Top 14 Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia

Top 14 Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia

Top 14 Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia

Vegans visiting Asia will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food — think vegetarian pad Thai, ginger garlic noodles, and tofu soup. However, you're likely to encounter hidden horrors like fish sauce and ghee, which can be difficult to notice if you don't understand the language.

This is where our list of Asia's most vegan-friendly cities comes in. It will assist you in avoiding any dairy or meat meals while on vacation, allowing you to find safe food quickly. Let’s see top vegan-friendly cities in Asia.

6 Vegan Travelling Tips

  1. Foreign countries may not understand the terms “vegan” and “vegetarian” in the same way you do, if at all. If a dish contains only chicken or fish (rather than red meat), or if it contains meat broth rather than meat, some people may consider it meat-free.
  2. Ask your hotel concierge or Airbnb host to write down a list of your dietary restrictions and any questions you may have for waitstaff in the local language to ensure nothing gets lost in translation! You can also find card decks with a variety of pre-translated food phrases and food photos online before your trip to help you get your point across.
  3. If there's one thing I've learned from eating out, it's that the “foodier” a restaurant is, the more likely it is to cater to your dietary requirements. Chef-driven restaurants are more accommodating of dietary restrictions, if only because they appear to take providing you with a memorable gastronomic experience very seriously!
  4. Look for unique menus and telltale signs such as locally sourced produce. These are signs that attention to detail is being put into the menu, which will most likely be reflected in your overall experience.
  5. At Sunandau're in transit, and your food options are limited no matter where you are. I rarely leave the house without a snack reserve because gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan options are hard to come by during a layover or a pit stop in many places.
  6. If I'm being honest, I usually carry dark chocolate bars with me. Still, nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, and roasted chickpeas or edamame are all healthier alternatives that are just as light and convenient! I usually bring these from home in my carry-on luggage to save time and avoid the hassle of navigating a foreign grocery store. Plus, I like carrying a bag that gets lighter as time goes on!

Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

1. Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Penang could be Malaysia's best gourmet destination, and vegans will be at home here. Over 100 vegan-friendly restaurants on the island, and the capital, Georgetown, is brimming with them. The city's entirely vegan Buddhist-Chinese eateries are fantastic, but if you're looking for something a little more unique, try Ee Beng's faux fish plate.

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen serves various traditional Malaysian and Western-style cuisine, ranging from chicken nuggets to laksa. While we're on laksa, we must add Luk Yea Yan, which serves some of the best vegan and non-vegan laksa.

Bangkok, Thailand

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's thriving vegan culture offers everything from dairy-free pizza to meatless tom yam Kung, earning the Thai capital the number-seven spot on PETA's list. May Veggie Home, one of the city's best vegan-friendly restaurants, serves vegetarian grilled bacon and fried “fish,” as well as classic Thai dishes like panning curry and pad Thai. Rasayana Raw Food Cafe serves unique dishes, including Mexican Taco Cups and Thai Pasta made with zucchini noodles and coconut.

Veganerie, the city's first and only vegan bakery, serves delectable vegan delicacies, including strawberry cheesecake frappes and waffles with ice cream.

Sunanda serves everything from pak wan salad to Burmese khao soy, while May Kaidee's serves tom kha soup and mango sticky rice. Thailand's famous street snack, khanom khrok (rice flour and coconut milk pancake), is vegan and available all over the country.

Taipei, Taiwan

3. Taipei, Taiwan

Ooh Cha Cha, which serves everything from a “bacon and cheese” burger and Caesar salad to Vietnamese bánh m, among other delectable dishes, and Soul R. Vegan Café, which serves matcha-and-walnut waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce, black pepper vegan sirloin steak, Italian fried “prawns,” and even nondairy caramel crème brûlée, are among Taipei's all-vegan eateries.

Vegan burgers with wasabi mayo, as well as “hot dogs” and “bacon” sandwiches, are available at About Animals,while Vege Creek creates a customisable Taiwanese-style soup.

Vegetable makes meat-free Japanese-style cuisine, while Loving Hut serves kimchi hot pots, mixed-grill skewers, and a choice of nondairy cheesecakes. At Mianto, you may sample foods from all over the world, from pizza and lasagna to robust Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese dishes.

If you're looking for vegan guilty pleasures, look no further. Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei, the city's first vegan bakery, serves delectable Black Forest gâteau and coffee cakes, as well as “cheese”-stuffed breads and red-bean mooncakes, and Vegan Heaven, which delights visitors with macarons, lemon-and-salted-caramel chocolate tarts, raspberry mousse, and a veganized version of Taiwan's famous pineapple cake.

Green Bakery's vegan cookies and brownies, as well as NakedFood's raw vegan desserts, continue the sweet delicacies. Are you looking for something a little more savory? Moon Cheese offers a variety of vegan cheeses, ranging from melty American cheddar to grated Parmesan.

Singapore, Singapore

4. Singapore, Singapore

You won't be disappointed if you're seeking a vegan lunch after a long day of sightseeing around this fascinating and futuristic location. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, so there's plenty of vegan food to choose from.

There are 1,242 vegan-friendly listings for Singapore on HappyCow, with 575 of them in the city-downtown, state's so whatever you're looking for, it's likely to be found there. Start with some plant-based Peranakan-Thai cuisine at Whole Earth Singapore or meat-free fast food at Hello Baby.

VeganBurg, which serves “meaty” plant-based burgers slathered with dairy-free mayonnaise and sweet smokey barbecue sauce, and Genesis Vegan Restaurant, which serves “fish head” vermicelli, “chicken” rice, and vegan cheesecake, are among Singapore's all-vegan eateries.

Loving Hut serves vegan nyonya laksa, mee pok, and orh nee, while VegCafe has vegan char kway teow and tofu goreng. The QQ Cheezy burger is one of nomVnom's most popular items, and Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream & Kitchen is known for its vegan BBQ chicken pizza, waffles, brownies, and ice cream, and other treats.

Compassionate diners can also satisfy their cravings for nutty buah keluak at Whole Earth Vegetarian, Singapore's only Peranakan-Thai vegetarian restaurant, or fill up on clay-pot “chicken” curry at Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant or a falafel at Fill a Pita – and don't forget about HotCakes' vegan durian cake!

Bali, Indonesia

5. Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, is known for its health-conscious residents and is no stranger to the traditional meat replacement tempeh, so the rise in plant-based dining alternatives is unsurprising. The vegan eating scene in Ubud has flourished, from The Seeds of Life's 100 percent vegan menu to 9 Warung's meat-free traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Bali has vegan food galore, from the picturesque Gili Islands to bustling Ubud. Try Il Tempio or Beach Bowl Bali if you're in Kuta. Divine Earth is a good option if you're in Seminyak. Almost wherever you go, you'll be confronted with many plant-based options. Look for warungs, which are traditional Indonesian restaurants where food is generally served buffet-style. They're a super-cheap, nutrient-dense snack.

They're a low-cost, nutrient-dense, and delicious way to feed oneself. Furthermore, they frequently provide tofu, tempeh, noodles, rice, and various vegetables. Sayuri Healing Food is another vegan restaurant that offers healthy options, including “BLT” sandwiches and “cheese” platters.

Many robust vegan alternatives are available in the city's vegetarian eateries, including Living Food Lab and Alchemy—both of which serve veggie-packed raw food—and Wulan Vegetarian Warung and Earth Cafe & Market, which offer meat-free nasi goreng and sate seitan “ikan.”

Sari Organik, a vegan-friendly restaurant, delivers vegan crêpes with soy ricotta cheese and raw Thai soup, while Kafe offers vegan burgers and moringa peppermint nondairy non-dairym. Dayu's Warung, for example, has a vegan special of the day menu in addition to other vegan options.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Once you've had your fill of bustling Bangkok, take the overnight train north to Chiang Mai, where you can relax. The environment is laid-back, and getting around the city is simple. The night market is hopping, and there are plenty of things to see and do nearby (visit Elephant Nature Park to learn about the beautiful animal).

Fresh chia pudding and mango may be found at Ama Vegan Kitchen, and fishless fish and chips can be found at Munchies Vegan Fast Food. There are so many plant-based options in Chiang Mai that you'll regret not staying longer to try them all.

Taste From Heaven is one of Chiang Mai's most distinctive eateries, serving crispy morning glory salad, panang curry, and vegan brownies for dessert, among other things.

Happy Green and Chiang Mai Vegetarian Society have 100% vegan all-you-can-eat buffets where you may feast on traditional Thai cuisine. Anchan prepares nam hed song kreung, a fermented vegetarian sausage, and Pun Pun cooks coconut palmheart thai basil stirfry and green curry chayote.

Vegan pancakes and cheesecake are available at Free Bird Cafe in Chiang Mai. Even Thailand's iconic street snack, khanom khrok (rice flour and coconut milk pancake), is vegan.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

You're in luck if Ho Chi Minh City is on your itinerary. This city not only has a lot of history and culture to offer travellers, but it also has a lot of vegan food options, with approximately 250 vegan-friendly restaurants listed on HappyCow.

Veggie Saigon serves excellent traditional Vietnamese cuisine in a modern atmosphere, while A Di Da Phat serves delicious Vietnamese noodles with vegan beef.

Thanh Tinh provides tofu and seitan as animal substitutes, and Kay Vegan Bistro serves tempeh with barbeque sauce, Vietnamese ph noodle soup, and red bean and mango sweets, which are two of H Ch Minh's all-vegan establishments.

Loving Hut's vegan menu includes everything from barbecue chicken and bánh xèo to gi cun and packaged vegan meats and cheeses. At Sen Quan Chay, diners may even enjoy a veganized rendition of an egg.

Phnomh Penh, Cambodia

8. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Walking down the riverbank, seeing the Royal Palace and Wat Phnom (a hilltop temple), and feasting on plant-based food are just a few things visitors may do in Cambodia's bustling city. Masala Dosa Street Kitchen serves delicious Indian fusion cuisine, burgers, and sandwiches. If you're looking for something healthy, head to the Russian Market and look for Vibe Cafe, which serves a variety of smoothies, matcha lattes, and acai bowls.

George Town, Malaysia

9. George Town, Malaysia

Penang's capital is vibrant, diversified, and forward-thinking. It's also brimming with vegan-friendly eateries. For Taiwanese-style cuisine, go to 8 Morality Vegetarian Restaurant or Bock Garden Meatless Cafe for veggie Chinese cuisines or Western food, if you like. According to Happy Cow, there are plenty of vegan Chinese restaurants in George Town, but if you're looking for something a little spicier, there are plenty of veggie-friendly Indian restaurants as well.

Osaka, Japan

10. Osaka, Japan

For its love of food, Japan's third-largest city has been dubbed the nation's kitchen, and a new word – kuidaore – was coined to define their eat-until-you-drop appetite. Takoyaki (battered octopus flesh balls) and okonomiyaki (“as you like” egg pancakes) are two of Osaka's favorite meals.

Please accept my apologies, herbivores. However, the vegan influence of neighbouring Kyoto is beginning to pervade this meat-loving metropolis' restaurants. In the Shinsaibashi shopping district, Paprika Shokudo is a Western-style restaurant with a Western-style menu, including dairy-free pizzas and parfait.

Rocca offers a set menu of Japanese classics cooked with locally farmed produce. Megumi also serves traditional Japanese dishes without the use of animal products, such as egg-free okonomiyaki.

Makati, Philippine

11. Makati, Philippine

Makati, the Philippines' financial district, is undeniably a vegan hotspot.

Greenery Kitchen, one of the city's all-vegan restaurants, serves meatless traditional Pinoy dishes like sisig and adobo, as well as bopis and pares. Wabi-Sabi serves a ramen with meatless meats alongside its famous “meaty” banh mi sandwich, and Juicesabel serves vegan cheeseburgers, mac ‘n' cheese, longganisa, and dairy-free cakes.

Green Bar offers vegan roast beef sandwiches and popcorn “chicken” tacos, as well as dairy-free grilled cheese and doughnuts, and 101 Hawker Food House has veggie meat in its vegan section of the menu. Vegan cinnamon rolls and stacks of pancakes and waffles are now available at the Kismet Café, along with vegan butter and unlimited maple syrup.

Corner Tree Café, a veteran of Makati's vegan scene, has an extensive menu full of hearty plant-based dishes and desserts, and newcomer Charlie Does Manila pairs “fish” and “beef” tacos with local beers.

There's even an Instagram account called Good Eats Asia that showcases all of the vegan-friendly dishes available in Makati restaurants.

Vegan cheese, lechon, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and brownies are available at Makati's all-vegan establishments for those seeking more options.

Bangalore, India

12. Bangalore, India

Bangalore is ranked fifth on PETA's list thanks to local all-vegan restaurants such as Paradigm Shift and Carrots; popular hotels and restaurants such as The Park, Alila, The Glass House, and 100ft, which will soon launch vegan menus; and Bengaluru-based Café Coffee Day's decision to create and sell its Vegan Shake, as well as numerous other vegan-friendly initiatives.

Vegania, a self-described “virtual vegan country” that provides a forum for and campaigns on animal rights issues, as well as Vegan Bengaluru, which organizes monthly potlucks and outreach activities and offers vegan eating tips, are active in the city, in addition to vegan, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly restaurants.

Hongkong, China

13. Hongkong, China

From the 100% vegan menu at the famous LockCha Tea House to restaurants that serve everything from meat-free “chicken” satay skewers to vegan fried eggs, Hong Kong's vegan dining scene has exploded.

Veggie SF—where compassionate diners can get “meaty” burgers with vegan mayonnaise, dairy-free milkshakes, and chocolate molten cake, among other delicious dishes—and Loving Hut, which serves sweet “egg” tarts, deep-fried “eel” cutlet, “cheese and fried egg” sandwiches, and dairy-free cheesecake—are among Hong Kong's all-vegan eateries. Pure Veggie House serves meatless dim sum alongside traditional “shark fin” soup, while LN Fortunate Coffee creates unique waffles, “hot dogs,” and “meatball” pasta.

Vegans can order the Venice Beach burrito from vegan-friendly Cali-Mex, which is made with shredded soy “chicken,” dairy-free cheese, and sour cream, and then go to nearby Mana! for dessert, which has peanut-butter chocolate cake and coconut and chocolate truffles. Home – Eat to Live serves delectable dairy-free grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry-and-coconut cake.

Green Common is an all-vegetarian supermarket in Hong Kong that sells everything from vegan meats like Gardein and Beyond Meat to Miyoko Schinner's dairy-free cheeses.

Shanghai, China

14. Shanghai, China

In Shanghai's restaurants, there is a huge increase in delicious plant-based meals. iVegan is an all-vegan restaurant in Shanghai that serves delicious Kung Pao “chicken,” sweet-and-sour “pork ribs,” “lamb” kebabs, and stinky tofu with edamame, among other dishes.

Super Vegan is known for its tangerine-braised “beef,” dairy-free milkshakes, and more. Ji Xiang Cao (Lucky Zen & Veg Restaurant) serves everything from Peking “duck” to “meatballs,” and Ji Xiang Cao (Lucky Zen & Veg Restaurant) serves everything from Peking “duck” to “meatballs.”

Plant-based versions of Western favorites like burgers, chicken nuggets, and cheesecake are served at Green Vege Cafe. Egg-free mooncakes at vegan-friendly XiangJi Ge, meat-free mapo tofu at Gong De Lin, or a biángbiáng tempeh noodle bowl at D'lish—and don't forget about Healthy Home's green-tea cake!

Conclusion To The Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia


To travel to an Asian country, you can choose rice-based dishes such as fried rice, rice porridge, rice noodles, and sticky rice. It's usually easier to order these with just vegetables or meat substitutes. If you're not sure what's in soup, broth, curry, or other premade meals, stay away because they're usually made with meat or seafood. I hope the guide will be helpful for vegan travellers who would love to travel to Asian countries.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Top 14 Vegan-Friendly Cities In Asia. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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