Vegan-Friendly Swiss Travel Guide

Vegan-Friendly Swiss Travel Guide

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Vegan-Friendly Swiss Travel Guide

Veganism is a global movement that aims to end exploitation and cruelty in the agricultural and factory-based production of animals. It’s not enough to simply be vegan – we have to do our part to help make the world a better place for all.

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, which is why it's a great place to visit for vegan travellers. It's not just the stunning landscape that makes this country a must-visit destination, though. There are also plenty of delicious vegan options available throughout the country.

That’s why we’ve put together the best Swiss travel guide for vegan travellers.

Swiss Travel Guide (Vegan Friendly)

Introduction To Switzerland

Switzerland has a rich history that is deeply rooted in its people and land. The country is the birthplace of many famous artists, including Swiss painter Hans Holbein, who painted one of the most significant portraits of Henry VIII.

The country is also home to some of Europe's most beautiful scenery, with breathtaking lakes and snow-capped mountains. You’ll be able to see these natural wonders from every viewpoint in Switzerland—from the banks of Lake Geneva to the borders of Zürich.

For those interested in exploring Switzerland's culture and history, there are a plethora of museums that you can explore. Whether you're into art or architecture, you'll find places like Basel Art Museum or Rietberg Museum that will leave you awestruck without breaking the bank.

Get Started With Your Vegan Journey Today

A vegan-friendly trip is much more than just eating. Whether you want to learn about the culture and landmarks, or you want to get outside of Zurich and explore the rest of Switzerland, these travel guides will help you find your way around.

If you’re planning on visiting Switzerland, then you need to start thinking about your vegan meal options. You don’t want to miss out on all the delicious food that one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world has to offer!

But where do you even begin? How will you know what to eat? Have no fear, we have a list of the best Swiss travel guides for vegans and vegetarians. They will help inform you on where to go and what to order when you travel. So get started with your vegan journey today!

Explore Swiss Vegan-Friendly Areas

Switzerland is a vegan-friendly country, so there are no worries when it comes to visiting Switzerland as a vegan. You can get your fill of cheese, chocolate, and even wine in the country without any ethical concerns.

However, if you’re looking for more places to explore that are 100% vegan-friendly, then you’ll want to learn about the best Swiss cities for vegans. There’s plenty of great vegan food to choose from in Switzerland – from pastries and bread to fruits and vegetables – so you won’t have any trouble finding something delicious.

If you are travelling with children or other family members that need special dietary needs, then take note of the best Swiss cities for vegans with children. With so many options available in Switzerland, you will be able to find something perfect for your whole family!

Which Swiss Towns Are Vegan-Friendly?

If you’re vegan, you may have had to skip out on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation because of the food options available. Fortunately, Switzerland is one of the few countries that has been recently recognized for its vegan-friendly atmosphere. With cities like Geneva and Zurich all boasting popular vegan restaurants and hotels, you can be sure that you’ll find something tasty for you during your visit.

Here are five towns in Switzerland where vegans will feel at home:

1. Geneva

2. Zurich

3. Basel

4. Zermatt

5. Lugano

The Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Switzerland

Swiss food is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Veganism is growing in popularity and Switzerland is increasingly becoming a vegan-friendly destination. One of the top things to do in Switzerland as a vegan is to find the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants. There are so many options, from traditional Swiss fare to fresh, healthy food. Here are some of the best restaurants in Switzerland for vegans and vegetarians alike!

Switzerland is one of the most vegan-friendly countries in Europe. Approximately four percent of the residents are vegan, and many restaurants offer vegan meals as either a main course or as a side dish.

In Switzerland, you can find everything from meatless burgers to cakes that have been made with plant-based ingredients. Many chains like Burger King have also started offering vegan options – so it’s time to check out what they’re serving up!

1. Zum Grossen Vogel, Zurich

Located on a quiet street not too far from Zurich's central station, Zum Grossen Vogel is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. It has a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes both vegans and omnivores alike. The menu offers dishes like vegan French toast and tofu scramble with hash browns.

2. Mama Vegan, Zurich

Mama Vegan is one of the most popular restaurants in Zurich, and it's also one of the most welcoming places for vegans who want to enjoy plant-based cuisines without feeling like they're eating at an exclusively vegan place. They offer both savoury and sweet dishes; their vegan pancakes with nutmeg are no doubt one of their most popular items!

3. Zum Weissen Roedel, Zurich

This award-winning restaurant has been in operation since 1854 and is located in the small town of Uetliberg near Zurich. They offer a wide range of local dishes that can be made vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free.

Café Eden, Bern

4. Café Eden, Bern

This is one of the most popular places in town, not just because it is vegan but because it offers good food at reasonable prices! The menu includes vegetable curry soup or tofu stir fry with rice noodles and fresh vegetables served with a side salad—and it's all organic!

Pizzeria Colibrì, Geneva

5. Pizzeria Colibrì, Geneva

Pizzeria Colibrì is a pizza restaurant in Geneva. They have some of the best vegan pizzas around. The signature dish at this restaurant is their Veganz with spinach and almonds (veganz = veganz con arance). What makes this pizza even better is that it's served with garlicky bread, which you can also order separately from the regular pizzas.

The staff at Pizzeria Colibrì are very friendly and welcoming to guests.

The restaurant offers two vegetarian tables for four people, so if you want to bring your partner or children, you can easily do just that!

They offer a wide selection of bread to choose from as well as other desserts like tiramisu or cheesecake. There are also several dishes on the menu that are clearly marked vegans, such as the Veganz with spinach and almonds.

6. Vegetarian Restaurant, Zurich

7. Vegilicious, Zurich

8. Urban Vegan Kitchen, Geneva

9 Vegan-Fusion Bar & Restaurant, Geneva

10. Vegan-Alpine Deli & Bakery, Interlaken

The Swiss Alps For Vegetarians And Vegans

The Swiss Alps are a beautiful, and unique, wilderness that offers an incomparable experience for vegetarians and vegans.

Here are the 12 best places to eat, drink, and stay in the Swiss Alps for vegetarians and vegans!


1. Zermatt

With its incomparable view of the Swiss Alps, this charming village is perfect for a day of skiing or hiking. The restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as an extensive wine list.

2. Grindelwald

With its high mountain scenery and stunning lakes, Grindelwald is ideal for hiking or skiing. The town offers excellent food options, including a vegan restaurant that serves delicious salads with different toppings, as well as pizzas and pasta.


3. Crans-Montana

With its picturesque villages and picturesque glaciers, Crans-Montana is a must-see destination for vegetarians and vegans alike. The village offers traditional cheesecake (a type of pastry).


4. Lenzerheide

With its picturesque nature and ski slopes, this small town is perfect for a day of winter sports or hiking. The restaurant offers delicious pizza and pasta dishes, as well as sandwiches.

5. Torgon

This gorgeous mountain village offers unmatched views of the uniquely shaped Jura Mountains, which are perfect for hiking or skiing. The town also has a famous vegetarian restaurant called “the Vegetarian House.”

6. Lauterbrunnen

Known for its natural beauty, this village is perfect for hiking or skiing enthusiasts. The restaurant offers a wide variety of vegan dishes that are not only tasty but also visually appealing.

7. Andermatt

Located in the Swiss Alps, this town has an unbeatable view of the Stanserhorn Mountain, which makes it an ideal place to hike or ski in the winter months. The restaurant offers an extensive menu with many vegetarian options that will leave you feeling full and happy!


8. Davos

This small village is located at the foot of Mount Titlis and features a wonderful view of Lake Davos and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant offers traditional Swiss cuisine, including delicious veal dishes with various toppings (like onions).

The town offers some of the best vegetarian and vegan options in Switzerland, including a delicious hot chocolate cake with cinnamon butter.


9. Chamonix

Chamonix is a popular destination for both skiing and hiking, as well as for the amazing food offered by its numerous restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants is Le Drodo, which serves delicious vegan pizzas made from a variety of vegetables.


10. Interlaken

Found in Central Switzerland, Interlaken offers many top-rated vegetarian restaurants that offer an abundance of tasty dishes perfect for those who are exploring this area on foot or by train.

La Tour De Peilz

11. La Tour De Peilz

La Tour de Peilz is located in Central Switzerland and offers a wide range of vegetarian options that are sure to please any palate!


12. Flims

With its picturesque alpine scenery and friendly people, Flims is located in Central Switzerland and

4 Vegan-Friendly Transportation Options in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of unparalleled beauty, so it should come as no surprise that it has plenty of vegan options for its citizens. The country is perfect for those of us who choose to avoid meat, dairy, and eggs.

Here are some vegan-friendly transportation options in Switzerland:

1. Rent A Bike

Renting a bike is a great way to explore the landscape or simply see where you're going with little effort. Bikes are also an environmentally friendly and economical way to travel.

2. Train

You get to see the countryside while hopping on a train at your own pace and comfort level. For those who want to travel more quickly and don't mind being packed together like sardines, trains are the perfect option.

3. Walking

If you're looking for an activity that's free, easy on the wallet, and leaves you feeling good about yourself, walking is ideal for you. When you walk through Swiss landscapes, there's nothing better than knowing that your body isn't contributing to pollution or animal cruelty in any way.

4. Boat

Boats are another great choice if you're looking for something more relaxing than driving or flying all around Switzerland.

The Top Ten vegan-Friendly Museums in Switzerland.

Animal exploitation is a big problem in Switzerland. It’s the second-largest exporter of dairy products in the world and has the highest meat per capita consumption rate of all European countries. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are many vegan-friendly museums in Switzerland.

But where should you stay? Which restaurants should you eat at? And which attractions should you explore? This guide will help you find the best spots for a vegan vacation.

Switzerland is full of vegan-friendly museums. In this list, we have put together our top ten picks for your next visit to the country!

1. Museum of Fine Arts

2. Altenburg Castle

3. Natural History Museum Bern

4. Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

6. Haus zum Heiligen Geist in Stans

7. Museum of Ethnology Zurich

8. Kunsthaus Zürich

9. MFO Zürich Art Museum

10. Kunsthalle Basel

Find The Best Vegan-Friendly Places To Stay In Switzerland

When you’re on the road, your stay is just as important as your food. Hotels in Switzerland offer vegan-friendly options and also provide a variety of flexible foods for vegans, vegetarians, and people with dietary restrictions.

If you’re travelling with kids, we recommend staying at Youth Hostels. They offer vegan-friendly options that are kid-friendly and many hostels now have designated areas for vegetarian or vegan travellers to eat their meals together in peace. So whether you want to stay in a hotel or youth hostel, make sure it offers vegan-friendly options before booking!

Hostellerie Zum Roten Engel

This hotel sits in an idyllic location near the Rhine River and Alps; it’s not hard to see why it's one of the most popular places to stay in Switzerland! The inn is conveniently located near many hiking trails and has a delicious, plant-based menu that includes bread, salads, soups.

Post Hotel, Kriens

The Alte Post Hotel is situated on Lake Lucerne in a small town called Kriens. Their restaurant offers vegan options and they have a garden with beautiful flowers and herbs that you can harvest fresh from their garden!

The Top 10 Vegan Activities To Do In Switzerland

Switzerland is a melting pot of European cultures and traditions, so it is no surprise that veganism has been growing in popularity there as well. With more than 1,000 vegan spots in Switzerland, you are sure to find one where you can go and explore the world without contributing to animal suffering.

Don't worry—you won't get bored!

Here are 10 activities you can enjoy in Switzerland:

1. Enjoy a scenic hike around the Swiss Alps

2. Have a picnic by Lake Geneva

3. Visit Basel's famous Cheese Market

4. Go wine tasting at one of the many wine regions in Switzerland

5. Learn about Swiss cuisine at one of the many cooking schools

6. Find yourself wandering through Zurich's historic buildings

7) Spend an afternoon shopping along Zurich's famed Bahnhofstrasse

8. Walk around Munich's Englischer Garten and spend your day outdoors

9. Take a seat at one of Cologne's many outdoor cafes for some local cuisine

10. Explore Zürich's vibrant nightlife

Discover Traditional Swiss Values And Find Vegan-Friendly Attractions

Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It would be a shame to ruin such a great experience by eating meat, so why not make your trip vegan-friendly?

Switzerland has a long history of being a vegan-friendly country. The Swiss have some of the strictest laws against animal cruelty and exploitation in Europe. Their culture and traditions are deeply rooted in nonviolence, so you’re sure to find a lot of vegan options on your Swiss holiday.

Believe it or not, this guide will even show you where to find the best vegan ice cream! So whether you’re stopping by on your way to Italy or simply looking for something new and different during your visit here, you can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of vegan-friendly options available to you throughout Switzerland.


With its glacier-capped peaks and steep slopes, Lauterbrunnen is a great place to go hiking or skiing. The restaurant offers fresh salads with a variety of toppings and delicious pizzas.



This village is ideal for people who love natural beauty, with several hiking trails and beautiful views that are perfect for a day of wandering. The vegetarian and vegan options are numerous, but be sure to try the vegan lasagna!

Switzerland's Vegan Scene

Switzerland is vegan-friendly, offering everything from fresh farm-to-table meals to restaurants that use organic and locally sourced ingredients. One of the most popular vegan foods in Switzerland is Swiss cheese, made from cow's milk which has been cultured in a controlled environment.

Another important aspect of veganism in Switzerland is animal rights. In Switzerland, many people believe animals should be treated with kindness and dignity, meaning they don't want them killed or used for any kind of cruel testing or medical procedures.

Switzerland also offers a myriad of activities for vegans to enjoy including hiking trails, skiing resorts, and even guided tours around the country. If you're looking for an adventure on your next vegan trip to Switzerland, don't forget to stop by one of the famous cheese museums!

What To Take With You On Your Vegan Travel Adventures?

Should you take a plant-based diet on the road with you? If so, veganism is the way to go. Veganism is all about living compassionately, which includes not eating anything that comes from animals. The good thing about this lifestyle is that it's very easy to adopt and maintain.

But if you're not sure about veganism, it's still important to be mindful of what you eat. You'll want to avoid processed foods and animal products like dairy and eggs whenever possible. It can be tricky to navigate vegan food options when travelling, especially in countries where these foods are popular or part of their culture.

Tips For Travelling With A Vegan-Friendly Diet

A trip to Switzerland without trying some of its famous food is just not a trip. With so many options for vegan-friendly food, it can be hard to decide where to eat and what to eat!

Here are some tips for travelling with a vegan-friendly diet:

  • Find out where the vegan restaurants are in your area. Some cities have a lot more than others and you don't want to miss out on delectable dishes that could keep you going all day!
  • Book your hotel room early. If you find yourself eating at the hotel all the time, you might want to look into getting a vegan-friendly breakfast or lunch included in your stay. Swiss hotels are known for their hearty breakfasts, often including homemade soup and bread which could easily be made vegan!
  • Make sure you're packing snacks and healthy options on hand. Swiss cuisine is heavy on dairy products, but there are plenty of healthy choices that aren't animal byproducts like fruits and vegetables!


Switzerland is a vegan travel gem with a rich vegan scene and plenty of options to explore.

Whether it’s your first time travelling as a vegan or you’ve been there before, this guide will give you everything you need to know about planning your trip. There are some easy vegan-friendly restaurants to dine at, and plenty of activities to keep you interested. Switzerland is the perfect place for vegan travellers!

I trust you enjoyed reading the article about the Vegan-Friendly Swiss Travel Guide. Please stay tuned. There are more blog posts to come very shortly.




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