Future Kind Review

Future Kind Review



Future Kind Review

Future Kind Review

What are you worried about the most right now? Are you stressed about your future? Perhaps, you are studying hard to have a nice job in the future. Or, you want to save money and buy a big house for you and your family.

However, there are things you might not have ever heard of. For example, did you know that every day we are killing billions of animals? Did you know that the food industry is one of the biggest contributors to global warming? Did you know that animals can feel pain and misery as much as humans?

Yes, we are doing ethically wrong toward animals. This needs to be changed rapidly. We have to conclude that we don’t own the planet earth, and other creatures should enjoy their lives as well.

Additionally, the food industry has made us sick. There are many minor and major diseases caused by the food we are eating every day. So, I have good news for you. There is room for hope.


Veganism! What We Need


Veganism! What We Needed

Humans have gotten used to eating animals thousands of years ago. Back then, the human population in different parts of the world was that much smaller. You didn’t need to kill all the animals around you to feed your family.

There was a delicate balance, and everybody was happy about it. However, the larger the population of humans became, the harder situation became. Animals started being slaughtered. Step by step, we understood that eating animals is unethical and very dangerous for our health.

A new lifestyle started a few decades ago. People said that it is time to stop eating animals and become more passionate about nature and all creatures. They became vegetarians. It means that you should not eat meat.

In this way, animals will have the chance to live and feel freedom. However, after a while, a group of people announced that it is not enough. Stopping eating meat will not help animals because there are many other ways to torture them.

For example, you might not eat meat. However, you might use animal products such as eggs, milk, and other animal-derived food. And, even more importantly, we use animals for other purposes too. We kill them and then use their skin for our clothing items. So, this madness has to be stopped somewhere. And, we are here to talk about that.

We want to introduce a very famous and successful brand that produces sustainable food without killing animals. Let's get started. First, I want to show you why we should shift from our current lifestyle and become vegan.

So, it is best to focus on the negative impacts of the food industry in the world. Then, we will introduce some of the benefits of veganism and then introduce Future Kind.


Negative Impact Of The Food Industry


Negative Impacts Of The Food Industry

When you go to a restaurant and order a hot dog and enjoy eating it, I have bad news for you. You are directly contributing to the problems we currently have. The food industry is bad in many different ways. Here, we are going to concentrate on the awful impacts of the food industry in our world. Let's get started.


Environmental Impact

Environmental Impacts

We can talk about this concerning several different aspects. These aspects include carbon footprint, land use, water use, scarcity-weighted water use, and water pollution.

In every aspect we look at, the food industry is making the situation worse. For example, for producing just one kilogram of beef, the food industry contributes to global warming by adding 99.48 kg of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

That's why the earth is getting warmer and warmer. Unfortunately, the situation is not good for land use either. You need 369.81 square meters for producing one kilogram of lamb & mutton.

This is another one. Cheese takes the highest amount of water use. Also, beef production is polluting water very rapidly, which could negatively affect the aquatic environment.


Causing Deforestation And Forest Fires


Causing Deforestation And Forest Fires

As a farmer, you have to constantly feed animals like cows, sheep, chickens, etc. So, you have to produce more food to provide livestock with food. What does it mean? First, you have to have land, right?

What should you do when you don’t have land? Easy! Start a fire in forests and jungles, cut trees, and create space for farming. Forests are literally the lungs of the earth, and if we cut them down, there will be no more oxygen for us to breathe.


Causing Climate Change

Meat production is directly influencing climate change in a negative way. Why? When you, as a farmer, destroy forests and jungles, billions of tons of carbon dioxide start going into the atmosphere. This is very bad because it makes the earth hotter and hotter. We are already witnessing the bad effects of it, right?


Abusing Human Rights And Land-Grabbing

Many local people are living in forests and jungles. They depend on forests to eat and having access to drinking water. These communities are living within a natural environment such as forests and jungles. To feed animals, farmers need to cut down the trees and destroy the homes of local people. So, indigenous people must leave their homes and places. This is against human rights.


Killing Wildlife

Another negative impact of eating animals and animal-related products is that farmers are unintentionally decreasing biodiversity. For example, farmers have to apply too many pesticides and other synthetic chemicals to secure their agricultural products.

These agricultural products are vital for livestock. Therefore, all micro-and macro-organisms living in the vicinity of the field are considered a threat and must be eradicated. This will lead to a huge decline in biodiversity, which is very important for the sustainability of ecosystems.


Witnessing More Pandemics Such As The COVID-19 Pandemic

This is another drawback of eating meat. When you get close to nature more than usual, you will increase the chance of getting unknown or dangerous microorganisms such a bacteria and viruses. These elements are usually harmless in their natural habitat. However, when they get out of their niche, everything gets out of control.


Benefits Of Veganism


Benefits Of Veganism

So, we understand that our food habits must be changed. There are many things deeply wrong with eating meat and other animal-related products. In contrast, there are many positive points we can make about being a vegan. Here, let's review some of them.

  • First of all, vegan food is richer in nutrients and minerals. I mean, you can find elements that are not found in animal-related food.
  • Accordingly, you are healthier and happier.
  • For example, compounds such as fibre, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins such as A, C, and E1 are more significant in a vegan diet than in an animal-based one.
  • Second of all, you will be able to be in shape faster, especially when you decide to lose weight.
  • A vegan diet seems to be closely associated with lower blood sugar levels.
  • Also, studies have shown that it boosts people's kidney function.
  • Getting cancer is one of the most dangerous conditions for humans.
  • Although there has been a huge improvement in treating cancer, we still lack the knowledge to cure it completely. However, with a vegan diet, you might be able to eradicate the danger of different types of cancers from their origin.
  • Heart disease is another major condition that a veganism lifestyle can avoid.
  • Finally, you can have a happier life as a vegan diet acts very efficiently in reducing pain in different parts of the body.
  • And, I forgot to mention this. Earlier, we talked about all those negative impacts of the meat production industry, right? By adopting a vegan lifestyle, all those problems will be decreased substantially. Less water, land, and energy are going to be wasted.


What's The Catch With Veganism?

As we said, veganism is definitely a better option for humans if they want their children to live in the future. If we want to stop destroying the planet, we have to go for veganism. However, there is a significant point about veganism everyone needs to know before jumping into it.

Here is the catch! There are some compounds, nutrients, and minerals that you cannot find in vegan food. In fact, plants don’t have such materials inside them. For example, Vitamin B12, creatine, carnosine, vitamin D3, docosahexaenoic acid, and heme iron are among the most important compounds missing in a vegan diet.

As a result, you need to provide them in a way. The best way is to get them from the supplements, but vegan supplements. As a vegan, you are not allowed to eat animals or any products related to animals. Because they are not available in plants, you will need to get them from supplements. In the next section, we will introduce a company that is specialized in producing such materials. Now, we are going to introduce Future Kind. Let's get deep into it.


Future Kind A Good Start For Veganism


Future Kind, A Good Place To Start Veganism

Future kind is one of the most popular companies producing vegan food and supplements. From now on, we are going to focus on introducing and reviewing this brand. Here is some basic information about Future Kind.

  • Two brothers named Shaun and Eliot Cunningham are the founders of the company.
  • Their manufacturing processes take place in the US.
  • They are claiming that their goal is to create a sustainable supplement brand.
  • They take three important elements, including packaging, manufacturing & operations, and ingredients, into account to free humanity from climate change, deforestation, and plastic-filled landfills and oceans. This is very important as it has the power to secure or eradicate nature.
  • The company has a high standard of living wages, safety, workers' rights, and privacy.

How Do These Three Elements Play A Role?

In the following section, we will answer my questions.


How Does Future Kind Get Help For Packaging?

The company asks some primary questions before deciding which brand is offering the best deal. What about Future Kind? How do they choose the most practical packaging? What issues does it consider to select professional packaging?

First of all, Future Kind has always been looking for the eco-friendliest types of packaging. Then, Future Kind needs to choose packaging that protects the product. Finally, packaging must be recycled or composted. For example, Future Kind doesn’t use plastic or glass for packaging. Why? Because the first one is not recyclable and the second one is heavy and makes trucks burn more fuel.


What Does Future Kind Use For Its Packaging?

Right now, the company is using recycled PET. What is it? PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. Future Kind chooses this material because it is light and is made from recycled. There is no risk of breaking and leaking thanks to its packaging airtight structure.

Future Kind is more eco-friendly than you might think. In addition to the professional and sustainable packaging of the company, Future Kind uses recycled filler, brochures & soy-based Ink, product labels, boxes, padded mailers, HDPE, and finally, home compostable pouches.


How Are Professional Manufacturing & Operations In Future Kind?

Here is some improvement the company has made to be eco-friendlier.

  • First of all, Future Kind is trying so hard to let its employees working from home offices. So, it saves lots of energy, time, and money by removing one of the most consuming parts of the business: offices.
  • Facilities matter a lot to the managers of Future Kind. They should be eco-friendly and sustainable. Future Kind considers three elements as very important here. So, Future Kind must be sure about them. First, managers must know how big the effects of environmental footprint could be. Also, they need to provide employees with excellent work conditions.


Ingredients, The Magic Of Future Kind

There are three questions that need to be answered. First of all, you should ask yourself about the significance of the company to normal people. I mean, for example, you should ask whether ingredients are making people healthier. Also, Future Kind must be sure what scientific papers back up their arguments for selecting specific ingredients. Finally, the company needs to determine the source available for any given nutrients or minerals.


Future Kind Products

When you visit Future Kind's website, you will see that they produce essential supplements and other products every vegan person needs to take. The company has vegan multivitamins, collagen, omega-3, protein, and vegan supplements. Also, it has an amazing categorization based on your needs. There are four categories: energy, immunity, skin & hair, mood & stress, ay, sleep.

In fact, if you have any problem with one or more categories, you can access specific products. We will briefly mention its products a bit later. So, now, let's see what things like collagen, omega-3, and protein are vital for vegans.


Future Kind - Vegan Multivitamine

 Vegan Multivitamin by Future Kind – Vegan Multivitamins for Women – Vegan Multivitamins for Men – Vegan Multivitamins for a Sustainable Future – B12, Omega-3, Vitamin D – 60 Soft Gels

Vegan Multivitamin

It is true that a vegan lifestyle makes you able to eat healthily. However, most of the time, vegans don’t receive vitamins such as B12. The same is true with Omega-3 and vitamin D as well. Thanks to Vegan Multivitamin B12, Omega 3 & D3, you don’t need to be worried about these issues. This product is one of the best choices for people of a diverse range of ages. Swallowing the product is smooth. Also, the product doesn’t smell bad as it is citrus-scented. You can keep your energy and have clear thoughts and moods after taking the multivitamins. The bottle is eco-friendly because there is no plastic in it. Also, the packaging is recyclable.


Future Kinde - Collagen

 Vegan Collagen Booster – Future Kind Vegan Collagen Capsules Booster with Vegan Collagen Powder – Collagen Vegan Builder with Silica, Biotin, Grape Seed Extract – 60 Capsules


Usually, after cows and other animals have been slaughtered and their meat and other eatable parts are separated, the discarded parts are used for getting collagen. This is not an efficient way of providing collagen. Future Kind company uses plant-based materials to collect collagen.

You know that collagen is a very important substance. It is vital in providing a good source of protein. In contrast to other sources, this one is very smooth to digest. Also, boosting elasticity and smoothing wrinkles are other advantages of collagen. The Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement is one of the best products from Future Kind which is a powerful tool in revitalizing and rejuvenating your hair, skin, nails, and joints.


Future Kind - Vegan Omega 3

2 Month Supply: Future Kind Vegan Omega 3 EPA & DHA Supplement. Carrageenan-Free. Plant-Based Algae Oil, Easy to Swallow, No Fish Burps. Supports Brain, Heart and Joint Health – 60 Softgels


Omega 3 is a great substance that effectively lowers blood pressure, decreases plaque development, decreases the possibility of abnormal heart rhythm, and reduces the chance of heart attack, sudden cardiac death, etc. You can usually find fish and other seafood.

However, you don’t need to kill them to find a good source of omega 3. There are hundreds of plant-based materials such as flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts, soybean, and canola oil you can find omega 3. Vegan Omega 3 Supplement – 500mg DHA + EPA Algal Oil (2 Month Supply) from Future Kind is the best option for the growth of cognitive health, mood, and joints. The product is filled with EPA and DHA.


Future Kind - Vegan Protein Powder

100% Clean Organic Vegan Pea Protein Powder (Vanilla) in Eco-Friendly Bottle. 20g Protein Per Serve. Large 34 Servings. Dairy, Soy & Gluten-Free Shake. Designed for Muscle Growth + Weightloss


What is another way to torture cows? We suck milk and use their whey which is a good source of protein. However, there are disadvantages to this type of protein too. Studies have shown that whey might be associated with acne and cancer.

Actually, proteins coming from plants such as pea are healthier and easier to digest. These proteins are usually filled with iron effective in building muscle and repairing tissue. The Organic Vegan Protein Powder – Vanilla Flavoured offered by Future Kind comes from non-GMO protein combined with creamy vanilla protein. The bottle is eco-friendly coming in recycled material.


Future Kind Alternatives

Vegan supplements are very diverse these days. You can find them everywhere on the internet. In addition to the Future Kind company, there are many other brands you can go for. Here, we are going to just mention a few of them for you.


Holland & Barrett


Holland & Barrett

This American company is one of the biggest health food shops thanks to more than one thousand stores located in 16 different countries. The company was founded in 1870 making it one of the oldest manufacturers of healthy food.

Their products include vitamins, minerals, ethical beauty enzymes, herbal medicines, and vegetarian food. When you go to their websites, you will be amazed by how diverse their products are.

Their categorization includes eight classes with thousands of products in each of them. These categories include vitamin & supplements, food & drink, sports nutrition, health & wellness, CBD, vegan, natural beauty, and weight management. There is no chance that you don't find what you are looking for there.


Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth

This is another company providing different types of multivitamins. With this brand's products, you don’t need to buy several different supplements to meet your needs. There are many benefits associated with their products.

First of all, the products are vegan friendly without using any GMO material. Several different vitamins supported by minerals are all in one product. Substances from more than 30 fruits and vegetables have been extracted into the products. The products are great for boosting energy and reducing stress. Better function of the immune system and better support for the heart are other benefits from the products.


Other Brands

Other brands include

  • Go healthy (very good for improving your energy, sleep, nervous system, and joint function)
  • DEVA (excellent, especially for pregnant ladies)
  • Ora Organic (offering extremely nutritious and environmentally friendly supplements)
  • Mykind Organics by Garden of Life (which is famous for its vitamins and protein powders).

There are many more brands to be found online.



We must stop killing animals. We cannot allow billions of animals to suffer every year just for the sake of eating and enjoying meat. Fortunately, millions of people have become vegetarians and vegans. They live more healthily and protect animals and nature at the same time. We owe this new lifestyle to companies producing vegan and vegetarian products.

One of the largest companies offering healthy and vegan food is Future Kind. Here, in this review, we first mentioned the positive impacts of becoming vegan for humanity and nature at the same time. Then, I introduced Future Kind and reviewed its features. In the end, we mentioned some of the alternatives of Future Kind.

Do you want to become vegan? So, please check these companies' websites for more information. I provided you with links to them.

I trust you enjoyed reading the article on the Future Kind Review. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.


Your Opinion Is Important To Me

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions? I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experience and remarks about the Future Kind Review in the comments section below? You can also reach me by email at Jeannette@LivingTheVeganLifestyle.org.

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