Innovation Investor is an investing newsletter headed by Luke Lango.

He promises to show you today's breakthroughs that will lead to tomorrow's profits.

That's a big promise!

Does Luke deliver or is this all just one big scam.

We'll get to this bottom of that in this review.

I've looked at hundreds of investing services in the past year and spent the entire day on Innovation Investor.

So make sure to read everything below.

Let's get started!

Innovation Investor Summary

Creator: Luke Lango

Publisher: InvestorPlace

Price to join: $49 per year

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Innovation Investor should be avoided by most investors.

It focuses on very risky and volatile microcap companies - it's extremely hard to predict microcaps.

I looked at a bunch of Luke's previous stock picks and everyone of them was a loser so far.

Only buy if you have money to lose and you're an experienced investor.

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Luke Lango Works With A Scammer

You can find Innovation Investor over at InvestorPlace.

If you look around the web you'll find glowing reviews of InvestorPlace because it's been around for so long.

However, these reviews aren't something you should take seriously.

Many make money by promoting InvestorPlace products or just are too inexperienced to understand this company.

The biggest face at InvestorPlace is a guy named Louis Navellier. 

In fact, Louis' product Accelerated Profits is the first product advertised in the premium services section.

On the surface Louis seems like a serious investor.

He has best selling books, he appears on TV and comes off as a guy that makes a lot of money.

However, the SEC just fined Louis' over $30 MILLION for defrauding investors!

Louis purposely mislead investors about a stock and company.. this included falsifying the track record of an investment opportunity.

Here's a link the SEC allegations.

Despite this InvestorPlace still proudly sells Navellier's products and you rarely see any reviewers bring this stuff up.

How legitimate can a publisher be if they sell products from a guy who knowingly ripped investors off?

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A Look At Luke's Stock Picks

Like all well known stock pickers, Luke Lango likes to put out teaser presentations where he hypes up stock picks.

He promises to reveal the stock only if you buy his services.

A lot of times, though, these stocks don't work out as advertised.

So instead of you paying to see them, I'm going to show a few Luke has teased in the past.

This way you can judge the picks yourself without spending money.

The Next DNA Sequencing Giant (Oxford Nanopore)

Last month Luke ran a teaser where he hyped up a company that he claimed would be the next DNA sequencing giant.

He was talking about the company Oxford Nanopore.

Luke loves this pick so much because he believes they in their patented technology.

Here's a look at the stock price:

This company has only been public for 6 months and the stock was definitely too high before it started to decline.

It currently sits at $3.45 which seems like a much more reasonable price to buy.

This is a long term pick and depends on DNA sequencing on growing in the future.

Additionally, Oxford Nanopore is a long term investment, so it's not that big of deal it's declined since Luke recommended it.

Next Microsoft (Ginkgo Bioworks)

Around the same time as the last teaser presentation, Luke was hyping up another company called Ginkgo Bioworks.

This company creates synthetic cells that are used in pharmaceuticals and food.

The stock price was artificially high during covid, as many of these companies were.

Here's how the stock has performed in the last year:

This stock is very similar to the last one.

It's not going to pay out for years and it immediately lost value after Luke started promoting it.

Small cap stocks are hard to guess on.

So this one could lose all its value.

I'd recommend this one only if you can afford to lose all of your investment.

#1 Forever Battery Stock (Ilika)

This is the teaser presentation you'll see if you try to buy Innovation Investor from Investor place.

#1 Forever Battery stock is a hour long presentation that actually recommends two stocks.

The first he reveals in the presentation and it's Toyota.

He recommended the stock at around $200 and it's since declined to around $173.

Not a huge loss but it's the third stock in row we've looked at that has lost value instead of gain value.

The stock Luke is withholding is called ilika, which is apparently teaming up with Toyota to create this "forever battery."

Forever batteries is just a hyped up name for solid state batteries.

In the presentation Luke called ilika a $3 stock:

So has the stock gone over $3 since the presentation dropped?


It's gone the other direction:

That's 4 straight stocks that have lost value after Luke has recommended them..

How Does Innovation Investor Work?

Innovation Investor is described on the Investor Place website as the following:

"Ground-floor opportunities in explosive new megatrends, including blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and even supercomputing."

That's a fancy way to say microcap tech stocks.

This is actually the second microcap investing service I've reviewed this week.

The other one being Future Giants.

I'm going to say the same thing about Innovation Investor as I did with Future Giants..

Microcap stocks are very hard to predict and are VERY risky investments.

The appeal of microcap stocks (otherwise known as penny stocks) is they can blow up and you can make a lot of money.

People pushing penny stocks will talk about Monster Energy or Apple computer as a reason why you should invest in them.

While it's true these stocks were very cheap at one point it's rare to hit on them.

They also are prone to fraud and can be easily manipulated.

Many law enforcement agencies in the government put out warnings about investing in these stocks.

For example, here's the SEC warning about getting involved.

Here's FNRA warning about them.

Idaho Department Of Finance warning about them.

It's hard for me to really believe someone could be an expert at picking these stocks because they're so volatile.

I personally wouldn't recommend investing in microcap stocks as a primary investing strategy. 

And I would only invest in them if you can comfortably afford to lose the money. 

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What Is Innovation Investor Offering?

Innovation Investor is a pretty typical investing service and offers what a lot of other newsletters are offering.

Here's a breakdown of everything that you get:

Innovation Investor Newsletter

The Innovation Newsletter is the main part of this product.

This newsletter is sent to your inbox and you get one the second you sign up.

Every issue will detail a new microcap stock and all the reasons why Luke thinks you should invest in it.

The goal here is to find stocks before they blow up.

Looking into Luke's past, though, it doesn't seem like a lot of his stocks hit.

That's just what investing in microcaps is like.

Model Portfolio

This is the other main part of Innovation Investor.

Once you sign up you get access to all the stock picks that Luke has made.

With these stock picks you get all the information you need to know about the companies.

This includes price, overview of the company, how the stock has performed, buy prices and more.

You can expect a couple dozen recommendations when you buy.

Bonus Reports

Bonus reports are very typical when you buy a stock picking newsletter.

They're very similar to the teasers we looked at earlier.

The special reports look at a company or part of the market and hypes up a stock or several stocks.

These special reports are constantly changing, though.

Usually when a new marketing campaign rolls out, they create new ones.

At the moment the special reports are:

  • 7 hyperscale stocks to buy now
  • The secret startup taking driverless cars mainstream
  • 3 world changing AI stocks to buy now
  • My EV sleeper stock of the decade
  • The VC insider's millionaire playbook

By the time you read this the reports can be different.

One thing to keep in mind is these stocks are not guaranteed to pay out.

I know the marketing is good and the headlines are tantalizing but microcaps are incredibly hard to predict.

The special reports we looked at earlier were all losers so far.

So I wouldn't expect the stocks in these reports to be any different. 

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Innovation Investor FAQ's

Still have some questions about this service?

Here's some answers to any remaining questions you might?

1) How Much Does Innovation Investor Cost?

The price of this newsletter is $49 per year and that's what you would expect from an introductory newsletter.

However, something to keep in mind is you will be promoted much more expensive products the second you buy.

This is the reason publishers like Investor Place sell cheap products in the first place.

They want to get you into the sales funnel and sell the more expensive stuff to you after you've already proven you'll pay money.

Some of these products will cost thousands.

I'd resist upgrading because very expensive stock picking services rarely ever work out. 

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, there's a good refund policy.

You get 365 days to get your money back.

However, the price is only $49.. so getting that back isn't that big of a deal.

And to be honest, if you're asking for money back it's probably because the stock picks cost you thousands.

3) Is Luke Lango Legit?

It's pretty rare for me to call any of these newsletter guys legit.

I think Luke in a lot of ways is an investor entertainer.

He dazzles you with his obscure stock picks and intricate sales presentations.

His reports always have seductive titles that seem like you're going to make millions of dollars.

He's an extremely slick salesman.

But do I think his stock picks are going to make you a ton of money?

You might hit on a few and maybe the big hits will outweigh the loses.

But I'm willing to guess he recommends more losing picks than winners.

It just really depends on how big the winners are.

4) Who Should Avoid Innovation Investor?

If you hate risk stay far, far away from this newsletter.

Innovation Investor is 100% risk and all the stocks recommended will be extremely volatile.

This means big swings in either direction.

I'd also stay away if you're new to investing.

These stocks aren't well known and they're difficult to trade.

If you're new you're better off sticking to large cap stocks and known brands.

They're way less volatile and safer.

5) Who Should Consider Innovation Investor?

I'd only recommend this newsletter if you're an experienced investor with spare money.

The reason I say this is you'll need to know how to investigate these companies on your own.

I wouldn't just trust Luke's research on the products.

Only an experienced investor could possible investigate these microcap companies because there's usually very little information out there about them.

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Innovation Investor Pros And Cons

  • Affordable: This stock picking service will only cost $49 per year - every investor can afford that.
  • Don't trust Investor Place: Investor Place offers products from criminals who had to pay tens of millions in fines.
  • Bad stock picks: All the stock picks I looked at from Luke have lost money after he recommended them.
  • Bad strategy: You shouldn't invest in microcap stocks unless you can afford to lose money.

Innovation Investor Conclusion

There's a lot of hype with both Innovation Investor and Luke Lango.

On the Investor Place website they claim Luke is widely recognized as one of the best stock pickers.

Recognized by who?

Not really sure because I personally don't think that's true.

I think most legitimate investors stay away from microcap investments because they're high risk and volatile.

I'd only buy this newsletter if you want to dabble here and there in these "growth" stocks.

My honest opinion is it probably won't work out for you.

In the end I believe Innovation Investor is more entertainment than something that should be taken seriously.

Just look at the headlines and presentations if you don't believe me. 

They're all so goofy and over the top.

I'd advise most investors to skip over Innovation Investor.

It's cheap but the stock picks are very risky and it's just bait to get you to buy the more expensive services at Investor Place.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

I've reviewed all the best places to get good stock ideas.

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