out. Vegan boots are a big step forward for fashion because they will allow us to wear shoes that look and feel just as good as shoes that have animal products in them. Vegan boots are the fashion equivalent of going meat-free.

The benefits are two-fold. When vegan boots go through one of the steps of decomposition, the material used to make the boots is disposed of responsibly, the leather is either melted down or taken out of the shoe and composted and then the soles are taken out and either separated for composting (which is the most sustainable form of disposal) or turned into fuel (which is also sustainable).

After all, why waste your nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (naturally occurring in leather and wood) when they could be used for something beneficial, like growing food? Think about it for a second. Burning diesel to power your car is kind of stupid. Firing up that hunk of rubber is the opposite of smart, but by choosing vegan boots, you’re already doing something good.

What Are Vegan Boots Made Of?

What Are Vegan Boots Made Of?

A lot of people think vegan shoes are mainly made of faux leather, but while there’s a large amount of vegan footwear made from calfskin and a few other animal products (I’m talking to you, boots that have been spritzed with pearlescent paint) vegan boots are a little different. As well as being cruelty-free, the majority of vegan boots (and shoes, and sandals, and flip-flops, and gloves) are made of real suede. Suede is a wonderful material, because it feels so lovely, so luxuriously, so subtly warm, so supple, so soft, so velvety.

Suede is as tough as they come, but not in a way that means they’re hard to break in. Danish fashion brand Point Blank made a splash last year when they introduced a new vegan boot model, boasting that they are made from no animal products and recycled rubber tires. But after research and feedback, they’re now launching their new eco-friendly model: vegan, machine washable, and completely eco-friendly. Although they made the switch from rubber to vegan rubber, the new model isn’t free of animal products.

The new boots are made of 100% nylon and recycled rubber, but the materials have been replaced with recycled polyethylene – something that will drastically reduce their environmental impact. Vegan boots are made of natural or recycled materials: cotton, leather, or vegan leather. An option we know you’ll love if you’re an animal-friendly shopper is our vegan footwear boot. And don’t forget our vegan calfskin boots!

And don’t forget the vegan boots that last a lifetime (plus some!) and are vegan and fairtrade! After the rubber vegan boot, a vegan boot, in particular, became a part of modern living in the 1970s because it helps you wear your heart on your feet. Be it for politics or love, shoes really do speak a lot.

Advantages Of Using Vegan Boots

Advantages Of Using Vegan Boots

One advantage of using Vegan Boots is that it has No tread. Even when rubber boots are in style, no one can stand on anything less than rubber, so having shoes that wear out quickly is a problem. This is no longer a problem, so the shoes you wear this year will still be comfortable and functional in a few years’ time.

Another advantage is that it is Natural rubber. Mature rubber comes from trees, so it is nearly as environmentally friendly as some of the products made from biodegradable materials. Because rubber comes from a tree, these trees can live for years and decades.

One day, all that rubber will be returned to the earth where it will keep Mother Nature happy. Of course, one advantage is Practicality. Buying vegan boots doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing your favourite, slightly clunky pair of leather boots. It means you have to get creative when it comes to footwear. It’s well known that a vegan boot is just as rugged as a cowhide boot, just without the “imitation” sex appeal.

So here are some of the major benefits of this (now officially recognized) fashion choice:

  • You will burn a lot fewer calories,
  • Your steps will increase,
  • You will burn fewer fossil fuels,
  • It is better for the health of your feet, and
  • It is better for the health of the animals who end up on your plate.

Some people mistakenly think we mean “without leather”, which is totally incorrect. We’re saying that from a vegan boot’s material and processing standpoint, it’s almost as good as leather. So, for example, vegan uppers are often far more durable than most leather uppers. If we’re giving vegan boots a must-have award, what does that say about the importance of boots for vegans?

It’s fair to say that going vegan will make a huge impact on your health, and your environment. Therefore, for a majority of us, vegan boots will be a part of our daily lives. Once you’re on a cruelty-free road you’re taking a long journey, and you’ll want boots that show that you’re taking the road less travelled, boots that give you confidence and say to the world, “We’re not going where you’re going.”

Vegan boots are versatile, comfortable, and sexy – if they’re vegan. In addition to being versatile and comfortable, vegan boots are sexy – meaning that they aren’t designed for guys, they’re designed for people who love the way men look. Like we said, our vegan boots have nothing to do with cows, milk, or anyone who wants to feel powerful through controlling other people. Like all good shoes, Vegan Boots are extremely supportive, but they support our message, our body, our pride, our choices, and even our integrity.

Supporting messages are important. So important that you can wear one of the best statement-making vegan shoes while wearing a different statement, and you’ll feel strong and confident in both. What we’re saying here can be loud, but to ensure that it’s heard, let’s make it so you can hear us loud and clear, whenever we say it. Vegan Boots are delicious, being made of synthetic materials with a nearly zero impact on the planet.

Where To Buy Vegan Boots

Where To Buy Vegan Boots

So we’re not here to judge what you buy for your feet, we’re just here to say that when it comes to Vegan Boots, there are a ton of options to choose from. Plenty of brands and designers are great at creating vegan options, which means we can choose what feels good to our feet and our conscience.

It may seem that there are only two basic ways to be vegan, but that’s not true. And don’t think that we’re unaware that some of those shoes are really cool and therefore still in fashion, we’re just not completely sure that their vegan options are as good as their non-vegan options.

We can help you decide on a Vegan boot that suits your foot shape, your style, and your choices, so you’ll be the best vegan cow in town. Here are several of the brands and places you might want to visit to look for and buy Vegan Boots.

Dior: The Dior Abitare boot is a collaboration with vegan fashion boutique Rive Gauche. J.Crew: The Solo boot is a vegan boot made from hemp and polyester blends, and is available in five colours, including a standout shade of light, translucent green.

Converse: A good, classic choice. Converse has announced plans to make their Chuck Taylors vegan.  Eileen Fisher: In 2015, Eileen Fisher became the first major fashion brand to create a vegan-friendly pair of shoes. Called the Celebration, the shoe can be identified by its high waist, wide-open toe, and wedge heel. The heel of the Celebration, unlike most high heels, is connected to the sole, which is easier to slip on and off.

Casual Friday: A great alternative to Converse.

Lady Gaga Vegan Leather Boots: Your boots don’t have to be vegan leather to look good, and this pair of booties by Gaga and a plus-size model on the catwalk, who has a range of vegan clothing, make stylish boots that can be worn without a lick of leather.

Oh no, your classic boots are okay too. “Fashionable, perfectly well-made vegan boots” the Gucci website shouts.

One hundred percent vegan, good. To find the vegan boots you’ve been looking for, head on over to and look for your favourite Vegan Boots.

From now on, you’ll find links to the best vegan boots on the internet. Just keep an eye on the best-selling section and you’ll find the most suitable boots.

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Budget For Vegan Boots

Budget For Vegan Boots

You can’t live on plants, so you’ll need to do a little bit of shopping and even more research. You’ll need to buy shoes that are well made, rather than cheaply made, but don’t be tempted by vegan leather or synthetic boots. Leather boots are cruelty-free but synthetic, and leather boots come with major disadvantages.

The largest drawback to leather boots is the high cost and cruelty to animals. While the biggest drawback to synthetic and leather boots is the huge amount of toxic chemicals and sweat that comes off your skin every time you walk. That’s not good for anyone.

When spending money on boots, look for vegan leather, and avoid synthetic materials and leather. Don’t waste your time with anything less. Most of us don’t have enough disposable income to buy the latest footwear that promises a new life, a new you, or even a new soul. We must stop spending money on things that cost more than they’re worth and start spending it on things that can help us and the planet. If you have a few extra bucks lying around, then it’s time to save them for boots.

Taken as a whole, the cost of vegan boots is only about one-tenth of the cost of the real deal. There are some exceptions, but the Vegan Boot Index has already covered the most expensive boots, so we won’t be mentioning them. We say “only” because we haven’t even mentioned the cost of vegan-made footwear, and since it’s about the same price as non-vegan boots, there isn’t much left to talk about.

What Is Vegan Leather?

What Is Vegan Leather?

This is actually the hardest part of the label because when someone tries to look at it, they don’t know what to think, and that’s why it’s so hard to find vegan leather shoes in the first place. I wanted to make sure you’re fully informed, so here’s the lowdown: Vegan leather is leather made without cruelty and animal suffering, and as long as it’s traceable to that particular animal or to the farm it came from, it’s free from any cruelty.

Vegan leather is made out of a wide variety of leather, including vegan-friendly products such as wool, rubber, or synthetic fabrics. So you’ve covered no matter what shoe type you wear, and at a fraction of the price of the real thing. Shoes look like they’re made of leather, and they are. Before we say anything else, we need to stop and define what vegan leather is.

A leather product is made from sheep’s or goat’s hair or skins, which have been plucked from the animals’ bodies (their skin is no longer attached). Vegan leather is made from plants. “But we’ve got pockets! We need leather!” No, we don’t, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The skin of an animal is pretty darn tough, and leather isn’t any different. It’s what a cow’s or goat’s skin feels like. But it can be made to feel like leather with synthetic materials like polyurethane, plastic, or resin. Using leather as a measure of quality is not helpful because some animal-derived materials are really far more environmentally friendly than others.

Benefits To The Environment

Benefits To The Environment

You might not have realized it, but every single thing you wear in the course of your day can be described as a product, which has a production cycle, as well as materials and energy use. The impact of your shoes on the planet can be measured in pounds of CO2 emissions. Animal products are, quite simply, bad for the environment, and some animals, such as fish, shrimp, and even bees, have been declared to be endangered.

Not only do they require huge amounts of natural resources to produce, but farming them requires another huge amount of water, which can be scarce in many parts of the world. Animals are raised in horrible conditions, with lives too short to really be lived. Male fish can live no longer than 2 or 3 years. A shocking 90% of a cow’s life is devoted to providing us with food.

We can’t get that sort of dedication from our sheep. By choosing to eat a vegan diet, we are ensuring that the incredible creatures who give us our meat are allowed to live out their lives on their own terms. We care for them so much that we are willing to let them live just as they would on their own, just as long as they know they’re loved and cared for every step of the way.

Eating more consciously and more ethically has never felt so good. Vegan boots are making it easier than ever before to give up meat. By being vegan, we are not contributing to the suffering of animals who have been beaten, force-fed, and given medicines against their will.

How Can You Tell If The Boots Are Vegan?

Our boots are built to stand up and stand out. The vegan boot will have a little bow on the toe. This fashion accessory isn’t for your feet, it’s for the world to notice your feet. And with that, the reason for our use of Vegan Boots has been explained. Feel free to kick the animal activist in the groin and his brain, and give him a major cavity search with a dental pick if he tries to tell you that your shoes are only partially vegan.

The earliest and most basic way to determine if the shoes you’re buying are Vegan is to make sure the outsole is vegan. The sole of any shoe is really what makes up the actual boot. It’s more than just a “bunion killer” and offers a firm grip.

Difference Between Vegan Boots And Ordinary Boots

Most of the world’s fashionistas are wearing ordinary boots. It’s not because ordinary boots are ugly. It’s because ordinary boots are comfortable, reliable, and tend to work well and look great. All you have to do is pull on your favourite pair, slip your feet in, and start walking.

A vegan boot looks cool and even better, designed to look and feel good. They’re designed to make you look at yourself in the mirror and see the skin and bones, the veins and scars, the fuzzy puffs of fatty tissue, and the shocking excesses of all that sh*t you don’t need.

Instead, look at your feet, the smooth surface of your skin, and the healthy lines of your bones, and watch the bony, scarred (sometimes stunningly so) soft tissue and muscle that covers it all. Quite simply, vegan boots are warm, waterproof, and comfortable, and they last a lifetime.

Also, they come in so many sizes, shapes, and colours you’ll never have to worry about getting your feet in the same ones twice. If you want to give your feet the pleasure of feeling the thud of the beating heart of a cow, simply slip on a pair of vegan boots.


As an industry, we have such potential, but we don’t really work together very well, don’t collaborate very well, and aren’t very smart. So, until we learn to be more like mother nature and live off the land, we can’t really create any positive change. We must get together, collaborate, and learn to be healthier.

Doing things right the first time will always be better than doing them again. After all, if we’re all made of one organism, then we need to work together to thrive. Now, we just need to get over our egos and start pulling in the same direction. We all want to be doing good, we all want the same end result, and we all want to keep on kicking. Become a part of the revolution now, kick-ass, and take names.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Guide To Vegan Boots. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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