Best Vegan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

Best Vegan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

Best Vegan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

You might not associate Belgium with vegan or vegetarian food. After all, the national dish is moules-frites and other specialties include meatballs and shrimp croquettes. So, if you want to eat meat-free in Belgium, do you have to stick to waffles?

Not at all. It’s possible to find vegetarian-friendly food in Belgium—and rather spectacular vegetarian-friendly food at that. Several vegan and vegetarian restaurants are making a name for themselves with innovative menus free of animal products and bursting with exciting flavours.

Think sensory and seasonal journeys through a vegetable garden in the form of an expertly masterminded tasting menu. Plates heaped high with raw and nutrient-rich vegetables picked that very day. Colourful dishes that could convert even the most devout meat-eater. Vegan Belgium is quickly becoming a thing.

By moving towards a plant-focused food paradigm, these restaurants are also leading the way in sustainability. Many prioritize organic and locally-grown produce, emphasizing health-conscious dining while also minimizing food waste and reducing their CO2.

So whether you’re looking for budget-friendly vegetarian cuisine, preferably with a buffet option, or you won’t settle for anything that hasn’t been graced with a Michelin star, our rundown of the top vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Belgium will satiate your taste buds.

While many of these vegetarian restaurants are in Brussels, we’ve also included some outside the capital—proof that the country is on its way to becoming a true meat-free culinary destination.

Veganism is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. In 2020, that’s simply not true, especially at the best vegan restaurants in Brussels.

Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the city and plant-based dieters are slowly beginning to enjoy the same culinary delights as their meat-eating counterparts. While traditional Belgian cuisine might not be vegan-friendly, these restaurants sure are.

With a population of just over 1 million, and as the cultural capital of Belgium, Brussels is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the country. With a strong and growing vegan community, it’s easy to find a wide variety of vegan food in Brussels. However, there is definitely a focus on healthy and raw options at the moment.

Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Brussels. MEININGER hotels are now established in Brussels and offer great accommodation options near public transport links such as our hotel near Brussels Midi station or our hotel in the center of Brussels!

Good news for all foodies who opted for a more responsible way of life. Brussels has some of the best vegan hotspots to offer, and here we have hand-picked the top five places where you can feast on healthy vegan dishes. After a long day of wandering around the top landmarks in Brussels, go for a healthy lunch at one of these places, all reachable via any taxi company.

Liu Lin

Liu Lin

Every day at midday, up to 100 locals and visitors enjoy great food at Liu Lin, a Chinese restaurant. Customers can enjoy a selection of full-course meals, from cold and hot entrees to soups, and noodle dishes. Liu Lin specializes in Peking duck, and the restaurant also makes its own house-made wine. But try the vegetarian fried rice, and you’ll find that you’ve been tricked by a veggie fantasy. Vegan, yes, but tasty.

One of the first places you should visit to find the best vegan restaurant in Brussels is Liu Lin. Try the eggplant fried rice, which goes great with the tap water they provide. Another great option is mushroom tea, which is both rich in protein and provides a fantastic calming effect.



The first time you walk into Andemela you might not think that the food here is vegan, because you can see how delicious all the meat is. Once you actually start to eat, however, you realize the kitchen doesn’t butcher animals for the sake of food here; they use alternative protein sources.

My favorite dish is the carrot pizza, which contains no dairy at all. If you get lost in the house of Andemela, you can also visit the shop, which sells authentic Belgian chocolates.

Be Nuts

Be Nuts

Housed in an unassuming chocolate shop in the heart of the city, Be Nuts is a vegan café famous for its soy milk chocolate and granola. The vegan-friendly café opens in the morning, serving coffee, smoothies, and brunch with its signature granola bowls. Vegan-friendly street food is also on offer, including acai bowls, pitas, burgers, and salads.

Get the fresh fruit smoothie, which is made with bananas and organic almond milk and mixed with brazil nuts. Be Nuts is well-known for its smoothies, crepes and protein shakes and offers a wide range of gluten-free items to cater to all dietary needs. There’s a good selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, as well as vegan kebabs, burgers and even pizza!

Burger Bistro

Burger Bistro

The Burger Bistro is another fast-casual restaurant that offers a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free options. Be sure to check out the coconut-enriched bread, which is popular among vegan eaters. Although you can’t order vegan pizzas at the restaurant, you can order a version that uses Nutella instead.

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre

Madre is a trendy Latin American vegan restaurant hidden behind a grimy red door in Brussels’ oldest quarter. Vegan-friendly Latin American cuisine is prepared using plant-based ingredients. Try the lamb tortilla or the sweet and sour chickpea stew. Grass-fed steak and wild boar are also available, but not on the menu as they are expensive.

Buddy Buddy

Why not treat yourself to one of Belgium’s most elegant restaurants? Buddy Buddy is one of the best places in Brussels to dine on a modern French menu, topped off with an extensive wine list and live jazz. However, while it might be the epitome of refined sophistication, this upscale restaurant is not afraid to experiment with new flavours.

Buddy Buddy’s most famous dish is the quiche l’ecran (screen cake), a delicious blend of mushroom and Brie cheese. However, there are a variety of other mouthwatering dishes to choose from. Make sure you head to Buddy Buddy for the summer, when their menu features an entirely vegetarian and vegan menu.

The motto of this vegan and vegan-friendly restaurant is that you don’t need to miss out on animal products to enjoy a healthy vegan lifestyle. Buddy Buddy offers home-style meals that won’t break the bank.

Choose your main dish from the vegan menu, or simply build your own in the kitchen. This fine-dining restaurant is also one of the most eco-friendly in the city, so the greener you are, the better your meal tastes.

Vivant Kust Bar + Bistro

Vivant Kust Bar + Bistro

The décor of this restaurant is an homage to Belgium’s animal-slaughtering heritage. Upon entering, the atmosphere is set to a sordid bar scene where the bar is crowded with grim customers. Once inside, the space itself is eco-friendly and well-appointed with contemporary furnishings and an abundance of vegan options.

Les 4 Jeudis

Les 4 Jeudis is vegan-friendly for a number of reasons. The restaurant itself is vegan-friendly because of its vegetarian food choices, as well as the vegan-friendly kitchen. When vegan cooking is involved, the restaurant can even legally boast itself as a “vegan restaurant” for all kinds of health and hygiene reasons.

In the heart of the urbanized Kortrijk district, Les 4 Jeudis will surely impress vegans and non-vegans alike. It was named one of Brussels’ hippest restaurants, and it’s not hard to see why.

There are all kinds of locally sourced, gluten-free and organic produce on display. There are also plenty of vegan options for each of Les 4 Jeudis’ three meals. Try the vegan beef stew or the vegan version of couscous for a hearty, nutritionally balanced meal.

Café Zoolanda

Café Zoolanda

Owners of Zoolanda only allow vegan dining in the kitchen and don’t serve it at the tables in case it’s not done right. In this way, the restaurant is one of the few places you can enjoy a vegan meal in Brussels without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

Lucifer Lives

Start with a classic herbivore burger and a cup of camembert to wash it down with before moving on to the loaded plant-based pizza for a double dose of deliciousness. Lucifer is all about high-quality vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food at an affordable price and has one of the largest vegan menus in the city.

Their fresh salads and pizzas are topped with all sorts of wonderful additions like fresh herbs, pepperoni, fried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. All of their dishes are delicious and the restaurant doesn’t shy away from the occasional breadbasket. They offer a daily vegan food special so if you’re in a great mood or craving something new, drop by.

Lucifer Lives is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Brussels. After a stunning first year, the restaurant has just celebrated its second anniversary and has become a full-on destination. The cozy venue provides a high-quality experience, thanks to their amazing ambience and their knowledge of their Vegan menu.

You’ll be taken on a full sensory journey, as they will prepare a variety of delicious Belgian specialties to your taste. Vegan must-tries on the menu include mussels and foie gras, fondue and red curry. Be sure to book a table, as it gets extremely busy on weekends.

Yummy Bowl

Yummy Bowl

Located in the relatively hip neighbourhood of Mile-Ex, Yummy Bowl is the best restaurant in Brussels offering a vegan-friendly menu and unique plant-based meals. Their bistro fare is made entirely with natural ingredients. All their dishes are made without milk, eggs, or honey and include dishes like brown rice maki, spinach, tofu, and a vegan “meatball” filled with kale, barley, and rice.

Vegan-friendly, decadent, delicious food can be found at Yummy Bowl. Its Chef Gérald Groeneveld has a taste for exotic flavours and prides himself on coming up with creative vegetarian and vegan dishes that are both delicious and Instagrammable.

With its locations in Berchem and De Broedersesteenweg, not to mention being voted as one of the most unique vegan restaurants in Brussels, there’s really no denying that Yummy Bowl makes for a perfect destination for a date, a celebration or a laid-back evening with friends. With a menu that’s a little more extensive than you’d expect, this restaurant is sure to satisfy even the most adventurous carnivores.


Once you’ve got your fill of Mexican food, you’re probably in the mood for something else. Luckily, Streetfood’s vegan menu fits the bill perfectly. From the “Vegent,” a vegan burger with mushroom and barbecue sauce to the “Burgers & Burgers,” a spicy combo of three veggie patties, vegan cheese and BBQ sauce on a kaiser roll, this place has what you need. We also love the Philly cheesesteaks and the cheese fries and they’re all fresh, tasty and affordable.

Humus x Hortense

Humus x Hortense

Chef Robert-Henri Geurts has been a cult fan of human-bean protein for the past eight years, and he’s proven that such a nutrient-rich food can provide a top-notch burger. He and his friends (all meat-eating vegetarians) first launched the Veggins website to inform the public about the wonders of vegan food and he now runs Humus x Hortense, which makes the most out of the Amsterdam-style falafel and shakes it up with such delicacies as the hummus burger. Vegans, non-vegans, vegans who can’t be convinced to try a vegetable burger – just go.

Mo Mo – Saint-Gilles

You have to love a restaurant that sticks to its roots and one that truly embodies the artisanal world of craftsmanship. Mo Mo Restaurant & Coffee Bar in Saint-Gilles is all about that and everything else they can offer their customers.

This is a restaurant made of metal and wood and the food takes great pride in its taste and creativity. For those with more refined tastes, they also have a cocktail bar, a space for events and a home for one of Brussels’ finest foraged restaurants.

Mo Mo is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Brussels. Serving three vegetarian options and seven vegans, these sandwiches, salads and bowls are top-notch. With vegan and vegetarian entrees ranging from $9 to $13.95, Mo Mo’s dishes are both filling and flavorful.

The Kitchen - Tervuren

The Kitchen – Tervuren

Just over the border from Brussels, The Kitchen serves only vegan meals. Known for their comfort food and quirky interior, these vegan dishes are delicious. Although the entrees range from $8.50 to $18.50, one of their standout entrees is their Stuffed Chicken breast. With mashed sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, green onion and bell peppers, this dish is a great addition to any meat-eating diet.

Le Botaniste Bruxelles, Belgium

Owned by Thai chef Thaisong Schoenman, the Le Botaniste is a no-frills vegetarian and vegan restaurant, serving delicious salads and delicious vegan offerings such as chocolate croissants. Diners have the option of vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian entrees, although most prefer to stick with the vegan menu.

Two vegan dishes currently on offer are the quinoa tabbouleh salad and the tofu dumplings with curry sauce, while all food is freshly prepared each day and the kitchen is able to cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions. Since this restaurant is located in Brussels’ lovely Brussels Square, it’s a great choice for any visitors to the city, both vegan and non-vegan.

The team behind Botaniste branched out and opened a second location in Brussels, just around the corner from the original one. The menu at Botaniste Brussels is identical to its flagship location, including a wide selection of vegan options and all plant-based wines and spirits. All of the non-vegan menu items are available, as well. The perfect addition to any vegan foodie’s eating routine.

The Judgy Vegan Café & Bar, Bruxelles, Belgium

The Judgy Vegan Café & Bar, Bruxelles, Belgium

The very first vegan café in the center of Brussels has developed quite the reputation for serving vegan comfort food in a colourful and creative way. With an emphasis on vegan burgers and meat-free classic dishes, The Judgy Vegan keeps up the very fun vibes and provides a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Not only is it the perfect place to find one of the best vegan menus in the city, but it’s also one of the best places to meet other vegans in Brussels. The vegan food on offer is great, the atmosphere is cheerful and friendly and it’s a great place to go on a weekend evening.

The Judgy Vegan is a vegan café in Brussels, Belgium that serves up a range of freshly made breakfasts, meals, wraps and salads to pep you up. Their menu includes meals such as a vegan avocado wrap, beetroot falafel and a vegan corned beef sandwich which can be ordered with a vegan patty on top.

Everything on the menu is made from scratch daily using only plant-based ingredients. With a variety of different bowls, wraps, sandwiches and wraps on offer, they make it easy to get a full vegan meal and take it on the road.

L'Eau Chaude, Bruxelles, Belgium

Located on Rue de la Gauchetière in the suburb of Bruxelles-Saint-Denis, L’Eau Chaude is an all-day restaurant known for its rustic atmosphere, and cozy booths and intriguing “edible” paintings. The menu is another highlight, offering a wide variety of vegetable-based dishes, like coconut fish with soya cheese, jackfruit and green banana or a delectable mushroom risotto.

So you want a light and delicious lunch with French flair, a splendid view of the river, and a decent vegan selection. This is the place! A plant-based brasserie located in the heart of Brussels, L'Eau Chaude is the perfect place for a quick and well-received lunch. Their huge variety of salads, snacks, and desserts will surely help satisfy any vegan’s hunger, while their high-quality vegan delicacies and hearty local cuisine will please meat-eaters and vegan go-getters alike.

Maple Tree, Brussels, Belgium

Maple Tree, Brussels, Belgium

For lovers of comfort food, Maple Tree has a little bit of everything. Aside from its array of vegetarian and vegan dishes, the eatery also specializes in different kinds of omelets, including one stuffed with vegan cheese and mushrooms.

The Noodle Bar Brussels

Since opening in 2013, The Noodle Bar has been showcasing some of the best vegan fares Brussels has to offer. Whether it’s vegetable sushi or burgers, the restaurant has it all. But you don’t need to bring your own food. Whether you dine-in or take-out, the restaurant is very accommodating to those who can’t have animal products.

They even allow vegetarian customers to eat just about anything. It’s no wonder this restaurant was awarded the title of the best vegan restaurant in Belgium and the best vegan restaurant in Europe by VegNews magazine.

If you're still looking for vegan food that's easy on the wallet and won't break the bank, the Noodle Bar Brussels in central Brussels has got you covered. Specializing in Italian-style cuisine (try the vegan ravioli!), this resto is also famous for its delicious vegan options, including creative salads, pasta, pizza and dessert. If you're still searching for your perfect vegan meal, the Noodle Bar Brussels has it covered.

Vegan Bar Noorderkaas

Vegan Bar Noorderkaas

If you love trying out new places to eat, the Vegan Bar Noorderkaas in central Brussels is your place. Perfect for people who love trying out new food experiences, the Vegan Bar Noorderkaas is a space to discover vegan food that's both tasty and healthy. You'll find vegan pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and a whole array of vegan treats here.

Conclusion To The Best Vegan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium


No matter how you feel about the melting pot of colours and cultures, the food in Belgium is fantastic. It’s hard to narrow it down, but the ones mentioned above are certainly a good start.

Belgian food is always a sight for sore eyes. If you want to enjoy the sweet and sour flavours of European cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. Make sure you take some time to discover Belgian food before you go. Use our Belgium travel guide to help you on your journey to Belgium.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Vegan Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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