Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations

Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations

Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations

Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations

Travelling as a vegan may appear to be a daunting endeavour because you don't have the same level of control that you do at home. But I enjoy travelling, so that was enough incentive for me to make my vegan travel adventures as delightful as possible. You'll discover that it's easier than you think with the following tips and methods!

What Exactly Is Vegan Travel?

At its most basic, vegan travel entails travelling the world while eating only plant-based meals, eliminating meat, eggs, dairy, honey, and other animal-derived items.

However, for us, vegan travel is more than just what you eat.

  • Because most vegans want to aid animals, vegan travel includes activities such as:
  • Choosing eco-friendly excursions that are responsible
  • Reservations for vegan resorts and hotels, as well as eco-hotels
  • Whenever possible, preferring land transportation to fly.
  • All attractions that contain captive animals should be avoided.
  • When travelling, reduce waste such as plastic water bottles and takeaway containers.
  • Vegan travel is all about being aware of your travel choices and how they affect animals, humans, and the environment.

Is It Possible To Travel As A Vegan?

Travelling vegan is becoming increasingly more accessible as a result of the worldwide movement toward plant-based foods, but it is still difficult.

It depends on your place whether it's possible to consume completely vegan food when travelling.

If you're travelling to a vegan-friendly country, such as Canada or India, can converse well with the natives, and don't wander too far off the beaten path. Yes, it is entirely possible to remain vegan while travelling.

However, going nomadic through Central Asia, visiting tiny communities in Eastern Europe, or exploring distant areas of South America becomes more difficult. In some nations, adhering to a vegan diet might be difficult, if not impossible.

We normally say we're vegan 99 percent of the time. If you're sitting at a bus stop in a distant village in Romania and haven't eaten breakfast, and the only item on offer is some strange pastry, eat the dang pastry!

A starving vegan passing out in the middle of the road was never good for the world.

There have been numerous occasions when we have decided to eat an egg or suffer through a few drops of fish sauce if it meant the difference between crashing on the road and arriving at our next destination fit and well.

If you're the type of vegan who can't eat a burger flipped with the same utensil that flipped a meat burger or wouldn't eat a stir fry cooked in a wok with meat in it, you might want to stay at home. Or, at the very least, avoid places that can be difficult for vegans.

22 Tips For Travelling Vegans

22 Tips For Travelling Vegans

1. Research Before Travel

Before you buy a plane ticket, do some research on your trip — on blogs like this one!

Learn about vegan eating at your destination from those before you. You'll not only find specific places to eat delicious vegan food, but you'll also receive advice on how to make your vegan journey a little easier.

Travel With Other Vegans

2. Travel With Other Vegans

The more vegan company you have when travelling, the more likely you will stick to your veganism.

Finding vegan options can be difficult, but you'll encourage each other to keep looking until you find the right spot if you're in a group. Furthermore, when you're around by other strong-willed vegans or vegetarians, you're considerably less likely to succumb to temptation.

Travelling with other vegans might also help to reduce stress. When travelling with a meat-eater, they may not have the patience to assist you in finding a restaurant or cafe that offers vegan options.

You could feel pushed to cave in and dine somewhere that doesn't have a single vegan choice. You could feel pushed to cave in and dine somewhere that doesn't have a single vegan choice. That's when you're tempted to abandon your vegan commitment, which is the last thing you want!

3. Inquire Around

While the internet is fantastic and apps like Happy Cow genuinely come in handy, we've discovered some of our favorite vegan meals through locals. If we find a terrific vegan café or restaurant, we ask the serving personnel where else we can dine. Typically, the vegan community in town is small enough that everyone supports one another and is willing to recommend other establishments.

If we're in a remote community in the countryside, we'll inquire at any local food booth or restaurant that serves meat. They will nearly always be pleased to provide instructions or walk with us to the vegan restaurant. You can also inquire with the employees of your hotel or hostel. Many times, they will have no idea. But now and then, they come up with a real treasure!

4. Use Your Imagination

4. Use Your Imagination

There are still many regions worldwide with no vegan eateries at all – what a travesty! In such a scenario, you'll have to be a little more inventive.

If there isn't anything vegan or vegetarian on the menu, you'll have to choose your own dish. If the menu is in a language you understand, read it through and combine items from the list. A restaurant is unlikely to decline your request if you can communicate well.

Sometimes there isn't a menu in your language, or there isn't a menu. We saw this a lot when cycling through rural China. We also had a slight possibility of communicating because our Mandarin was non-existent. In that situation, we simply followed the workers into the kitchen (or cooking area) and indicated the ingredients we desired.

We'd occasionally wind up with a gorgeous variety meal, complete with a plethora of colourful stir-fried veggies and tofu. We'd occasionally wind up with a meal of plain rice and limp stir-fried greens!

Be Flexible

5. Be Flexible

As more individuals switch to a plant-based diet, the angry, intolerant vegan stereotype fades (thank god). On the other hand, vegans are not recognized for their diet flexibility.

And while I believe that adhering to your ideals is essential, I'm not convinced it's essential enough to hunger for. So, after you've exhausted all your alternatives and still haven't found anything remotely like a vegan supper, it's time to be adaptable.

When travelling, you must eat frequently and well. Otherwise, the whole affair devolves into a horrifying nightmare. When we're on the road, we always put our health and well-being first.

6. Try to Be Polite

This is just a general recommendation for all travellers, but it's a nice one for us vegans to keep in mind.

When you're hungry and exhausted, it's easy to become upset or irritable with others who don't understand your dietary needs. And it's hard not to cry when you're served meat despite your best efforts to convey.

Take a deep breath before reacting if an issue arises. Remember that you are a visitor to someone else's restaurant or country. Evaluate the scenario. If you're in a more refined restaurant with many customers and charge tourist prices, try to explain the error.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

7. Prepare Ahead Of Time

Packing vegan snacks is an excellent approach to preparing for food emergencies.

This is usually relatively simple if you're travelling in the Western hemisphere.

Nuts and dried fruit have saved me from a million hangry meltdowns. And there's always bread and hummus on hand. Fruit, crackers, peanut butter, granola bars… stock up if you're going on an excursion and don't know where you'll eat.

Take A Culinary Class

8. Take A Culinary Class

Taking a local cooking class is one of the best ways to grasp a food culture truly. Vegans used to be out of luck when it came to classes like these. But now that veganism is sweeping the globe (hurray! ), there are possibilities to learn meat-free versions of regional specialties worldwide.

We've learnt so much more than just how to cook vegan meals whenever we've taken a vegan cooking class.

Take Out Your Vegan Passport

9. Take Out Your Vegan Passport

If you're going to places where you won't be able to communicate with the natives, the Vegan Passport app can be handy. This software was created to help the Vegan Society, a non-profit founded in 1944 to live in “a society where people do not exploit non-human animals.” It provides a detailed description of a vegan diet in languages spoken by 96 percent of its population. There are also illustrations indicating what vegans eat and do not consume for the remaining 4%.

10. Learn The Most Valuable Phrases

“When planning a vacation, whether short or long term, we always make sure we know how to ask the critical questions.” Is there any egg, lard, or meat in there? We have phrases on our iPad that we find useful. We also inform people that we are allergic to eggs or butter when ordering a simple veg meal, as we're sure some individuals have thrown a dollop of butter in dishes in the past.”

Bring Along Vegan Sauce And Salad Dressing

11. Bring Along Vegan Sauce And Salad Dressing

Some may think you're crazy for bringing your condiments, but any vegan traveller would perfectly understand. They'll almost certainly have done the same, and if they haven't, they'll soon wish they had!

Sauces and dressings that you wouldn't assume contain animal products aren't always vegan. Even plant-based eaters don't want to eat plain old leaves when we order a salad.

So smuggle in a few bottles or packets of your favorite sauces and salad dressings, and you'll have your flavor sachets to top any salads or sandwiches. You'll also be able to find a grocery no matter where you travel. And if you can find a grocery, you'll always be able to buy some lettuce, and with your sauces already packed, you've got yourself a tasty lunch.

12. Seek Around Health Food Stores

12. Seek Around Health Food Stores

People frequently make the mistake of looking for vegan cafes and eateries. Sure, that's essentially what you're searching for, but not many cafes advertise themselves.

Instead, you should look for health food stores. These frequently specialize in organic and healthy products, but as you're undoubtedly aware, veganism is relatively healthy, so they'll offer plenty of vegan options.

Most health food cafes will also sell products to take away, allowing you to recharge while also stocking up on some useful snacks for later.

Inform Your Accommodation

13. Inform Your Accommodation

Before reserving a hotel or hostel online, I usually contact the accommodation's management or customer service team to inquire about how vegan-friendly they are. This generally takes a day or so to complete due to the time lag between my initial contact and their response, so it's worth performing this preparation at least a few days ahead of time.

Some hotels and hostels are now offering vegan breakfast alternatives. In contrast, others will only provide a carton of soya milk – but in general, if a hotel we book does not regularly provide for vegans, they will go to the trouble of giving at least the milk, if not a more extensive spread.

If your chosen bed for the night does not include vegan-friendly food or vegan-friendly bed covers, keep in mind that you may be the first vegan they've met, so be aware of what you say and your decisions. Instead of complaining that they're not doing enough to help, do your best to inform and assist them in preparing for the next vegans who decide to book with them.

For example, on one occasion, we stayed in a room at a design hostel that had cow horns on the wall. Sure, we might have been outraged about it, but instead, we informed management because they plainly had no idea that it might be something to be concerned about for vegans, and now it's something they can workaround.

Also, if your accommodation cannot assist you with your vegan breakfast needs, don't be afraid to ask if you can store products such as your milk alternative in their fridge throughout your stay.

Plan Ahead Of Time For Your Airline Meals

14. Plan Ahead Of Time For Your Airline Meals

You must consider what you will eat on the plane and what you will eat at your destination, especially if you are flying for an extended period.

Airplanes can accommodate vegans, but they may need to know ahead of time if you require a special meal. If you want to be safe, schedule your aircraft meal ahead of time to prevent the danger of them running out of vegan selections.

On a slightly unrelated point, if you want to be upgraded, you might want to pass on this option if you order a vegan dish. Airlines frequently refuse to upgrade passengers with particular dietary needs because they are unsure they would be able to accommodate them.

Pack Eco Cosmetics

15. Pack Eco Cosmetics

One of the best pieces of advice we received before our own nomadic travels was to buy items such as shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetics at our point of arrival because they're just as easy to find as they would be back home, plus it'll save some weight and space in your luggage – however, this isn't always true for vegan travellers.

Finding vegan cosmetics may be one of the more difficult challenges to overcome while on vacation or long-term travel, but in countries such as Germany, finding items such as vegan soap in regular supermarkets is becoming easier; plus, international vegan-friendly cosmetics companies such as Lush are springing up all over the place. Packing some items in your checked luggage before leaving home is the wisest option.

16. Follow Vegan Travel Blogs

16. Follow Vegan Travel Blogs

The most excellent method to get the most up-to-date information on vegan travel is to read the blogs of individuals who are doing it right now.

17. Don't Be Frightened To Travel

Travelling as a vegan might be intimidating at times. It might be tough to locate vegan options in your area, so, understandably, you might be apprehensive about travelling to a place where the phrase “vegan” isn't even understood.

But the most important thing to remember is not to be frightened to take the plunge and begin your journey!

After you've visited a few different locations, you'll realize it's not all that tough or different from regular travel. All you need is a little research before you go and some self-control for non-vegan temptations!

You'll also notice that meat and animal products don't have to be a component of your diet no matter where you live. You'll most likely meet more vegans than ever before, and you might even come across locations where veganism is becoming the norm. You'll see more of the world you're helping to change and be reminded of why you became vegan in the first place. Trust me when I say that travel can be a vital aspect of the vegan lifestyle, and you won't be sorry if you take the plunge.

18. Use Of Camera Translation

Reading ingredient labels to check for hidden animal ingredients in items you intend to buy from a store is essential for living a vegan lifestyle. But what if you're travelling abroad and the ingredient list is in a foreign language?

Simply point your phone at any text in a foreign language, and Google Translate (iOS, Android) will provide a live translation to your original language. It's also helpful in translating menus only in other languages.

When talking with locals or ordering meals, the app's dialogue feature comes in handy.

While it is becoming simpler to locate vegan choices worldwide, your wild travels may take you to some relatively isolated regions where you may not always be able to find plant-based meals.

I prefer to keep a few packets of dried fruit and nuts in my luggage. Fresh fruit, such as bananas and apples, is another go-to snack that may simply be carried in a bag. Your local grocery shop will also have extras like crackers and chips if you're lucky.

Take Yoga Classes

19. Take Yoga Classes

When you think about vegan travel, yoga may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Hear me out! Yoga Hostels and Studios are excellent venues to meet other vegans. Local vegans, in particular, are a wealth of information about where to get the greatest vegan food a destination has to offer.

It's also a lot of fun to meet other vegans on the road and listen to their experiences or have a meal with them.

20. Prepare With Snacks

20. Prepare With Snacks

While it's becoming simpler to locate vegan choices worldwide, your wild travels may take you to some somewhat distant regions where you won't always be able to find plant-based meals.

I prefer to keep a couple of packets of dried fruit and nuts in my luggage everywhere I travel. Fresh fruit, such as bananas and apples, is another go-to snack that can be simply carried in a bag. If you're lucky, your local grocery shop will also carry extra selections like crackers and chips.

21. Help Local Business

21. Help Local Business

If you have a fantastic lunch, please let the staff know, leave a review, and share it on your social media channels and Happy Cow.

Your comment, especially if you provide a lengthy evaluation, is beneficial to the next person looking to dine. Use searching terms such as “vegan,” “vegetarian,” and “plant-based,” as well as particular dietary restrictions such as “gluten-free” if applicable.

Reviews are a simple way to help local businesses and the vegan community.

22. Ask For Changes At Restaurants, If Needed

Requesting modifications from restaurant personnel is a typical part of vegan existence. Substitute bacon for vegetables leave off the cheese, etc.

There's no need to stop doing this when you're on the road. When travelling, just fully explain what it means to be vegan. Many people throughout the world believe that the terms vegan and vegetarian are interchangeable or that being vegan just means not eating red meat.

20 Top Vegan-Friendly Countries In 2022 For Travel

1. USA

1. The USA

Veganism has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young people and celebrities. Several vegan communities have begun promoting the benefits of plant-based products on their social media handles to raise vegan awareness.

If you are a vegan, you won't have to worry about where to eat when travelling. Many countries have seen a surge in the number of vegan restaurants, vegan markets, grocery stores, and upmarket places in the last two to three years due to the phenomenal development of veganism. Do you intend to take a vacation?

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In The USA

2. UK

2. The UK

In the United Kingdom, demand for vegan cuisine has surged by over 1000 percent in the last year. When you walk through the picturesque streets of any city in the UK, you will discover eateries selling a vegan and healthy version of the renowned English breakfast, which you may enjoy to your heart's content.

While London has long been a hub for vegan food in the UK, certain other cities have declared themselves vegan-friendly in the previous year. Desserts, main dishes, breakfast, soups, burgers, ice creams, chocolates, spaghetti – you name it, and a vegan version of anything may be found at one of the UK's many vegan restaurants.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In The UK

  • Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Birmingham, England
  • Brighton, England
  • Bristol, England
  • Cambridge, England
  • Cardiff. Wales
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Leicester, England
  • London, England
  • Manchester, England
  • Newcastle, England
  • Norwich, England
  • Nottingham, England
  • Oxford, England
  • Sheffield, England
  • York, England

3. Poland

3. Poland

Poland has been regarded as one of the top vegan-friendly countries globally in recent years, owing to its steady shift in culture and lifestyle. Many vegan restaurants serve sophisticated vegan cuisines in Warsaw, Poland's capital city.

In Poland, there are currently around 950 vegan eateries. There are at least three vegan eateries for every 100,000 residents in Warsaw alone, which is a decent ratio. The vegan burgers available in the capital are regarded as among the best in the world.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Poland

  • Bielsko-Biała
  • Gdańsk
  • Gdynia
  • Katowice
  • Kraków
  • Oznań
  • Rzeszów
  • Szczecin
  • Warszawa
  • Wrocław

4. Canada

4. Canada

Given that the United States is already at the top of the list, it is not surprising to see Canada on this list. Veganism was no exception to the rule of Canada imitating all popular cultures in the United States. The majority of Canadians who converted to veganism or vegetarianism in the last two years were under 35!

You'll be glad to know that Canada currently has over 4,000 vegan restaurants, making it a vegan paradise.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Canada

  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Montréal, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

5. Germany

5. Germany

Germany, one of Europe's fastest-growing countries, is well-known for its vegan culture and lifestyle. In recent years, Berlin, in particular, has been frequently ranked as one of the world's most pleasant cities for vegans.

The most excellent aspect of the vegan scene in Germany is that you may find vegan food cooked in various cuisine styles. All around Germany, you may discover shops providing delectable vegan desserts, beverages, doughnuts, and pastries.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Germany

  • Aachen
  • Berlin
  • Darmstadt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Hamburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Mainz
  • Mannheim
  • München
  • Saarbrücken

6. Australia

6. Australia

According to recent PETA research, Australia is currently the world's third fastest-growing vegan country. Even though the majority of people in this country still consume meat, veganism is progressively gaining traction. There are already over 5000 vegan eateries in Australia.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Australia

  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Canberra
  • Darwin
  • Gold Coast/ Tweed Heads
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Sydney

7. India

7. India

India has the most vegetarians of any country on the planet!

While being a complete vegan may be difficult in India (especially in rural regions), sticking to a vegetarian diet will be a breeze!

A vegetarian diet is exceedingly popular and ubiquitous throughout India, due in part to religion and in part to the economy. Every city or town you visit will have a restaurant that is either entirely vegetarian or provides popular vegetarian meals. If you're a vegan, seek vegan-friendly foods like veggie samosa, vegetarian biryani, pakoras, and channa masala.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In India

  • Delhi
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttrakhand

8. Mexico

8. Mexico

Mexico isn't usually the first place that springs to mind when thinking of plant-based eating, but it's on the rise. This is especially true in Mexico City, dubbed a “Vegan Dream City.”

Vegetarian restaurants are increasing in major cities, but be aware that street vendors still rely heavily on animal products.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Mexico

  • Colima
  • Cuernavaca
  • La Paz
  • Mérida
  • Mexico City
  • Oaxaca de Juárez
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • San Cristóbal de Las Casas
  • Santiago de Querétaro
  • Sayulita
  • Tepoztlán
  • Veracruz

9. Italy

9. Italy

Italian food is typically the vegetarian traveller's saviour wherever they go in the world, with pasta and pizza available in the most unexpected locales.

However, in Italy, it can be pretty difficult to locate vegetarian meals, particularly outside of tourist areas. But don't be discouraged; it's the respect shown to vegetables that stands out. They may not understand why you are a vegetarian.

Still, a typical lunch will frequently be dominated by seasonal vegetable dishes full of flavour, so read the menu with that in mind and inquire about the dishes.

The country's south is easier for vegetables than the north, but there are fantastic selections everywhere. It could be the most delicate dish you've ever eaten. Simply be ready to recommend what you can eat from a menu.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in Italy

10. Lebanon

10. Lebanon

While chicken and lamb are staples throughout the Middle East, and vegetarianism is not widely accepted, there are a variety of delectable yet straightforward veggie meals to choose from.

Lebanon (and Jordan) are excellent sources of fresh food. Falafel, hummus, and tabouleh are far more delicious than you'll find at home. The variety of packed pastries, fresh cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and salads ensures that you'll never go hungry.

11. Thailand

11. Thailand

This charming little island nation is famed for its beaches and natural splendour, as well as its fresh and tasty vegan cuisine. Vegans appreciate visiting Thailand because they may stroll through the local vegan markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

The plant-based cuisine available here is noted for its distinct flavour and scent. In Thailand, there are currently around 1500 vegan eateries.

12. Singapore

12. Singapore

Don't let Singapore's tiny size fool you while seeking a vegan-friendly place to visit. While the city's cleanliness will leave you speechless, the country's growing vegan culture will leave you speechless.

Despite the fact that Chinese cuisine dominates the vegan food scene in Singapore, you should absolutely give them a try due to the incredible ingenuity displayed by these dishes.

Because almost all vegan restaurants are quite nearby to one another, you can visit several in a single day and have a memorable vegan experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

13. Taiwan

13. Taiwan

Here's a treat for you! You wouldn't expect Taiwan, a small Asian country, to be on the list of most vegan-friendly countries in 2021. However, according to PETA, Taiwan's vegan culture has grown exponentially in the previous two to three years.

At least 33% of the population is Buddhist, which explains the rise in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, particularly among young people. In addition, the Taiwanese government sponsors a weekly “meatless Mondays” campaign to promote vegan and vegetarian diets.

14. Israel

14. Israel

Another unexpected addition to the list! While Israel was not extremely concerned about veganism a few years ago, its capital city of Tel Aviv is now widely considered the “vegan capital of the world” by many.

Aside from Tel Aviv, there are vegan eating alternatives and markets in many other small cities throughout Israel that serve delicious vegan meals. Currently, there are approximately 700 vegan eateries in Israel.

15. Indonesia

15. Indonesia

Yes, there is more to Indonesia than Bali, but the small beautiful island has the greatest number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. They're as trendy and bright as anything in Los Angeles, but at a third of the price and with fresher local ingredients!

16. Sri Lanka

16. Sri Lanka

If you enjoy your food spicily and fiery, Sri Lanka is the place to be. However, the cuisine isn't just about chillis; expect fragrant blends of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and fenugreek.

The typical food is rice and curry, however, this can include a dozen or more vegetable dishes. Look for jackfruit curry; while it is quickly becoming a vegan favorite in the West, it has long been a staple here, and its meaty texture may deceive you into thinking it is not a vegetable.

Aubergine (brinjal), okra, breadfruit, different gourds, and pineapple are among popular curried vegetables and fruits. Menus will always have a good selection. Try hoppers, a delicious bowl-shaped pancake with an egg in the center or other stuff added.

String hoppers are not to be confused with steamed rice noodles. Kottu roti is a famous street food meal that consists of chopped-up roti bread fried with a variety of veggies and served with curry sauce. The ideal fast food.


17. Switzerland

Allergy-Friendly Vegetarian, Vegan, and Vegetarian Food— Never again will vegetarians be forced to eat a limp vegetable dish while their buddies eat like kings. The quantity and quality of vegetarian and vegan options are rapidly expanding. In cities, more health-conscious fast-food places and international eateries with built-in veggie options are sprouting up on a regular basis, and several top gourmet restaurants have intriguing plant-based dishes. Food allergy travellers can also benefit from this trend, which has resulted in a surge of new vegetable and allergen-free foods in grocery stores. 

Vegetarian options have grown in popularity at several ski resorts and other sites where international tourists congregate, however more rustic establishments may stick to Swiss fare.

Some traditional Swiss dishes, such as Wähe (a sweet or savoury variation of quiche) and fondue, raclette, or Älplermagronen, are naturally vegetarian-friendly (Swiss-style macaroni and cheese).

Potato Rösti, similar to hash browns, are vegan-friendly; just make sure it's not topped with cheese or an egg. If you're really stuck, spaghetti with vegan sauce is a tried-and-true option that almost any kitchen can make in a pinch.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Switzerland


18. Croatia

At first glance, the phrase “vegan Croatia” may appear to be an oxymoron. If you've ever travelled through the Balkans, you've probably encountered a variety of animal-based specialties like cevapcici, a skinless sausage; burek, a cheese-filled flaky pastry; or kajmak, a thick spreadable sour cream.

But what if you're a vegan who doesn't eat any meat or dairy? Can you really enjoy travelling in Croatia as a vegan? What about vegan cuisine in the rest of the Balkans?

Fortunately, as I discovered on my most recent trip to the region, the vegan food scene in Croatia is rapidly expanding.

The Balkans are one of my favorite European regions. They attract a certain type of traveller because they are rich in history, culture, and fascinating landscapes. They appeal to those seeking more than sun-drenched beaches, comfortable tourist resorts, and convenient transportation from one location to another.


19. Albania

Albania is a wonderful place to visit, with friendly people and beautiful coastlines. The beaches are mostly undiscovered, and it feels like now is the time to visit before the rest of the world realizes how wonderful it is and it becomes overrun with tourists. Vegans have fewer options in traditional Albanian cuisine, but what they do have is consistently delicious. Vegetables are fresh, local, and seasonal, and Albanians bake for hours with plenty of fresh herbs.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Albania

Best Vegan Restaurants In Tirana, Albania


The Czech Republic

20. The Czech Republic

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. Vegan is a well-known term in Prague, the Czech capital. Some have even declared it the vegan capital of Eastern Europe.

Prague has a fantastic selection of vegan restaurants. You could easily spend a week in the city and still not try them all. There are many vegan-related events, activities, and activism in Prague.

 The Soutine Vegan Community, the Czech Republic's largest vegan website, is the best place to find these. They keep the vegan community informed of the most recent news, recipes, restaurants, activities, and hotels. They display all of this on an easy-to-understand map, making a visit to their website a must.

Your vegan experience in the Czech Republic will vary greatly depending on where you live. When it comes to veganism, the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, offers a very different experience than the rest of the country. This is due to the fact that traditional Czech cuisine is predominantly meat-based. Apart from the occasional salad or fries, the rest of the Republic has very few vegan or vegetarian restaurant options.

Conclusion To The Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations


Vegan travel can be difficult, but with a little additional planning or by participating in one of our vegan Getaways, you will have a great vegan trip! Travelling as a vegan is not impossible. In reality, as people grow more knowledgeable on the subject, it becomes easier and easier to travel on a plant-based diet.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Vegan Travel Guides To World Destinations. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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