Germany Vegan Travel Guide With Popular Vegan Restaurants

Germany Vegan Travel Guide With Popular Vegan Restaurants

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Germany Vegan Travel Guide With Popular Vegan Restaurants

Germany Vegan Travel Guide With Popular Vegan Restaurants

According to the study, Germany has the most vegans, with the number more than doubling from 1.3 million in 2016 to 2.6 million in 2020, accounting for 3.2 percent of the population. Denmark and Switzerland finished second and third, with 2.7 and 2.6 percent of the population identifying as vegan, respectively.

Veganism is growing increasingly popular in Germany. Germans are so enthusiastic about vegan food that an international cookery website rated Germany the sixth-best country for vegans.

This passion for vegan meals is not just limited to Berlin and Hamburg, Germany's top five vegan-friendly cities. Germany's cuisine is mostly centred on meat, so traditional German cuisine does not have many vegan options. Aside from a lack of vegetarian meals, the country is seeing increased vegans.

Vegetarian And Vegan Street Food

Vegetarian And Vegan Street Food

When it comes to authentic German food, Bratwurst, Fischbrötchen, and Currywurst are not the best options, but Döner is Germany's all-time favourite street food. Although Döner is often made with meat, vegetarian versions are available. Falafel or Halloumi can be used as a healthy substitute. If you're patient and know your cuisine, you won't have to endure too much.

Germany was granted a sixth place, ahead of the Netherlands and the United States. Germany's vegan and vegetarian population is expanding, with approximately 10% of the population following a vegetarian diet.

Despite its reputation for sausages and schnitzels, Germany is quickly becoming one of the world's leading suppliers of meat replacements. And is doing more and more to supply its residents with meat-free and plant-based options.

Around 42 percent of people indicated they were consciously lowering their meat consumption in some way, such as by following a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or “flexitarian” diet concentrated on plant food with the occasional piece of meat on the side. An additional 12.7 percent answered they “don't know” or “would prefer not to say.”

Follow These Tips As A Vegan In Germany

Follow These Tips As A Vegan In Germany

Always Read Product Labels

Make it a practice to read labels. All allergenic components are highlighted in bold. Since you're in Germany, learn the words for the most prevalent non-vegan ingredients.

The following are the most common:

  • Butter – Butter
  • Ei / Eier – Egg / Eggs
  • Fisch – Fish
  • Fleisch – Meat
    • Kalbfleisch – Veal
    • Rindfleisch – Beef
    • Schweinefleisch – Pork
  • Huhn / Poulet – Chicken
  • Käse – Cheese
  • Honig – Honey
  • Milch / Milchpulver – Milk / Milk powder
  • Molke / Molkepulver – Milk or whey / Milk powder or whey powder
  • Rahm – Cream
  • Yogurt – Yogurt

The majority of these words appear to be straightforward. However, you may have difficulty detecting them at first.

Search Vegan-Friendly Stores And Farmers

Search Vegan-Friendly Stores And Farmers

Vegan sections are currently available in a couple of Germany's largest supermarkets. You only need to look for them. Rewe, Kaiser's, and DM even carry certain vegan-friendly items.

It's always reassuring to know that there are at least a few things available in the supermarket no matter where you are in Germany. Visit farmer's markets.

They can be found all across the country. They are one of the most incredible places to obtain fresh and local produce.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Anything

True, most people in big places like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich understand what a vegetarian diet is. However, there is still some ignorance. For example, people may be unaware that being vegan also implies that you do not eat honey. So it's a good idea to double-check and, if feasible, clarify that you don't consume any animal products at all.

So far, no one has acted rudely after being asked for vegan options. They may not always be happy, but if you are pleasant, people will help you.

The best news is that a lot of germans understand and speak English. This is thanks to the internet!

Try To Eat Overcooked Broccoli

Try To Eat Overcooked Broccoli

There are now some distant sections of Germany that may have no options at all. Be prepared for overcooked broccoli, potatoes, and cabbage. Yes, that's all. I can guarantee you that you'll be able to find something to eat practically anywhere.

Get Comfortable With Middle Eastern Cuisine

Enjoy the delectable Turkish and Arabic food flavours! Some Middle Eastern meals, such as falafel and hummus, are vegan and delicious. You only have to make sure to ask for it without the sauce, which is usually yogurt-based.

Research Deeply

In restaurants, look for a list of additions. It should be available in the majority of restaurants around the country. If someone has an allergy, the list may be necessary.

Enjoy Food Festivals

Enjoy Food Festivals

With warmer weather, various food festivals in Germany are devoted to entirely plant-based cuisine. Check out the huge Vegan Street Day in Stuttgart and Dortmund, Germany's largest vegan street food events, which feature over 100 presenters and 100,000 guests from all over the nation.

Try To Find Cooking Classes

There are many vegan cooking lessons available, particularly in locations such as Berlin, ranging from specialized workshops on how to make your own “cheese” out of almonds to creating a Vietnamese vegan supper.

Look up Lukas and Samuel, the vegan twin brothers who founded Veecoco. They have a plethora of vegan recipes and they are located in Germany.

Try To Find Vegan Restaurants

Try To Find Vegan Restaurants

If you don't want to think about your daily meal, you should find vegan-friendly restaurants; in this blog, I'll suggest some popular vegan-friendly restaurants, so stay connected.

Try To Find Vegan Restaurants

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities In Germany

  • Aachen
  • Berlin
  • Darmstadt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Freiburg Im Breisgau
  • Hamburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Mainz
  • Mannheim
  • München
  • Saarbrücken


Popular Visiting Places In Aachen, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Aachen, Germany

1. Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral, built-in 796CE by Emperor Charlemagne, is one of Europe's oldest. Despite being extensively destroyed during WWII, it underwent a 30-year, €40 million reconstructions that was finished in 2011 and restored it to its former beauty. The stunning Barbarossa chandelier and Charlemagne's imperial throne and golden shrine can be found in the octagonal inner room. The guided tour lasts 45 minutes and is well worth your time.

Couven Museum

2. Couven Museum

The 1786 Couven Museum has been preserved as a typical Aachen townhouse of the period, leaving you feeling as though you’ve entered another era.

The rooms are filled with the historical furniture that would have been used by the upper-middle classes, with styles ranging from rococo to Napoleonic-empire; prepare to be impressed by the collection of 18th-century silver utensils. The museum also hosts regular temporary exhibitions.

3. Aachen Münster

When the Frankish ruler died in 814, he was buried at Münster (minster). It took generations to create the minster. The Palace Chapel, modelled after the cathedral of Saint Vitale in Ravenna, was constructed during Charlemagne's reign in 768.

His throne still exists on the upper level on the western side: it is built of simple marble slabs and has six stairs leading up to it, precisely like Solomon's throne.

The Gloriously Gothic Town Hall

4. The Gloriously Gothic Town Hall

The city's massive Gothic Town Hall, completed by the burghers in 1349, is located to the north of the minister, where Charlemagne's palace formerly stood.

The front is adorned with 50 emperor sculptures and representations representing the guilds and sciences. The main entrance is up a long flight of stairs, and on the top-level lies the massive Reichssaal (Imperial Hall), where many emperors were crowned.

5. Ponder Modern Masterpieces At Ludwig Forum

This old umbrella factory is now a bustling modern art museum with European works from the 1960s to the present. It includes key works of American Pop Art and photorealism and works by well-known artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Nam June Paik. There is also a massive collection of Cuban works, and the museum is constantly open to new trends and shows exhibits by intriguing local artists regularly.

6. Drink Beer At Hopfen And Malz

Beer enthusiasts will be in ecstasy when they see the Hopfen and Malz microbrewery's well-stocked shelves. Take a seat at one of the taproom's hardwood tables and work your way through the best beers on the menu. There are over 300 beers available, including six on tap. You may participate in a sampling session, a home-brewing class, or even a beer yoga game.

Hike Part Of The Eifelsteig

7. Hike Part Of The Eifelsteig

The Eifelsteig's tagline is “Just you, the water, and the rocks,” When you start the 313km (194mi) track, you will feel as if you have immersed yourself in nature. The entire path leads from Aachen via highland moors and volcanic remains to the distinctive red sandstone rocks that overlook Trier. But don't worry, you don't have to walk the full trail to enjoy the scenery.

8. Explore The Elisenbrunnen

Aachen was a well-known bathing town during the Roman era, and the Elisenbrunnen, or Elisa fountain, was built in 1827 as an homage to its past. It's now a famous tourist destination, and the sulphurous water is claimed to have medicinal benefits – however, the eggy smell could put you off drinking it. You can also observe how the pump chamber, rebuilt after being damaged during WWII, pumps water from the Kaiserquelle imperial spring.

9. Aachener Printen

A journey to Aachen would be incomplete without trying Printen, the city's distinctive delicacy. The recipe for these delicious cakes is a tightly held family secret passed down through generations, but they taste like spiced gingerbread.

According to legend, a baker's apprentice outwitted the devil and spared Aachen's people from starving by recreating the famed recipe – so it has to be worth a go!

10. Ponttor

Ponttor, built-in 1320, is one of the remaining remnants of Aachen's city walls, and one of only two gates that remain intact.

During Napoleon's conquest of the city at the turn of the nineteenth century, the defences were demolished.

The construction, which consists of an outer barbican, a gatehouse with a portcullis, and a bridge passage across a moat fortified by crenellations, was threatened with demolition later in the 1800s, but it was preserved and rebuilt.

If you're interested in Medieval architecture, you may spend a few minutes wandering around this sandstone gate, admiring features like the ogival arch and the shrine to Mary immediately behind the portcullis.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Aachen, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Aachen, Germany

  1. Lolaparoli- Friedrichstrasse 117, Aachen, Germany
  2. Pfannenzauber- Suermondtplatz 12 (at Harscampstraße), Aachen, Germany
  3. Milou- Alexanderstraße 55, Aachen, Germany
  4. Zaytouna Cafe- Pontstraße 2, Aachen, Germany
  5. Ağa- Franzstraße 3, Aachen, Germany
  6. AKL- Pontstrasse 1-3, Aachen, Germany
  7. Aposto- Kapuzinergraben 19, Aachen, Germany
  8. Dean & David-Friedrich,Wilhelm,Platz 12 , Aachen, Germany
  9. Domino's Pizza-Vaalser Straße 119, Aachen, Germany
  10. Best Friends- 77 Pontstraße, Aachen, Germany
  11. Burgeria- Templergraben 20, Aachen, Germany
  12. Cafe Hase-Triebelstrasse 21, Aachen, Germany
  13. Cafe Juli- Sandkaulstr 15, Aachen, Germany
  14. Café Kittel- Pontstraße 39, Aachen, Germany
  15. Captain Baguette- 6 Grosskölenstraße, Aachen, Germany
  16. Chico Mendes-Pontstraße 74-76, Aachen, Germany
  17. Crazy Sushi-Eupener Str. 1A, Aachen, Germany
  18. Dai Poke Bowls- 9 Alexianergraben, Aachen, Germany
  19. Dat Frittebüdche- Pontstrasse 127, Aachen, Germany
  20. Dschingis Chan-21-23 Franzstraße, Aachen, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Berlin, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Berlin, Germany

1. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is without a doubt, Berlin's most famous landmark. It was built in 1791 as one of several historic city gates encircling Berlin, which was still a manageable size. The picturesque Pariser Platz was built at the foot of the gate and is now home to many of the city's notable buildings, including the Hotel Adlon, which has a rich history, and the Akademie der Künste.

2. Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

Apart from the remnants of the past that have been meticulously kept in this city, Berlin is also home to some of the most beautiful parks, which are among the city's top attractions.

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, Germany's first baroque garden, is one of them. It is also one of the oldest gardens, dating back to 1695, with a carp pool and a wide grass flanked with plants and trees pruned in a box form and tri-colour gravel.

While the garden is ideal for family activities, the palace is also one of the most spectacular architectural wonders that draw tourists. This is one of Berlin's most popular historical attractions.

3. Mauerpark

Mauerpark, a former section of the Berlin Wall in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, is one of the best Berlin tourist attractions. It is popular with people of all ages, making it an excellent choice for a family outing.

On weekends, it also serves as a flea market and karaoke stage. The former Berlin wall has been transformed into an open canvas for street artists. It's a whole package — an open field beneath the stars, a place to unwind and be delighted.


4. Reichstag

When it was decided to relocate the Federal Government to Berlin, it was time to rouse the Reichstag building from its lengthy slumber on the Mauerstreifen, the military zone between the two sides of the Wall.

The Reichstag has now been extensively modernized, and tourists can now stare out from the building's glass dome for a bird's eye perspective of the city's hustle and bustle. The Reichstag is also close to various government buildings, including the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) and the Brandenburg Gate.

5. Treptower Park

Much has been said about the city and what remains of its spectacular and tempestuous park. Let us now pay a visit to the Spree River – the serenity of the river that balances the noise and bustle of the metropolis that rushes around it from dawn to dark. Treptower Park is located right on the Spree River and is great for sailing, running, strolling, or simply relaxing.

6. Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the city's most beautiful squares near Friedrichstraße, Berlin's upscale retail boulevard in the downtown Mitte neighbourhood. The Concert House constructed by Schinkel and the German and French Cathedrals (the Deutscher Dom and the Französischer Dom) are three of the most magnificent specimens of architecture in the capital city.

7. Museum Island

The Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Neues Museum (New Museum), the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie are all located on Berlin's Museum Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Old National Gallery). The collections housed at these structures span over 6,000 years of art and cultural history.

The majestic colossal Berlin Cathedral, an iconic landmark of Berlin with a history dating back to the 15th century, is also located on Museum Island, just across from Museum Island.

Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum

8. Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum

The Berlin Botanical Garden and Museum were planted around the twentieth century. It now holds 18,000 plant varieties, 16 greenhouses, and a museum. The grounds are lovely, but the museum is in disrepair and there is little information in English. They provide a wild mushroom guidance class every Monday, so feel free to browse in the nearby woodlands.

9. Rixdorf

The unique and lovely town of Rixdorf, centred on Richardplatz, is just a short walk from the popular retail district of Karl-Marx-Strasse in Neukölln. A historic church may be seen among the magnificent early 18th-century structures.

In addition, there is still a horse-and-carriage service that will take you on a beautiful tour of the grounds. The area also hosts an annual Christmas artisan bazaar. So there's a lot to do and see in this little but fascinating community.

10. Spandau

There's a running joke among Berliners (albeit not particularly brilliant) that Spandau, the city's westernmost neighbourhood, isn't truly part of the capital.

This scenic place is well worth a day trip, whatever the case may be. Spandau's old town, which stretches along the Havel River, has a beautiful Christmas market each winter, and the medieval Zitadelle is one of Europe's best-preserved strongholds.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Berlin, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Berlin, Germany

  1. NU Restaurant-Schlueterstr. 55, 10629 Berlin Germany
  2. Ataya Caffe-Zelterstr. 6, 10439 Berlin Germany
  3. CÈDRE BLANC-Nehringstrasse 34 Corner Neufertstrasse, 14059 Berlin Germany
  4. Naveenapath-Tegeler Str. 22, 13353 Berlin Germany
  5. Namaste-Pariser Str. 56, 10719 Berlin Germany
  6. Haveli-Regensburger Str. 7, 10777 Berlin German
  7. Balthazar Spreeufer 2-Spreeufer 2, 10178 Berlin Germany
  8. Vedis-Schoenhauser Allee 142, 10437 Berlin Germany
  9. Goji-Motzstrasse 58, 10777 Berlin Germany
  10. Indisches Restaurant Maharadscha-Fuggerstr. 21 Corner Martin-Luther-Strasse, 10777 Berlin Germany
  11. 1990-Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin Germany
  12. Quy Nguyen Vegan Living-Oranienburger Str. 7, 10178 Berlin Germany
  13. Inizio Ristorante Bar-Fasanenstr. 77, 10623 Berlin Germany
  14. Salamat-Gartenstr. 1 U Rosenthaler Platz / S Nordbahnhof, 10115 Berlin Germany
  15. Flamingo Fresh Food Bar-Neustadtische Kirchstrasse 8, 10117 Berlin Germany
  16. Hasty Pastry-Bayreuther Str. 6, 10787 Berlin Germany
  17. Momos – Organic Veggie Dumplings-Chausseestr. near Torstrasse, 10119 Berlin Germany
  18. Yarok Fine Syrian Food from Damascus-Torstr. 195, 10115 Berlin Germany
  19. Vedang – plant burger (Alexa)-Grunerstr. 20 Alexa Foodcourt 2, 10179 Berlin Germany
  20. Maison Umami-Schlesische Str. 5, 10997 Berlin Germany
Popular Visiting Places In Darmstadt, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Darmstadt, Germany

1. Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle is a mountaintop castle in Germany's Odenwald that overlooks the city of Darmstadt. This castle is supposed to have inspired Mary Shelley when she penned her 1818 Gothic book Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

2. Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

Darmstadt's Hessisches Landesmuseum is a multifunctional museum. The museum is particularly well-known for its natural history holdings, including fossils from the adjacent Messel pit and a historic American mastodon bought by Darmstadt biologist Johann Jakob Kaup. It also houses a significant art collection, including The Magpie on the Gallows by Pieter Brueghel, the Elder. It reopened on September 13th, 2014, following extensive refurbishment.

3. Vortex Garten Mathildenhöhe

The Vortex Garden is a privately owned public garden in Darmstadt, Hessen. It is a pantheistic permaculture garden in Mathildenhöhe's art nouveau district that references Viktor Schauberger's discovery of “levitational energy” via artistic renderings by globally known sculptors John Wilkes, Jacopo Foggini, Jerome Abel Seguin, and Hyesung Hyun. Henry Nold of Darmstadt owns the garden. However, it is available to the public.

4. Merck-Stadion Am Bollenfalltor

Darmstadt's Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor is a multi-purpose stadium. It is now utilized for football matches and serves as the home of the Bundesliga club SV Darmstadt 98. Since its most recent renovations, the stadium has a maximum capacity of 17,468.

Alsbacher Schloss Mit Schlossturm

5. Alsbacher Schloss Mit Schlossturm

The castle of the same name is located high above the settlement of Alsbach. The Lords of Bickenbach constructed it circa 1235. After the aristocratic line of Bickenbacher married and married again, the mighty fortress became a so-called Ganerbenburg, which many lords of the castle also possessed.

Toward the end of the 15th century, a Ganerbe purchased all of the other heirs' shares, making the Ganerbes the only lords of Bickenbach.

After passing through several hands, the castle eventually passed into the hands of the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt. This castle, like others, was solely interested in the lands and allowed the castle to decay. Despite this, the castle remains an impressive sight today.

6. Felsberg

The surrounding scenery is stunning from the top of the 515-meter-high granite peak. In clear weather, the Frankfurt skyline may be seen on the horizon. The Ohly Tower, a 1901 observation tower that is now being repaired, sits atop the peak. In addition, the restaurant Ada's Buka serves African dishes to hungry trekkers.

7. Waldspirale

Waldspirale is the final and most acclaimed work of Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who constructed a series of one-of-a-kind structures around Germany and Austria.

The structure represents the delicate relationship between humans and nature. To that end, the undulating terrace is capped with a forest of beech, maple, and lime trees. The structure also holds a cafe and a bar.

8. Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

The Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden is the state theatre of the German state Hesse, located in the city of Wiesbaden, and hosts operas, dramas, ballets, musicals, and concerts on four stages. It is also known as the Staatstheater Wiesbaden or the Theater Wiesbaden, and its orchestra is known as the Hessisches Staatsorchester. The structure was dedicated in 1894.

The theatre hosts the annual Internationale Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, which was founded in 1896 following the Bayreuth Festival.

9. Biebrich Palace

Biebrich Palace is a Baroque mansion located in the municipality of Biebrich in Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany. Prince Georg August Samuel of Nassau-Idstein built it in 1702, and it served as the ducal seat for the autonomous Duchy of Nassau from 1816 until 1866.

10. Russian Chapel

The St. Mary Magdalene Chapel, formally known as the Russian Chapel in Darmstadt, is a historic Russian Orthodox chapel located on Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, Germany.

The Russian revival-style church with gold Onion domes was erected between 1897 and 1899 by architect Leon Benois and used as a private chapel by Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, whose wife Alexandra was born in Darmstadt. It is named after Tsar Nicholas' mother's patron saint.

According to others, it was made of Russian stone and, on Russian soil, carried to Darmstadt by rail and was used by the Russian royal family and court during their lifetimes during regular trips to the Tsarina's childhood home her relatives.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Darmstadt, Germany

  1. Plantyful- Niederstr. 1, Darmstadt, Germany
  2. Cigköftem- Luisencenter (at Luisenstrasse), Darmstadt, Germany
  3. Das Glück Cafe- Ettesterstraße 10, Darmstadt, Germany
  4. Cigköftem- Luisencenter (at Luisenstrasse), Darmstadt, Germany
  5. Das Glück Cafe- Ettesterstraße 10, Darmstadt, Germany
  6. Himmlisch- Alexanderstrasse 39, Darmstadt, Germany
  7. Kostbar -Dieburger Strasse 144, Darmstadt, Germany
  8. Lola Gastrothéque- Riegerplatz 7, Darmstadt, Germany
  9. Longevity- Ernst-Ludwig-Straße 19, Darmstadt, Germany
  10. Radieschen- Reuterallee 37, Darmstadt, Germany
  11. Tibits- Eschollbrücker Straße 65, Darmstadt, Germany
  12. 3klang- Riegerplatz 3, Darmstadt, Germany
  13. AGORA das Lokal-Erbacher Straße 89, Darmstadt, Germany
  14. Ban Thai- Hügelstraße 21, Darmstadt, Germany
  15. Baobab- Wenckstr 1, Darmstadt, Germann
  16. Bedouin- Schlossgartenplatz 11, Darmstadt, Germany
  17. Best Worscht in Town- Rheinstraße 2a, Darmstadt, Germany
  18. Bölle- Nieder-Ramstädter Straße 251, Darmstadt, Germany
  19. Breilecker- Wilhelminenstraße 33, Darmstadt, Germany
  20. Burrito Station- Heidelberger Landstrasse 205, Darmstadt, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Düsseldorf, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Düsseldorf, Germany

1. Schloss Benrath

Schloss Benrath was established as a summer castle and hunting lodge in 1770. Schloss Benrath is well-known for its stunning gardens and its outstanding Baroque-style buildings. There are two museums in the palace: the “Museum of European Garden Art” and the “Museum of Natural History.”

2. Königsallee

Prada, Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton, as well as all the other iconic designer retailers, can be found on the luxury shopping boulevard Königsallee. It's known by its moniker Kö, and it's a mile-long promenade.

If you're searching for a low-cost shopping trip, you'll also discover significant retailers like H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, and others. In addition to shops, there are trees and a scenic canal, making it a pleasant area to promenade. There are also cafés if you want to have a cup of coffee.


3. Medienhafen

This once-dingy commercial port region along the Rhine has been converted into a sanctuary for architectural connoisseurs, with postmodern masterpieces by famous architects, including Frank Gehry, David Chipperfield, and Steven Holl.

The refurbished waterfront, which is now a centre for media, fashion, and other creative sectors, is an unusual combination of old and modern, with renovated warehouses standing beside these gleaming new landmarks.

The uber-Instagrammable Roggendorf House, covered with vividly coloured climbing figures known as Flossis by German artist Rosalie, is one of Gehry's Neuer Zollhof complex, a trio of twisting, leaning buildings clothed alternatively in red brick, white plaster, and stainless steel.

4. Rhine Embankment Promenade

The riverbank is one of the best spots in Düsseldorf to spend an afternoon. This mile-long road connects the historic Old Town to the modern MedienHafen.

The top-level is adorned with lush trees, cafés, pubs, and strolling paths. From the Burgplatz pier, you may take a river cruise or simply rest on the river's grassy banks near the southern end of the promenade.

While you're at the southern end, you might as well stop by Kunst Im Tunnel, an underground modern art exhibition.

Carlsplatz Markt

5. Carlsplatz Markt

If you're searching for fresh local products, head to Carlsplatz Markt. It's on one of Altstadt's squares, surrounded by inhabitants and visitors. It's ideal if you're a gourmet. You'll discover a variety of market vendors and commodities here, such as meats, cheeses, freshly baked bread, pastries, crisp veggies, and much more. There are also lots of desert food vendors to feast your eyes on if you have a sweet craving. While you're at it, pick up a few mementos and presents.

6. Rheinturm

The Rheinturm, Düsseldorf's emblem, is the pride of the cityscape. From its observation deck, this 240.5-meter-high telecommunications tower provides stunning views of the city for kilometres. Lunch at the Rheinturm's spinning restaurant will undoubtedly highlight any vacation to Düsseldorf.

Museum Kunstpalast

7. Museum Kunstpalast

The Museum of Art (Museum Kunstpalast) houses works of art spanning from the third century BC to the present day. Fine art, sculptures, and drawings are among the works on display, with over 70,000 pieces of graphic art, photography, and applied art.

Helmut Hentrich's glass collection and rare Italian Baroque pieces are highlights. Caravaggio's work, which set the groundwork for modern art, is represented in the contemporary collection, as are pieces by Dali, Warhol, and members of the Düsseldorf School of Painting and Expressionism. The museum regularly hosts theatrical events and classical concerts, and guided tours.

8. Farmer’s Markets

Tourists who wish to experience Düsseldorf like a native can go to one of many farmer's markets. These markets provide farm-fresh vegetables and fruits and meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, and a variety of other appealing things. Many of these markets include snacks or lunch, making them a perfect half-day excursion.


9. Nordpark

Nordpark, the city's green lungs, is a lovely stretch of footpaths, ancient trees, meadows, colourful flowerbeds, ponds, and fountains. Nordpark also boasts several theme gardens, the most popular of which is the Japanese Garden, which has traditional Japanese greenery and decorations.

10. Kaiserpfalz

The Kaiserpfalz, the remains of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa's “Royal Palace,” depicts the narrative of centuries. Exploring its old walls, set among thick flora in one of the city's most beautiful areas, is an activity that never disappoints.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Düsseldorf, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Düsseldorf, Germany

  1. Funky Bowl- Nordstraße 46, Düsseldorf, Germany
  2. Marny's- Kruppstraße 28 (at Kruppstraße Ecke Ellerstraße), Düsseldorf, Germany
  3. Resi Lecker- Fährstraße 195, Düsseldorf, Germany
  4. Sattgrün – Flingern- Hoffeldstr.18, Düsseldorf, Germany
  5. Sattgrün – Hafen- Bruckenstrasse 12, Düsseldorf, Germany
  6. Sattgrün – Mitte- Am Graf-Adolf-Platz 6, Düsseldorf, Germany
  7. Sen Vegan Cuisine-Moorenstraße 4, Düsseldorf, Germany
  8. To1980 Vegan- Immermannstraße 46, Düsseldorf, Germany
  9. Bhojans-38 Grünerstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany
  10. Cigköftem – Duisburgerstrasse- Duisburgerstrasse 18, Düsseldorf, Germany
  11. Cigköftem – Graf Adolf-Graf-Adolf-Strasse 68, Düsseldorf, Germany
  12. Fleischfrei- Oberbilker Allee 256, Düsseldorf, Germany
  13. Frucht and Genuss- Stresemannstrasse 29, Düsseldorf, Germany
  14. Haferkater- Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 14 (at Hauptbahnhof), Düsseldorf, Germany
  15. Jade-Imbiss-Dürener Str. 42, Düsseldorf (at corner of Aachener Str.), Düsseldorf, Germany
  16. Pure Note- Brunnenstr. 30, Düsseldorf, Germany
  17. Steini's T-Bar-Kölner Tor 3, Düsseldorf, Germany
  18. Veganland-Münsterstraße 7, Düsseldorf, Germany
  19. 7days Sushi- Münsterstraße 30, Düsseldorf, Germany
  20. ALEX- 48 Kasernenstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

1. Frankfurts Old Town Center

Old Town, located on the northern bank of the Main River and encompassing more minor than a square kilometre, was one of Germany's largest half-timbered towns until it was completely destroyed during WWII. The restored Old Town Centre is one of the most important destinations to visit in Frankfurt for both locals and visitors.

2. Städel Museum

The Städel Museum, founded in 1815, is Germany's oldest museum foundation, exhibiting a virtual overview of European art from the early 14th century to the present. The museum's highlights include artworks from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Early Modern periods.

Museum District

3. Museum District

From architecture to applied arts, fine arts to antique sculptures, Jewish history to the cinema, the picturesque boulevard is a cultural delight for anyone interested in art and culture. The Museum District, located on the riverbank, is one of the top sites to visit in Frankfurt, with galleries displaying a diverse spectrum of fine arts.

4. Palm Garden

The Palm Garden, with its magnificent plant exhibitions, multiple water basins, picturesque walks, and breath-taking environment, is one of the must-see attractions in Frankfurt for families and friends.

Nature-lovers should consider taking a horticulture adventure from the African Savannah to Europe's classic flower gardens. The garden comes alive with some of Germany's Theramas in fine weather, making it a sight to behold.

5. Goethe House And Museum

The mansion, which was built in the 18th century, is proud to be the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the greatest German poet of all time.

Following its devastation during WWII, the building has been rebuilt to as close to its original form as possible, including its interiors, artworks, original furnishings, and the desk on which Goethe authored the Gotz von Berlichingen.

6. Museum Of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is a must-see tourist attraction in Frankfurt, with a comprehensive exposition of European and American artworks by prominent artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys, and Claes Oldenburg. The museum, which opened in central Frankfurt in 1981, contains a collection of 4,500 foreign holdings dating from 1960 to the present.

7. Frankfurt Cathedral

The history of Frankfurt Cathedral, one of Germany's biggest and most famous churches, dates back to the 13th century. The cathedral, which saw the crowning of prominent Roman Emperors over the years, now serves as a treasure trove of eminent artworks such as Antonius Van Dyke's Lamentation of Christ and Emil Schumacher's Job.

8. Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt Zoo, located in the center of the city, is one of Europe's most critical zoological parks, housing approximately 500 animal species from all over the world.

The garden's distinctive features include an Exotarium, a Crocodile Hall, an Insectarium, a Bird Hall, two unusual and nocturnal animal cottages, and other artificially produced habitats ideal for each species.

9. Old Opera House

The Old Opera House, which opened in 1880, is one of Frankfurt's most important landmarks and a must-see for music fans. The German architect Richard Lucae's design influenced the old school classical style architecture. After being destroyed during WWII, it took over four decades to reopen the structure in 1981.

10. Eschenheim Tower

Eschenheim Tower, built in the early 15th century, is the oldest surviving building and a local landmark in Frankfurter Neustadt (New Town). The 47-meter-tall tower was formerly part of the city's vast defence, which had roughly sixty towers and walls that surrounded the city boundaries.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

  1. Vedang Plant Burger – Skyline Plaza- Europa-Allee 6, Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Balance Deli- Bleichstraße 45 (at Balance Yoga Institut), Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Cigköftem – Leipziger Straße- Leipziger Straße 44, Frankfurt, Germany
  4. Dominion Food Revolution- Grüneburgweg 41, Frankfurt, Germany
  5. Hummus Küch'- Textorstrasse 31, Frankfurt, Germany
  6. Kaffeemacherei- Bornwiesenweg 4 (at Oeder Weg), Frankfurt, Germany
  7. Leuchtendroter-Lindleystraße 17, Frankfurt, Germany
  8. Manam- Rohrbachstraße 26, Frankfurt, Germany
  9. MOBY-Zeil 92, Frankfurt, Germany
  10. Natoo- Departure T1 Airside, Frankfurt, Germany
  11. Ong Tao Vegan- Friedberger Anlage 14, Frankfurt, Germany
  12. Purple Acai-Oeder Weg 63, Frankfurt, Germany
  13. Savory- Burgfriedenstrasse 2, Frankfurt, Germany
  14. Seven Swans- Mainkai 4, Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Vegan Pirates- Gervinusstraße 17, Frankfurt, Germany
  16. Vegins- Eschersheimer Landstr. 275, Dornbusch, Frankfurt, Germany
  17. Zeil Kitchen- Zeil 92, Frankfurt, Germany
  18. AyurSoul- Schifferstraße 5, Frankfurt, Germany
  19. Café Haferkater- Im Hauptbahnhof 1 (at Frankfurt Main Train Station), Frankfurt, Germany
  20. Falafel & Mehr-Berger Straße 146, Frankfurt, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany

1. Freiburg Münster

Freiburg Münster is the city's most recognizable landmark, with its towering height and Gothic style. The cathedral was erected during the 13th and 14th centuries and is one of the rare buildings that survived WWII bombardment.

The Gothic bell tower, which stands 116 meters tall, is its most remarkable feature. You may ascend the 400-step stairs to the viewing deck for panoramic views of Freiburg for a few euros.

2. Münsterplatz

Münsterplatz, located in front of the Freiburg Münster, is a cobblestone square (Cathedral of Freiburg). This charming graveyard is filled with colourful structures, most of which were rebuilt after World War II.

Aside from the cathedral, the Historical Merchants' Hall and the Wentzinger House are two of the numerous historic structures on the plaza. Keep an eye on your step since the streets of Münsterplatz are flanked by bächle, which are open brooks with flowing water. It's said that if your footfalls are on a local, you could end up marrying one.

3. Medieval Gates Of Freiburg

Freiburg is flanked by two city gates that have been retained since the Middle Ages. Martinstor, or Martin's Gate, was erected in 1202 on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse, a retail thoroughfare that runs through Freiburg's Old Town.

Look for the memorial plaque remembering three women burnt as witches in 1599 as you walk through the gate's entryway. The Schwabentor (Swabian Gate) from the mid-13th century stands about 500 meters east of Martinstor.

The Zinnfigurenklause (Municipal Tower) Museum is housed within this sandstone gate, and it showcases thousands of handcrafted tin figures and dioramas of historical events like the Baden Revolution.

Hike In The Freiburg Black Forest

4. Hike In The Freiburg Black Forest

Freiburg hiking is only stepped away from the ancient Old Town since it is perched at the base of Schlossberg (or Castle Hill), a hill on the western fringe of the German Black Forest.

The primary Black Forest attractions include paved and dirt pathways that wind around Schlossberg and lead to picturesque vistas and castle ruins. Hiking to (and up) the Schlossbergturm, a 114-foot-tall observation tower with 360-degree views of the region, is one of the top things to do in the Black Forest.

5. Titisee Lake

If you want your nature to be served in a more leisurely manner, instead of going on a trek, why not spend the day in the Black Forest village of Titisee?

This location is highly popular with residents, especially during holidays and weekends; there is even a fairground here, but the jewel in the crown is Titisee Lake, which is ideal for cooling down in the summer.

6. Epic Veggie / Vegan Restaurants

Don't worry, fellow plant-eating individuals; the good news is that Freiburg is a progressive city (one of the most ecologically conscious in Germany). There are loads of fantastic vegetarian and vegan eateries.

Münstermarkt Freiburg

7. Münstermarkt Freiburg

Münstermarkt Freiburg is a large open-air farmer's market that occupies the majority of Münsterplatz. There are over 65 vendors selling anything from fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies to pastries, wines, and sausages. If you come to the market empty-handed, a couple of merchants offer handcrafted baskets.

8. Ravenna Gorge & Bridge

Another alternative, slightly closer to the city, is to visit the Ravenna Gorge and Bridge in the Black Forest.

There are various routes in this countryside area, so it's a terrific hiking and sightseeing combo that may frequently be combined with adjacent Titisee.

To enjoy this, you'll most likely need your own vehicle or a friend with one, but you're ready to go if you have either of those!


9. Stadtgarten

The Stadtgarten is a 19th-century state garden 500 meters north of Freiburg Münster. The park spans over 3 hectares of green area and is best visited in the summer when many concerts and festivals are held in its music pavilion.

Within Stadtgarten, there are around 500 rose gardens with 250 kinds encircling a small hill. There are also other art pieces and fountains that were added between 1953 and 2000.

10. Freiburg Stadttheater Classical Opera

Freiburg Stadttheater is a municipal theatre that hosts opera, theatre, and dance acts throughout the year. First opened in 1866, the music facility is divided into three performance halls and a workshop for the city's Youth Theatre Group.

The Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra is based in Stadttheater, although they also perform at the nearby big Haus and Konzerthaus. Even if you don't intend to attend a performance, the Freiburg Stadttheater is worth visiting for its vast music rooms.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany

  1. Littelhaso- Lehener Strasse 13, Freiburg, Germany
  2. Adelhaus- Adelhauserstr. 29-31, Freiburg, Germany
  3. au contraire- Gerberau 12, Freiburg, Germany
  4. Beb & Bene- Konradstr.17, Freiburg, Germany
  5. Café VIVAVE- Schwarzwaldstrasse 207, Freiburg, Germany
  6. H&S Brothers Meal- Guntramstrasse 24, Freiburg, Germany
  7. Huber- Wentzinger 46, Freiburg, Germany
  8. Levante Kitchen- 13 Universitätsstraße, Freiburg, Germany
  9. Strandcafe-Adlerstraße 12, Freiburg, Germany
  10. Veggie Liebe- Moltkestrasse 3, Freiburg im Breisgau, Tyskland, Freiburg, Germany
  11. Afghan-Eck- Habsburger Strasse 133a, Freiburg, Germany
  12. Amara- An der Mehlwaage 2, Freiburg, Germany
  13. Amara Stühlinger- Engelbergstr. 37, Freiburg, Germany
  14. Askadinya- Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 264, Freiburg, Germany
  15. Atlantik- Schwabentorring 7, Freiburg, Germany
  16. Banôi-Gerberau 9a, Freiburg, Germany
  17. BANÔI- Turnseestraße 13, Freiburg, Germany
  18. Bengal- Eisenbahnstraße 43, Freiburg, Germany
  19. Blauer Fuchs- 4 Metzgerau, Freiburg, Germany
  20. Brasil- Wannerstrasse 21 (at Eschholzstrasse), Freiburg, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Hamburg, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Hamburg, Germany

With approximately two million people, Hamburg is Germany's second-biggest city. It's a beautiful and lovely city with more bridges and canals than Venice and Amsterdam combined! As if that wasn't enough of an incentive to go, there's more! The vegan scene in Hamburg is fantastic!

1. Port Of Hamburg

Hamburg is famed for its port, one of the top sites to visit in the city. This particular appeal earned the city the well-known moniker “Gateway to Germany.” While walking along the pedestrian route, you may see several prominent sights.

2. Rickmer Rickmers

The Rickmer Rickmers is a three-masted ship with a rich history that sits on the river's corner at Landungsbrücken. It was built in 1896 and returned to Hamburg in the 1980s when it was converted into a museum illustrating the significance of merchant marine in those eras.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

3. Ohlsdorf Cemetery

This destination to visit in Hamburg is the world's biggest rural cemetery and one of the most important, with 12 chapels and 1.5 million tombs. Unlike the other cemeteries, this one attracts many tourists who come to see the monuments, memorials, and museums. Include this cemetery on your Hamburg travel itinerary.

4. Miniatur Wunderland

There's more to this site than meets the eye. This facility is rightfully known as the world's longest model railway, with a track length of 15,400 meters and over 1000 trains. Not only that, but you can witness jets take off from here. Just make sure to secure your tickets ahead of time if you plan on visiting this location.

Kunsthalle Hamburg

5. Kunsthalle Hamburg

This is one of the most excellent locations to visit in Hamburg and a top-notch art gallery housed in three separate but connected buildings on the Glockengießerwall. It has altarpieces, paintings, and modern art collections by 16th and 17th-century painters. You just cannot afford to miss this opportunity! So, don't forget to include it on your list of things to do in Hamburg.

6. International Maritime Museum

This is the place to go if you're an adventurer and want to learn about Hamburg's rich maritime heritage. This museum, housed in a red-brick tower, displays almost 3,000 years of human relationship to water.

You may always come here to make your experience more informative and illuminating.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

7. Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck, located in the northern neighbourhood of Stellingen, is one of the best locations to visit in Hamburg. This well-known zoo is home to several exotic animals owned by Carl Hagenbeck, a local fisherman. This site continues to draw many visitors despite being the first zoo to split animals according to species.

8. The Reeperbahn

This location, often known as Kiez, is the city's most popular entertainment district. It has several dance bars, a theatre, nightclubs, and student clubs within 950 meters of one another. People of all ages frequent this location at night when it comes to life since it is one of the top spots to visit in Hamburg after dark.

Hamburg Rathaus

9. Hamburg Rathaus

This is the Hamburg City Hall, which serves as the city's seat of government. The city hall is located in the Altstadt district, in the city's centre. It is near the Binnenalster lake, and the two may be explored together on a Hamburg trip.

The neo-renaissance style of architecture may be seen in this structure. Enjoy the visual charm of the location, as there is plenty to discover here. The courtyard has the lovely Hygieia fountain, and the public lobby is utilized for performances and exhibits.

10. Jenisch Haus

Jenisch House is a Hamburg museum from the nineteenth century. This rural mansion exemplifies neoclassical design and is a prime example of Hanseatic living. It is located in the Othmarschen neighbourhood and was designed by Franz Forsmann and Karl Schinkel in a cube shape.

Today, the space is utilized for exhibits and gatherings. Include it in your list of sites to visit in Hamburg during your trip to Germany.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Hamburg, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Hamburg, Germany

  1. SuRolls-Ballindamm 40 Europa Passage, Untergeschoss 1, 20095 Hamburg Germany
  2. Hanoi Deli Rathaus-Schauenburgerstr. 49, 20095 Hamburg Germany
  3. Erdapfel Hamburg-Burchardstr. 10, 20095 Hamburg Germany
  4. Restaurant Ashoka-Budapester Str. 25, 20359 Hamburg Germany
  5. Restaurant Hala-Beselerplatz 11, 22607 Hamburg Germany
  6. Philipps Restaurant-Turnerstrasse 9, 20357 Hamburg Germany
  7. Nord Coast Coffee Roastery-Deichstrasse 9, 20459 Hamburg Germany
  8. Quan Do-Georgsplatz 16, 20099 Hamburg Germany
  9. NIKKEI NINE-Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14, 20354 Hamburg Germany
  10. Froindlichst-Barmbeker Str. 169 Winterhude, 22299 Hamburg Germany
  11. Happenpappen-Feldstrasse 36, 20357 Hamburg Germany
  12. NOM vietnamese fusion food-Zeughausmarkt 17, 20459 Hamburg Germany
  13. Thai & indisches Restaurant Curry Lounge-Steindamm 79 U1 Bahnhof Lohmühlen Straße, 20099 Hamburg Germany
  14. Pizza Bande-Lincolnstr. 10, 20359 Hamburg Germany
  15. MIt Herz & Zucker Cafe-Lubecker Str. 29, 22087 Hamburg Germany
  16. Helo Restaurant-Colonnaden 104, 20354 Hamburg Germany
  17. MUTTERLAND Stammhaus-Kirchenallee 19, 20099 Hamburg Germany
  18. Ristorante Buon Giorno-Michaelisstr. 18, 20459 Hamburg Germany
  19. Bekaa Libanesisches Restaurant-Rentzelstr. 50, 20146 Hamburg Germany
  20. The Vegan Eagle-Wischhoefen 4, 22415 Hamburg Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Heidelberg, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Heidelberg, Germany

1. Heidelberger Marktplatz

The Heidelberger Marktplatz, a lovely market square, is one of the most well-known attractions in the Altstadt.

Since the Middle Ages, the Marktplatz has been a significant landmark. Previously, public tribunals of justice were conducted here, and individuals convicted of witchcraft and heresy were burnt at stake.

The Herkulesbrunnen (Hercules Fountain), an exceptional work by 18th-century artist Heinrich Charrasky, may be seen in the center of Marktplatz.

2. Knight St. George House

The House of Knight St. George is located directly across from the Holy Church's tower.

It was created by Huguenot Charles Belier in 1592 and is one of the few structures in Heidelberg to have survived the Thirty Years' War.

The location provides an excellent look into late German Renaissance architecture, rich in ornament and design.

Heidelberg University

3. Heidelberg University

Did you know that Heidelberg is home to Germany's oldest university, founded in 1386? In Heidelberg's old town, you may see the Alte Universität (Old University), one of the university's most attractive structures.

The Alte Universität presently houses the Universitätsmuseum, where you may learn more about the university's history.

When visiting Old University, don't forget to visit the majestic Great Hall and marvel at its ornate ornamentation.

4. Kurpfälzisches Museum

In 1712, the Kurpfälzisches Museum (Palatinate Museum) was built as a house for university professors and is now an art and archeological museum.

A vast collection of beautiful sketches, paintings, sculptures, and diverse artworks related to the history of the Palatinate and the castle of Heidelberg may be seen here.

5. Philosopher’s Path

The Philosophenweg (Philosopher's Trail), a gorgeous path that many previous academics and philosophers travelled, is a great way to learn about Heidelberg's literary heritage.

This route may be reached via Neuenheim or through the Schlangenweg (Snake Path). Even though both slopes are steep, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Old Town and castle when you reach the walkway.

6. Haus Zum Ritter

The Ancient Town of Heidelberg is full of magnificent old homes, many of which have the reddish tint you may have observed near the Old Bridge. The Haus zum Ritter, with its ornate façade, is probably the most striking of these historic residences.

Charles Bélier, a French trader, erected it around the end of the 16th century. It's one of several residences erected by affluent merchants of the period. Still, it's the only one that remains in its original condition, as the others were destroyed during the 9-year war (1688-1697), which also destroyed Heidelberg Castle.


7. Heiliggeistkirche

The Heiliggeistkirche, or Church of the Holy Spirit, is Heidelberg's most famous house of worship, located on Market Square. The Gothic church's construction began in 1398, although it was not completed until 1544.

After a fire in 1709, the church's Baroque spire was erected. Visitors can climb the 208 steps to the top of the spire for panoramic views of the city.

The Heiliggeistkirche is remarkable in that it has been used concurrently by Catholics and Protestants. For more than 200 years, a partition wall separated the two congregations.

8. Königstuhl

Heidelberg's iconic castle is located on the slopes of Königstuhl, Germany's second-highest peak in the low Odenwald mountain range. A historic wooden funicular train transports guests to the summit, where they may enjoy panoramic views of the Neckar river valley and the Black Forest beyond.

At the peak, there is a cafeteria and a children's play area and a dense network of hiking routes. Because of the clean air, Kings Seat Mountain is also a fantastic place to see the stars. In 1898, the Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory was established.

9. Carl Theodor Bridge

The Carl Theodor Bridge, a Heidelberg landmark, was named after the Prince Elector, who ordered the bridge's construction in the 1780s. The pedestrian-only sandstone bridge spans the Neckar River and connects the old town area to the mountainous landscapes on the city's north side.

The twin-towered medieval bridge gate was formerly part of the town's defences on the old-town side on the old-town side. Visitors frequently linger west of the gate to get their photos taken in front of the Heidelberg Bridge Monkey. The bronze figure holds a mirror as a reminder that individuals are essentially the same no matter where they roam.

10. Tranquillity Of The Karlsplatz

Although the Market Plaza is the most significant square in Heidelberg, Karlsplatz, which has a considerably less touristy atmosphere than the main square, was our favourite. It's a lovely peaceful square, perfect for a drink without too many people. There is also a lovely fountain in the center of the square.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Heidelberg, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Heidelberg, Germany

  1. Auszeit-Schulzengasse 11, Heidelberg, Germany
  2. Café Nomad- 49 Rohrbacher Straße, Weststadt, Heidelberg, Germany
  3. Franz Soupmarine- Märzgasse 4 (at Haupstrasse), Heidelberg, Germany
  4. Günays Garten-Märzgasse 8, Heidelberg, Germany
  5. Red- Poststrasse 42, Heidelberg, Germany
  6. René's Kitchen- Adlerstraße 51, Heidelberg, Germany
  7. Walters Feinkost- Neugasse 7, Heidelberg, Germany
  8. Babylon Kebap- Bergheimer Str. 4, Heidelberg, Germany
  9. Ben's Burgerbar- 142 Hauptstraße, Heidelberg, Germany
  10. Café del Mundo- 1-4 Gadamerplatz, Heidelberg, Germany
  11. Cocktailcafé Regie- Theaterstraße 2, Heidelberg, Germany
  12. Compleat – Takeaway- 2 Rohrbacher Straße, Heidelberg, Germany
  13. Dean & David- Poststrasse 4, Heidelberg, Germany
  14. Der Kleine Spanier- Ob Neckarstraße 1, Heidelberg, Germany
  15. Domino's Pizza- Rathausstr 8 , Heidelberg, Germany
  16. Earth Bowls- 1 Fischergasse, Heidelberg, Germany
  17. Emma Cafe-Bar-Hauptstrasse 129, Heidelberg, Germany
  18. FeinFood- Bruckenstrasse 11, Heidelberg, Germany
  19. Flammkuchenhof-Pariser Weg 1, Heidelberg, Germany
  20. Frittenwerk- Hauptstraße 116, Heidelberg, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Mainz, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Mainz, Germany

1. Mainz Cathedral

The Mainz Cathedral, founded in the 10th century, is a beautiful cathedral that stands proudly in the old town. Even by German standards, the structure is stunning.

The structure has been added to over the ages, so you may find a range of architectural styles depicted. In reality, the stone was just two centuries ago that it was tinted red to match the neighbouring structures.

2. Staatstheater

You may see a red monolithic-looking structure with glass on top while walking around downtown. This is Mainz's major theatre!

The Staatstheater, as it is known in German, was built in 1833 and has two theatres that are joined on the interior.

3. Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum is the world's oldest printing museum. It is not just a piece of local history but also perhaps a piece of world history because Johannes Gutenberg pioneered mass printing. The museum is named for the Mainz-born creator of the printing press, and it houses several works and objects related to printing from throughout the world.

4. Museum Of Ancient Seafaring

The Museum of Ancient Seafaring, located on a formerly covered marketplace, will transport visitors through time and introduce them to numerous ancient periods of seafaring. Discover how various people learnt to sail the waves and seas, and marvel at the antique vessels that have withstood the test of time.

5. Roman-Germanic Central Museum

The Roman-Germanic Central Museum is a must-see on your tour of Mainz if you want to learn more about the city's history.

The goal of this institute is to research the old world from the Stone Age through the Middle Ages. The museum has numerous parts, including a permanent collection open to the public and conferences that are also open to the public.

6. Iron And Wood Towers

The Iron and Wood Towers are a municipal landmark and a piece of Mainz history. Although the Iron Tower is not composed of iron, it is so named because of a nearby iron market. The same logic may be used in the wooden tower. The landmark towers are now part of an organization that shows art and diverse exhibition initiatives.

Botanischer Garten Mainz

7. Botanischer Garten Mainz

Spend some time exploring nature and learning about trees and flowers. The Botanischer Garten Mainz is a botanical garden and arboretum operated by the University of Mainz. The property was formerly used for military training, but after WWII, the city transformed it into a botanical garden today.

8. Mainzer Dom

Mainz's magnificent cathedral, built from deep red sandstone in the 12th century and topped by an octagonal tower, is distinctively Romanesque. Its forerunner received a physical baptism by fire when it burnt down on the day of its dedication in 1009. Seven coronations have taken place here over the ages.


9. Augustinerkirche

The classically baroque Augustinerkirche, erected from 1768 to 1772 as part of the local Catholic seminary, escaped WWII undamaged, so everything of its rich décor is authentic, including its ornate organ loft and a beautiful ceiling fresco by Johann Baptist Enderle.

10. Shop Römerpassage

In November and December, the area surrounding Römerpassage with Mainz is decked out in holiday decorations. The Römerpassage is an excellent place to warm up during a winter walk in Mainz. For lunch, we ate self-service sandwiches at a neighbourhood bakery near Römerpassage. After our last vacation to Norway, the rates felt like a steal!

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Mainz, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Mainz, Germany

  1. Natürlik Lekkeria-Franziskanerstraße 1, Mainz, Germany
  2. Die Gute Stube- Hopfengarten 10, Mainz, Germany
  3. Happy Döner- 13 Stadthausstraße, Mainz, Germany
  4. Haus Mainusch- Staudingerweg 23, Mainz, Germany
  5. Loc Ramen- Bahnhofsstraße 4 (at Bahnhofsstraße ), Mainz, Germany
  6. Moehren Milieu Eco Cafe- Adam-Karrillon Straße 5, Mainz, Germany
  7. VE2GO- Mainzer Straße 62, Mainz, Germany
  8. Kaiser Biobäckerei- Leichhofstr. 10, Mainz, Germany
  9. Kaiser Biobäckerei – Grosse Bleiche- Große Bleiche 34, Mainz, Germany
  10. Natürlich Bioladen Bistro- Josefsstrasse 65, Mainz, Germany
  11. Schrebergarten- Kurfurstenstrasse 9, Mainz, Germany
  12. Veganes Cigköfte-Bahnhofstraße 2C, Mainz, Germany
  13. 7grad-Am Zollhafen 3-5, Mainz, Germany
  14. Addis Abebaye- Parcusstraße 1, Mainz, Germany
  15. Ali Baba Kebap Haus- 28-30 Martinsstraße, Mainz, Germany
  16. An o Ban-Wallaustr. 4, Mainz, Germany
  17. Annabatterie- Gartenfeldplatz 2, Mainz, Germany
  18. anything but coffee- Boppstrasse 7, Mainz, Germany
  19. Asia Family- Große Bleiche 3, Mainz, Germany
  20. Baron- Johann-Joachim-Becherweg 3, Mainz, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Mannheim, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Mannheim, Germany

1. Jungbusch District

A mooring for musicians and creatives near Mannheim's harbour. This trend district is Mannheim's mini-Berlin, vibrant and lively. The city's creative pulse is between industrial romance and harbour scenery. In the evening, go for a pizza at Gianni's in Beilstraße or a drink at “Hagestolz.”

Mannheim Harbour

2. Mannheim Harbour

While we're on the subject of harbours, how about a boat excursion through Germany's largest inland port by area? Along the beaches of Mannheim's industrial and commercial harbour, world-famous corporations coexist with stylish start-ups, Wilhelminian structures, and architectural masterpieces of the New Objectivity. Mannheim has traditionally been known as a city of contrasts.

3. Luisenpark Mannheim

Mannheim's Luisenpark, the larger sister of the Herzogenriedpark and a green paradise in the city, has lots to discover 365 days a year. Mannheim inhabitants and visitors alike gather here for a picnic, ride in a Gondoletta, or see the park's many storks.

Chinese Teahouse

4. Chinese Teahouse

Taking a break at the Chinese teahouse should undoubtedly be on your to-do list. The Teahouse, Europe's largest of its kind and one of the few outside of China, provides over 30 different teas and Chinese dumplings that are simply too delectable to pass up.

5. Reissinsel

You don't have to travel far if you require nature. A walk on the island “Reißinsel” will do wonders for both your body and spirit, as the beautiful alluvial woods of the Rhine's last unspoilt bow beg you to stay and dream. Breathe gently and deeply while listening to the melodies of the more than 50 bird species that call this place home – it's pretty magical.

Wasserturm (Water Tower)

6. Wasserturm (Water Tower)

Whatever else you see and do in Mannheim, no trip is complete unless you take a picture of our most renowned monument. The water tower “Wasserturm” lies in dignified grandeur at the summit of the “Planken” shopping district on the exquisite Friedrichsplatz, Germany's biggest contiguous art nouveau complex. Take a minute at twilight to see the wonderfully lighted fountains at the foot of the tower, and you can't help but fall in love with the City of Squares.

7. Urban Art Museum

A simple stroll down some of Mannheim's side streets uncovers the Open Urban Art Museum, one of the city's major attractions. More than a dozen large murals are painted on the sides of buildings across the city center, with several more on the outskirts. This beautification initiative began in 2013. Since then, street painters from all over the world have been invited to Mannheim every summer to spray paint murals on the sides of residences.


8. Paradeplatz

Paradeplatz, in the heart of the city center, just a few feet from the major commercial district, is a location similar to the water tower. During the warmer months, ten walkways lead up to the Grupello Pyramid fountain in a star shape surrounded by brilliant blossoms.

This is another bustling location for a coffee or picnic, and across the street is the Stadthaus, which has stores, restaurants, and the municipal library.

9. Little Istanbul

One of the best spots to visit in Mannheim is Little Istanbul, a region that feels like it's been relocated to another nation. This district in the old center is the closest thing to Turkey without being in the country, with shisha bars, rug shops, wedding boutiques, and authentic Turkish restaurants offering favourites like kebabs and apple tea.

10. Telecommunications Tower

A chance to obtain a true perspective on your surroundings is just close to the Luisenpark. The telecommunications tower on the Neckar's banks is not just one of Mannheim's most notable monuments.

It also has one of Germany's tallest revolving restaurants. There is no better site to watch the sunset while gazing across the Rhine plain to the woods of the Odenwald in the east and the Palatinate in the west.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Mannheim, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Mannheim, Germany

  1. Bustan-Seckenheimer Str. 4-6, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  2. Natthanicha Thai Cuisine-Durerstrasse 48, 68163 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  3. Die Metzgerei-Rheinparkstrasse 4, 68163 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  4. Memoires d'Indochine-10A C2 At Paradeplatz, 68159 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  5. YEnat Restaurant-G 5 17, 68159 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  6. Asia Food ICHI-Q 2 13, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  7. Senju Restaurant-N3, 1, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  8. Eismanufaktur ZeitgEISt-Meerfeldstr. 45 Corner Windeckstrasse, 68163 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  9. Da Vino-S 6 20 across the National Theatre, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  10. Indian Palace-L 14 10, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  11. Restaurant Costa Smeralda-Schwetzinger Str. 71 Strassenbahnlinie 1 Haltestelle Kopernikusstrasse, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  12. Tokyo Sushi Bar-Q 4 12-16, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  13. bootshaus Mannheim-Hans-Reschke-Ufer 3 am Fernmeldeturm, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  14. Cafe Vienna-S 1 15, 68161 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  15. Ristorante Olivo-Stengelhofstr. 1, 68219 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  16. Kaffee auf Hawaii – Mannheim-Lange Rotterstr. 50, 68167 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  17. Surin Kuche-F 2 10, 68159 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  18. SuMi Bar & Restaurant-G 7 15, 68159 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  19. Takeshi Sushi Bar-Moltkestrasse 3, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
  20. Saigon-Augustaanlage 54-56, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany

Popular Visiting Places In München, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In München, Germany

If you believe Munich is all about pork knuckle, schnitzel, veal, and bratwurst, you're surprised. As a local vegetarian who eats vegan whenever possible, Munich grows more varied and progressive every year, with more vegetarian and vegan alternatives, making it a top competitor for meatless diets.

Germans are generally conscious people, and environmental awareness is a major motivator for the development of vegetarian alternatives and an overall green lifestyle.

In this guide, I'll teach you how to say “no meat” in German, recognize German words for common meats, invite you to my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Munich with options for all budgets, and recommend some traditional Bavarian vegan/vegetarian food, so you don't miss out on all the cultural fun.

1. Hofgarten

The Hofgarten, located between the famous Residenz and the Englischer Garten, is a lovely garden established in the early 17th century in the form of an Italian Renaissance garden. The Hofgarten is available to the public from dawn tonight and is a great place to stroll.

Check out the gazebo in the heart of the garden, or simply observe the well-kept grounds. Many tourists bring food and enjoy a picnic in the Hofgarten, and there are lots of chairs around the area to relax, rest, and take in the scenery.


2. Olympiapark

The 1972 Olympic Games were hosted in Munich, and many of the sites built for the occasion are today known as the Olympiapark. Munich is known worldwide for its achievement in converting Olympic venues into areas that are still used and creating revenue for the city. If you're in Munich, you may go to a concert or a festival at the Olympic Stadium.

You may rent a boat and paddle around Olympic Lake. If you want to take in the views of the Olympiapark, eat at the Olympic Tower's revolving restaurant.

3. Neues Rathaus

If you enjoy architecture, don't miss out on seeing the Neues Rathaus in Munich. The New City Hall, designed in the neo-Gothic style, is a notable attraction on Marienplatz. The structure is massive, with six courtyards, a stunning spiral staircase, and several stained glass windows.

Many visitors visit the Neues Rathaus merely to view the clock, which has 43 bells and rings three times a day. Carved figures erupt from the Glockenspiel and whirl around the clock in rhythm with the bells, and it's a sight to behold.

Munich Frauenkirche

4. Munich Frauenkirche

Another iconic Munich landmark that rises above the rest of the city is the Frauenkirche. It dates back to the 15th century and was completed in an incredible 20 years, albeit several parts were delayed owing to a shortage of funds.

The Munich Frauenkirche is the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Munich and the residence of the archbishop. The Gothic cathedral can accommodate 20,000 worshippers. The cathedral was devastated during WWII, although it has since been repaired. It is well-known for its bells and being the final burial place of the Dukes of Bavaria.

5. Pinakothek Der Moderne

In Munich, three prominent art museums collaborate to form the Kunstareal in the Maxvorstadt neighbourhood. The Pinakothek der Moderne is the most recent addition. This is where you'll discover the most incredible modern art in the city if not all of Europe.

The collection is housed in a remarkably contemporary tower designed in the International Style. The Pinakothek der Moderne is organized into four divisions, each dedicated to art, architecture, design, or works on paper. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dal, and Pablo Picasso are notable painters whose works are on exhibit.

Allianz Arena Stadium

6. Allianz Arena Stadium

Fans of football (soccer) who have ever questioned if it is popular in Munich need simply visit Allianz Arena Stadium, which accommodates more than 75,000 people who want to witness one of the city's two clubs take the field. Beginning with the 2005-2006 season, the stadium replaced the city's Olympic stadium.

The stadium, which hosted the World Cup finals in 2006, is famous for its colour-changing panels that vary depending on which side is playing and the kind of match, i.e., local or national.

7. Marienplatz

Marienplatz is Munich's most renowned plaza, attracting hundreds of tourists each day to view the New Town Hall that was built in 1874. The city hall was erected in the Gothic Revival style and had sculptures of most of Wittelsbach's monarchs on the main façade, as well as statues of four Bavarian kings on a lower level.

The very ornate edifice is a tourist magnet in and of itself, but the thrice-daily performance of the Glockenspiel is what truly pulls visitors to Marienplatz. The basement houses the legendary Ratskeller restaurant.

Englischer Garten

8. Englischer Garten

The vastness of New York City's Central Park pales in contrast to one of the world's largest urban parks, Munich's Englischer Garten. The park, which runs from the city center to northeast Munich, was founded in 1789 but has since been expanded. It gets its name from classic English gardens prominent in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

During periods of peace, troops erected it to teach them agricultural skills. The park has a Japanese teahouse, a meadow where naked sunbathing is permitted, and a surfboarder-friendly artificial wave.

9. Hofbräuhaus

Munich inhabitants like beer celebrated yearly during Oktoberfest. Travellers who won't be in town at the time may still have a pint at the Hofäuhaus, one of the city's oldest brewers.

The Hofbräuhaus was founded in 1589 by Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria, and functioned as the official brewery for Munich's monarchy.

The beer had global renown even back then, with Swedish invaders negotiating not to attack Munich in return for 600,000 barrels. Today, the brewery and beer hall are two of Munich's most popular tourist attractions.

10. Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace commemorated the birth of a Bavarian heir and was commissioned by Maximillian II Emanuel's parents in 1664. The summer residence of Bavarian kings was the palace. When Max Emanuel ascended to the throne, he considerably expanded the palace.

Today, this baroque castle is one of Munich's most famous tourist attractions, even though portions are off-limits to the public because it also serves as the residence of the present Duke of Bavaria. Original baroque ceilings, some with frescoes, and King Ludwig I's Galleries of Beauties, which depict 36 attractive Munich ladies, have survived to this day.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In München, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In München, Germany

  1. Chopan Schwabing-Occamstr. 3, 80802 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  2. La Tavernetta-Hildegardstrasse 9, 80539 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  3. Oanh-Nymphenburger Str. 92, 80636 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  4. Risotto Restaurant Munich-Hirschgartenallee 38 Nymphenburg Castle , Romanplatz, 80639 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  5. Nam Giao 31-Maistr. 31 Naehe Sendlinger Tor, 80337 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  6. Naxos Taverna-Verdistr. 33, 81247 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  7. Sababa-Westenriederstr. 9, 80331 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  8. Rosso Mille Miglia-Bergmannstrasse 28, 80339 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  9. Hamburgerei-Brienner Str. 49, 80333 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  10. Max Pett-Pettenkoferstr. 8, 80336 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  11. Eiscafé Eismeer-Pestalozzistr. 21 bei schlechtem Wetter kürzere Öffnungszeiten: 13-19 Uhr. Saisonbetrieb, 80469 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  12. Trattoria Il Buco-Theo-Prosel-Weg 5 Schwabing west, 80797 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  13. Taverna Limani-Rotdornstr. 2, 81547 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  14. Restaurant Jasmin-Lindwurmstr. 167, 80337 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  15. Saffer's Fattoria-Deisenhofener Str. 80 Kellergeschoss, 81539 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  16. Binh Minh-Bayerstr. 101, 80335 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  17. Be Thai Style Thai Restaurant-Herzogstr. 44, 80803 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  18. Restaurant Shandiz-Dachauer Str. 50, 80335 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  19. Chopan – am Gasteig-Rosenheimer Str. 6-8 near Gasteig and deutsches Museum, 81669 Munich, Bavaria Germany
  20. Cupido-Bruderstrasse 8, 80538 Munich, Bavaria Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Saarbrücken, Germany

Popular Visiting Places In Saarbrücken, Germany

1. Bostalsee

It is a reservoir in the municipality of Nohfelden in the northern state of Saarland. It was built in 1979 and had a dam length of 500 meters. The lake is nearly entirely used for recreational purposes.

2. Benedictine Abbey Tholey e. V.

A Benedictine monastery honouring Saint Maurice. It was constructed during the 5th and 6th centuries. In 1794, the abbey was pillaged, burned down, and dissolved during the French Revolution. The remaining structures were auctioned off in 1798. The Benedictines founded the current monastery in 1949, and monks from St. Matthias' Abbey in Trier relocated there in 1950.

3. Burg Dagstuhl

It is also known as the Burgruine Dagstuhl or the Burg Dagstuhl. It is a ruined castle on a hill in Wadern in Saarland, Germany. Before 1290, the fortress was discovered by Knight Boemund of Saarbrücken. It views the valley below and the modern Schloss Dagstuhl (now a computer science research facility).

Burgruine Hohenburg

4. Burgruine Hohenburg

It is also known as Homburg Fortress or Fortress Hohenburg. It is a destroyed castle in the Saarpfalz area of Saarland, Germany, that was erected at the beginning of the 13th century. It is perched atop the 325-meter-high Schlossberg, overlooking the Schlossberg Caves.

5. Franco-German Garden

This 50-hectare park offers a variety of options for guests to unwind and enjoy themselves. It features a lovely lake and provides an excellent chance for a nice walk. Several cafés and restaurants in the vicinity serve anything from snacks, coffee, and cake to modest meals and three-course dinners.

Hillfort Of Otzenhausen

6. Hillfort Of Otzenhausen

The Celtic hill fort at Otzenhausen was one of the giant fortresses ever built by the Celts. It is approximately 695 meters above sea level. The only visible remnants are two circular earth ramparts covered with stones.

7. Rathaus St. Johann

The previous St. Johann town hall, which is now the Saarbrücken town hall, was erected northwest of the historic city center that grew between 1897 and 1900. It hosts around 1,000 weddings each year in a festive setting.

8. Roman Villa Borg

It is a restored Roman villa Rustica near the towns of Borg and Oberleuken in Perl's municipality in the German state of Saarland. The Roman Villa Borg was found towards the end of the nineteenth century and excavated in the late 1980s. The site's rehabilitation began in the mid-1990s and was finished in late 2008.

Saarbrücken Zoo

9. Saarbrücken Zoo

This 13-hectare zoo receives around 200,000 visitors every year. The zoo is home to around 1.700 animals from 160 different species. It is Saarland's largest Zoo and specializes in African wildlife.

10. Saarländisches Staatstheater

It was erected in 1938 and known as the Saarländisches Staatstheater since 1971. It comprises various sections and produces over 30 new shows and 700 events every year for a total audience of over 200,000 people.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Saarbrücken, Germany

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Saarbrücken, Germany

  1. Velicious Burger-Kappenstraße 9, Saarbrucken, Germany
  2. Cigköftem-Stengelstraße 1, Saarbrucken, Germany
  3. LUUC Café-Turkenstrasse 17, Saarbrucken, Germany
  4. Veggie House-Bergstr. 68 (at Burbacher Markt), Saarbrucken, Germany
  5. Al Bacio Ristorante Pizzeria- Johannisstr. 27, Saarbrucken, Germany
  6. Al Kasbah- Martin-Luther-Str 26, Saarbrucken, Germany
  7. ALEX- Saarstraße 15, Saarbrucken, Germany
  8. Angelos Via Napoli- Futterstr. 25, Saarbrucken, Germany
  9. Bok- Trierer Strasse 1, Europa-Galerie, Saarbrucken, Germany
  10. Cafe Bali- Rotenbergstr. 10, Saarbrucken, Germany
  11. Cafe Knorke- Hohenzollernstrasse 78, Saarbrucken, Germany
  12. Cafe Schrill-Försterstrasse 22, Saarbrucken, Germany
  13. Celona-Berliner Promenade 5, Saarbrucken, Germany
  14. China Imbiss Bistro Wok- Reichsstr. 4, Saarbrucken, Germany
  15. Chutney Indische Spezialitaeten-Trierer Str. 1, Saarbrucken, Germany
  16. Coyote Cafe- Mainzer Strasse 2, Saarbrucken, Germany
  17. Dean & David- St Johanner Markt 22, Saarbrucken, Germany
  18. Die Burgerei- Froschengasse 2, Saarbrucken, Germany
  19. Die Kartoffel-St. Johanner Markt 32, Saarbrucken, Germany
  20. Flammerie Alt-Saarbrücken- Neumarkt 9, Saarbrucken, Germany


If you are trying to be vegan and live in Germany, you may find it tough to obtain vegan or vegetarian meals first, but if you become familiar with their culture, it will be simple.

I trust you enjoyed this article about Germany Vegan Travel Guide With Popular Vegan Restaurants. Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come shortly. Take care!




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