23 Most Popular Vegan-Friendly Cities In The World

23 Most Popular Vegan-Friendly Cities In The World

Most Popular Vegan-Friendly Cities In The World

23 Most Popular Vegan-Friendly Cities In The World

Vegan travellers are familiar with the difficulty of finding vegan-friendly food while on the road. It can feel like an overwhelming task in some places. However, a few locations should be on the itinerary of any vegan tourist who enjoys eating as much as possible.

There are cities worldwide that are notable for supporting a vegan lifestyle. In many cases, restaurants and cafes take center stage in many cases. Still, the following 23 towns promote a more holistic vegan lifestyle with plant-based clothing stores, activities, and inventive cuisine. So brush up on your vegan ordering skills in several languages and start planning.

Glasgow, UK

1. Glasgow, UK

Glasgow, which was named the most vegan-friendly city in the UK by PETA a few years ago and is considered one of the most significant locations to live as a vegan, is home to several vegan bars and pubs.

Vegan bars Mono and Stereo serve a pint and vegan fare, while Soy Division serves a full-cooked breakfast or lunch. Saramago Café serves vegan haggis fritters with chips, pea and mint puree, and tartare sauce.

The Blythswood Square Hotel is one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in the UK, with rainwater use, solar roof panels, and geothermal heating. It provides a comfortable stay in a historical environment (the 1823 structure was built in 1823). Glasgow is the most popular vegan-friendly city in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan

2. Taipei, Taiwan

In Taiwan, cruelty-free dining is prevalent, and the capital city, Taipei, offers an extensive range of vegan dining options. Vegan restaurants and groceries are plentiful, as are vegetarian eateries with a wide range of vegan options. Taipei's reputation is well-known; in 2016, PETA called it “Asia's most vegan-friendly metropolis.”

Tofu is commonly seen in street cuisine, and a local delicacy is the Taiwanese Burrito, consisting of vegetables coated in a peanut sauce and served burrito-style. Ooh Cha Cha is a great place to go for raw vegan treats. Many hotels in Taipei provide vegan breakfast and dinner options, indicating that the city is geared toward vegetarians and vegans.

Portland, Oregon

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland's forward-thinking, healthy-living, earth-protecting citizens had transformed the state's largest city into the nation's granola capital, similar to San Francisco before all the techies took over. Visitors who do not consume animal products will feel at home in Portland's all-natural, cruelty-free environment.

Simple vegans who continue to eat dairy and eggs are likely to feel out of touch. For the first time, vegans can enjoy the notion of gastronomic variety at restaurants and food stores that offer vegan BBQ and cashew cheeses, coconut bacon, and milk-free soft serve in the world's first all-vegan mini-mall (1217 SE Stark).

Ghent, Belgium

4. Ghent, Belgium

The city has embraced the meat-free notion fully. On “Thursday Veggie Day,” the city encourages residents to eat vegetarian for one day per week. On Thursdays, several local cafés and eateries provide additional vegetarian selections.

Ghent offers a plethora of organic markets and vegetarian cafes, and the city's tourism bureau has put together a comprehensive list of vegetarian eateries. Although many of the establishments are vegetarian rather than entirely vegan, the city's pubs always have plenty of dairy and egg-free selections and a good selection of vegan beers.

Avalon, an organic lunch spot, and Komkommertijd's vegan buffet are two long-time favourites. Organic, locally sourced produce is also highly valued in the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, which was named the UK's most vegan-friendly city by PETA in 2015, features an extensive range of vegan options, cafes, bars, and restaurants offering a fine selection of meat- and dairy-free options. Baked potatoes topped with everything from chickpea curry to vegan bolognese are available from popular food trucks.

The Auld Hoose is a famous pub known for its vast vegetarian menu, including massive amounts of nachos cooked with vegan cheese. Try David Bann for elegant vegan dining, with excellent meals at surprisingly affordable costs. It's not entirely vegan, but there are plenty of vegan options on the menu.

London, United Kingdom

6. London, United Kingdom

Another most popular vegan-friendly city in the world. The abundance of plant-based dining alternatives in London reflects many of the qualities that have conspired to create the city as a gourmet giant, particularly the city's multicultural culture and local chefs' bold embracing of new concepts and exotic cuisines.

Few cities can equal the diversity of London's restaurants, which can occasionally be found on a single menu, such as The Gate's all-vegetarian Indo-Euro-Mediterranean cuisine (there are three locations, but the original is at 51 Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith). Is there too much fusion for your taste buds? Visit a vegetarian pizzeria, a sushi bar, a burger establishment, a gastropub, or a “junk food shop.”

You also don't have to stick to sitting areas. Take a stroll through the Broadway Vegan Market, which takes place every Saturday on Westgate Street south of London Fields, or the monthly vegan night market in East London, where you'll find street food booths, DJs, and hip crowds.

Tel Aviv, Israel

7. Tel Aviv, Israel

Vegans are found in more significant numbers in Israel than in any other country. Many appear to reside in Tel Aviv, where farm-to-table dining and a Mediterranean diet were standard far before they were fashionable elsewhere. In this young seaside city, herbivorous travellers with a love for falafel will never go hungry.

However, you do not have to exclude cuisines from beyond the region. HappyCow, an online vegan guide, lists sushi (The Green Roll, Montefiore St. 30), authentic Ethiopian (Tenat, Chlenov St. 27), and a restaurant named Nanuchka (Lilienblum St. 30) that claims to have the world's “only entirely vegan Georgian” cuisine. (Note that this is the Eurasian country of Georgia, not the southeastern US state.)

Chennai, India

8. Chennai, India

Vegan travellers flock to Chennai because of the variety of vegan curries, dosas, thalis, sambhar, and chutneys. Chaat, a potato-based street snack popular across the city, is frequently an excellent choice for vegans, with options like spicy corn and aloo. Because of the vegan-centric restaurants and vegan clothing businesses, Chennai was voted PETA's most vegan-friendly city in India in 2018.

New York City, United States

9. New York City, United States

The same thing that makes it difficult for singles swiping through Tinder makes New York City a terrific city for vegetarians: an overwhelming array of options. In a 2017 research, personal finance website WalletHub named the Big Apple the most significant U.S. metropolis for vegans and vegetarians due to its abundance of greenery.

The meat-free meals in New York were also complimented for their accessibility and excellent quality. Is this something you can say about your Tinder matches?

Finding vegetarian options at meat-serving restaurants is as easy as (dairy-free) pie. At the same time, totally plant-based eateries range from elegant (Avant Garden, 130 E. 7th St. in the East Village and 188 Havemeyer St. in Brooklyn) to food trucks.

Similarly, international cuisines span the globe—try vegan crepes and mushroom “escargot” at Délice & Sarrasin in the West Village (20 Christopher St.) or a vegetarian take on traditional Korean cuisine at Hangawi (12 E. 32nd St.).

Brighton, UK

10. Brighton, UK

There are various cruelty-free dining and shopping establishments in Brighton. There are several dedicated vegetarian and vegan bed & breakfasts. Brighton's vegan drinking and dining scene includes everything from charming artsy cafés to fine dining restaurants, many of which are nestled in the backstreets that make up the Laines. Purezza, the UK's first plant-based vegan pizzeria, is in Brighton.

Berlin, Germany

11. Berlin, Germany

Germany may be known for its sausage and schnitzel, but its capital is a vegetarian haven. According to HappyCow, the meatless eater's answer to Yelp, Berlin is the “world's most vegan-friendly metropolis.”

On HappyCow's website, a search for Berlin yields almost 500 results. Kopps (Linienstrasse 94) is the standard-bearer among those restaurants, with its exquisite atmosphere and five-course tasting menu.

For a far more laid-back option, go to a Veganz grocery store and pick up the fixings for a picnic in the Tiergarten.

Along a single stretch of Schivelbeiner Strasse, often known as “vegan avenue,” in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg area in the city's northeast, you'll find more than a dozen restaurants, markets, apparel boutiques, and bars selling animal-free goods.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

12. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has established itself as one of Thailand's most popular meat-free dining destinations. Aside from the vegan buffets found all around Thailand, Chiang Mai features an ever-growing number of premium eateries, salad bars, organic farm-to-table restaurants, and macrobiotic restaurants with menus focused on whole grains and vegetables.

Pun, which has two restaurants and a vegan store in the city and specializes in innovative, organic, and locally sourced meals, coffees, and smoothies, is one of the city's highlights. The mushroom-based variant of Thailand's famous fermented sausage is a delight.

Mumbai, India

13. Mumbai, India

Given that India boasts the world's largest vegetarian population, it's only natural that the country's most populated metropolis, Mumbai, would have an almost infinite number of vegetarian restaurants and food carts. It does, though, keep in mind that many Hindus (80% of Indians) are lacto-vegetarians, which means they forego meat, fish, and eggs but eat dairy products.

To put it another way, visiting vegans should be cautious. Masque (Gala 3, Laxmi Woollen Mill), a “wilderness-to-table” foraging restaurant with a vegetarian tasting menu, is a must-visit for trend-setters and setters. However, exploring the city's numerous small cafés, markets, and food stalls selling chutneys, Parsi-style scrambled eggs, papayas, toasted buns, and flattened bread may be more gratifying.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vegan restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, such as Vegetariano Social Clube in Leblon and Green and VegeCoop in downtown Rio, have seen a surge in plant-based customers in recent years. Not to mention the juice shops on almost every street corner, serving vegetable mixtures long before juicing became fashionable.

Many of Rio's salad bars charge by weight and are a delight to visit, with olives, hearts of palm, fish-free sushi, and vibrant bean salads. Furthermore, the top churrascarias (all-you-can-eat meat grills) in Rio are vegans' dream dining locations. Buffets groaning beneath the weight of meat-free sides, salads, and sushi are open to diners anytime. Some steakhouses offer reduced pricing to guests who will not eat the meaty main course.

Los Angeles, United States

15. Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles took first place in PETA's 2018 survey of the most vegan-friendly U.S. cities, thanks to twin convictions to healthy living and animal activism proclaimed by everyone from Hollywood stars to a growing number of public schools that offer vegan lunch menus.

Plant-based diners don't have to spend a fortune, but there may be more high-end vegetarian restaurants here than anywhere else (after all, Natalie Portman has to eat somewhere). Meatless Mexican from the Cena Vegan food cart is one of the more economical options.

Vancouver, Canada

16. Vancouver, Canada

Vegan shoe stores, bakeries, food trucks, breakfast cafes, raw food bars, and supper clubs abound in Vancouver. The Acorn is one of Canada's top restaurants, and while it is not vegan, there are plenty of options for dedicated vegetarians. The elegant decor makes it a fantastic choice for a special occasion lunch.

Heirloom has long been a meat-free staple, serving up some excellent dishes. vegan wines and hefty brunches. Tacos, vegetable burgers, and Asian-inspired “chicken” burgers are just a few of the highlights of Vancouver's well-known vegan-friendly food truck scene.

Turin, Italy

17. Turin, Italy

Mayor Chiara Appendino of Turin has stated that she would want to see her northern Italian city go vegetarian, which may be a difficult order for a population of almost 900,000 people with a long history of eating beef-heavy Piedmontese cuisine.

However, the city has gotten off to a fantastic start, with more than 30 vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Coox and Il Gusto di Carmilla (Via S. Donato 29), for example, serve mushroom pasta and gelato made with rice, soy, or almond milk. One thing is sure: an Italian is the only person who can make pizza taste lovely even if the cheese isn't real cheese.

Orlando, Florida

18. Orlando, Florida

Are you surprised to see the world's theme park and chain restaurant capital on this list? Then you haven't been paying attention to Orlando's booming food scene, which boasts a diverse range of vegan and vegetarian options. Orlando came in third place on WalletHub's 2017 list of vegan-friendly cities in the United States, trailing only New York and Portland, Oregon.

Furthermore, the study discovered that the city in central Florida had the most significant percentage of eateries selling vegan options—around 31%, about nine times greater than Chicago, which came in last. That means green-conscious eaters will have no issue finding delectable menu items at prominent restaurants such as Black Rooster Taqueria (1323 N. Mills Ave.) and ramen hotspot Domu, which are linked to the artisanal-everything East End Market (3201 Corrine Dr.).

Theme parks make every effort to accommodate special dietary requirements. At Walt Disney World's Epcot, for example, each of the 11 pavilions in the World Showcase offers vegetarian selections.

Toronto, Canada

19. Toronto, Canada

Toronto has long been known in the vegan community for hosting one of the largest vegetarian festivals in North America, and the city's vegan choices are growing by the week. Bloomers, a Toronto institution, serves delectable meals and has lately added brunch to its menu. Bloomers donuts have won numerous honours in Toronto, prompting them to create a new, smaller store on Queen Street.

Copper Branch, a Canadian vegan fast-food franchise, is becoming a significant force in the vegan fast-food sector in several Canadian locations, including Toronto. Their meat made from mushrooms is delicious.

Try the Shitake Teriyaki Burger or Shitake Teriyaki Sandwich, which are amazing. Three Copper Branch shops have opened in Toronto in the last six months, with more on the way.

The vegan fast-food chain's third location Globally Local, a vegan fast-food restaurant in Toronto, has launched to tremendous crowds. Their Maple Breakfast sandwich and strawberry milkshakes are both delicious.

Warsaw, Poland

20. Warsaw, Poland

In 2019, the number of vegan restaurants continues to increase, with 50 vegan restaurants within a five-mile radius, most of which are within a one-mile radius. The abundance of vegan restaurants in Warsaw makes walking from one to the next extremely convenient.

Krowarzywa's, Warsaw's popular vegan burger joint, has opened its fifth location, following its success in being chosen “Best Burger in Warsaw” twice, beating out all competing meat burgers, and now carries the famous Beyond Burger, as do numerous other Warsaw eateries. Warzywiarnia, a new burger place, is swiftly gaining popularity.

Portland, United States

21. Portland, United States

Veganism and plant-based eating are ingrained in the social fabric of Portland. The city's terrain is peppered with a wide variety of excellent vegan meals, like Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli's 20 types of vegan gourmet cheese.

The new and widely popular Ichiza Kitchen and Teahouse, a teahouse specializing in shojin ryori-style food, is located in the same building. Aviv, a top-rated Israeli restaurant, delivers delectable Israeli cuisine, and Virtuous Pie, a gourmet, artisanal pizza joint, is a must-visit.

Healthy smoothies, bowls, and fresh salads may be found at Canteen and Happy Day Juice. The Fermenter is a new vegan restaurant that focuses on fermentation. They have a bowl with a variety of sauces to choose from, and they create all of their drinks in-house, including kombucha, kefir, and other fermented beverages.

Wellington, New Zealand

22. Wellington, New Zealand

Another popular vegan-friendly city in the world. For the first time, a city from New Zealand appears on the list for the first time! According to Vegconomist, New Zealand placed sixth in the world for vegan searches on Google in 2020.

Wellington, rather than Auckland, is the only New Zealand city to make a list, and while Wellington has twice as many restaurants (16 vs. 8) as Auckland, the capital's population size means Wellington comes out on top. Wellington has 3.7 vegan eateries per 1,000 people, while Auckland only has 1.1.

For comfort food and, of course, cakes, go to the all-vegan eatery Sweet Release or luxury food hall Aroha for a lunchtime meal.

Prague, Czech Republic

23. Prague, Czech Republic

With a population of approximately 1.26 million people, Prague ranks in the top five cities worldwide for the number of vegan eateries per capita. Although HappyCow lists 53 vegan restaurants within a five-mile radius of Prague, most of these establishments are within a two-mile radius.

Only a few years ago, most vegan restaurants in Prague were the seven Loving Huts scattered throughout the city. Still, the vegan scene in Prague has exploded in recent years, as has the range of vegan eateries.

Bistro Stecha (“roof” in English), which serves great and economical vegan, mostly Czech cuisine and is operated by a worker cooperative where those who work there can vote, is one of the city's highlights.

Former inmates and the homeless are among those who benefit from this socially aware cooperative, which provides jobs to poor people who are having problems obtaining work.


If you are a vegetarian and would love to travel abroad, don’t hesitate. Visit the following popular vegan-friendly cities.

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