9 Best Vegan Restaurants In London, England

9 Best Vegan Restaurants In London, England

Are you looking for the best vegan restaurants in London to visit when lockdown is finally over? Look no further! From the best vegan fish and chips to Black-owned businesses and the most Instagram-worthy spots, we've got you covered. London is known as the thriving vegan epicentre of the UK and was even named the most vegan-friendly city in the world for two years running – knocking Berlin off the top spot.

Much more than just a fringe movement, vegan food can be found almost everywhere, with chain restaurants and independents alike adding plant-based options to their menus. Buckle up, and get ready for a culinary trip around the world, right here in London.

Best Vegan Restaurants In London

Why Choose Vegan Restaurants In London?

Vegan restaurants in London serve up world-class dishes in a myriad of genres and cuisines. They're more than just a spot for vegetarians and vegans to satisfy their hunger for plant-based cuisine – and these establishments, with their abundance of vegetarian and vegan options, are a welcome alternative for meat-eaters to explore. All of this is why we've researched and compiled the very best vegan restaurants in London.

Make your next dinner party or restaurant outing an occasion to remember. Vegan restaurants in London have been promoting their options for years while maintaining a strong work culture and dedication to sustainably sourced ingredients. While some restaurants go for the cheesy, over-the-top options, others stick to quality, health-conscious options with a hefty dose of colour and flavour.

London restaurants thrive on classic favourites: they're famous for their burgers and don't mind admitting it. Not only that, but they also offer an affordable alternative to the cost of traditional meat options. Start by asking for the weekly specials. Options such as Thai lentil soup or black bean burger might sound weird, but they're big sellers for the kitchen. Pick up a regular menu and read through to see if anything has caught your eye.

You could be surprised by vegan pizza, vegan samosas or even vegan sushi, all of which would make a delicious alternative for your dinner. Just be sure to check the ingredients label and only order vegan products from a reputable vegan-friendly restaurant. Vegan eateries are set to be the new meatless hotspots in London and the United Kingdom, adding more healthy options to the dining scene in recent years.

Healthy alternatives are much more prevalent among vegans, who eat to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and to support a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're going vegan to reduce the risk of your body overloading on unhealthy nutrients or to satisfy a cultural need, London restaurants are set to cater to your needs.

For starters, vegetarianism is on the rise across Europe. We now eat 30% less meat than we did in the 1980s, and more than half of adults in the UK now claim to be vegetarian or vegan. And it's not just for health reasons – European vegetarians tend to be more health-conscious than other people.

There are many vegan-friendly restaurants in London, offering dishes to satisfy all kinds of appetites and palates. Whether you're a passionate omnivore, a vegan who has been converted or are curious to explore the new world of vegan food, you're sure to find something to suit your diet in London.

The diversity of the vegan menu, from vegan cakes and sweet treats to the best vegan restaurants in London – there is something for everyone. No matter what time you visit, the variety of vegan food will keep you full for hours, with restaurants serving vegan options from breakfast through to the early hours of the morning.

Vegan food in London is so varied and good that we've got rounded up London's best vegan restaurant in the city so that you can add even more options to your vegan dining repertoire. The grass is always greener on the other side, and Londoners are taking their cruelty-free food pride to a new level by launching their own vegan restaurants, too. These are the best places to dine out in London when you are looking to dine vegan.

The legendary Vegan restaurant of London has existed for 18 years. It has spread the vegan message to the other boroughs of London, making it one of the largest vegan venues in Europe. Its potted garden is one of the city's most picturesque dining options. To say London has one of the best vegan restaurants in the world would be an understatement. You're spoilt for choice from vegan food festivals to dedicated food tours to incredible vegan food Instagram accounts.

But whatever your reason for getting to know the vegan scene in London, rest assured that there is something to suit you – even if you're not vegan. Whether you're interested in a taste of local Black-owned businesses or exploring vegan food in completely new and exciting ways, we can't think of a better way to enjoy some much-needed time away from the city.


1. Purezza

Popular with commuters at Chiswick and Ealing stations, Purezza is a very popular vegan takeaway and one of the few places in the capital that does everything vegan – pizza, lasagne, lasagna-style, veggie panini, pasta, casserole, even (take your pick!) sides. A delicious vegan breakfast and lunch spot on London's trendy West End,

Purezza is highly rated for its quality plant-based and nut-free cuisine. Order the Pan Seared Salt Cod, Loaded Nuts and Minced Garlic Toast for a delicious start to your day, followed by the Mustard Seed Roasted Beetroot Ravioli for a satisfying lunch, or step it up a gear with the Classic Falafel, Sweet Potato Tzatziki and Potato Salad for an indulgent meal.

Download the Purezza app for your quick and easy one-stop shop to find your nearest branch. Located on the bright and airy ground floor of The Market Quarter in Borough High Street, Purezza is a raw, vegan restaurant that's full of veggie-loving vegetarians, but that doesn't mean you can't go vegan with your meat, fish or cheese. Pick from the varying vegan menus, where there is a wide choice of flavours, proteins and sides.

The Plant Power Vegan menu is stuffed full of creative vegan nibbles and classic Vegan Pie. Desserts are also bound to be a favourite with the diverse range of vegan cakes, cookies and brownies. Purezza has gained one of the city's most popular vegan and vegetarian lunch menus. With vegan cheese-based ravioli and ‘laksa' noodles, this famous vegan restaurant is known for its trendy and refined clientele.

Every meal comes with a side of complimentary nuts, teas and coffees, and makes for a healthy start to your day. Purezza on Upper Street was the first vegan Italian restaurant to grace London's scene in 2012, and it's been going strong ever since. It's no wonder they were crowned the Vegan Restaurants of the Year 2016, even running a pop-up restaurant in Notting Hill. They sell some of the best vegan desserts on the block and have a couple of options for takeaway meals that are as light and delicious as their fine dining food.

Vegan Dough Co

2. Vegan Dough Co

The Vegan Dough Co opens up the meat-free world to a fine dining experience. By bringing the avant-garde and humour of high-end dining to a small menu, they've achieved the impossible and become the mecca for vegan dining. Housed in a former bike shop,

Vegan Dough Co is a casual eatery that serves up a tasty plant-based fare in its arcade-themed setting. Don't miss its Mexican chips with spicy salsa and guacamole or its creamy chickpea sandwich with tempeh bacon and pickled peppers. With hot cookies, cakes, vegan ice cream, and their cold made with milk products. There's a little bit of everything here at Vegan Dough Co.

This vegan bakery also makes dairy-free banana bread and macaroons for baking experts. Set in the trendy and edgy Portobello area, Vegan Dough Co. was named the UK's best vegan restaurant, based on an overwhelming amount of online votes. It's more than just a tasty snack bar with fresh juices and great vegan options, including crepes, burgers and fries. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and super delicious, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more appealing environment than Vegan Dough Co.

The colourful restaurant uses local, ethically sourced ingredients, and you'll get a high-quality vegan experience at this hip venue. Hackney has several dedicated and bespoke vegan food concepts, so it's not difficult to find something to satiate your appetite. The best option is Vegan Dough Co., which serves up vegan pizza, with an alternative to classic cheese.

Spanning across the middle of Victoria in West London, Vegan Dough Co sells delicious vegan donuts and cake for those looking to “keep the dough going,” which in vegan-speak is code for ‘desserts and more.' For some regular vegan treats, the menu also has vegan chicken, nuggets and tacos.

Verdi Italian Kitchen

3. Trattoria Verdi Italian Kitchen

Operating since 2003, Verdi is one of London's oldest vegan-friendly restaurants. The expansive menu features pasta dishes like vegan macaroni and “vegan ravioli” and their very own tomato-based tomato sauce. Vegans can have spaghetti bolognese with vegan sausage or other vegan substitutes like spicy pumpkin or chocolate mousse.

Verdi's place in vegan London has gained them a loyal customer base – with customers even crossing the pond to experience the unique, authentic Italian cuisine. Verdi has received high praise in national magazines and was awarded a Michelin star for their authentic Italian and Californian-style pizzas and vegan ‘Meat' – a mixture of crispy fried plant food served with tomato sauce, grated fresh mozzarella and a fresh basil garnish.

The café/restaurant Verdi had a 100% vegan menu until recently, although it now allows its diners to request a vegan substitute. It also offers tasty vegan options for its dinner menu, including tenderloin steaks served with garlic root chips. For both students and pros, Verdi is perfect. One of the best Italian restaurants London has to offer. You'll find yourself both starving and well-fed with the varied Italian menu.

Vegan options are also available, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Make sure you get in early as the restaurant will sell out fast. Combining Italian and Mediterranean flavours, Verdi Italian Kitchen in Brixton is full of mouthwatering vegan Italian cuisine. The pizzas are among the best vegan pies you'll find in the city, while the crispy deep-fried ‘chicken' sticks are a non-vegetarian steal at £2.75!

OXO Tower Restaurant

 4. OXO Tower Restaurant

If you're looking for the highest-end plant-based dining experience in London, then OXO Tower Restaurant is the place for you. Jess Reed moved to the UK from New York to work as the executive chef at Cafe Rouge. Still, after seeing the ethical and environmental impact of meat and dairy production, she found her calling when she decided to go vegan.

Located in the iconic OXO Tower at the top of The Gherkin building, OXO Tower offers what is now London's only vegan and raw bar and was recently named one of the “5Best vegan restaurants in the UK”. For those in search of traditional British pub-inspired grub, OXO also offers something for the meat-eaters.

This delicious restaurant serves the best vegan dishes in London, including healthy treats and super tasty vegan desserts, alongside more traditional dishes. The delicious bowls, soups, and superfood smoothies are the perfect way to enjoy fresh produce while eating sensibly and mindfully, suitable for both your health and the planet.

Now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at their location in the OXO Tower and the Oxford Arcade, each dish is uniquely made from nutritional foods and vegetarian and vegan friendly to suit all dietary requirements. One of the unique places to try vegan food in London is OXO Tower Restaurant in Fulham, West London.

OXO Tower is home to London's first and only officially vegetarian Michelin star restaurant, specializing in unusual vegetarian and vegan foods. It's stood in the middle of the tower block since 1978, and it's still one of London's favourite places to eat!

Wild Food Café

5. Wild Food Café

This historic haunt in Clerkenwell has been serving up delicious vegan food since 1987, and we're delighted to see it thriving well into the future. The café specializes in hearty and balanced plant-based meals made with produce sourced from local organic farmers, and it's a great option if you want a proper old-fashioned English breakfast.

Chefs Rupert Platt and Richard Morris have cooked up more than 200 dishes to date, so we're sure you'll find something to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Wild Food Café is where a vegan (or even pescatarian) will feel welcome and at home. Vegetarian hotspot Wild Food Café serves a healthy range of food in a beautiful environment.

Eating healthy foods is of utmost importance to the café owners, where the idea is to help diners eat a nutritious, balanced and satisfying meal. It's not only a restaurant but an experience: Wild Food is a place where a vegan (or even pescatarian) will feel welcome and at home, thanks to the excellent service and the creative vegan menu.

Vegetarian hotspot Wild Food Café serves a healthy range of food in a beautiful environment. The only thing better than vegan food is vegan food for a vegan festival. Wild Food Café is a new vegan brunch and bar in Soho that will leave you feeling full and grateful for the delicious vegan foods spread across their vast menu.

Wild Food Café also serves cruelty-free, vegan fine dining. Wild Food Café's flat white with turmeric and maca was delicious. Expect to see a massive line of excited people when Wild Food Café opens on New Years Day.

The Spread Eagle, Hackney

6. The Spread Eagle, Hackney

This pub tucked away in the heart of Hackney takes the title of most vegan-friendly eatery in London, followed closely by the others in Westminster and Islington. However, it's not the only brilliant pub that's delicious for omnivores too. Located in Hackney Wick, The Spread Eagle has been serving real ale and vegan-friendly snacks since 2011. It has been particularly praised for its vegan take on Scottish classics such as haggis, haggis ‘balls' and haggis chowder.

Their kippers are also a top choice of the ‘chicken killer' brigade. With plenty of vegan options on their menu, this Hackney Wick pub has been voted in the UK's top 10 best vegan restaurants. If you're a fan of the Pub'oke or Polenta Fries, make a beeline for The Spread Eagle. Healthy and no-nonsense, they have excellent standards in their vegan food.

Whether you're looking for something a bit hearty with crispy tofu and mushroom stir fry, a selection of options for the big eaters or a plant-based panini served on a fresh cut veggie tray. You'll find all your vegan needs here. Spread Eagle serves vegan cuisine with a menu featuring everything from meat-free fish and chips to quinoa burgers.

222 Veggie Vegan, West Kensington

7. 222 Veggie Vegan, West Kensington

Best Indian vegan restaurants in London Like Indian food, vegetarian and vegan cuisine has come a long way from questionable pickles and “dessert” where you're left to choose between several jars of five different nuts and pulses. London is home to some of the best vegetarian Indian food globally, with some of the finest restaurants offering low-maintenance vegan alternatives to all the meat and fish.

The result? Delicious, fresh, flavoursome meals that pack a mighty punch. Chefs and co-founders of 222 Veggie Vegan Paul Johnson and Jacob Lock were always ahead of the game. The shop first opened in Notting Hill in 2014 before moving to trendy West Kensington last year. “We sold vegan cheese in our first shop in Notting Hill and went from there,” said Jacob. The shop is the perfect spot for the health-conscious on your hunt for dinner with a wide variety of vegan cheese and fermented food. If you are looking for a solid option for quick, tasty, grab-and-go vegan food, look no further than 222 Veggie Vegan.

222 Veggie Vegan will satisfy all your greasy-dipper food cravings. This one serves meatless burgers, sandwiches and soups, all with the odd bit of vegan cheese on the side. The meatless spicy beef and bison burgers are probably the most popular as they come topped with onion rings. Prices start from £2.25 for a single patty with fries. The name itself would suggest that 222 Veggie Vegan isn't just a cute restaurant name – it's good food, too.

Boasting an impressive ingredient list, you can have a meal any which way you want. The bbq pulled jackfruit sliders are possibly the best vegan menu item in town, while an apple and mushroom quinoa burger is equally worthy of attention. You can also choose a sticky toffee and blackcurrant loaf from 222 Veggie Vegan. They also have a smoothie with kale, spinach and apple that will put any smoothie lover's taste buds to the test.

Unity Diner

8. Unity Diner

Unity Diner is a vegetarian café and restaurant chain founded by vegan restaurateur Oli Gardiner. Its famous vegan burger, Veggie Wallop, comes topped with onion, celery, beetroot, vegan mayonnaise, pickle, and chilli ketchup, with veggies on top. It's located on Sussex Street, not too far from The Strip.

The Unity Diner will set your taste buds spinning. Located in London Fields, this vegan restaurant was voted one of the best in the UK last year by the Vegan Society. Don't forget to try their vegan burger, which won the top vegan restaurant menu at the Vegan World Cup last year! Want to follow the vegan diet for a week? Want to try some of the best vegan restaurants in London without being in a huge city? Of course, you do.

Unity Diner is the place for you, offering hundreds of vegan options, from pancakes to the best burgers in town. You won't go hungry here as a vegan either, with the epic menu including everything from ‘bacon and mushrooms' to a daily vegan special (we don't need to tell you what that is). This is a perfect place to go if you're planning to book ahead as the whole restaurant is plant-based, and it is known as the ‘best vegan diner in the UK.'

9. Eat Of Eden

Now, thankfully, with several outlets, this popular Caribbean eatery began in Brixton Village and quickly expanded to include cozy locales in Clapham, Lewisham and Shepherd’s Bush. With flavoursome all-organic food and drink, you need to get a platter – with creamy chickpea curry, ackee and sweet peppers, and baked macaroni pie just a few of the dishes on offer, you’re going to want to taste as much as possible. Alternatively, there’s an entire range of plant-based burgers and sweet potato fries up for grabs. Drink it down with some freshly made sorrel or a delicious Jamaican Guinness punch.


If you're vegan and want to know where you should eat, then this list has got you covered. Vegan-friendly is an inclusive term, and you can find many famous restaurants not necessarily featuring plant-based options but that is very welcoming and accommodating.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the 9 Best Vegan Restaurants In London, England. Would you mind staying tuned? There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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