Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam


Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

Are you on the search for vegan restaurants in Amsterdam? Do you want to eat healthier, or are you thinking of going for a vegan lifestyle? Or better said, do you want to banish meat, fish, dairy (yes, so no more eggs with melted cheese on top on a lovely Sunday morning) out of your diet? Then you probably think you can't eat in a lot of restaurants. Well, you thought wrong, there are a lot of vegan hotspots in Amsterdam, and we gathered them for you.

Upscale, casual, pricey and affordable vegan restaurants in Amsterdam have taken the city by storm, offering food so delicious even the most carnivorous eaters won't think twice about a plant-based burger – regardless of whether these are made from seaweed or soya beans. And with the Vegan Junk Food Bar and similar ventures seemingly opening a new location every month, don't expect the fare to be all light and healthy – this is a town where even vegans give grease a chance.



It's always good to visit a place where the owner is so committed. Trevi's is that place, and the owner Marije Soemandjo also is a vegan. Trevi's is one of Amsterdam's most popular vegan places, with lots of fans of the daily menu, which can be adapted to vegan. The vegan meals can also be ordered on the vegan menu, which makes it even easier. Highly recommended vegan spot in Amsterdam with amazing vegan burritos, burgers, fries, shakes and oh yeah, Italian food too!

Make sure you get an excellent vegan gelato to finish the meal. You have to go! Make sure you check out their website for the latest specialties. Are you a pizza lover? Well, then look no further, the delicious ‘Vegan Cooler' pizza from Trevi, only $8.00 and more than enough of a sweet surprise to satiate your appetite. Flavours include walnut, mushroom, tomato and bell pepper. Mediterranean-Italian food? Perfect. Trevi's has that and more.

The service is also exemplary. We've eaten a whole cappuccino and a flan. Never before did we have to wash down such a pastry with a strong cup of coffee. The focus is Italian, with the owner running the place himself. The restaurant prides itself on a solid selection of vegan dishes. The servings are enormous, so you won't have to eat the whole thing. With a dedicated vegan/vegetarian menu, Trevi's caters to everyone and for the amount of food you're ordering.

Trevi's is one of the first Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, if not the first. Now, it's become an international restaurant with its themed menus and excellent vegan food. The vegan menu is much more special than the others, with every dish being a very delicious option.

On the other hand, there are also vegan ‘traditional' dishes for you to enjoy, and the pasta menu includes ‘vegetarian' and ‘carnivore' pasta. Start your meal with a tasty dish and a few brews at Trevi's. Be sure to order their complimentary stir-fry served with tofu. The restaurant offers vegan-friendly dishes for those who prefer meat and dairy-free alternatives. Alongside that, they also have some excellent pasta dishes such as mushroom ravioli with a sour-sweet sauce, almond ricotta with pine nut pesto, and some local beer.

Located in Eindhoven (the university city and perfect party spot), Trevi's offers delectable food, a vegan terrarium and a smoking terrace! Trevi's, a vegan coffeehouse and bar, comes as a surprise when you visit. All the food is dairy-free, and it's a great place to meet your friends. The motto of the business is: “Pure pleasure with unlimited possibilities.”

Trevi's vegan restaurant is the first vegan restaurant in Amsterdam. It serves “authentic and vegetarian Italian” dishes. Try out the veggie pizza or the cauliflower spaghetti. It also has a great selection of cakes, quiches and desserts. Or, if you want to go with a big group of friends, all you have to do is place the order at Trevi's website and wait for the food to be delivered.

Men Impossible

Men Impossible

Only by reservation is this plant-based ramen kitchen open for lunch and dinner. Serves a fixed-price lunch of a noodle bowl, as well as a fixed-price multi-course supper with a beverage. They also have vegan wine. Ramen (Japanese noodle soup) restaurant that is entirely vegan. Provides a pre-set menu that you can customize to your liking. ‘Awaken your sense of taste,' says the motto.

After working at noodle restaurants in Dortmund and Amsterdam, chef Atsushi Ishida founded Men Impossible. His goal is to teach people that plant-based foods can be just as delicious as animal-based cuisine while being better for the environment! Traditionally, ramen restaurants utilize a non-vegan broth as the dish's foundation. Atsushi uses miso, cashew nuts, and nutritional yeast to make an equally as delectable soup. The Japanese word for ramen is men. The restaurant's name alludes to the almost impossible task of creating a rich flavour utilizing only organic,

European, and plant-based foods, with no MSG. He demonstrates that it is doable! The current menu comprises a cold and hot appetizer, followed by tsukemen style ramen with your choice of soup — there are three variations. The spelt wheat noodles are created by hand. There is a gluten-free alternative available. Halfway through your meal, add a ‘coloured liquid' of your choice (such as chile oil) and taste the difference!

With a view of the open kitchen, guests are seated at the large communal table. The Jordaan, just around the corner from the Elandsgracht, is home to Men Impossible. No cash is accepted; only credit cards are accepted. Atsushi exclusively takes reservations to reduce food waste. You can make a reservation online or by phone. He might open for lunch as well in the future. This is one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Amsterdam!

The style is straightforward and home-style, with every menu including the prices showing exactly what they give. You can find lots of lunch options (including sandwiches) and a breakfast buffet. The last time I was there, they gave me a cheese sandwich, and I had to write a piece about it so people would stop giving me those. Men Impossible is a small restaurant that serves excellent food at a very reasonable price.

Meatless District

Meatless District

There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, but it's even easier to find a meatless one. You won't find many vegan places on the top of some restaurants' menus, but every meatless restaurant is getting better and better. If you like Indian, you might find a fabulous vegetarian restaurant, or if you're into organic food and vegan restaurants, you'll find that, too. But in general, in the centre of Amsterdam, you'll find a lot of vegan places.

This area has been named the ‘meatless district' of Amsterdam. Its name refers to the famous Meatpacking District in New York City, where food is often taken a little bit too far and has nothing to do with the district of Amsterdam. However, it's the first that comes to your mind. If you visit the district, you will see plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

Amsterdam is known as the Netherlands' capital and is a city full of diverse cultures. There are some differences. You can say there are ten different countries in Amsterdam, but they all have in common that people here are pretty friendly, open-minded, and always try to do the right thing. If you're looking for some healthy eateries, you can't go wrong with Meatless District, the hotspot for vegans and vegans-to-be.

Veg Cafe: Organic, Plant-Based Food. This restaurant is a bit hard to get to, but worth it because they serve tasty food made healthily and sustainably. The owners are vegan and used to travel the world before becoming vegan, so they're well-versed in healthy and vegetarian foods. This restaurant always has an entirely vegan menu. All you need to do is drive out of Amsterdam, and you'll find yourself at the Meatless District, which is quite difficult to miss if you live in Amsterdam.

The Meatless District is a world away from the city, so you can easily find yourself a burger or a great plate of chips and guacamole. Something vegan like tuna steak with mashed potato? Sure! A good cheeseburger with pickles and salad? You got it. You will find tons of excellent options in the Meatless District. And it's all free.

The Meatless District is home to the founder of the first vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, Ketel. They serve up a few options that include many options you might expect to find at a traditional meat-eating restaurant like chicken burgers.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

Opened in September 2012, The Vegan Junk Food Bar offers you fresh vegan foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A wide range of Belgian-made vegan food like smoothies, hummus, burgers, pizzas and pasta dishes are available. Check out the menu, and there is even a to-go meal section for your gluten and lactose freaked friends.

All vegan products are ‘gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and natural, so you can be sure you're getting a healthy and delicious meal at The Vegan Junk Food Bar. The Vegan Junk Food Bar is just one of many restaurants which serve primarily vegan, gluten-free and organic dishes. The menu is varied, and the treats are sweet and a little bit crunchy. You can find it here. If you visit the junk food bar and you're on the hunt for a vegan bar, this is the one you've been looking for.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar offers homemade baked cakes and treats with local ingredients. We love the Skinny Pina, and we have no idea what that vegan version of a minced meat pie is, but we are a little jealous. The Vegan Junk Food Bar is located in the trendy area called Van Goghplein. It's not so far from Centraal Station and easy to get to. The restaurant has a European vibe. It's cozy and colourful with plenty of vegan options and, of course, fresh juices.

The menu is straightforward to choose from and contains a little bit of everything. It's vegan junk food like you've never had it before. To start, you can select from the BBQ pulled vegan's, a pita burger with hummus and lots of vegan sauces or the vegetarian burger with a dressing made of sun-dried tomato, romanesco, basil and lots of spices.

They also have wings, fries and burgers like the burger Vegan De Geusje. This is like the meat version of the burger. You're Eating. The vegan version is made with a mixture of seitan, carrot and beetroot.



DeShima is a Japanese restaurant that serves vegan meals. Tim Makris made the menu exclusively for the restaurant and used as many organic foods as possible. DeShima offers its customers a one-night holiday special called Meat-free Haute cuisine, with unique “tattooed” Vegetarian dining rooms. Best of all is that you can get up to 10% off your bill if you mention Dutch Veggie magazine. Did we mention that there is also a Vietnamese and a Mexican place, both in the same building as DeShima?

DeShima is a cozy restaurant located in the heart of the city. Very popular with foodies, this place is famous for its fresh sushi, sashimi and izakaya-style food and, well, its cute interior too. It's a charming restaurant. It takes you on a journey and transports you in your seat to a cozy sitting space with a sushi chef hovering around you. DeShima has a very relaxed ambiance, and its food is fantastic. Some of the most popular items include eggplant ice cream and tuna tempura. DeShima is in the trendy shopping area Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

There is no menu in the restaurant. You can have the most diverse sushi in the world – as if you haven't heard – grab and go with your chopsticks, and you can eat right there. You get the possibility to chose vegan, vegetarian or fish options. All this seafood is in a separate box on the table. If you're more into salads, vegetables, soup or noodles, there are lots of options for you as well.

They serve vegetarian sushi too, but it's a little harder to find. DeShima is a small Japanese vegan restaurant located in the red light district of Amsterdam. Do you love Japanese cuisine? Then this vegan restaurant is a must for you. It's trendy among the city's vegan community. After the delicious meal, you will enjoy their desserts (they offer more than 20 different desserts and specialty desserts).

Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry

With a superb selection of a variety of vegetarian and vegan items, Little Plant Pantry is probably the best spot for those who prefer eating plain plant-based food. In addition, the staff is always helpful and friendly. Little Plant Pantry, Amsterdam Don't be scared, don't go over the top, this is still a restaurant! Just one of their vegan dishes! Spread over two floors,

Little Plant Pantry is a vegan hotspot. On the lower level, it features an international vegetable store, a gourmet grocery, a cafe, a tea room and an all-day cafe. They also serve some delicious vegan food on the second floor – the Poutine and the tofu stir-fry with caramelized pineapple and dates (in my opinion, the best vegan meal in Amsterdam).

The whole downstairs of the building was turned into a bakery and produce shop. Restaurants have been in the news more and more recently about animal rights. The same goes for plant-based eateries. This one is a bright spot of the vegan scene. Little Plant Pantry has been around for a while, but it hasn't lost its shine yet.

Don't be fooled by the small restaurant on its own little side street. It's worth a visit. It's the only Dutch restaurant with a 100% vegan menu and Amsterdam's only plant-based burger joint. All of the dishes are easily customizable, which makes them so easy. But all we want is to go there and order this amazing burger with a 100% meat-free patty. We know you'll love it.

Deer Mama

Deer Mama

Deer Mama is one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. You can get all types of vegan food here. You can try different recipes, and they make sure to let you know what goes in. It is a great place for vegan foodies who love to try new things and eat healthily.

Address: Verwerkt van 84, 1168 AH Amsterdam. Website: ( With sandwiches, salads and soups, Deer Mama dishes up gourmet vegan meals. She has three different locations, one in the city center, another on the Oosterschelding and a third in Utrecht. It's also great for parties or just a quick bite. If you haven't been there yet, then you're missing out on some incredible taste experiences.

The restaurant ‘Deer Mama' is very, very special. The food is very creative, and they use all locally available ingredients. Not only that, but they also believe in sharing their expertise. Innovatively, they create and cook their dishes and present them in a fun way. This way, their guests can learn more about vegan cuisine. The restaurant is very cozy, friendly, and the only vegan restaurant in Amsterdam with their very own ‘vegan bartender.'

The ‘bartender,' Oscar and his beard is a legend in Amsterdam, with more than 25 years of experience behind him. An excellent introduction for the newbies, as he is also an animal lover and does everything he can to help animals. Just a few metres from De Hoofdweg in Amsterdam West,

Deer Mama is a vegan restaurant that takes care of your taste buds. This place has lots of options for diners, ranging from Mexican food to a bunch of different pasta options and a great menu with plenty of veggie burgers and wraps. This restaurant also has a bar (and yes, they make a mean mimosa, too) where you can grab a drink while you enjoy a beautiful view of Amsterdam.

Vegabond - West

Vegabond – West

Meeting place of the vegan travellers, vegan photographers and many vegan-friendly Amsterdam hipsters, Vegabond is our first choice. We think you'll fall in love with the laid-back atmosphere of this place. The staff is kind, and the food and vegan drinks are to die for! Great salads, sandwiches and homemade desserts. Please stop by at lunchtime and get one of their plant-based burgers to ensure your body gets enough protein and not too many calories.

Vegabond is a tiny new vegan restaurant in the trendy Spui neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Opened on January 12, Vegabond has turned out to be a very vegan-friendly place. In an old warehouse space, it gives you an authentic Dutch experience. Well, sort of.

There are tables with old iron lattice chairs and wooden floors with cow prints. It's the one thing you will recognize, as the rest of the decor is the opposite. It was so trendy that people who lived on their own vegan farm created a restaurant concept in the Spui area! Vegabond is part of a healthy, little vegetable box. It's perfect if you are the health-conscious type because you're getting your fruits and veggies at the lowest possible price.



Bonboon ( is a minimalist vegan café in Utrecht, where you can sip a latte and nibble on a vegan croissant or a gluten-free banana muffin. The eatery is located in a renovated 19th-century office building, and it is very trendy. They offer yummy dishes that go well with vegan coffees or prosecco. In the most eastern part of Amsterdam in Nieuwmarkt, there is Bonboon, one of the most beautiful vegan restaurants in the city.

The restaurant is located in a little courtyard. It is brightly decorated in cheerful yellow, red, and black colours and decorated with beautiful vegan items, comfortable seats and a DJ during the night. Bonboon has quite a few options, but the Vegan Winter Mini Burgers are a must.

The hearty vegan patties with vegan cheese are made from two flax eggs and are served with delicious vegan pesto, pickles, caramelized onions, lettuce and mushrooms. The Vegan Burgers come in a cute white paper bag with a vegan burger certificate with a €1 discount. The place is cozy but still a vibrant part of the city.



Being vegan or vegetarian doesn't mean the meat, fish, dairy, eggs, cheese or chocolate is off the table. It means you have to think about what you eat. Finding healthy alternatives to meat or fish, or dairy is not always easy, but it will benefit your health at the end of the day. There are vegan restaurants to eat in Amsterdam, where you can eat a burger that tastes good, and the cooking technique is satisfying.

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