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Veestro Review

Veestro Review

Nowadays, people have changed their food habits. Perhaps many years ago, nobody would ever think about the ideas populating 2021 at all. Back then, eating meat was a very normal and, to some extent, healthy choice. Many experts advise people to eat meat as much as possible to receive all the vital vitamins and minerals for their bodies.

There was nothing wrong with eating meat and benefiting from animal products such as eggs, milk, fur, silk, leather, etc. However, step by step, humans started understanding that they are ruining the planet for just the sake of eating meat and using other animal-related products. To produce more, farmers occupied lands that were used to be the home to plants and animals. We started destroying our jungles and forests to let cows, sheep, and pigs eat more to sell more fresh meat at the end.

As soon as we understood animals do feel pain and joy like humans, millions of us stopped eating meat and becoming vegans or vegetarians. In fact, many of us decided to find another source of food for ourselves. We started eating plant-based food because it was healthier for us and eco-friendlier at the same time.

So, now, there is a huge market in the world producing more food for vegans and vegetarians. If you want to start a business and don’t know what business you need to focus on, I will suggest producing vegan food. The demand is gradually increasing as people gain more ecological awareness toward nature.


Bad Food Production System

Bad Food Production System

Many of us have realized that eating animals is wrong. We might feel bad for animals and want to let them enjoy their lives as well. This, in fact, might be an excellent reason to stop eating meat. However, there are more convincing reasons too. The aim of agriculture in 2021 is just to produce more food. It is good to always think about boosting our capacity and produce more. However, this is an important question for you. to what cost are we producing more food?

I mean, there is a price for producing more to pay. Well, as a result of the high demand for producing more, we have sacrificed everything. In particular, we are applying too many synthetic chemicals in the agriculture industry to produce more. For example, we are applying hazardous pesticides and fungicides to protect our farm from pathogens.

However, these chemicals will end up in our stomach with thousands of consequences, including cancer, heart disease, etc. the situation for producing meat is not better. We inject hormones into our cattle's bodies to get more meat faster. However, no one knows what these materials could do to our bodies.

So, if you are looking to not get influenced by all those negative effects of the normal food production process, you will have to consider Veestro. It is a company that produces very healthy food for everyone. In this article, we will introduce this brand and let you know what it can do for us. Before that, we need to develop some definitions such as organic and/or vegan food. Then, we will introduce Vesstro itself. Let's get started.


What Is Organic Food

What Is Organic Food?

I don’t want to make you confused. So, I just want to keep the definition very simple. Basically, we call food organic when farmers don’t use any synthetic chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics in the process of producing food, including in plants and animals. Also, organic food is not made from genetically modified organisms (GMO) as their impacts on our food and nature are still unknown.

Instead of using artificial chemicals, farmers use natural fertilizers to improve growth. Improving soil quality, conserving groundwater, and reducing pollutions are some other beneficial parameters of organic food. Here is a shortlist of all advantages of organic food for humans and nature:

  • You are going to keep all those dangerous chemicals away from your diet.
  • There is no room for genetically modified organisms to get involved in your diet. They might be good, might be bad. We don’t know!
  • The soil will be more nutritious. Also, its physical integrity will improve.
  • There are more vitamins, minerals, and other demanding compounds in organic food.
  • You don’t need to destroy the planet to produce more. In this way, food security will be provided.
  • Sewage sludge is a common agricultural fertilizer but not in organic agriculture. It is not allowed at all.
  • The severe effects of climate change can be avoided by going forward with organic food.
  • Pollinators, including harmless bees and bumblebees, will pollinate naturally, which will be reflected in the quality of food materials.
  • Finally, contamination will not be frequent anymore, and water will be significantly saved for the future.
  • Many dangerous diseases such as heart disease and cancer are going to be avoided.


What Is Veganism?

What Is Veganism? Who Is A Vegan?

The same is true with veganism too. Let's have a simple definition. Vegans don’t eat meat at all. So far, they are similar to vegetarians. However, in contrast to a vegetarian who eats animal products such as eggs, milk, etc., vegans don’t eat any sort of animal products at all. Also, it is not just limited to their food habit.

Being a vegan is more of a lifestyle. Let me explain it. Fur, leather, silk, etc. are coming from animals. They are animals' products. So, a vegan person must not wear them. All aspects of a person's life must be free from animal products. Here is a shortlist of all positive effects of vegan food:

  • You can end cruelty toward animals. They have the right to live just like you.
  • You will get healthier. Diseases such as heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer are prevented.
  • Keeping all the natural treasurer and resources that we have, including forests and jungles and water supplies.


People Need Both Vegan And Organic Food

Organic food is also getting more and more popular every day. Why? Because just like vegan food, they are good for our health and nature at the same time. What are the elements of organic food? The main advantage is that there are no synthetic chemicals involved when farmers are producing fruits and vegetables. For example, using pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers is not allowed. Also, as a farmer, you are not allowed to use genetically modified organisms (GMO) in farming. Also, animals should not receive antibiotics through injection.

Where can you find both organic and vegan food in one place? Here, we are going to introduce a company where you can find them all. It is called Veestro, which is one of the well-known companies in the world. Let's get started.


Where Is Veestro?

What Is Veestro?

As you might have guessed so far, Veestro is a platform for producing organic and vegan food. It delivers the food to you as fast as possible. Here is some basic information you might need to know:

  • Veestro is based in Vernon, California.
  • Monica Klausner and Mark Fachler founded it.
  • People love healthy food. And, they really like having them in their diet. However, people don’t have time to prepare such a meal.
  • The company, in fact, creates the first 100% plant-based meal plan service.
  • The company is trying to make vegan meals very normal for all people.
  • Ordering, shipping, and delivery happen really quickly with Veestro.


Veestro Plans

There are basically two plans available on Veestro including a la carte and weight loss. What are they? How are they differentiated? Let's see.


A La Carte

These are non-GMO and organic foods. There are many products in this category. Just visit the website and pick one. The prices are reasonable too. For example, Hawaiian chilli, taco bowel, frittata, impossible lasagna, farro ragout, hearty bowl, and chicken Milanese.


Weight Loss

This is another category on the website. Again, there is plenty of food here. They are made to let you lose weight. Beluga lentil braise, carrot Osso Bucco, country fried chicken, crab cakes, and creamed spinach Bombay are some of the food products from the company.


Veestro Blog

There is a blog page on the website, which was very appealing to me. Several articles are discussing many different topics. For example, three of the content are “five hacks for a plant-based July 4th bbq, “is protein combining necessary on a vegan diet?”, and finally “six cool ways to start living a zero-waste lifestyle.”


Veestro Pricing

There are several plans and packages you can choose your plans from. However, I got a summary of prices on the Veestro website and company.


10 Meals

  • $117 + free shipping for the weekly or bi-weekly delivery
  • $130 + $10 shipping for one-time delivery


20 Meals

  • $216 + free shipping for the weekly or bi-weekly delivery
  • $240 + shipping for one-time delivery


30 Meals

  • $297 + free shipping for the weekly or bi-weekly delivery
  • $330 + shipping for one-time delivery


Veestro Pros And Cons

Veestro Pros And Cons

Just like any other platform, there are both advantages and disadvantages to Veestro. We are going to cover them both. Let's start with the positive effects of Veestro.


Pros of Veestro

  • They are unique in the market thanks to 100% plant-based meal delivery service. No other businesses do such a thing.
  • Food is delicious and healthy with various options and types of cuisines.
  • Scheduling is straightforward with Vesstro as they come to your neighbourhood every week.
  • When you receive the food, you don’t need to cook or even heat them on the stove. You can easily put them into the microwave for a minute, and then they are ready and hot to be eaten.
  • Also, if you don’t intend to use them right after buying them, you just need to put them in the freezer. Fortunately, they don’t lose their tastes.
  • A professional chef with several years of expertise selects all the ingredients.
  • Foods are great for people who are worried about their weight. Why? One reason is that the energy of the food is usually under 500 calories which is good to go.
  • Packaging is not against the environment. No plastic materials are used in them. So, the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • The portions are big enough for you and your companions.
  • Finally, foods are gluten-free.


Cons Of Veestro

Cons Of Veestro

Here are some of the negative points of food from Veestro.

  • Although the food quality is amazing and you can receive it very fast, the price is very high.
  • Sometimes, stovetop meals become a bit watery.
  • The packaging comes with a guideline explaining how to cook the product. However, this information is, most of the time, wrong.
  • Some food cannot be cooked or microwaved.
  • There is no free shipping even for one-time deliveries.
  • The size of food can sometimes be out of proportion which makes them very difficult to store.
  • The options for breakfast are minimal.
  • Sometimes, you will receive food when they are frozen.
  • It is not good for people who want to try meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.


Veestro Reviews

Veestro Reviews

People who have tried the meals from Veestro are definitely the best judge we can find. Here, we are going to see what we can find on websites that review vegan food. Interestingly, each person has looked at the meals from a specific point of view. So, it makes you sure whether you want to try it. TV personalities have also commented on Veestro meals. Here are some of them.

  • Harry Connick Jr., who is a TV personality, has found Veestro's breakfast Burrito delicious.
  • Or Mia Syn, another TV personality, has introduced the Oatmeal Breakfast Pie and Golden Chickpea Stew as her favourite meals.
  • What about the bloggers? Rachel Mansfield has tried and really loved it.

Now, let's talk about customers. What do they think of Veestro's meals?

  • One customer loves Johnny Appleseed Juice because it is very lightly seed and refreshing.
  • Or, another customer has tried Enchilada Casserole, and he believes that it is a portion of family food. He enjoys the fact that everyone can make it very quickly and easily.
  • Let's focus on Dorothy B. too. He says that the food is straightforward to prepare and delicious.

You can find comments like this everywhere on the internet.


Veestro Alternatives

Of course, Veestro is a great business for people who want to go vegan. However, no matter how much vector tries, it cannot satisfy all the tastes in the world, right? Some people just don’t like Veestro's food. So, what choice do they have? I'm here to tell you what they can do. You can go for Veestro's alternative and try them as well. What are these alternatives? Actually, they are a lot but I try to make a shortlist for you introducing the most important ones. Let's get started.



HelloFresh US and HelloFresh Canada

This is a vegan-friendly meal kit. Here is some basic information about it:

  • The meal kits are cheap. The delivery services are speedy.
  • Also, the diversity of meals in Meal Kits are amazing.
  • They are connected with farmers who produce healthy products. Then, HelloFresh uses them to create fresh and nutritious meals. Ordering on it is very easy. You just need to pick a plan, receive your delivery, and then cook and enjoy eating it.
  • There are many benefits associated with HelloFresh.
  • The company has hired professionals to come up with innovative meals. Did you know that when a chef comes with a new recipe, it must be tested at least 200 times? It must be evident for the company that the food is delicious and easy to cook.
  • The convenience of the customers is the priority for the company. It means that the number of people and different tastes are taken into account before sending meals.
  • Most meals are pre-planned and don’t require cleanup.
  • HelloFresh is taking care of the planet earth a lot. That's why they are not wasting even one gram of their ingredients. Also, their package is eco-friendly because they are recyclable. So, there is no plastic involved in their packaging.
  • If you are very picky about food, don’t worry! You can explain your taste, and they will recommend something great.
  • They have six different types of meal plan options.

Whether you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or even a normal eater, you can find something delicious for yourself. These options are

  • Meat & veggies,
  • Veggie, family-friendly,
  • Calorie smart,
  • Quick & easy,
  • And pescatarian.

For example, if you are going to eat with kids, you will receive kid-approved options with the Family Friendly option. Or, if you are in a hurry, you will get your food in under 30 minutes.


HelloFresh Review

Let's Start With The Pros Of HelloFresh:

  • You will get the food directly to your door.
  • Meals are effortless to make.
  • It has meals for everyone.
  • Compared with alternatives, it offers cheaper options.


Here Are The Cons:

  • They might be a bit hard to handle because there is a pre-cook step you need to take.
  • There are no gluten- and allergen-free options.
  • Sometimes, shipping is a bit expensive because you have to pay 8 dollars per box.


Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

  • If you want to eat more plant-based food, Purple Carrot is the best option for you.
  • It is the perfect choice for people who are encouraged to lose weight and have lower LDL cholesterol. By food provided by this company, you will be able to see the result in four weeks.
  • The company is a huge advocate of nature. When you compare the food from Purple Carrot with normal American food, you will realize how eco-friendly the company is. In fact, they are contributing 72% less in carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Their menu includes food for all the meals throughout the day.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purple Carrot

Let's start with the pros:

  • They have a high diversity of vegan recipes and meals.
  • The company uses very fresh ingredients.


What About The Cons:

  • Compared with other competitors in the market, it takes longer to prepare them.
  • Also, for most of the food, you have to have a blender or food processor. Some people might not have them, and it is difficult for them to cook.


Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

  • This is another company offering plant-based food.
  • Their motto is amazing. They believe that your refrigerator is the best medicine cabinet.
  • They have several amazing plans. Although they are very diverse, they are all plant-based, gluten-free, and ready-to-eat.
  • Their plans include
    • smoothies,
    • soup & grain bowls,
    • noodle bowls,
    • light soups, and
    • shots.
  • Smoothies are all low–sugar and the best option for drinking for breakfast.
  • Soup & grain bowls are kinds of stress releasers.
  • Noodle Bowls are made from veggies and very delicious sauces.

They are perfect for lunch or dinner. If you need something to enhance your digestive system functions, light soups will be the best choice for you. Shots are also beneficial to your immune system.



People are getting more cautious about their food these days. Also, they have become aware of the fact that animals must not be killed to feed humans. They have the right to live as much as humans do. So, new eating lifestyles have emerged. For example, more and more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans. It means that they have decided to stop eating animals and respect their rights. So, they need a huge diversity of plant-based food.

Otherwise, they will start eating animals and animal products again. Here, in this article, we looked at Veestro as one of the best companies offering various organic, vegan, and vegetarian food. We explained all its features. Also, in the end, we compared some competitors of Veestro company. We will come to you with more article on the subject. So, don’t forget to follow us. Take care.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the Veestro Review. Would you please stay tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.


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