Sunburst Superfoods Review

Best Sunburst Superfoods Review

  Sunburst Superfoods Review

Best Sunburst Superfoods Review

We are living in the age of information and technologies. Thanks to them, we have started to face the sad truth about humanity. We have been so selfish for thousands of years. Since the dawn of humanity, we have gotten used to hunting and killing animals to eat. Animals and their products have been one of the most significant energy sources for all of us. Perhaps, it was fine hunting a few animals and eating them when the human population was not so high.

However, we, as humans, become more and more step by step. Accordingly, we needed more food too. It meant that we had to kill more animals for the sake of eating. We have been selfish. So many animals have gone or are going to be extinct because we have killed too many of them. However, there is good news. People have started to change a lot.

Millions of people know that nature and animals must be respected and appreciated. We have no right to kill all the animals and exploit all natural resources just because we consider ourselves better and more intelligent than other creatures. These ideas have influenced many global movements, especially several decades ago.

Thanks to all these movements and campaigns, new lifestyles have emerged. For starters, millions of people have become vegetarians. It means that they don’t eat animal meat. Or, more recently. Another lifestyle named, veganism has become very popular among people from every corner of the world. These people know that there are many benefits associated with these lifestyles, both for humans and nature.

As a result of the fact that many people have changed their food habits, companies have learned to shift their products more toward people's demands. Many companies are trying to sell you more, and what is better than keeping pace with new lifestyles?

So, in this review, we will first tell you what new trends in the food industry are and their benefits. Then, I'm going to introduce the Sunburst Superfoods company as one of the pioneers of the healthy food industry in the world.

We will review some of the best products from this company. Also, we will talk about other companies that can be considered Sunburst Superfoods' competitors. So, let's start with a short introduction to new trends in the food industry.

What Is The Problem With The Food Industry?

What Is The Problem With The Food Industry?

Although there has been huge attention to eating healthier and not causing suffering for animals, our food industry is still destroying our planet very quickly. Why? Because it is still hugely dependent on animals' meat and products such as milk, eggs, skins, and many more items. Here are some of the problems associated with the current food industry. Then, you might realize why it is so urgent to move on and invent something new.

Polluting The Environment

Polluting The Environment

What do you need to feed all those poor animals imprisoned on animal farms? We need food! Millions of tons of food! How are we going to prepare them? The answer is unfortunate and terrifying at the same time. We cut the trees in ancient forests and jungles to clear uplands and plant more food.

Then, you have to apply many different kinds of pesticides and fungicides to keep crops healthy. Unfortunately, these synthetic chemicals are dangerous and usually leach out into the water and grounds and pollute them rapidly. Also, these chemical materials, which were discharged into the water, cause problems for both humans and animals living in aquatic ecosystems.

Increasing The Global Warming Effect

Increasing The Global Warming Effect

Everybody is talking about the adverse effects of global warming. Humans are warming our world, leading to many disasters and catastrophes. The food industry is making everything even worse than before. You might ask how! Well, this is very easy!

Let's just talk about one of the aspects of the food industry. There are billions of cows in the world being kept on animal farms. We need them because we are selfish and want to use their meat, milk, skin, etc. Cows eat food and then produce methane. What's the problem with that, you might wonder? Methane is one of the worst gases because it makes our planet warmer. And, you know the rest of the story.

Harmful Impacts On Human Health

We used to think meat and dairy are excellent and beneficial to our health, right? However, recent studies have shown that this is not the case. Many studies have suggested that eating meat, dairy, eggs etc., could lead to severe diseases such as cancer and heart disease. The disadvantages are many more, but we don’t have the time to cover them all for you.

What Is The Solution?

So, we realize now that the food industry causes lots of problems for every one of us. Not only for us but also for the environment and animals as well. So, what is the solution here? Can we find a way to get rid of all those disasters created by the reluctant food industry? Yes, there are not only one but several solutions in front of us.

We just need to take advantage and adopt them. Many people are doing this. Vegetarianism, veganism, and not eating GMO-derived products are some of these lifestyles. We will see what they are and how they can help us have healthier and eco-friendly lives.



People in many countries started being vegetarian several decades ago. They felt bad for all those animals killed every day and stopped eating meat. They said we don’t want to kill these creatures just for the sake of our pleasure. That's how vegetarianism was born. However, vegetarians didn’t take it hard on themselves and continued eating eggs, fish, dairy, and other animal-related products.

Also, they ignored the fact that it is not only the food industry exploiting animals. The fashion industry has been even worse than that. Billions of animals are butchered to be our shoes, jackets, and other clothing items. However, it was a very positive movement in general and helped everyone.


The next movement was a response to all things vegetarians missed. Earlier, we said vegetarianism missed that animals were still suffering from abuse on a large scale. That's why a stricter lifestyle emerged. It was called veganism.

Vegans were committed to following all the rules of vegetarianism. However, they added a few more items. They stopped eating meat and banned themselves from eating all sorts of animal-related products such as eggs, dairy, and other products.

Vegans went even further and considered the fashion industry as well. Animal-derived products such as skin, fur, and leather are massively used for producing all sorts of clothing items.

It means millions of different species of animals must be tortured and killed just because we want to wear something warm and cozy. Vegans said no to this. They banned animal-derived food and clothing items.

Veganism also excludes all cosmetics products containing animal-derived products and refuses to use all cosmetics and cleaning products tested on animals. Nowadays, millions of people have turned vegan all around the world.

What Are GMO Products

What Are GMO Products?

This is another important topic for all people who care about healthy foods. Do you know what GMO products are? GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. So, what exactly does this phrase mean? Let me keep it short and simple for you. Imagine that you are a farmer and want to produce more corn.

You have to do something to increase your productivity with the same level of irrigation, fertilizer etc. One of the most advanced ways to change plants' features for more production is by applying genetic engineering principles. How does this work? You will introduce new genetic material to your plant and wait for the product.

Thanks to the genetic material introduced to your plant, you will benefit from it. For example, you might receive more products that are more resistant to pathogens. So far, so good!

However, there is a problem with GMO products. The problem is that we don’t know the negative consequences of using GMO products. They might have unknown side effects on our bodies. Or, they might increase the chance of getting cancer, heart disease, strokes, and other dangerous diseases. So, eating GMO products doesn’t make any sense.

What Are The Benefits Of Veganism And Vegetarianism?

Why is eating plant-based food so beneficial for us? Here, I will focus on some of the benefits of vegan or vegetarianism. Let's get started.

Leading A Healthier Lifestyle

Leading A Healthier Lifestyle

Of course, we eat to be healthy, right? There is no point in spending much money on unhealthy food and exposure to different diseases. Plant-based food is excellent in balancing the physiology of your body. Don’t you believe me? Let me start with your blood pressure. High or low blood pressure could cause us many minor and major conditions.

Plant-based food makes you very unlikely to experience high blood pressure. This means that our heart, one of the essential organs in our bodies, will work more healthily.

One reason for this is that plant-based food doesn’t contain saturated fats. Millions of people have type 2 diabetes. This can easily be avoided when you are on a plant-based diet. Plant-based food is free of fatty tissue. Fatty tissue might be associated with the rise of high cholesterol levels, which negatively impacts our health.

Also, if you are worried about your body mass index (BMI), you should go vegan because you are more likely to lose weight. Other health benefits of eating a plant-based diet are:

  • Living longer
  • Decreasing the risk of cancer
  • Improving your cholesterol
  • Minimizing the risk of stroke
  • Keeping the brain healthy

Positive Environmental Impacts

Positive Environmental Impacts

Plant-based food is not only good for us but also good for the environment. You can take a look at it from many different aspects. Let's just talk about three of them. Eating veggies contribute 2.5 times fewer carbon emissions than people with regular food habits.

It means that you are practically avoiding global warming by not eating animals. How is being vegan or vegetarian influencing carbon emissions? It is a straightforward plea! Cows eat and produce methane as a result. This methane is several times worse than CO2, making the earth hotter.

Another issue is that producing normal food, especially animal food, requires billions of tonnes of water daily. For example, a small chicken breast needs more than 5 litres of water. This is much more for cows and bigger animals. Water is a very precious source and should not be wasted like that. With veggies, you can save all this water.

Finally, you will stop cutting the trees in forests and jungles just to make room for producing food for animals. Forests and jungles are very precious resources. It is awful to cut them to start producing food for our livestock. So being a vegetarian or vegan and not eating animal-based and GMO products is great! Now, I am going to introduce Sunburst Superfoods. It is one of the biggest companies in the market you can get benefit from.

Where Is Sunburst Superfoods
Shiitake Mushroom Powder (8 oz.); Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO; Immune Support 

What Is Sunburst Superfoods?

This is a big company with a very nice customer-friendly environment. It is the best place for finding superfoods at the most affordable price. What are superfoods? It is simply an expression that means the food is full of nutrition, and eating them significantly improves people's health. Sunburst Superfoods' products are raw, non-GMO, and appropriate for vegans. They provide the customers with vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients resulting in people's health.

Sunburst Superfoods Products

On its website, Sunburst Superfoods presents the products in two separate categories. They include superfood powders, and snacks, seeds, berries & bars. Also, the choice of brand is vital for you. You can find all your favourite products from Sunburst Superfoods, Artisana, Garden of Life, and Organic Food Bar. Also, depending on your primary concern, which could be focus, energy, immunity, and longevity, you can get various products. I will review some of the essential products from each category.

Sunburst Elderberry
Sunburst Superfoods 100% Pure Dried Elderberries, Responsibly Wildcrafted, Raw, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Imported from Croatia, Sambucus Nigra – Re-sealable 1 Pound Bag – Makes Tea/Syrup 

Superfood Powders

In this category, you will find all the products in the category of superfood powders. 



This category includes protein, super greens, super blends, and sprout powders. Thanks to the products in this category, you can boost your stamina and get all the stress out of your muscles when you work out at the gym. Their protein powder is entirely vegan without the use of any animal-related protein. The company gets these powders from plants such as brown rice, hemp, pumpkin seed, and many more.

Bio-Fermented Brown Rice Protein Powder, Hemp Protein Powder, and Protein – Organic Food Bar – Box of 12 are three products in this category which cost 8.97, 8.97, and 34.98 dollars.

Super Greens

The products in this category have robust grass powders, protein-packed algae, and nutrient-dense super greens. All of these compounds increase your energy and immune systems and remove all the toxins from your body.

There are seven products here: Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder, Barley grass juice powder, cracked-cell chlorella powder (raw), mixed-grass juice powder blend, raw moringa powder, Spirulina powder, and Wheatgrass juice powder. When you check the website, there is no information mentioned for the super blends and sprout powders.

Snacks, Seeds, Berries & Bars

They have Cacao, Nut butter, Juice, and vitamins here. Let's check the products in them. There aren’t any explanations mentioned here. There are just some products from Sunburst Superfoods.

The Best Seller Product From Sunburst Superfoods

When you go to, you can find the company's products. Here, we are going to review the best-seller product. Please note that this is a seasonal product and is not always available.

Sunburst Superfoods Raw Beet Root Powder | 100% Pure, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free | Nitric Oxide Booster – 1 Pound Re-sealable Bag

  • This product is in the form of powder.
  • It is perfect for kids.
  • The main ingredient is beetroot powder.
  • It has been mentioned that the product is GMO and gluten-free.
  • It is completely compatible with vegans' lifestyles.
  • Let's see some of the basic features of the product.
  • Your liver is going to benefit a lot from the products. First of all, the product makes it able to digest fat more efficiently. This is because of the phytonutrients implemented in the product.
  • A healthy cardiovascular system and balanced blood pressure are some other benefits of the product.
  • There is too much fat deposited in your blood. Thanks to the high cleansing power of beetroot, all these materials will be flushed away from your bloodstream. Accordingly, your blood PH will stay at a healthy level. Also, beetroot acts as an effective supplement for menstruating women.
  • There are a huge diversity of vitamins and minerals found in the products. So, you don’t need to spend money on other products for your body's needs body. Potassium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium are some of the examples. Additionally, you can get enough magnesium which is important for absorbing calcium. Pregnant women and those about to give birth have access to all sorts of vitamins, including A, B, and The product also supports insulin production.
  • The food and drug administration has approved it as a gluten-free product; it is the best option for vegans and people who disapprove of eating GMO products.

Sunburst Superfoods Alternatives

Sunburst Superfoods is not alone in the market. Because the number of people interested in veganism is growing rapidly, there are more companies producing vegan and non-GMO products. The best way is to go to their website and check their items. Here, we are going to present a shortlist of these companies products.

NP Nutra

This is one of the oldest companies providing healthy substances for more than 20 years. When you go to its website, you will see a diversity of products from many plants. These plants include Alfalfa, Amla, Apple, Barley, Astragalus, Beet, Baobab, and many more.

The diversity is fantastic. For example, there are two products: Alfalfa Grass Powder and Alfalfa Juice Powder. Both are organic and made out of pure and healthy ingredients. They have applications in functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, pet foods, and cosmetics.

Future Kind

This big company offers a diverse source of supplements, including vegan multivitamins, collagen, omega 3, and protein. All these supplements are for vegans made from plant-based materials. These substances are great for you if you care about your body stamina, immune system, skin & hair, and mood & stress.


>>>Please click here to read my recent review of Future Kind<<<


MRM Nutrition

Professional nutritionists and specialists have established MRM Nutrition. They benefit from the best organic and natural ingredients.

Active Life Nutrition

Their products have high nutritional and therapeutic values offering health to all customers. They are producing supplements effective in muscle recovery by providing vitamin and mineral supplements. The products are great for eating after physical exertion.

Veggie Life Foods

Improving stamina, strength, flexibility, and at the same time, mental sharpness and a problem-free heart are the benefits of using plant-based products. The products cover all nutrients you need.

Therapeutic Nutrition

They offer products like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other plant-based materials that must be in the right balance. The balance was maintained at a good level, thanks to the therapeutic line.

Sunburst Superfoods - Conclusion


People have decided to live eco-friendlier with a better respect for nature and all creatures that live in it. As a result, they have started becoming vegans and stopped eating GMO products. One factor that has been helpful in their decision is that companies providing organic, vegan, and healthy food are expanding daily.

Sunburst Superfoods is one of these companies offering a high diversity of products. In this review, we first discussed veganism, vegetarianism, and non-GMO products and reviewed their benefits.

Then, we introduced Sunburst Superfood and compared it with some other companies in the market. Also, we introduced one of the best seller products from this company reviewing its impacts on our health. Do you want to become vegan? Start searching, please. Also, contains a lot of information on becoming a vegan.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Sunburst Superfoods Review. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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