17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe

17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe

17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe

17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe

The Internet is transforming the globe. It awakens people's eyes to the truth about the harm caused by animal products and the producers' obvious brutality. The livestock industry's environmental impacts are likewise being investigated.

Because of the planet's overpopulation, a plant-based diet is an inevitable future — regardless of one's subjective feelings about the issue or personal preferences.

Today, each country and city moves at its own pace and on its path toward mindful consumption. Animal products are no longer connected solely with Indian Ayurvedic cuisine or religious beliefs.

Singapore, the United States, Australia, Israel, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom are among the world's most advanced “green” nations. It's not just about a vegan food list but about environmentally friendly manufacturing and living a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle.

Consequently, although the majority of the population does not object to the use of animal products and goods, daily use is progressively declining.

People also learn about new meals and items traditionally associated with plant-based societies. Modern society's pluralism and celebration of diversity for many people today begin with a delicious meal.

European cuisines, which have traditionally been animal-based, have also adapted to new realities, resulting in a surge in the creation of novel flavour combinations and the growth of the restaurant industry. Make sure that this trend is practical but also fashionable, timely, and delicious. Let’s learn about vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

According to recent surveys and numbers, Amsterdam is the finest city in Europe for vegan food. Didn't see that coming, did you? The Netherlands' capital is continually expanding the number of restaurants that offer plant-based meals.

Blue Amsterdam's vegan burger combines a seeded bun with a lentil and sweet potato patty, garnished with onions, lettuce, and tomato, and served with a side of chips, even though the restaurant specializes in meat. You can't go wrong with rooftop views of the city as good as those there.

Meanwhile, Vegabond's nutrient-dense smoothies, delectable cakes, avocado rolls, and quiches are all vegan delights. Who is the greatest hero? Vegan Junk Food Bar is a place where you can eat vegan junk food. Meatless'scallop' balls, shawarmas, bratwursts, and truffle fries have that fatty, sinful vibe.

The vegan scene in Amsterdam is growing; not only are there many vegan restaurants to pick from, but the quality of vegan food is among the best in the world. Bar James, Koffie Ende, Koeck, DopHert, and Terra Zen Centre are among the best vegan eateries in Amsterdam.

These eateries specialize in plant-based vegan cuisine. The number of small Dutch breweries has recently increased, with many being vegan-friendly and made in Amsterdam. One of the most well-known is Brouwerij Het IJ. IJ's beers have no animal-derived ingredients.

Berlin, Germany

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin often referred to as the “cruelty-free city,” excels in offering vegan alternatives to the Currywurst. Stodgier recipes, mainly consisting of meat and potatoes, are uniquely German, but the current era has arrived, and veggies are fashionable!

Yoyo Foodworld has to be the place to go if you're looking for vegan wraps, tofu burgers, salads, schnitzels, nuggets, scampi, sweet tarts, and more. You'll be spoiled with choice, which is one of the reasons Berlin is regarded as being one of Europe's most vegan-friendly towns.

Do you have a hankering for sugary treats? At Brammibal's Donuts, don't worry about the calories. You'll be in sugar bliss with flavours including lime basil, espresso brownie crumble, raspberry pistachio, and traditional Boston Cream.

Naples, Italy

3. Naples, Italy

It's a fact that Naples is known for its delectable pizza. You don't have to lose out on all the excitement just because you can't eat meat or cheese. In reality, for the benefit of its guests, Naples has some excellent specialized websites with vegan cuisine guides.

The lentil pasta, vegan ragu, and potato pizza at ‘O Grin come highly recommended. Salads are another option for keeping things safe and uncomplicated. Meanwhile, Amico Bio – Un Sorriso Integrale allows you to experience the taste and texture of meat without having to consume it. Seitan is new to you? Cutlets or kebabs are a great way to try it.

Paris, France

4. Paris, France

Veganism is more than just avoiding meat and eating carrot sticks. It's also not only about figuring out how to produce junk food out of plant-based materials. Although there are other vegan pastry shops and burger eateries in Paris that serve loaded veg patties, Hank Burger excels in vegan cheese-topped, veg-laden pizzas.

If you wash them down with wine, you're in for a memorable lunch. You can't visit Paris without trying French cuisine. However, just because you're not eating rich beef or duck meals doesn't mean you should avoid restaurants. Le Potager du Marais has been promoting veganism since 2003, offering a variety of three-course meat-free dinners. From traditional French onion soup to red wine and cheese, there's something for everyone.

In recent years, the vegan food scene in Paris has grown. The establishment of VG Pâtisserie, a pastry business, marked a watershed moment in Paris' vegan history. It was the beginning of a surge of vegan restaurant openings that are still going on today.

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle and Le Potager de Charlotte are two vegan hotspots. They will prepare delectable vegan cuisine that will leave an indelible impression on your palate. Un Monde Vegan and Mon Epicerie Paris are two well-known Parisian grocery stores with a vast selection of vegan products.

Ghent, Belgium

5. Ghent, Belgium

One of the lesser-known benefits is that the Flemish capital is a vegetarian and a vegan's dream come true. You can't go wrong exploring Ghent's vegan culture, including everything from fast food to fine dining.

Otherwise, the city has a plethora of hidden gems worth discovering, such as a bar where you must exchange your shoe for the duration of your drink to rent a unique beer glass, a strange story about warring sweet sellers in the main town square, and, of course, the opportunity to see the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (i.e. the Ghent Altarpiece).

Ghent's vegan alternatives are so diverse that locals often refer to it as the “vegan capital of Europe” by locals. While it's difficult to determine which restaurant in Ghent is the best, some of the best vegan restaurants in the city are Le Botaniste (a vegan and veggie café that also serves as a vegan grocery shop) and Moor & Moor (a vegan and veggie café that also serves as a vegan grocery store).

Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian countries have been in the news frequently in recent years due to acclaim for their high standard of living. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is a hotbed of veganism. At Plant Power Food, you may nibble on plant-based whole foods.

Rice paper rolls, roasted sweet potatoes, and mixed tapas plates made with seasonal vegetables are just a few of the foods available. However, Souls is the place to be if you enjoy large breakfasts or dinners with sophisticated cocktails.

Start your day with a delicious acai bowl or smashed avocado on rye bread. The pancake stacks are delicious! They provide vegan chilli, pulled king oyster mushroom burgers, and wasabi Caesar salad, among other things.

Budapest, Hungary

7. Budapest, Hungary

Vegan options in Budapest aren't unlimited, but they do span a broad spectrum of cuisines, from Middle Eastern to East Asian, Mexican to Indian, as well as lots of veganized Hungarian dishes. Because the prevalent attitude toward veganism in Budapest is one of acceptance and tolerance, it's relatively easy to locate vegan options even in restaurants that don't advertise themselves.

Warsaw, Poland

8. Warsaw, Poland

It should come as no surprise that Warsaw is a terrific place for vegan dining, given the city's large student population (almost 17 percent of the 1.7 million residents), as we see all over the world that young people are leading the way in veganism.

With many vegan eateries and a plethora of vegan alternatives ranging from sushi to breakfast dishes, Polish comfort cuisine to burgers, Warsaw has pretty much everything you could want to be made vegan.

London, England

9. London, England

Of course, no vegan Europe guide would be complete without mentioning London, the United Kingdom's capital. Regarding vegetarian London, there's something for everyone's taste and budget, thanks to a profusion of concept stores, vegan grocery stores, and exquisite restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Do you want to try some veganized versions of traditional British dishes? So make your way to CHLOE, where you can get no-meat fish and chips, shepherd's pie, and even vegan afternoon tea.

California Kitchen, on the other hand, is the place to go if you're searching for an Instagram-worthy décor with a side of vegan food. The café, with its pink facades and floral design, is well-known for its nutritious fare.

Vienna, Austria

10. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe. With more vegan cafes, events, and experiences, Vienna's vegan culture is as breathtaking as the city's views. So If you're in Vienna and don't know where to dine, this is the place to go.

Then head to Anker Brot, Stephansplatz, a bakery where you may start your day with the best vegan meals. Schillingers' Swing Kitchen, another restaurant, will provide you with delectable burgers, sweets, wraps, and salads, as well as a fantastic ambiance.

Lisbon, Portugal

11. Lisbon, Portugal

If you're seeking sunshine, delicious vegan food, and a low cost of living, Lisbon is one of Europe's best vegan destinations. In Lisbon, veganism is well-understood, especially among vegetarian establishments. In truth, the city now has a large number of completely vegan restaurants, and eating vegan in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian establishments is fairly convenient. Princesa do Castelo serves vegan and gluten-free meals.

Another vegetarian restaurant, Jardim dos Sentidos, offers a lunch buffet and dinner service. Espaço da Rosa and Paladar Zen are two other venues where you can find the best vegan meals. Vegan food is also served in public schools and jails in Lisbon, emphasizing the city's commitment to veganism.

Madrid, Spain

12. Madrid, Spain

Madrid has recently been designated as a vegan destination in Europe. In Spain, the practice of eating meatless meals is growing more widespread. The consultancy firm Lantern reported that 6.3 percent of 2,000 people in Spain consider themselves flexitarians, which means they typically avoid meat but haven't entirely abandoned it.

Many restaurants in Spain, such as Landareak and Chilling Cafe, feature a variety of great vegan dishes. The food quality, as well as the price, is just outstanding.

Gothenburg, Sweden

13. Gothenburg, Sweden

Though the western Swedish city of Gothenburg typically receives less attention than it deserves in favour of fashionable Stockholm, that doesn't mean you should leave Gothenburg out of your Northern European travel plans!

After all, the Gothenburg Museum of Art and the adjacent Gothenburg Archipelago, a beautiful location of outstanding natural beauty, are both attractions of Sweden's second-largest city.

And when it comes to Gothenburg's vegan scene, vegetarians will not be disappointed. Kafe Frilagret (renowned for its vegan brunch, the cuisine is wonderfully prepared and puts meaning to the phrase “food is art”) and Blackbird, which serve classic Swedish meals with a vegan flair, are two of the best places to go for the meat-free fare.

The city's stylish cafes, boutiques, and bars, the most of which will feature at least one vegan option on the menu, abound in Sweden's second-largest city. Gothenburg's environmentally sensitive mindset is not limited to food; it also extends to clothing manufacturers and even hair salons.

Go shopping at THRIVE to refresh your wardrobe, then book an appointment at EcoLinne Salon for a cruelty-free haircut. Open New Doors, a raw food restaurant with a city view, serves dinner, while Happy Vegan, a vegan food shop, provides a snack for later. The possibilities are infinite in this forward-thinking city-on-the-sea.

Edinburgh, Scotland

14. Edinburgh, Scotland

Many tourists to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, are startled by the city's ‘town' charm, not to mention the friendly local ambiance of many of the city's bars and eateries. Not only that, but vegan visitors to the city will be pleased to find many meat-free veggie options strewn around the city.

There is something for everyone's preferences, wallets, and requirements regarding vegan dining in Edinburgh. If you're looking for a vegan café, go to Pumpkin Café, located in the city's charming Grassmarket neighbourhood. Holy Vegan and Henderson's (vegan and vegetarian restaurant) are two more highly rated vegan dining options in the city.

Scotland's crown jewel is leading the charge for a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle.

Expect a wide range of alternatives and choices when visiting Edinburgh, which was previously crowned the UK's most vegan-friendly city. The city has something for everyone, from sweet sweets to savoury meals.

Consider it has some of the most incredible vegan donuts in the country, and Casa Angelina has some of the best afternoon tea in the city.

Order a meal at Holy Cow, Henderson's Vegan, or Harmonium for a more substantial fill. You never know what you'll uncover in one of Europe's best vegan cities, with something hiding around every corner.

Prague, Czech Republic

15. Prague, Czech Republic

This famous weekend destination, known for its meat-based meals, is defying all expectations and going vegan. Due to the recent inflow of travellers from all walks of life, the gothic, bohemian city has been urged to cater to everybody, resulting in a booming vegan culture to rival the best. Plevel serves Czech bac'n dumplings, Puro has snacks, and you may observe the city differently. Take a risk and dive headfirst into Prague's plant-based culture — you won't be disappointed!

Barcelona, Spain

16. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has much more to offer than just impressive architecture and beautiful beaches. Barcelona, one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, boasts a plethora of vegan delights around every turn.

The Spanish city is ahead of the curve in compassionate dining, with restaurants ranging from raw food at Petit Brot to fried alternatives at La Trocadero.

If you're travelling with meat-eaters, order Escalivada or pa amb tomaquet at typical tapas establishments. Barcelona openly promotes meat-free eating once a week, so jump on board and leave the Jamon at home for the weekend.

Milan, Italy

17. Milan, Italy

Pizza and pasta are only a small part of what Italy has to offer. Milan's thriving vegan culture, with its innovative restaurants and chain restaurants offering plant-based cuisine, deserves greater attention.

The city is no stranger to the vegan lifestyle, as it is home to Europe's first Michelin-starred vegan restaurant. Universo Vegano serves vegan kebabs, while Joia serves experimental delights. Plan your vacation around Mi VEG, the yearly festival that celebrates the eco-friendly lifestyle, if you genuinely want to see everything vegan Milan has to offer.

Conclusion To The 17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe


Vegan appears to be a new buzzword. Veganism is said to be on the rise. Vegan travel was named the “travel trend” of the year by Lonely Planet in 2018. And vegan Europe is at the forefront of the movement, with a plethora of incredible vegan restaurants and options available everywhere. I hope the tips will be helpful if you are looking for European vegan cities.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 17 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Europe. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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